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    I've been following your comments and was wondering if you were going to comment on Lilith being written out. I know Bebe had other projects going on at the time (and good for her--she's a national treasure), but I still feel like they did Lilith dirty in the way they wrote her out. Lilith was always one of my favs and I really thought they went too overboard with her character in order to set up/pump up Frasier ahead of his spinoff. It was borderline character assassination and I think she deserved better.
  2. It took me a while to get into this show. I almost didn't continue after the first episode because I didn't laugh once, but I pressed on and by the mid-way point thought it was hitting its stride. If it weren't a Steve Carell/John Malkovich show created by Greg Daniels I think I would have ditched it once Lisa Kudrow was revealed to be in jail. Steve Carell is super talented and I've seen him in enough to know that he is not one-note or type cast in any way, but throughout this series all I saw was General Michael Scott. The Office is great, but I don't need to see Michael Scott go from bumbling his way through running a branch of a paper company to running a branch in the military. This show reminded me of another Netflix original, the movie War Machine. I remember watching it and not knowing if it was satire, dark comedy, or harsh criticism of the military and political bureaucracy--or all three. I agree with those upthread that said this would have been great if it were more like Veep.
  3. I loved this episode! I don't know if the show gets better with every episode or I just love it more and more with each hour I get to spend with it. For a series that is filled to the brim with powerhouse actors, getting to see so many of them carry their own 50+ minutes has been a delight. I feel like I've learned so much about the real women portrayed in this series (I surprisingly had never even heard of Phyllis Schlafly before), and am happy to know more about even the minor players from this era. Early on I suspected there would be a storyline about one of the stop ERA women seeing the light and switching sides and I was very much unsurprised that is was Sarah Paulson's character. I loved her walking hazily through the convention center, stumbling upon just about every faction of women that the stop ERA women love to loathe. I jokingly said "I wonder if she ends up sitting around and getting stoned with someone" and laughed when she accidentally grabbed the hash brownie. Then I cringed at the thought of hash edibles on top of gin drinks and valium. Sleeping in until noon seemed about right after all that. I wonder if they will revisit the other woman not wanting to have another child because Alice being a devout catholic is not only strictly pro-life, but presumably anti-birth control. Or maybe that little scene was just meant to show that she was a woman supporting another woman, like so many of the other women in the convention hall. Whether it's revisited or not, it was a touching moment and decidedly un-Phyllis-like. I'm sad that next week's episode is the last (and perhaps even more sad because I know the outcome and where we stand now forty years later), but am looking forward to binging all the episodes and taking in anything that I may have missed before.
  4. These SNL At Home episodes have really made me appreciate Ego. I think she's hilarious and very creative and I hope that when SNL returns to its normal format that she's included among the other "go-to" performers on the show. She's clearly able to carry a sketch on her own merit.
  5. Watching the couples' debate was *so* cathartic for me! I absolutely despise when people just make things up to support their claims or beliefs, and watching Phyllis do that throughout this series via rallies/pamphlets/flyers/etc without any sort of fallout or repercussions has had me seething. For her to finally have someone shut her lies down (and on television to boot!) was amazing!
  6. I think a lot of people have issues with it because it's not "spring water". I've heard that it's just filtered tap water, but I don't know if that's true or just an urban legend. It also contains sodium, which I imagine was the inspiration for the "now with 30% less sodium" joke (or however it went) in the sketch.
  7. Indeed! I remember thinking during the astrolabe scene, "are they going to kiss now?" I definitely felt like there was some sexual tension in that scene and wondering where it was coming from.
  8. I just finished season 2. When the new season dropped in January, I was excited that it was back and dived into the first episode. I made it 15 minutes in before I became disinterested. Now, with a lot of extra time on my hands, I attempted the season again and am happy that I did. I thought everything really picked up after episode 1 and ended up enjoying the remaining episodes. I think what made it hard for me to get into the new season was having Annie and the boyfriend go full steam ahead from the beginning of episode 1. As others have said upthread, he's an immature man-child, and for me, it really made me dislike Annie as well as lose interest in the show. I understand why she wanted to stay with him--he's her first real boyfriend, her low self-esteem inhibits her from realizing she's awesome and she can do better, etc--but it all made it difficult to root for her because I knew he was just going to disappoint her again somehow. Needless to say, I was cheering when she finally kicked him to the curb and I hope she doesn't take him back in the next season. Things I really enjoyed about season 2: pretty much everything outside of Annie and the boyfriend. Fran was once again the best character, and her tall friend whose name I didn't catch was great as well. I would totally be best friends with both of them if they were real. I hope they are still a thing next season. I also liked Fran's family stuff. If it was mentioned before that she is Nigerian, I didn't remember, so the Nigerian wedding storyline was an interesting surprise. I have American friends whose parents emigrated from Nigeria, so the wedding and all the family dynamics felt very real to me. I also liked seeing Ego Nwodim outside of SNL and thought she did a great job as Fran's cousin.
  9. Catherine O'Hara did a livestream on Instagram last night in which she displayed Moira's vast vocabulary: https://www.cbc.ca/television/catherine-o-hara-gives-schitt-s-creek-fans-a-vocabulary-lesson-on-instagram-1.5523403
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Although I don't remember when she was born or how old she is supposed to be at this point. Might be too young to attend a movie premiere?
  11. It took me a while to figure out that it was Billie Lourd playing Fiona. It dawned on me about two seconds before she did the Bobbi Adler impression who she was and then when she did the impression I realized that she wasn't just Billie Lourd, she's also Debbie Reynold's granddaughter which made the casting even more sweet and inspired. I love that the show continues to sprinkle in little tributes to Debbie throughout the reboot. Overall I thought it was a decent episode, but I didn't understand how they had a storyline that overtly dismissed bisexuality when it's been canon that Karen is bisexual for pretty much the entirety of the show, to include this same episode where she talks about having sex with Stan and implying an affair with Jackie O.
  12. When Nick was taken away, and then when Frankie mentioned white collar crime, I thought for sure they were setting it up for Grace liquidating the penthouse apartment and Nick moving in with Grace and Frankie at the beach house on a year or so of house arrest. But with Sol and Robert moving in while their house is renovated, I'm not sure. I knew that Brianna wouldn't take the SF job because it would be too much to have her 500 miles from the rest of the family, so Mallory taking the job caught me off guard. I'm curious what they're planning to do with that. They barely mention her kids anymore, so I'm sure any question of uprooting them and moving to SF or custody arrangements with her ex will be swept up under the rug. It's not a bad flight from SF to San Diego, so maybe they will always be having her just flying down to SD when the storyline needs her to interact with the family?
  13. @chaifan, I tried to watch the new episodes via the Pop app on my Roku and I wasn't able to because I don't get the channel with my cable subscription (I'm in the US). So without any kind of cable subscription I would guess that you'd be out of luck too.
  14. They argue about the design, but ultimately end up with the same white shaker cabinets, marble countertop, and some variation of grey/white backsplash.
  15. I think you can look forward to this season after the last couple of dud seasons. The last two episodes of the season aren't as great, and I was disappointed when I learned that ep10 was the season finale, but the first eight are pretty good. This season is nowhere near where the show was 10 years ago, but it's certainly a step up from the last few seasons.
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