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  1. Ding Ding. Warren Beatty says something in the movie Truth or Dare that's very true to the performative way that a lot of reality stars seem to live: "She doesn't want to live off-camera, much less talk. There's nothing to say off-camera. Why would you say something if it's off-camera? What point is there existing?" Why would Sandoval ask his questions in a private setting during the non-filming months? That would just mean that fewer people would know about it and no one would get to see him doing it and he might not get all the credit he wants for it.
  2. So much yelling and none of it came from Katie - is that a first?
  3. I may be off base, but I think what she's saying is, essentially, "He's not going out and bashing gays so it's not really a big deal." Like how some people seem to believe that you're not really racist unless you're burning a cross on someone's lawn or something. Is the minister far removed from Brittany ideologically though? Because maybe she's defending the pastor because she agrees with his stance and doesn't see why "casual" homophobia should be a big deal. Like you said, though, she'd get kicked off the show if she were to say that those views are in accord with her beliefs.
  4. God, I can't imagine why people don't want to hang out with James. He's so fun and not at all high maintenance.
  5. "He's a pastor!" Yes, Jax, because simply holding a position of religious authority means that someone is beyond reproach. Edited to add: Lisa to Raquel: "Didn't you think..." Me: "Imma stop you right there Lisa. The answer is no, Raquel does not think."
  6. I haven't quite given up on it yet, but I'm seriously considering putting down Pillars of the Earth and never picking it up again after some 200 pages. I managed to keep going after the But I just don't want to spend any more time in the point of view of William Hamleigh having to read about The only thing that's been keeping me going is that Ellen and Aliena are interesting characters so I kind of want to see what they do/how things work out for them.
  7. Yet another friend of Andrew's (another friend whose home Andrew has stayed at, I should add) is accused of trafficking teenage girls. I saw an article today criticizing the Sussexes for not coming back to the UK for Andrew's birthday party and I haven't been able to stop shaking my head since. There are few people less worth "celebrating" right now than Andrew. Beatrice's wedding is going to be interesting.
  8. Scheana isn't threatened, she's territorial. Does someone want to tell her that one of the definitions of territorial is "defending a territory." In other words... threatened? Jax is a jackass, but I couldn't help but laugh when he was being such a bitch to... the one not named Dayna but whose name starts with a "D." Denise? Dynasty? Dionysus? You know, that other one. I think I'm just going to start referring to the new cast member as "and the rest." But, seriously, Jax isn't there to bartend. He's there to be on TV. Also loved when James interrupted Peter's dressing down of Raquel to announce that he was leaving and held out his hand to Peter and Peter was like "... k, bye."
  9. Lol, VDP could not be more over Scheana trying to deny that she's jealous of Dayna being with Max. Just grow up and do your job properly Scheana, damn. Note for anyone who ever finds themselves playing poker with her: apparently Scheana's tell is when she goes wide-eyed and affects an expression of innocent blankness (as opposed to her usual blankness).
  10. Peter and Autumn Phillips split. In case you're wondering, yes, the tabloids have already figured out a way that this is Harry and Meghan's fault since they've moved to Canada and Autumn is Canadian... the dots just connect themselves.
  11. Hey - Jane Fonda took a break from getting arrested!
  12. I can't decide whether I want Renee to wrap it up. If she keeps going like this, sooner or later she's going to wind up thanking me because I'll be the only one left.
  13. Off the top of my head: Slumdog Millionaire and The Last Emperor
  14. Honestly. There's no need to turn it into a popularity contest, which is what essentially happens when some people get loads of applause while there's silence for others. Just applaud for everyone at the end.
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