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  1. My husband and I watched the episode together and neither of us realized that she was naked. I don't know what that says about us. We both grew up with Forrest Gump (I had it on VHS as a kid), but I didn't think the Bobbie Dylan scene was so iconic that it should be honored 30ish years later on SNL. But that might be an unpopular opinion.
  2. Lots of laughs in this one. It's nice to see that the Doc is warming up to Ted. I'm with her about him scheduling some one-on-one time with her when he gets a chance. She's clearly helping the squad and would obviously help him through some things too. There's enough fodder just in the fact that he more or less ran away from his separation from his wife to coach a sport that he knew nothing about that the doc can dig into and help him with. I also think Coach Beard could benefit from sitting down with her. His relationship toils are often played for laughs, but I'm sure there are some un
  3. This is a great take, and I could definitely get on board with her regaining her sexual self esteem as part of her character growth. I just don't want her dating exploits to monopolize her storyline this season. Rupert did a number on her in more ways than allowing his affairs and womanizing to be splashed across the tabloids. And we learned from Sissy that the person she turned into when she was with Rupert wasn't all Rupert's fault. We're seeing the character growth from the end of last season continue, I just hope we also see her reconnect with her best friend and goddaughter, continue to f
  4. Like others have said, this was a weaker episode, but a sufficient set up and look into "where are they now" after the time jump from last season to this one. I'm happy the psychiatrist is helping the players, even if Ted isn't on board with her or her practices. This seems like a weak and shoe-horned conflict point for Ted, but if it gets the players' heads right and helps them to get promoted back into the EPL, I'm sure Ted will come around. He's a hopeless optimist, but I think even he understands that not everything can be fixed with simply, "be a goldfish". Rebecca calling Wigg
  5. Peacock at least does a 7-day free trial. You just need to remember to cancel on time. I had signed up for the free trial to watch Girls5Eva and forgot to cancel in time, which was how I ended up watching We Are Lady Parts.
  6. My husband and I binged this last night and really loved it. He was practically heart-broken when ep 6 started and I said that I was pretty sure it was the last episode. I really loved that all the characters were Muslim and from different backgrounds and varying levels of devoutness. The only sense of "otherness" I got was from the main character who didn't really fit in with the Ladyparts ladies at first, and by the end, didn't really fit in with her older group of friends. Her otherness was never about her religion, or clothing, or anything, which was refreshing. The songs were great t
  7. Elisha Cuthbert had that show where she was pregnant with her best friends baby which was really bad. Casey Wilson had that show Marry Me from her husband/ the HE creator that was better but not great. Zachary Knighton had that Weird Loners show which was probably the most interesting of the 3 but still not that great. The only thing I have seen any of the cast members in that was really memorable was Adam Pally's character in The Mindy Project. Damon Wayans Jr. went back to New Girl after Happy Endings ended. He was in its pilot episode but then had to leave because Happy Endings w
  8. That is true. When she came up with that plan, I figured it would backfire somehow, so when he shrugged off and said he'd just take that hit, I wasn't very surprised.
  9. This show just keeps getting better and better. I'm so happy I found it because it's been a really joy to watch these last few weeks. I think the writers have really done a great job portraying how each woman brings out the best in the other and helps each to grow in a healthy way. Obviously Ava, the young, "entitled" one has the most opportunity to mature from being around a wise older comedian who has seen it all, but even Deborah, who at 70ish and very set in her ways, has grown and matured with Ava's influence. I hope that Deborah is able to land another casino gig somewhere an
  10. That's a shame. I was willing to give NBC a little credit, but I suppose not now.
  11. Mr. Night Cheese and I are big BSG (and RDM) fans and we both really like For All Mankind. He likes anything sci-fi and space related and I like history and counter-factuals, so it has a lot going for it that meets our interests. I've tried to get friends into FAM but so few people have AppleTV that it's next to impossible to get people to sign up for another streaming app just because of one recommendation for a TV show.
  12. By airing two episodes per week, the show will have its series finale on September 9th, or 9/9. I thought that was a nice touch.
  13. Season 2 teaser trailer up. Season 2 kicks off July 23! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auxeLrtk7tk
  14. I turned to my husband and asked if we were supposed to know who she was or what she was doing. He replied that he had no clue about anything that was happening in the sketch.
  15. So was the PR lady actually romantically interested in Jayden? I thought at first they were going for the classic mix up of he thinks she's interested and plays it up in his head, but turns out that she just wanted to use him for a PR angle or something. But that never really materialized. The mayor feeling bad about ruining Jayden's chances by hitting him in the groin made it seem like he and PR lady were a real potential couple.
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