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  1. Interesting that it only mentions Clint's kids, and not his wife. Linda Cardellini couldn't get out of her Netflix contract long enough to shoot some scenes? I hope she's in it and they just didn't mention her.
  2. I think it's just more commonly accepted in DC Comics-land, the old trope about dating a girl with glasses notwithstanding. In every single iteration of any Superman story, you just have to go with it. In Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, I remember Teri Hatcher's Lois belittling herself for not figuring it out - but that's just the way it is. No one figures it out, and it just has to be that way. On a different topic, and I apologize if someone already said this but I didn't see it - it's definitely a good thing that Lana became Clark's mom and not Lois. Could you imagi
  3. I think Grogu has to be in it, because they don't have a show without him. As much as I love Pedro Pascal - and I do, since his Game of Thrones days - that isn't who people are tuning in to see. Plus, Din promised that they'd see each other again, and Din always keeps his promises.
  4. Yes, he's a Dimera because he is Stefan's twin brother. Vivian gave birth to twins but didn't know it because they took one of them away immediately, or something like that? (At least for now, until they reveal the amnesia thing. 😉)
  5. According to Wikipedia, season 2 will have 12 episodes. ETA: Here's their source: https://collider.com/ted-lasso-season-2-how-many-episodes/
  6. It's better, IMO, but still not great - I think it's because it's linen so they can't keep it unwrinkled.
  7. Thanks! I actually like Kayla's dresses sometimes so I just looked up Ted Baker. Wouldn't you know it, there's her blue dress from last week front and center...
  8. IIRC, Rafe didn't decide any of those things on his own. Sami and Nicole wanted him to do those things. He and Sami were married; he was those kids' stepfather. And also IIRC, Nicole either asked him to pretend that he was the father or thought that it was a great idea when he suggested it and wanted to go along with it. Unless I am totally forgetting both storylines, to "blame" Rafe alone for all of that is pretty off base, IMO. I guess that's why it's my unpopular opinion to not hate him... he was trying to help out and the women in these scenarios accepted it. I don't like either
  9. The actor deserves to do whatever he is comfortable with, but if he's willing, it doesn't hurt to see that not every man is perfect. Plus, who *didn't* gain weight during covid? Ugh.
  10. I think I called this a few weeks ago. 😉
  11. I like Rafe too. I don't really understand all the hate, but to each their own. Sure, he's boring a lot of the time (and right now I hate him with Ava), but sometimes a show needs people who are a little boring to do the mundane tasks. That said, it's Eli who I find to be "too boring" right now. Yeesh, can they give him a storyline where he doesn't play second fiddle to everyone else, or just drop his towel at inopportune times? Yes, he's hot. But twice in a row? Bad writing. He needs to be the great detective that he is and not just Lani's husband.
  12. I've heard that many stars don't care about ever getting a star on the walk, for multiple reasons. I'm not positive that they all see it as such an honor, but most cite the fact that they have to pay for it. I know a lot of other people or organizations actually foot the bill, but I think there are some that don't want other people doing that for them. I don't blame them; it's not really an award if you have to pay for it.
  13. I liked their one comment in the very beginning about how they beat Tyler at a building competition, but then... yeah... all downhill from there. So smug and arrogant. There was a team last year a little bit like them, but not nearly as bad. I wonder if the producers are telling them to amp up their personalities to an 11, just for TV?
  14. I saw that too, but it was also clearly not even attempting to be attached to anything else. I guess it was just a freestanding panel, like a giant surge-protector? It also has to have some battery backup or something to keep the machines going in a power outage. 🤷‍♀️ You're right, and her vital signs wouldn't have changed. I wasn't paying close enough attention to see if they did or not. Belle could have been watching those. If she wasn't faking, then her oxygen would have gone down at least, and she would have flatlined eventually... Shawn was faster than that to ever happen though
  15. I'd guess Gabi did it. Her clothing and fashion style is abominably hideous, so why not move to horrific interior design, too?
  16. Yes, yes... all in the name of research... I think his arms are naturally bigger than that now though. His biceps in tonight's button down, when they showed him from the back standing on the porch...
  17. Maybe with EJ back, he and Chad can team up to get the family business back from Jake. Or whatever happened to it now. I don't find Chad to be such a horrible person, but a) I'm not an Abby fan, and b) I stopped watching for awhile and didn't see most of that stupid storyline. So I'm ok with him staying and trying to be frontburner again with a story; it just has to be a decent story. Speaking of Chad, he just caught Kate at the end of Monday's show, right? Right?!? I hope so! This stupid fake blindness thing is nearly as bad as Kristen's masks. Someone needs to tell Kate (Lauren)
  18. Having seen him in that shirtless scene, but not watched any other show in the Arrowverse, I'm going to say that the suit is padded - but barely. It helps to define what he already has, like his abs, but he doesn't need much. I think the costume people are dressing him very specifically to make us keep guessing - he's wearing button-downs or layers, rather than a tight t-shirt, to hide what he's got. If we saw him in a plain tight T, then I think that it would be more obvious that he fills out the suit well enough on his own. Just my observations... I'll keep a close eye out, from no
  19. Right, but if it's comics only, then it's not MCU canon. I don't think any of that was seen in any of the movies that she's been in, so all we know is that she's a dark brunette.
  20. Yep, and Meredith even did it on her phone, on the boat. She was "ordained" in about 15 minutes or less. I think that part was ridiculous, but otherwise it is very easy.
  21. Oh, interesting! Good to know. For some reason, I thought he was always with Jane in the comics. I know just a wee amount about the "real" mythology, which I thought Marvel didn't care about at all, LOL! (For example, I think Sif is supposed to be blonde?) I guess I just think that Thor needs to be with someone who is like him (immortal, or semi-immortal). Jane will only live so long, cancer or not, but Thor is already 1,500 years old, so...
  22. Pardon my ignorance, but I have a question - how can something be "fan canon?" Is it not either "canon," which comes straight from the creators, or "fan fiction," which is the fans' wild/weird/hopeful fantasies?
  23. I like Thor with Sif, but I know I'm in the minority.
  24. Right. But I was just trying to make a comparison to the effects to be able to understand.
  25. So it was a little like the super serum that they gave to John Walker in FATWS, which enhanced everything that was already inside of him, including his ego and evilness. Loki was still doing things he would have done, just enhanced.
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