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  1. Fondant is trendier I think because its easier to use. Anyone can learn to roll out the play doh like substance and mold it into shapes or cut into flowers etc. Icing flowers, borders, etc require skill and practice. I remember on an early season of Next Great Baker Buddy Valastro being amazed at the cakes a contestant made who only used icing and no fondant. This is why I thought the other two cakes were superior to Luis and Natalie's as they didn't rely on fondant. Back to the finale I guess I'm of the opinion that producers wanted Luis and Natalie to win so basically threw out the
  2. Luis and Natalie's cake looked like a birthday cake for a child not an adult woman. It was leaning and they covered it with fondant. My mother was a cake decorator with Wilton for many years. She always said fondant was for lazy cake decorators. She did amazing cakes using icing only. I think both of the other teams decorated theirs and didn't rely on fondant. As for Jason and Lorie, I thought their cake was a sophisticated design suitable for a birthday for an adult! Their getting a house stuff was annoying but may well have been producer driven. I was rooting for them. Not sure I will watc
  3. Although I have to say the illustrations are spot on from Charlotte's bow to Louis' eyebrows!
  4. lark37


    Yes yes yes - I've been hating that there wasn't a thread for this show, but I don't know how to start one. So thank you! I love this show. I also was looking for something to watch that was similar to Ted Lasso to see if I wanted to pay for Apple Plus before my free trial ran out. We have family who have gone through the adoption process in the US, so I know how difficult it is here. I'm enjoying seeing the process in the UK. Imelda Staunton is excellent in everything, but I really enjoy the harried social worker with a heart of gold and quirky sense of humor she's bringing. I had seen Rafe
  5. I like Lori and Jason but i agree that i dislike their sob story about the house fire. Good grief, didn't they have insurance? As for Thomas and Cathy, I knew as soon as I saw their extra clue that it was a tower not a triangle. Geez, he's a pastry chef so one would think he would have thought about a macaron tower especially with the almond flour and cream of tartar clues. I saw him a few seasons ago on Chopped Sweets and he got chopped the first round. Apparently, he's a reality tv junkie. That made me start routing against him even before he started making smug remarks. I hate when
  6. That's surprising. She was the lead for several seasons of the Emmy nominated sitcom New Girl as well as starring in several well known films including 500 Days of Summer with Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and most famously as Jovie in the Xmas classic "Elf". She's a decent singer too and is known for her manic pixie fashion style. Sad that she is described not as an accomplished actor/singer but only as a live in lover of a Property Brother even if it is true! That said--this show is incredibly stupid but I'm 6 for 6 in predicting who will be picked! Its fun to have o
  7. Reading through this thread was a trip down memory lane that I thoroughly enjoyed. Vermont Country Store does have so many of the things mentioned here and their shipping isn't too expensive! I've used classic Noxema since I was a teen with acne and it works great for sun burn and as a makeup remover. One perfume I wore back in the day that wasn't mentioned here was Jean Nate. I wore that alot in my teens as well as body sprays in bottles shaped like fruit. I had a green apple one that in hindsight smelled awful! Getting away from perfumes and soaps, in 1995 I was diagnosed with GERD and IBS.
  8. I'm fairly certain that Jackie was only in the bottom once which was the non elimination episode. Katrina was in the bottom at least 3 times but not as many times as Kaitlyn. Judging by that last tsunami cake only, Jackie was the correct winner imo although I liked all 3 of them. I agree with whomever said this seasons bakers didn't seem as qualified or talented as previous season bakers like Andy, Adam or Jean Francis. I liked Gesine as a judge so much better than Marcella. I've always liked Carla too, but I have serious doubts about Jason's judging qualifications and his "good old' boy" sht
  9. The Crown Princess is holding up future Norwegian King Harald not Olav. I loved Home for Christmas--a Norwegian comedy on Netflix. There are currently 2 seasons.
  10. My husband and I really enjoyed this first episode. Being a royalty fan, I'm familiar with the Norwegian Royals and was amazed for the most part at how much the cast resembles their real life counterparts especially King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav. Never been a fan of Kyle Maclachlan but he seems to be capturing FDR pretty well. The real delight is Harriet Sansom Harris as Eleanor Roosevelt. I remember her well as Frasier's agent Bebe and thought she was hilarious. Stage actors often bring so much more to a character than film actors. My only quibble was that all the parents from Olav and M
  11. Iowa is insulted! As someone from an Indiana suburb of Chicago, who is sometimes when in the city asked if I’m from a farm as if Indiana is nothing but farms, this is horribly insulting to anyone from the Midwest! God knows Iowa has a couple of big cities. It’s also insulting to anyone over the age of 50 as said above-this idea that they don’t know anything about social media or the Internet or have smart phones or Google. Dear God, how did Kyra sign off on this awful show? I thought the pilot was bad, but I like Sherri Shepherd I like Kyra Sedgwick so I thought I’d give it another try. But it
  12. Freddie Stroma is Prince Frederich. He played Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter, and was the first actor to play Sam Tarly's brother in GOT (which was later recast due to Stroma being committed to another project) and Adam in Unreal season 1 and 2 where he met and married in real life Johanna Braddy, the bachelorette who "wins" in season 1.
  13. You aren't the only one watching! I'm enjoying this despite always figuring out things out early on. For example I knew right away that the agency was "testing" Alex with that kidnapping. Looking forward to the next episode.
  14. I use coffee in chocolate brownies and other baked goods because i love the taste of it, so I believe you. As for Hershey's and Smores, you are so correct. Back in September, hubby And our young grandkids tried to make smores in our backyard fire pit. The only chocolate I had on hand was Aldi brand dark. I didn't melt well and grandkids wouldn't eat it as it tasted "icky"!
  15. What? If a coffee lover told you it doesn't have any taste, that person isn't a true coffee lover or else drinks really bad coffee! Did you mean when coffee is added to chocolate, it doesn't have any taste? Then why would anyone add it? Of course it has a taste! I for one love coffee and lots of frosting and hate the snobbery about Hersheys and Wal-Mart. Not everyone on this forum is a NY or California dweller with a Trader Joes down the block. There's a whole lot of America in between the east and west coasts that live in small towns, shop at Wal-Mart and love Hershey's. There's not a thing
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