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  1. Ditto! I though she was bad ass in this role. This kind of show is right up my alley. I’m in! This is the one show I’ve really been looking forward to and I enjoyed it! Also love that Chris Noth is in it.
  2. That was seriously the most f**ked up hour of tv ever. That was not at all a satisfying end. Not only am I seriously bummed, I literally just lost interest in the show. And I had really liked the show. Where do they go from here? How did show even get renewed with that kind of ending. The mystery is over, every one is gone, and the only story left is nia/Murphy/guiding hope? Interesting that Murphy finds herself going down the exact same rabbit hole Dean went down. ugh...fail.
  3. Outstanding!! Thank you!! I was thinking that was the last one of the season. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I really really really hope Dean is not the bad guy. 😞
  4. Ok. I don’t for a second think it’s Dean. It’s classic misdirection. Nope. Nada. Not going for it. I loved the Murphy/Dean interaction. Aww. I’m a secret Dean/Murphy shipper. Now I have to wait a year. Ugh.. I love this show in all it’s messed up people and ways.
  5. I’m going with that. If she knew for certain that’s why Tyson was killed, I could see her blaming Max (justified or not) but at this point, it’s just a theory (and not really a good one at that as Tyson wasn’t trying to get out of the drug life so why set up the boss?). And really Max is being blackmailed into being an informant against his will so if anyone is to blame it’s the narcotics cop. Smart move on the lady cop to arrest Darnell on Tyson’s murder. I thought she was toast when she got in that elevator. She’s just delaying the inevitable IMO and she’ll end up in jail if she doesn’
  6. I was just coming to post this. I know a lot have said they want Adam to leave but I still like him
  7. I really like the cop and his daughter. He’s sweet. I hated to see that last exchange between Murphy and him but I get it. Max is hot but Murphy would do better with the cop. I love this show!! So glad it was picked up for a second season.
  8. I understand the sentiment. He is cute (though a little young for me) but I’m a fan because he blew the doors off in the blinds. I thought hands down he had the best blind performance. Sometimes one performance will get you fans and they stay fans. I love his voice. Having said that, his last couple performances wasn’t as good. But I think he’s coasting more on the blind performance than his looks though I’m sure there is some of that. No singer can sing everything. I’m still a fan and I still love his voice and he’s still my top vote. Mileage varies I know.
  9. I get a lot of your points. I totally do. It does seem Blake centric. I happen to like country so I tend to gravitate more towards them regardless of whose team they are on, though they generally are on Blake’s. My favorite from day one was Gyth, hands down. My favorite last season was Kirk Jay. So...I drift country. I like pop and rock too (Juliette Simms from season 3? was a bad ass) but we all have our preferences. I’m more disappointed that I feel the show is too fast. After the blinds I think it should all be live voting. Make the coaches, coaches not decide if who stays or leaves.
  10. Oy.... I’m stoked that my fave Gyth is thru and was the top streamed artist. I cannot believe Beth was not the artist for the comeback performance. LB was prob my second choice but she was far in front for me. Not sure the comeback is totally fair though. This person gets to skip a round and go thru. I’m really bummed overall though. So many of the ones I like were eliminated. Matthew, Rebecca, Abby, and Pressley. Kelly, really, Jej was your save. He was the last of the 5 I would have chosen. I totally would have thought she would have picked Matthew or Pressley. Sending 1
  11. Oh good. Glad to hear that. I hope it’s Beth.
  12. Article with Carina about season 2. http://www.mtv.com/news/3121993/roswell-new-mexico-season-2-carina-adly-mackenzie-interview/
  13. Oh my... No way Max is dead dead. Give me a break!! And didn’t Rosa have an autopsy? Really Max could heal that? And how can they possible explain not only an alive Rosa but an alive teenage Rosa (wasn’t she 18/19 at her “death”). Go Kyle..I thought his taking down Papa Manes was bad ass. What is Kyle going to do with him now? I swear Jesse Manes = Todd Manning. Trevor St John plays them exactly the same. I really like Michael. He’s still my favorite character and Michael Vlamis kills it every episode IMO. I get why he went to Maria. He loves Alex, but he equates Alex
  14. I think he has two. I vaguely remember Cam saying something when she pulled Alex over about his brothers also having medals.
  15. Holy Smokes!! That was an hour of intense and terrible sad surprises. Ugh..on years of torturing aliens and then blowing them up. Oy....Poor tortured Michael is really gonna be f’d up after that. Noah totally deserves It but very surprising to see both Max and Isobel with the attitude of “let him die.” Max anyway...Isobel reminds me every time she opens her mouth what a cold hearted witch she is. I’m surprised Liz didn’t walk away after another mean girl Isobel moment. Aww...I liked the Michael/Alex scene especially the “you’re my family” and you’re a miserable liar.”
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