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  1. I never even considered that the Oscar Kevin had would be for anything other than acting. Directing/Writing would be a great idea for him. He would have less recognition which would make it easier for him to be out and about with his family, and it would allow him to be more flexible with his schedule so that he could spend the amount of time he wants with his family.
  2. Ok, I have a stupid question. Couldn't the snow globes have gone on the plane as long as they weren't in carry on? I thought there were less restrictions for checked bags, but I have only flown twice. I honestly love Nicky way more than Jack. He is just a lot more compelling. I was thinking about his story last week, and I thought of a way they could have made his existence a little more believable. They could have just written that Jack believed he died because he was missing after the war. He was an addict, and homelessness is a huge problem for traumatized vets, so it isn't that far fe
  3. I wouldn't be so irritated with Liz's actions if she was double-crossing her mother as well. I don't get why she trusts her at all. It is normal for her to want the truth about the things that have happened to her, but she has no reason to trust whoever this woman is more Reddington. Reddington has at least proved that he loves her. Also, I have decided I hate everyone on this show except Red and Dembe. Nobody else makes any sense. Cooper refuses to blame Liz for anything that she has done, Ressler is way to self-righteous and incompetent, and Katarina is so cold and totally different fr
  4. I remember when Red made speeches that seem to indicate Liz was the light that was going to save him from his horrible world. I remember when Katarina was a mother that loved her child so much she was willing to sacrifice herself to save her. I remember when characters at least made some sense. I remember when I used to watch this show because I was genuinely interested in what the big secret was instead of just following recaps so I can eventually discover what BS I have wasted so much time on.
  5. Randall is getting on my nerves. He loves to take care of things, but he pays no attention to Rebecca's happiness. I don't necessarily think the trial was a bad idea, but he definitely could have let her have her day and discussed it with her the next. Also, if he would have listened to the concerns Kevin had, and Rebecca later voiced, he may have been able to convince her to go. Using your remaining time in the best way is a normal thing to worry about when you have a serious illness. There is no guarantee that the trial would work, there isnt even a guarantee that she would receive the medi
  6. It wasn't messages. It was alerts from his security system letting him know that someone was around the house. He was obsessively checking for the burglar.
  7. I had the opposite response. When I was thinking about what Randall should do, I was thinking he should make noise so he could alert someone upstairs to call the police, but I think you're right. The intruder may not even know that they are there, and I don't know if Beth or the girls would have a fight or flight response. My response would be to hide and summon help, but I don't know about Beth and the girls, especially if they thought they needed to help Randall.
  8. I now think the entire show is going to be similar to The Notebook. Everything we see is a record that everyone is keeping of the family for Rebecca as she loses her memories. It made me really sad when she was crying as she remembered Jack telling her to never forget that he loves her, knowing that soon she probably will. He died, and now she is going to lose him again.
  9. Maybe ask first lol. Although I don't know of a way to do that without looking trashy unless you know them.
  10. I loved the Hallmark sketch because I'm pretty sure they were parodying the exact movie I was making fun of my mom for watching a few hours earlier lol
  11. From what I understood before, Jackie did have some money to start the business up. The problem was Bev owned the building and wouldn't let them use it. They were speaking to a realtor before they found that out, so they obviously had something. They may not be keeping the story straight.straight. I understand why Becky and Jackie want to do this, but it really is a bad decision. No restaurant has been able to stay open in that location, so Jackie shouldn't waste any resources. It doesn't even seem like the inevitable failure will be their fault. Tiny restaurants don't usually fare well.
  12. Will, Natalie, and April need to go. Like yesterday. There is nothing redeeming about them. They are annoying beyond all reason. The Natalie storyline was ridiculous. Those parents did not seem to be ignoring the symptoms of their child, they specifically said they just wanted to try natural methods first. She could have easily told them what to watch for, let them see that they would be respected, and they would have brought him back as soon as he didn't improve. The case would have literally played out the exact same way, without the parents going through all of that unnecessary stress
  13. My boyfriend had a PE last November, and he was treated the exact same way. They just put him on blood thinners and oxygen and monitored him. He was hospitalized for about 9 days. They can do a procedure to manually break up the clots, but they felt it was too dangerous in his case.
  14. I remember this!! I believe the number here was 345-2121, and you got temp and time. I am not sure if you got a forecast or not. I don't know if I am sad or excited that I have reached an age (29) when I can remember things that younger people would find stupid lol. I didn't know who he was either lol. I did recognize Pearl Jam though, but I have never heard any of their music. Now I have.
  15. This show just keeps getting more and more stupid. There is no reason for Choi to hate Marcel as much as he does, and there was no severe emergency with the baby. The parents were idiots, but they didn't seem to neglect medical treatment for their child, they just wanted to wait until it was necessary. Natalie could have easily given them some signs to watch for if they were uncomfortable proceeding with treatment at the time. They were willing to listen to what she said as long as she was respectful, but she just had to be pushy.
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