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  1. TeeMo

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    I had stopped paying attention by the time Uche performed and I have to hand it to Lionel for giving us a genuinely great TV moment there. It was the only part of the whole show tonight that really grabbed my attention. I'd be curious to know who the bottom four in audience votes really were.
  2. TeeMo

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    I probably would have picked Ashley over Alyssa based on the overall body of work but Alyssa was better than Ashley tonight. I am just glad I never have to see Eddie or Evelyn again. This episode was another bummer for me, much like last night. I felt like most of these people seemed so much better last week. No one really wowed me tonight. Eddie's performance was straight up embarrassingly bad tonight and it makes me mad that he got this far at all. There was so many talented people they sent home in Hawaii and then last week that should have had his spot.
  3. TeeMo

    S17.E12: Top 14

    I remember being annoyed last season when they blew smoke up everyone's behinds for nearly the whole season and then all of a sudden one week decided to be critical and it was super weird for everyone. It doesn't help these contestants for the judges to be falling down pretending to need to be resuscitated after EVERY.SINGLE.PERFORMANCE in week 1. These are the weeks when they really need some helpful critiques to help improve their future performances. They don't need to go all Simon on everyone and start throwing around borderline hurtful insults but even J-Lo and Paula offered more constructive criticism than this bunch does.
  4. What has always confused me about Jill's style is that it is indeed stuck in the 80s, specifically maybe 1987-1989. I find that most people when they get stuck in a certain style, it is usually the style of their young adulthood but Jill was just a kid in the late 80s so it makes no sense to me that she always looks like she walked out of a White Snake video. Michelle being stuck in the 80s makes perfect sense. She is more than 10 years older than Jill so she would have been in her late teens and early 20s during that time period. Jill was 9 years old in 1987 so presumably she wasn't dolling herself up heavy black eyeliner and aquanet at that point.
  5. TeeMo

    S17.E12: Top 14

    The first half of last night’s show was pretty disappointing to me. While some of these folks are not my cup of tea, I’ve been agreeing that this bunch in general has a lot of talent. Then Evelyn, Eddie, Riley and Wade came out last night and I wondered if I had misjudged everything because I found them all to be awful. Evelyn and Eddie especially were brutal like two drunks at a karaoke bar. I thought it was interesting that both Wade and Evelyn addressed people questioning whether their voices are affectations and then when they performed I thought both of them sounded even more fake/affected than usual. I am a little bummed because I had been excited for this episode but I was mostly underwhelmed. I’d like to see Evelyn, Eddie, Wade and Riley go home but I expect that in the end it will be Dimitrius, Alyssa, Riley and Eddie who actually end up leaving.
  6. Yeah, in an episode with lots of crazy moments that stood out to me as well. It seems like maybe the catalyst for Beth screaming at Lu that “life is not a cabaret” is not just the usual bitching these ladies do at each other but a response to the fact that Lu is not taking her recovery seriously for the second time. When Beth said “the room she should be worried about sleeping in is the one at rehab she left two weeks early” I got the sense that Beth was over Lu entirely. Beth was nuts with her “she should greet me like I am Jesus Christ” line but it does seem like Barbara and Beth legitimately came to Lu’s aid at a time when she needed a lot of help and now Lu is back to her old ways.
  7. TeeMo

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    I got the impression that Ben Harper agreed to come on only to do a duet with Alejandro because of their connection as local guys and so they were left with one contestant with no partner. Ben tried to make it pretty clear that he generally has no use for Idol. 😂 Since Evelyn’s audition was perhaps her most memorable performance reaching out to Chris Issak probably made the most sense to fill in the partner gap.
  8. TeeMo

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    I also don’t get the big deal about Laine but I think people are going to buy what the show is selling when it comes to him and it will get him to the finals. I think he is good and should be in the top 14 but he should not beat someone like Alejandro or Jeremiah. But I think it’s likely he finishes higher than both of them. You can tell that the show is invested in him in a way they are not with most of the others and will do what they can to keep him around. It could backfire but I think he has just enough talent and charm on his own to make it work.
  9. TeeMo

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    I was less thrilled with tonight's results than last night's. I knew they would keep Evelyn but I would have been happy to see her go. I would have sent Eddie and Raquel home with her. Or if we had to keep Eddie, send Wade home. I was underwhelmed with his performance tonight. I am bummed that Ryan got sent home over Eddie, Wade and Evelyn. I know he holds back a bit on stage but he has a great voice and I think he could be one of those contestants who really gains a lot from the process of the show and becomes a real performer by the time it is all over. Having said all that, I think it is a really talented top 14 overall and I look forward to seeing how it all shakes out. If you asked me to bet some money on who will be left standing at the end, I'd put it on Laci, Laine and either Alejandro or Walker as your final three but I think there is a ton of potential in this group.
  10. TeeMo

    S17.E10: All-Star Duets (1) (2019.04.08)

    I thought Shawn should have been cut before top 20 so I did not feel too badly that he went home last night but it did seem like he had the weakest partner/mentor of the bunch. There was a little funny business there with him saying he would never choose a song like that and the revelation at the end that Laine (who also had terrible Elle as a partner ) sings the song they performed all the time at the lake or the camp or whatever. It was odd that they both were saddled with songs that were not songs belonging to their duet partner but one got something he is super familiar with and the other got something he would never choose. Anyway, Shawn is the kind of singer Simon would have critiqued as being perfect for a cruise ship or an amusement park so like I said, no big loss that he went home but that did seem a little bit unfair.
  11. TeeMo

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I think that Dorinda and LuAnn both have a lot to apologize to each other for over past behavior but Dorinda seemed genuine tonight in her excitement to have LuAnn come stay and I believe that she really does want to repair their friendship. She added yoga at LuAnn’s request, she chose a restaurant she knew LuAnn would love, she was much kinder than I would have been when LuAnn requested a massage as if she was standing at the concierge desk of the Four Seasons. Meanwhile LuAnn is acting like an ass from the word go. IMO, she was asking for a fight during that dinner and hoping to make Dorinda explode. Tinsley jumped in and solved the problem of the fish room but then the problem became that Dorinda wasn’t a good enough friend to recognize that she never should have assigned her the fish room to begin with. Lu was never going to be happy with anything Dorinda did during this trip. We rarely see Tinsley get visibly angry or confrontational but you could see in her face that she was furious with Lu’s miserable behavior at that restaurant. She jumped in to help alleviate the situation because she has more manners and class in her pinky finger than Lu does. And I don’t even particularly like Tinsley. I enjoyed this episode way more than most of the others this season and I just realized why - hardly any Barbara the builder.
  12. I really enjoy the slightly befuddled look that Denise has in nearly every scene where they discuss the dog yet again. She always seems to be wondering why these assholes have nothing else to talk about and she is the only one besides Camille who asks logical questions about it or offers reasonable advice.
  13. I don't watch enough of this show to know if Lisa V is really as much of a master manipulator as they all claim, but even if that is the truth, why are all of these ladies so quick to go to the mat for Dorit who is a friend to no one and who did something actually awful to get the ball rolling on this whole stupid storyline? It's not like Dorit is some sort of beloved friend to any of them. Most of them have had some beef with her at some point and she's tried to gaslight all of them with her BS at some point. Add to that the fact that she is the one who dumped the poor dog at the shelter (or dumped it with a person who did) and I just don't understand why all of them are all in with their "Poor Dorit, poor, poor Dorit" reactions. It makes no sense. Also, Dorit, don't try to drag your poor kids into this and start yapping about people threatening them because of this. That is not happening and it is gross of her to even suggest it.
  14. I did have to hand it to Bobby for trying to snatch the "It's All About MEEEEE!" crown from Katy in this episode though. Kudos.
  15. TeeMo

    S17.07: Hollywood Week (2)

    It sounds like an affect to me. Like it is not actually how her voice would sound if she sang naturally and just puts it on. I don't like it at all. And I don't watch 90 Day Fiancee and had no idea she was on any other show besides this one.