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  1. Freddie Stroma is Prince Frederich. He played Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter, and was the first actor to play Sam Tarly's brother in GOT (which was later recast due to Stroma being committed to another project) and Adam in Unreal season 1 and 2 where he met and married in real life Johanna Braddy, the bachelorette who "wins" in season 1.
  2. You aren't the only one watching! I'm enjoying this despite always figuring out things out early on. For example I knew right away that the agency was "testing" Alex with that kidnapping. Looking forward to the next episode.
  3. I use coffee in chocolate brownies and other baked goods because i love the taste of it, so I believe you. As for Hershey's and Smores, you are so correct. Back in September, hubby And our young grandkids tried to make smores in our backyard fire pit. The only chocolate I had on hand was Aldi brand dark. I didn't melt well and grandkids wouldn't eat it as it tasted "icky"!
  4. What? If a coffee lover told you it doesn't have any taste, that person isn't a true coffee lover or else drinks really bad coffee! Did you mean when coffee is added to chocolate, it doesn't have any taste? Then why would anyone add it? Of course it has a taste! I for one love coffee and lots of frosting and hate the snobbery about Hersheys and Wal-Mart. Not everyone on this forum is a NY or California dweller with a Trader Joes down the block. There's a whole lot of America in between the east and west coasts that live in small towns, shop at Wal-Mart and love Hershey's. There's not a thing wrong with that! Linda should have been star baker imo!
  5. I didn’t notice Lottie using vocal fry, but even if she did it could be for a variety of reasons. This is a controversial issue these days. It is most certainly NOT because of the Kardashians as vocal fry has existed for a long time and is used by men as well. Also no one watches the Kardashians anymore. Their 15 minutes was used up a long time ago. As a vocal performance teacher for many years, I can assure you that it is used for a variety of reasons including damage to the larynx and for dramatic effect while singing. Back to the show, my early favs are Lottie and Peter.
  6. I liked this show, so I'm sad! It started out pretty rough but was improving as they dropped having so much focus on Mike and Rio and her mom to being an ensemble show about the quirky residents of a small rural town. Parks and Rec improved so much after losing all the focus on Leslie and becoming an ensemble comedy. I saw potential for this show to do the same. It's not as laugh out loud funny as Parks, but it still brought a smile to my face. God knows we need all the feel good shows we can get right now. Maybe another network will pick up this or Schooled? I can hope!
  7. Big plot hole-- why did Anna Kat have school when the other kids didnt? Did I miss an explanation like Tripp, Oliver, Franklin and Oliver's friend (sorry blanking on his name) were excused from school for the reenactment? I couldn't for the life of me figure out a timeline for this episode!
  8. Actually the stylist judge, Elizabeth Stewart, said that about a different dress in Minju's collection. It was the one that was silvery white, had sleeves and billowed out from right under the bust. I liked the pink crop jacket too and the long blue satin coat. I liked Daniel's collection, but the judges seemed to love Minju from the beginning. Once I saw the final 3, I knew for sure Minju would win. The only other designer they seemed to love as much as Minju was Angel. Avant Garde always seems to beat out wearability. The only exception I can think of was "Fashion Star" with Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Simpson. If I recall correctly, the premise of that show was to get viewers to "buy" the clothes so that viewers had a say in the winning design/designer. I hope there is a season 2. I'm watching Project Runway season 18 as it's being aired, and there isn't a contestant on that season with anywhere near the talent of this group. Like others here, though, I hated the team format. It seemed so unfair that some teams knew each other and had even worked together before, and some teams were just randomly put together. I would have liked to see more from the Scottish lady and the military guy from Brooklyn individually. I thought they both had talent, and that they sent them home too early while giving Kiki and her partner too many chances.
  9. Um, looking for a MOB dress currently, and a major rule of MOB dressing is no black and no white. Also no way should a MOB dress should show that much cleavage. Actually based on what I've been seeing while shopping, Brittany's dress looks nothing like most MOB dresses. Unfortunately for me, most of the ones I'm seeing look like something my 85 year old mother would wear with their long Dorothy from the Golden Girls jackets! But, I digress! I continue to be astounded by the hatred on this thread for Brittany. She has done some really good designs, and she hasn't talked negatively about other designers any more than several others but perhaps the editing makes it look that way. That said, hers wasn't my favorite. Nancy won and should have won this one, but I certainly don't think Brittany's was bad enough for auffing. If anything, as much as I like Geoffrey, his outfit was cheap looking (wow, I actually agree with Elaine!). All in all, since the clients were all so happy with their dresses, I think not sending anyone home was the right call. I still remain unimpressed with any of these designers. The talent level seems so much lower than last season. I liked Dayoung's designs the best out of this lot so it's too bad she had to leave.
  10. As a private music teacher, there is no way I believe that Taylor would get into a prestigious music program like Carnegie Mellon. You have to be outstandingly talented with a serious musical background and training/experience plus have a killer audition to get into music program like theirs. Patrick Wilson graduated from Carnegie Mellon and while he was a drama major, he also did musicals and had serious musical theater experience and training in high school. Josh Groban also attended Carnegie Mellon as a music major before he dropped out due to being offered a recording contract. Groban attended a performing arts high school, studied privately and even attended the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan before being accepted into Carnegie Mellon. No offence to the actress playing Taylor, but pretty girls with decent pop singing voices are a dime a dozen. I work with a dozen right now as good as Taylor is! Nor has the show ever shown Taylor having the experience and training that would be needed for acceptance to a program like theirs. Of course, we know she didn't have the grades or SAT scores she would need. As to not being able to afford it--financial aid is available! Like someone said upthread, Greg is supposed to be a college professor and it's as if he's never heard of filing a FAFSA. I have written similar comments before about other sitcoms who love to persist in this idea that financial aid and student loans don't exist! It's frustrating that the shows' writers don't do some minimal research before creating these storylines.
  11. Loved this episode! Chloe Brown Mueller! I'm not sure Katie will set up an official home business, maybe just sell specific foods made to order to those who know her. My mom made wedding and birthday cakes for friends and friends of friends without going thru the red tape of setting up a home business when I was a child, and my neighbor makes and sells fancy cupcakes for parties from her home to fellow moms in the neighborhood, but doesn't have an "official" business. Of course I imagine legal issues may arise depending on state laws. As for there being only a few comments, based on what I've read here for the first few episodes of this season, the majority of commenters are just here to criticize and complain about the show. I still enjoy it, some episodes more than others, but it's a sitcom, so it's not written to be super realistic. Granted I occasional will have a complaint or two when they really stretch believability, but I always try to find something positive about an episode or I wouldn't keep watching it (see Single Parents or Perfect harmony). I also enjoy Timothy Omundson. Did he have a stroke in real life? Off to google him!
  12. Well, 12crazycat, you sure opened my eyes to something I didn't know! I just did some research and found that there are claims that Elvis "stole" the black sound and style. In my opinion and as many of the articles I found pointed out, it is a invalid accusation, though, because he certainly wasn't the first to use elements of jazz and R & B in his musical style. However, he was the most successful one to do so back in the late 50s, so I guess it was easy to pin it all on him. By the time The Beatles and The Rolling Stones came along, it was commonplace for elements of R & B and jazz to be used in rock. John Lennon stated that he was heavily influenced by jazz and blues. I didn't enjoy episode 1 at all, but at least I learned something new. Thanks for your explanation!
  13. Ugh, the southern accents in the first 2 episodes are terrible! Why do Brits always do that long drawn out drawl when they try to sound southern (Vivian Leigh in Gone with the Wind)? Don't like the new guy Will much, tired of the Leonard is secretly gay storyline, Geordie is still an ass to his wife most of the time, Mrs. M or C now I guess is still kinda snippy and fun, but overall this show hasn't held up over the seasons the way Endeavor has or even Call the Midwife. I'm not sure I will finish this season. Oh and for the record, Elvis didn't write his own songs, nor did he try to claim that he did except for a co-writing credit on a couple for royalty purposes. I'm not sure what that line of Violet's about knowing musicians Elvis plagiarized was about or why it was included. It was just odd!
  14. I actually didn't like Christian much during his season, but find him to be so much more of a true mentor than the Tim of later seasons. Christian actually gives the designers helpful feedback and even a suggestion here and there. Seems to me that for whatever reason, the editing of this season has been designed to make Tessa the "bad guy". I have believed throughout this season that they ask every designer in the "talking heads" what they think of other designer's work, but they are choosing to mostly show Tessa's comments. And to be fair, Tessa certainly wasn't the only designer saying inappropriate things and acting like a junior high schooler around the male models. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I like Tessa's designs for the most part. Yes, she needs to hem things (which I'm sure she knows how to do, since that's a pretty basic sewing skill), but other than a few designs, I've liked most of what she has designed including this challenge. Add me to the group that thinks Bishme should have won this challenge. His outfit screamed Elton John, whereas Garo's looked like an Elvis jumpsuit with boots and a big collar.
  15. Thought this episode was shown out of order. It's spring and no mention of Easter or spring break and football in the spring?! Grandma was sleeveless, Taylor and Greg in sweaters and Anna Kat and friends complaining it was cold outside. Also Greg's assistant hasn't been mentioned since last fall nor Gina or grandma. Taylor is with Trip but it could have been filmed back before their brief split. Enjoyed the episode but I did wonder. Spring is track and golf and baseball in most high schools. Football is late summer/Fall. So it did take me out of the episode a bit. But I strongly 2nd the poster who pointed out how well Gregory Harrison has aged!
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