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  1. All that time spent watching Nina mope around town, letting everyone take a kick at her was worth it just to hear her call Carly an idiot today. I want to take that sound clip and inject it into my veins.
  2. You missed a step: Carly's head explodes. Michael and Joss dissolve into dust because once you kill the head vampire the other ones are also destroyed.
  3. "Luke is gone," says Robert, who was once presumed dead, to Anna, who was once presumed dead, with whom he shares a daughter who was once presumed dead, and Felicia, whose first husband was once presumed dead, regarding a man who on a previous occasion was presumed dead, leading to Robert marrying his girlfriend, who would later be falsely presumed dead, all while living in a town where 4 people have returned from the dead within the last year. Death is meaningless. The only people who stay dead are BJ, Stone, and any Quartermaine not named Jason. But at least it got Jane Elliot back
  4. Willow to Nina: "Not everything's about you!" Unspoken part of the sentence: Except when something goes wrong, then it's always somehow about you. If they're going to let Michael punch Scott, then they should at least balance the scales by letting Nina smack some sense into Willow.
  5. Not sure I understand the point of the Belle/Shawn/Jan business today. Belle walked in on Shawn in bed with a woman who looks just like her, so it should be obvious to her that this is MarDevil's work, right? If Jan looked like Belle to Shawn but like herself to Belle, that would be one thing, but Belle seeing exactly what Shawn does leaves no room for her to question whether this is the devil's manipulation or him knowingly cheating on her. Lol'd at the kidnapper being like Sami's a pain in the ass, you should all be thanking me for keeping her away for so long.
  6. I was prepared to feel bad for her because that must suck, but then she compared herself to a homeless person standing outside a restaurant watching people eat... while sitting on a luxury yacht.
  7. Heather & Fraser: Jess has got to go. Jess leaves. Heather & Fraser: No, not like that! Would have been nice if Jess had given notice that she'd leave after the charter that was about to start finished but, on the other hand, I don't really blame her for not wanting to be in a confined space with two people who are constantly running to each other to bitch about her. Besides, if she's so useless anyway, it shouldn't be much of a loss, right?
  8. Someone not being aware of your brand isn't a reflection on them, it's a reflection on the success of the brand (says someone who had no idea Lala had a brand). Katie is an a-hole that I would never want to spend time with ever, but Sandoval (also an a-hole that I would never want to spend time with ever) can fuck off forever with his lament for the plight of cis/het/white men. That being said, I'm starting to think that, while there is natural animosity between Katie and Sandoval, what we're seeing is the result of them agreeing to play it up to 100 in order to create content and "drama"
  9. I dunno, now that Heather's dropped the n-word, Fraser's probably rethinking that alliance. Didn't buy Heather's "Oh, did I say that?" routine at all. She knew she said it, thought somehow that she was going to get a pass, and then went deer in the headlights when called out and realized that was going to end up on TV (says it all that she threw out the term "cancel culture" when Rayna didn't say that, just told her she should watch what she says) and decided playing dumb was her best option. I feel like this really brings that whole, I was bullied for being a pretty white girl thing
  10. I don't want to be harsh about a literal kid, but the whole "wise beyond their years" persona is very irritating. No one wants to be condescended to by a pre-teen. Re: Heather, I think she's overcompensating for her past as an overly judgmental Mormon by bending over backwards to show zero judgment now that she's left the church. I would imagine it's common among people who've broken away from religious indoctrination to turn around and reject everything they associate with that life and I think that's what's going on with Heather since she seems to still be struggling to reconcile who sh
  11. Jesus, obviously. I predict that when Justin dies, there will be an ugly fight between Whitney and the kids from his first marriage over whatever is left of his estate. On an unrelated note, I love that horse whose response to Lisa trying to direct him was to just stand there and take a dump. That is definitely the correct reaction to Lisa.
  12. Michael and Willow are so horrible that I actually feel relieved to see Sonny & Carly or Peter when there's a transition to a new scene. Anything to get the Smuggersons off my screen.
  13. Sonny: Kill Peter for me. Selina: Sure, but in return you have to ensure that Brad is paroled. Sonny (clutching pearls): Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? Guy, you just asked her to kill someone. She wasn't just going to do it out of the kindness of her heart.
  14. It's like she doesn't know that the "mini Carly" position has already been filled.
  15. Lord, am I ever done hearing about Jason. You'd think the man had never been presumed dead before. You'd think a kajillion people hadn't come back from the dead in this town this year alone.
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