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  1. Susan Lucci may have been an average actress, but she was a great soap actress. My favorite thing about her win is how it seemed like it wasn't just the AMC/ABC people who were happy for her, but the entire room. I bet the AMC cast/crew had the best party that night.
  2. Two words: Harry Dubin The scene can't be good if they all end up with Harry sooner or later.
  3. Oh, I think she knew it could be screenshot. She just thought Exeter would be so intimidated by her that Exeter wouldn't dare expose her.
  4. She wasn't well known before the Sussex wedding, but I doubt that her sense of power/importance is anything new. Her family is rich as hell and she married into another rich family with no shortage of political and social connections of their own. I'm sure she's spent her whole life throwing her weight around and demanding to speak to managers.
  5. Just to add to the facts: Exeter's aunt is Marci Ien, a journalist who works at CTV and is a cohost of The Social (as is Lainey, of Lainey Gossip fame), which likely played some role in how quickly CTV cancelled Mulroney's show. In all honesty, the fact that she thought she could send a threatening DM after the fact says everything about how powerful she perceives herself to be because of her and that family's connections. She actually thought that that wouldn't come out. She actually thought that she could continue to bully Exeter and that Exeter would protect her because she's so used to trafficking in privilege that she thought she could just bulldoze someone without consequence.
  6. That's my point. You said: "There are many many millions of people who are not represented by the loudest voices of cancel culture. That is why Fox ratings are double that of CNN or MSNBC" implying that "cancelling" people is solely the pursuit of liberals, as if conservatives have never been known to loudly insist that someone they object to be removed from their platforms.
  7. The Dixie Chicks circa 2003 would like a word.
  8. As a Canadian I am shocked - shocked! - that a member of the Mulroney family: 1. Acted like trash. 2. Was enough of a dipshit to issue a public apology and then threaten a lawsuit over DM.
  9. "I'm not judgmental." Oh Dorinda. How were you not struck by lightning when you said that?
  10. I never thought I'd miss the cabaret act, but the "comedy" show (which we've now visited twice - which is enough Andy) makes me long for the days of Lu's warbling. Maaaaaan I bet the show is glad that this wasn't the year Lu decided to Halloween as Diana Ross.
  11. You know shit's getting real when corporations start choosing to cut ties with their cash cows rather than closing ranks to shield them.
  12. At this time last week TPTB were probably under the impression that the old rules - issue a scripted apology, keep your head down, wait for the heat to die down, go back to business as usual - still applied and that they could "address" it and then move forward without making any fundamental changes. Another week of protests has perhaps convinced them that there's an actual cultural sea change happening, but now it's too late for them to go back and protect their stars.
  13. Only after she's finished yelling at him about how his delay in proposing cost her a Bravo funded wedding.
  14. I think she thought she was cleansing the room of negative energy. I think that's called "smudging." I don't think you can do it with a corn husk, but of course these people are idiots, so...
  15. Damn, what kind of voodoo is Leah working with these women that all she has to say is "Sorry" and everyone immediately forgives and defends her? (Not that it isn't refreshing not to have to spend 3 episodes of a housewives show watching the group hold a referendum on someone's behavior at one specific event.)
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