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  1. I don't think it skips generations so much as it lies dormant in some of them for longer than it does for others. There have been plenty of members of the immediate and extended royal family who go from being attractive in their 20s (and sometimes into their 30s) and then, all of a sudden, BOOM. Windsored. Chatto is just shy of 22. Let's see how he looks in 5-10 years.
  2. Rachel is the crew's Dolores.
  3. I couldn't help but laugh every time they cut to a shot of the Defendants' dog, looking chilled out AF.
  4. Man, you weren't kidding. I'm now 400 episodes in (which brings me to the end of February 1986) so I'm at the point where Gallego is Santana, Jed Allen is C.C., and Robin Mattson is Gina, and Gallego's Santana is like fingernails on a chalk board for me. It's Brandon this and Brandon that. Even when she's got Cruz - looking fine in his tight little jeans and seeking some help getting over Eden - standing in front of her, it's still "Am I going to get Brandon back now?" I'd be a little more sympathetic were it not for the fact that Brandon clearly loves and is deeply bonded to Gina, but God forbid any of the adults in his life actually base their decisions about him on what would actually make him happy. At this point in the show, there's a lot of marriages/engagements of contrivance happening - Eden marries Kirk so that he won't have to testify against her about her pulling the plug on C.C., Santana is being steered towards marrying Cruz so that C.C. will give her custody of Brandon, Mary accepts Mark's engagement ring because he's in critical condition after an explosion - which is kind of annoying just because of the sheer frequency of it (at this point the only couples who are together because they actually love each other are Brick and Amy and Kelly and old ass Nick and she's cheated on him with Dylan), although I do kind of love Kirk going off the rails after realizing that Eden is still in love with Cruz. Like, dude, you knew that she was in love with Cruz when you talked her into marrying you. You can't be all surprised Pikachu about it when you find out that she's going to keep being in love with him even though you're now her husband. Overall, still really enjoying the show, although I continue to find it somewhat baffling how it has such trouble making new characters stick for longer than 6 months to a year.
  5. But she still has to spend 24 hours a day with Shannon, so is that really living? Anyway, happy for her that she finally got the positive diagnosis she needed so that she could climb up on that cross she'd been polishing since the moment Covid hit the States.
  6. I'm sorry, but how is Michael still involved with the show when a member of the crew is alleging that he touched him sexually without his consent (and there's video)? Doesn't that open Bravo up to lawsuits for creating an unsafe work environment?
  7. I'm curious about the primetime reboot but, in all honesty, without Susan Lucci (and Agnes Nixon behind the scenes in some capacity) I don't think it would really feel like All My Children to me. It would just be another generic prime time soap. Given that Kelly and Mark are the ones behind it, I imagine that the most likely returning faces would be Mateo (pass), Maria (PASS), and Ryan (HARD PASS).
  8. Maybe I missed something, but isn't the situation that she's staying somewhere else because the others are going to party? It doesn't seem like she's insisting that they not party; she's just removing herself from the temptation.
  9. Welp, 2020 just keeps getting worse. I just agreed with something Kelly said (about Braunwyn "performing" her activism for a photographer). I bet Shannon's kids are so happy that she has to isolate in another part of the house. Being locked in with someone as high strung as Shannon would be hell.
  10. Lordy, the only thing more boring than being in lockdown is watching other people in lockdown.
  11. Lol, does Michael actually think that Chris is going to go to jail for pushing him? Juan was twice as rough with him while trying to drag him away. Michael behaves like such a fool, I don't understand how Ashley can stand to be seen in public with him.
  12. Because no one in the RF other than Charles wanted him to marry Camilla? I mean, everyone seems to have calmed down and accepted it now, but it seems like right up until 2005 the the hope was that Charles would be content to be with Camilla but not marry her and make her his official consort, but then the Queen just sort of threw up her hands and said, "Eh, whatever, I'm not going to fight about this anymore but I'm also not going to support it by attending the ceremony." I've never heard that the conspiracy was rooted in a desire to facilitate Charles' relationship with Camilla, only that it was rooted in a desire by the RF to have complete control over William & Harry's upbringing and to prevent Diana from marrying Hasnat Khan because she was considering converting to Islam to do so (even though he hadn't actually proposed and probably wouldn't have proposed because he didn't like all the publicity that came with Diana).
  13. Seriously. If you can afford to spend $2 million just in legal fees, then I don't want to hear you complain about money. Elizabeth acknowledged in a previous ep that she already has more than enough money to maintain a lifestyle that includes spending $30k a month just on clothes through the rest of her days, so hearing her whine about having to come up with half a million in cash to pay for the trial made my eye twitch. Why are you even going to trial over this? After a certain point the difference between X amount of wealth and Y amount of wealth is negligible. Just walk away and save yourself the stress and legal fees. You'll be fine.
  14. None of them is a management degree, I guess.
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