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  1. I’ve been wondering if watching her own daughters in monogamous marriages is what finally made Christine realize that she’d been drawing the short straw since the day she married into this mess. I wouldn’t want to be married to Tony but Christine seems enamored with Tony and Mykelti’s communication skills. And when Mykelti was pregnant and giving birth she knew her husband would just be there without having to wonder if he’d have obligations to some other wife that day. Aspyn’s husband’s Instagram is all photos of the two of them on vacation or at various events. Just the two of them. Christin
  2. This exactly. No one was saying he had to snuggle up with the kids on the couch. My mom is very high risk and I am still extremely careful with how I might expose her now that I am back to work in person but we saw each other plenty throughout the early days of pandemic and talked every day. I didn’t hug or kiss her until we were both vaccinated (and have stopped that now with Omicron running wild - I now don’t see her unmasked unless I have just been tested) but when I was working from home I would try to grocery shop once every 2-3 weeks so I could feel relatively certain that I could see he
  3. People figured out a thousand and one ways to stay connected during the early days of the pandemic. Starting in April of 2020 my mom and her sisters would meet up once a weekend to walk and talk the high school track in my aunt’s town. Then they would sit distanced outside in my aunt’s backyard and have a glass of wine. If it was cold they brought blankets, if it rained they held an umbrella. It was important to them to find time to be together. As the self proclaimed leader of the family, Kody should have come up with different ways to stay connected with his kids. The boys seem spo
  4. The homeschooling must be pretty pathetic if a kid Ari’s age is having trouble remembering her siblings. By December 2020 it had been 7.5 months of COVID not 7.5 years and they did sometimes get together outside. Good grief.
  5. Robyn scrunching her face up to try to squeeze some tears out for Janelle’s mom passing was nauseating. And in true queen bee fashion, Robyn even makes this about her - “She was always nice to me because she was also a last wife” instead of “I can’t imagine how awful it must be for Janelle to lose her mother right before Christmas.” What a witch. Kody saying Robyn would never forgive him if he missed Xmas because he caught COVID at Janelle’s mom’s funeral made me rage and I have no personal investment in these people. What must it be like to be one of the non-Robyn’s house kids heari
  6. Che and Miranda are in a race to the bottom for the characters I want to see least on my screen but Che was such an ass in this episode that they almost made me feel badly for Miranda. Almost. Pretending to be insulted that Miranda was trying to sneak away without saying hi and then brushing off ignoring Miranda’s DM by claiming you get so many that you couldn’t be expected to see it. “You should have DM’d me again.” Go away, Che. Also Che’s entrance to the stage at the auction was so goofy, weaving their way through the crowd and then popping up on stage like some sort of actual fa
  7. Meredith and Lisa responded to Jennie’s revelation that her husband suggested a sister wife the way my friends would respond to me asking if I should get bangs - a bit of a eyebrow raise, a shrug and a “I couldn’t do it.” Clearly this is just some dumb storyline Jennie cooked up for herself and everyone else knows it. If one of my friends told me her husband suggested a sister wife I would spit out my drink and fall off my chair. I realize this is Utah but come on.
  8. I also would have preferred to see them interact as amicable exes and co-parents instead of whatever the fallout from the actual storyline is going to be.
  9. I would have bought Miranda’s awakening more if the show had started with Steve and Miranda divorced and newly single Miranda finding herself enamored with one of her fellow students in class. And I could have bought Steve and Miranda divorced without much explanation- people change, they’ve had issues in the past and the pandemic ended a lot of relationships. The actor playing Steve could have appeared occasionally in a co-parenting storyline as the two of them try to figure out how to deal with Brady and his disrespectful behavior with his girlfriend. As someone else pointed out, Che isn’t e
  10. This is also where I am. Kody seems like the least likely candidate to take advice from anyone on how to keep himself or his family safe which is why all of this is extra sketchy.
  11. I wonder if the other wives get as angry as I do when they watch clips of Robyn’s fake tears as she pretends to be upset about their behavior eroding “the foundation of OUR family.” It was THEIR family, lady, and your arrival was what changed the entire dynamic.
  12. Same. My cousin had t-shirts made that were jokingly like the t-shirts a restaurant would have staff wear advertising her patio as the place to be summer 2020. I’ve been very cautious with COVID (I still don’t eat indoors at restaurants and am always masked in public) and I got together with my extended family on that cousin’s patio all summer long that summer. We’d order takeout or sometimes bring our own dinner. She’d provide individually packaged appetizer type things and desserts. It was actually a really nice way to stay connected and we probably saw each other more than summer than in su
  13. Christine’s palpable, seething rage towards Kody sure is something to see. It’s what I’ve felt towards him from the first time his face graced my TV and it is gratifying to finally see one of these women have the guts to call him out for who he is.
  14. Agree or disagree with the rules, the big revelation here was that Kody and Robyn had this list of rules that they were operating under that they never bothered to share with anyone else until 6 months into everyone being this miserable. Kody limiting his own freedom on someone else’s advice (his doctor?) seems completely off brand for him which just confirms my feeling that Kody and Robyn used COVID as a way to isolate themselves from everyone else under the guise of safety. It was a perfect scenario for them to get what they have both wanted for a while now - a monogamous relationship.
  15. I was skeptical of Nurie being married off assuming that Jill pulled most of the strings but Nathan and Nurie seem genuinely happy together. They make for a cute little family. Hopefully they realize it is acceptable to remain a little family for as long as they would like and not feel pressure to pop out kid after kid.
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