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  1. Okay, so this is my first season of Potomac and I'm hoping that someone who has watched for a while can explain to me what the deal is with Gizelle and Jamal. I get that they were married, he cheated on her with every woman who crossed his path before they divorced, and he has a bunch of other kids, so what I mean by my question is: after all that, what is the appeal of Jamal that she's dating him after having been divorced from him for a decade? Because he's not some super great looking guy, that shady af business with putting a restaurant in their kids' names makes me think his finances are of the smoke and mirrors variety, he seems completely disinterested in her whenever they're on screen together, and their kids would clearly like to be left out of this reconciliation narrative, so what is Gizelle getting out of this relationship? Has she just always been hung up on him?
  2. From her interviews (and the ages of her kids), I'm under the impression that at the time of their first separation they only had 3 kids and the other 500 were born after they reconciled. The first three range from 15-20 while the subsequent kids are all 7 and under.
  3. Probably because her emotions are at a 15 on a 10 scale because she's just given up drinking.
  4. I think it's a case of it's not what Gina said about him, but how she said it. Because the joke is basically "Hey, look, isn't Sean a creep?"
  5. So... wait. Gina doesn't know what she said that made Braunwyn mad but, at the same time, she knows that Braunwyn is mad because she told people that Sean hit her up for a threeway?
  6. That's very sad. I'm up to March '96 on munecojim's channel, so I'm just past the part where Kevin comes out and Laurel is killed and into the part where Michael is in court trying to get his job back. The whole story from Michael initially coming out to friends/family through coming out in class and getting suspended and up to his court case still holds up incredibly well. It's very powerful storytelling. I've never seen Dorothy Lyman's Opal, only read about things that the character did while she was playing her, and I have such a difficult time reconciling those storylines with the version of Opal that Jill Larsen played.
  7. Rich man wants more is rarely a good look, but it's particularly bad at this point in 2020. And that's laying aside the fact that "let's determine who the rightful owner of this property really is" is a Pandora's Box that no royal should want to open, given that everything they have is built on a foundation of feudalism and colonialism.
  8. Except for that scene from last season when Dorinda and Sonja saw a sneak preview of The Hustle and then sat around raving about it. That had to have been scripted.
  9. Yeah, I remember that happening in the show, but what I was thinking about were these comments from Carole:
  10. I feel like the main reason Sonja does that is to jump on the band wagon. Notice how often she interjects to say that Ramona actually did X, Y, or Z to both of them? It's just Sonja's way of making it about herself.
  11. It seemed more like hitting with the belt.
  12. Ramona's not my favorite person by any stretch, but I find this fixation by the other women on "proving" that she isn't really friends with people quite odd. I remember a couple of years ago one of the now ex-housewives - I want to say that it was Carole, but I'm not 100% sure - saying that when she was going through some stuff in between seasons that Ramona was the only one to actually reach out and check in on how she was doing. Ramona might be a superficial twit in many ways, but it sounds like she actually does the emotional labor to maintain friendships.
  13. She probably has dossiers on all of them and an enemies list longer than Nixon's.
  14. Sure, but Ramona has known Sonja for years and knows what the deal with Sonja is; she doesn't need to look for an explanation for it. She didn't know Leah very well and I think she was looking for a something that would explain why Leah gets dialed up to 100 when she's drinking.
  15. You know, I'm kind of on Ramona's side with the whole Leah is bipolar thing. I actually don't think Ramona brought it up to be malicious, I think she was genuinely trying to explain Leah's OTT behavior. I get that Leah is upset that the information ended up on the show and she had to talk to her daughter about it, but at the same time Leah did write about it herself before she was even on the show. It was out there already. If her daughter was inclined to google her, that article would probably come up.
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