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  1. I wondered if this might be it too. I am not sure if she has performed on any of these shows without him since they got married and she was set to perform with Lady A and Carly Pearce on this one. I’ve long thought it is just a matter of time before he gets his nose out of joint about not being invited to perform alongside her.
  2. Changed the channel in the first five minutes because I couldn’t take another second of Leah. Just here for the snark now.
  3. I wish I could like this 500 times. I get so much second hand embarrassment watching Leah’s try hard antics. It is uncomfortable to watch. There have been plenty of fun to hate jerks to watch on this show but nothing about watching Leah is fun at all.
  4. Imagine seeing that guy and using the word “energy” to describe anything about him.
  5. I love Lionel Richie but wish he could just once manage to stay seated while he offers his critiques. Though I guess none of these judges ever offer much of anything that might be considered an actual critique, just slobbering praise. I don’t miss Simon’s meanness at all but a little gently delivered constructive criticism would do the contestants far more good than the tongue bathing they get every week from Katy, Luke and Lionel.
  6. I think another issue with this season is that there just aren’t enough ladies. Part of the fun of this franchise is when the larger group breaks off into smaller pairs and trios and gossips about the rest. Some of the funniest moments come from the groups of 2 or 3 hanging out especially on the trips. The episodes are meant to be a mish mosh of larger group dynamics interspersed with a lunch for two people here, drinks for four here, who didn’t invite who where. I laughed when Eboni said she was surprised to be invited to Ramona’s because she was new to the group - if they hadn’t invited here
  7. Can we get that last sentence on a mug? That is exactly how I feel.
  8. Lots of these Housewives across all the franchises amp up their personalities and put on a show to try to make a name for themselves but I can’t think of anyone else who ever came on across such an obvious try hard as Leah. I feel like I can see the wheels turning in her brain as she analyzes what she can say to sound cool and edgy and devil may care and then she actually comes across as someone deeply uncool and not at all edgy trying desperately to seem cool and edgy. Her energy just does not match the other women at all - even Eboni who is brand new seems like a better fit. Leah wants us to
  9. Lindsay seems to be great at offering legitimately decent advice to others (her talk with Kyle was good) but can’t get out of her screwed up way in her own life. I enjoyed that Hannah did not miss an opportunity to jump in on Ciara’s storyline with Luke by piping in with a “he was texting me at 10pm too!” when Andy was asking about Ciara’s issue with Luke’s after 9:00 pm texting. Hannah, again, with Ciara in the house, he had zero interest in you. Hiding the engagement was so dumb and it was also a real jerk move to know that Amanda had called you, not call her back for thr
  10. Kyle needed to be strapped into his chair to stop him from making multiple dramatic exits.
  11. So much bad bronzer application on that stage tonight. Yikes. I hate all of these people fairly equally but there is nothing more tedious than half the show being Hannah and Kyle yelling at each other. I hope Hannah isn’t thinking about an acting career after this because those tears were the least convincing thing I have ever seen. And Kyle is an idiot and an asshole but Hannah trying to say his issues with her stem from misogyny and not just straight dislike for her was absurd. You can tell that Hannah saw that the reaction to her this season has been poor and she came in tonight tr
  12. He posted another short clip saying it would not be a show he previously hosted but reminiscent of a show he previously hosted. I am wondering if it might be the Masked Singer or the Masked Dancer. He was on Masked Singer himself already and Nick Cannon who currently hosts seems to be having a lot of personal drama these days.
  13. I did not think Danielle could be any more boring this season and then her equally boring boyfriend showed up and somehow multiplied the boredom. She seems like a fairly normal person with an actual job which makes for a lousy reality TV persona.
  14. I had this exact thought last night. Great work, Hannah! 😂
  15. Is it weird to say that I think it is probably a bad idea for Amanda to marry Kyle but I also think they are pretty well suited to each other?
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