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  1. Here's what gets me about Elizabeth's "Big Pharma" thing (aside from the Covid is a hoax nonsense): As Elizabeth never ceases to remind us, she's part of the 1%, so even if none of that money she's throwing around is rooted in shareholdings in a pharmaceutical company or two, there is an approximately 0% chance that no portion of her wealth is rooted in shareholdings in an industry (or industries) that profiteers off of tragedy and disaster and exploits people's fears and bad circumstances. Being able to capitalize on shit like that is how people get rich and then get richer. So for her to be like, "You can't believe what they say, they're just trying to make money off of you, you gotta watch out for them" is a touch hypocritical because she's one of them whether she realizes it or not. Dollars to donuts she's someone who is wealthier now than they were pre-pandemic.
  2. Is it wrong that I hope Braunwyn knowingly sent the two kids with lice over to her awful mother's house?
  3. At the risk of reopening "Sad house-gate", seeing how utterly wasted Shannon got at the vow renewal has me thinking there could be truth to Braunwyn's claim that Shannon said it but was so drunk she doesn't remember. I mean, when Kelly Dodd is giving you the kind of looks that most people reserve for Kelly Dodd, you're pretty far gone.
  4. It's very hard to take this fight seriously when they go to a wide shot and the screen is filled with giant eggplant emojis.
  5. Is it really such a big deal to have to go one night without drinking tequila? Especially when there will be other kinds of alcohol there? The way these women are reacting you'd think Braunwyn told them they had to go without oxygen. Also, I'm amazed that people would fly in from all over the country to attend a couple's second vow renewal. No, thanks.
  6. For someone who doesn't want to be defined by her money, Elizabeth sure spends a lot of time talking about her money.
  7. The interview was the reason the Queen finally decided to call it and tell them to just get divorced already. At that point they were legally separated but not divorcing (because the idea of the future king getting a divorce was still largely unthinkable, whereas the idea of the future king in a marriage that existed only on paper just made him a throwback to kings of old). If not for the interview it's possible that Charles and Diana would have ended up like Juan Carlos and Sophia, technically married, still making the occasional public appearance together, but living entirely separate lives. I'm not sure how likely that is, given how volatile and public the situation was, but it's possible (and from the sounds of it, it wouldn't be all that unusual for people in their set).
  8. I doubt they allow filming at Alcoholic Anonymous. I think she wants Gina to go with her to "soften" her up before they go to coffee so that Gina is more inclined to be sympathetic, allowing Braunwyn a greater chance of controlling the direction of the conversation.
  9. Based on interviews where she's said that she's attracted to Sean but is, generally speaking, more attracted to women than men, I feel like she was probably the one driving the bus with respect to the threesomes and Sean was just along for the ride (as it were).
  10. At the risk of sounding shallow, when the women interviewed on the show were talking about how irresistible and charismatic he was, I was like "... Him?" And I'm amazed that he managed to manipulate anyone given what a terrible liar he was. That "Wait, whaaaaaat?" (complete with surprised Pikachu face) performance in the police interview was some of the worst acting I've ever seen.
  11. My impression is that Braunwyn is saying that there was a second conversation about Gina's condo, one at which Sean was present, Shannon stated that she would deny it if Braunwyn repeated what she said, and at which no cameras were present (because Shannon wouldn't have said that she would just deny it later if the cameras were still there). Which is, of course, very convenient for Braunwyn, although I do believe that it's not uncommon for HWs to have a "guarded," carefully worded conversation for the cameras and then have an "Okay, here's what I really think conversation" after the mics are off and the crew is gone. Shannon's reaction in going from 0 to 100 makes me suspicious that she did say it, however, I haven't been a regular watcher of OC since its 6th season except for an attempt to come back to it in 11 (I noped the hell out because I couldn't stand watching Kelly) so I'm aware that for all I know that's just how Shannon is all the time about everything.
  12. "Don't you dare accuse me of something that I did" ... Freudian slip, Shannon?
  13. Okay, so this is my first season of Potomac and I'm hoping that someone who has watched for a while can explain to me what the deal is with Gizelle and Jamal. I get that they were married, he cheated on her with every woman who crossed his path before they divorced, and he has a bunch of other kids, so what I mean by my question is: after all that, what is the appeal of Jamal that she's dating him after having been divorced from him for a decade? Because he's not some super great looking guy, that shady af business with putting a restaurant in their kids' names makes me think his finances are of the smoke and mirrors variety, he seems completely disinterested in her whenever they're on screen together, and their kids would clearly like to be left out of this reconciliation narrative, so what is Gizelle getting out of this relationship? Has she just always been hung up on him?
  14. From her interviews (and the ages of her kids), I'm under the impression that at the time of their first separation they only had 3 kids and the other 500 were born after they reconciled. The first three range from 15-20 while the subsequent kids are all 7 and under.
  15. Probably because her emotions are at a 15 on a 10 scale because she's just given up drinking.
  16. I think it's a case of it's not what Gina said about him, but how she said it. Because the joke is basically "Hey, look, isn't Sean a creep?"
  17. So... wait. Gina doesn't know what she said that made Braunwyn mad but, at the same time, she knows that Braunwyn is mad because she told people that Sean hit her up for a threeway?
  18. That's very sad. I'm up to March '96 on munecojim's channel, so I'm just past the part where Kevin comes out and Laurel is killed and into the part where Michael is in court trying to get his job back. The whole story from Michael initially coming out to friends/family through coming out in class and getting suspended and up to his court case still holds up incredibly well. It's very powerful storytelling. I've never seen Dorothy Lyman's Opal, only read about things that the character did while she was playing her, and I have such a difficult time reconciling those storylines with the version of Opal that Jill Larsen played.
  19. Rich man wants more is rarely a good look, but it's particularly bad at this point in 2020. And that's laying aside the fact that "let's determine who the rightful owner of this property really is" is a Pandora's Box that no royal should want to open, given that everything they have is built on a foundation of feudalism and colonialism.
  20. Except for that scene from last season when Dorinda and Sonja saw a sneak preview of The Hustle and then sat around raving about it. That had to have been scripted.
  21. Yeah, I remember that happening in the show, but what I was thinking about were these comments from Carole:
  22. I feel like the main reason Sonja does that is to jump on the band wagon. Notice how often she interjects to say that Ramona actually did X, Y, or Z to both of them? It's just Sonja's way of making it about herself.
  23. It seemed more like hitting with the belt.
  24. Ramona's not my favorite person by any stretch, but I find this fixation by the other women on "proving" that she isn't really friends with people quite odd. I remember a couple of years ago one of the now ex-housewives - I want to say that it was Carole, but I'm not 100% sure - saying that when she was going through some stuff in between seasons that Ramona was the only one to actually reach out and check in on how she was doing. Ramona might be a superficial twit in many ways, but it sounds like she actually does the emotional labor to maintain friendships.
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