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  1. I wish I could comment on what happened but the whole opening of the show was so dark I could barely tell who was on screen, let alone what was happening. The end was the same.
  2. If you look at your on-screen guide for next week's show, you'll know whether Jenny lives or dies. At least on DirecTV. 😆 Am I the only one who starts humming "Rocky Mountain High" every time I see Ronald?
  3. Even not so well known people with big fan bases stay. Anyone who watches DWTS knows this to be the case. ::waving to Bobby Bones::
  4. I'm going to toss out Rashad Jennings for the Chameleon. I've been expecting him to show up every season.
  5. I don't know why but my first thought was David Lee Roth.
  6. I thought it was just me. I had no idea what he was doing there, other than having just competed on Masked Singer. But then again, so did many others. Also, BAG is now dating Sharna Burgess so he's been spending a lot of time with Maks. You're going to tell me he had no clue it was him?
  7. Excellent point. I commented on that in previous weeks, that he was going too much for humor and not enough for dancing up to his full capabilities. I've also never been real impressed with Kiki's choreography, though I know he's a close friend and former student of Maks. I also read that one of his later routines was supposed to be his first routine but the producers wouldn't allow it because it was so advanced compared to the others.
  8. I was really disappointed in how it ended. While I was rooting for Maks, I had no idea if it would be him or Tulip. The only thing I was sure of was that Cotton Candy would come in third. I'm still not sure why she won off a gymnastics routine. Maybe, like DWTS has become, people don't want to vote for the professional dancers. I probably won't watch the show again. I didn't really care for it overall, and the only reason I kept watching this season was because I was enjoying Maks. But I find it REALLY annoying how much of the dance routine you can't even see them dancing because they're
  9. The show is so ridiculously entertaining that I'll miss it until April. But I can't believe I'm the only one who didn't realize that was Mom dressed up as a kid. I thought it was a doll. Then again, when they first showed the priest was driving the Tesla, I thought it was Ronald in a Halloween mask LOL!
  10. I wonder what kind of confidentiality agreement they have to sign and what happens if they don't maintain it? Apparently Peta was photographed several months ago by the paparazzi wearing the black Don't Talk To Me sweatshirt the contestants are given.
  11. I believe they have a group of fans who vote by phone and count as the "audience."
  12. Continuity on this show is awful. This week, while the host was doing his intro, the camera kept cutting back and forth between him, the crowd and the panelists. Sometimes the four contestants would be standing on stage with him and other times he was there by himself.
  13. The accent gave it away for me during his first week! It's weird they've included some of his more forgettable partnerships, like Denise Richards and Amber Rose, but they haven't included some of his more popular partnerships like Erin Andrews and Kirstie Alley.
  14. Val also didn't have an accident when he was younger, which was one of the clues in his first week. Kind of unbelievable to me that Paula guessed him based on the pumpkin spice jar. To be honest, I couldn't even tell what that thing was during the clues. I also wish he'd stop making so many of his clues about Peta. For the most part, people who don't watch DWTS probably have no idea who Maks is, They're certainly not going to know who Peta is or get any of those clues. Besides, there's more to Maks than her.. As much as he's annoyed me the past several years, I can't help rooting for
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