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  1. I want Bravo to do a reunion that's just Gizelle and her girls. Watching them mock her for three episodes straight is the only way to justify a multi-part reunion.
  2. If Smike gets arrested, Nina won't have to tell him because once the police run his prints, his identity will be revealed. Though I guess that assumes that the Podunk Nixon Falls PD has a computer and access to a database. Count me in with everyone who doesn't buy Jason suddenly being into the idea of marrying Carly. I semi-shipped the couple back when Sarah Brown was playing Carly, but everything about them getting together now is a hard pass.
  3. Babe and Krystal could have been great characters if only the show had leaned into them as villains. Instead the show insisted on depicting them as heroines no matter what they did and in the process ruined a bunch of established characters by using them to prop the Careys up and excuse the things they did. I liked Alexa Havins as an actress, but as far as I'm concerned the only good thing about Babe is that when she and Josh were a thing a message board (I think it was twop) dubbed them "fetal pig," which still makes me laugh and laugh.
  4. Mia can't even be relied on to accurately report the things that she herself previously said about herself, so I'm not sure why anyone would accept as reliable her narration about what anyone else said about anything. I was cringing when Robyn had that call with Juan at the table. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.
  5. Ryan and Gillian were great - I hated it when she died so that Laura could get her heart (and, speaking of grief sex that never should have happened, Ryan and Liza... yikes). I also liked Ryan and Kendall the first time, which ended with him finding her getting with Aidan and then hoping on his motorcycle and leaving town. I still remember the scene where she chases after him and he looks at her and just lowers the visor on his helmet and then rides off. If only he'd kept on riding and not come back...
  6. I may be in the minority on this, but I actually like that storyline (although I hate that it was rooted in Dimitri and Maria having grief sex, which I found completely unbelievable for two characters who had never previously showed a modicum of attraction to each other). Erica's motivations were clear, the show didn't try to depict her as the good guy, and when it was finally resolved, Erica actually had to face the consequences of her actions. Unlike, say, Tad, who buried a guy alive and was still supposed to be the "hero." Mathison predated Frons by about 4 years and he was f
  7. Not to mention, Chase just hands over the piece of paper to Michael, who just hands it over to Austin. If they weren't going to let Chase stay mad, they could have at least milked some drama out of whether or not Michael was going to destroy the paper or hand it over and use that to create some tension between Michael and Willow.
  8. I don't know, he didn't seem too enthusiastic about the prospect of financing her candle empire himself, so I'm sure every check helps in that respect.
  9. I'm sure Wendy walked away from that conversation thinking that she won, but Gizelle was shit stirring in order to get a reaction and Wendy gave that to her and then some. Meanwhile, Gizelle is just sitting there, unbothered by being yelled at because she knows that she's the actual winner because she just proved her continuing value to the producers. Karen needs to let go of this "Gizelle wished death on Ray" thing. There is no there there. Unless there are two Eddies in Wendy's life and we haven't seen the other one, then there's no Eddie who looks like Idris Elba.
  10. I hate it when they time stamp flashbacks as it forces me to consider how much of my life I've spent watching this show. I can't believe the Aviva seasons are nearly 10 years behind us.
  11. Damn, Ramona. Keep an emergency Snickers in your purse if this is what happens when you're hungry.
  12. Michael: I'm going to take Dylan to work with me. I've got five women there who can look after him for me. On behalf of working women everywhere: F**k you, dude. Don't bring your kid to work expecting that you can just pawn him off on whatever woman happens to be nearby, completely disrupting her day. You want credit for taking your kid for the day? Then take care of the kid.
  13. I'm in the mid-600 episodes, where the show is dealing with the aftermath of Hayley's rape and Ted is being such an ass, trying to talk her out of going to counselling so that it can be dealt with "privately." It feels like a real missed opportunity that the show didn't tie Ted and C.C.'s aversion to the idea of therapy to the family's experience with Marcello, since that would have given them an actual reason to be mistrustful of the profession.
  14. Wendy, we get it. You have a body. The point has been made. Robyn was rude as hell ordering Mia to give up her room. What's the big friggin deal about not being on the same floor as Gizelle when you'll be spending all day together anyway?
  15. How much does a website cost? Not $400k, I'm sure! Plus, why are we talking about "averages" for businesses instead of the specifics for this. God, this guy is bad news.
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