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  1. They still don't get it..........
  2. I'll be shocked if they actually go through with a wedding. She seems to be a real publicity hound.
  3. Based on the latter part of this article, it's clear they haven't learned a damn thing. Charlie Sheen, Christie Brinkley, NFL’s Ryan Shazier on ‘DWTS’ season 29 wish list
  4. Several years ago she talked about freezing her eggs, so I'm guessing she's flying solo with IVF.
  5. Which means even more people will lose interest. Let's see if it even comes back in the fall.
  6. The problem was also that Gilles and Peta had zero chemistry and they attached themselves to Maks and Kirstie. I adored Gilles during his season and grew to detest him during All-Stars.
  7. No competition at all. I hate all the extra dancers they're allowed to throw in now. Half the time you lose the couple competing with all the professionals out there. Karina actually choreographed Donald's freestyle, I believe. Make sure to watch Karina and JR's too. Another dance I loved and still watch over and over? The pro tribute to Michael Jackson.
  8. Huh? What on earth are you talking about? Carrie Ann never called Hannah a whore or a bitch or any other name?!?
  9. Yet another reason this show has gone down the tubes...producers catering to these types of psychopathic lunatics. Erin's Twitter feed right now is not to be believed. I swear to God, someone just went off on her claiming that she's trying to blame Sean Spicer for her supposed non-reaction when Hannah was announced the winner. DWTS Host Erin Andrews Defends Her Reserved Reaction to Hannah Brown's Win: 'Give Me a Break'
  10. I watched Shawn and Mark's last night too. Apolo and Julianne & JR and Karina as well. And though it's not the fast, high-energy freestyle I usually like, I loved Erin and Maks's freestyle because lyrical contemporary was something we'd never seen on the show before.
  11. Really Carrie Ann? You honor the viewer votes? You mean the way you kept saving Ally, who couldn't get the viewer votes to stay out of the bottom 2 even when she had the top score?
  12. Oh wow! Those are two of my most favorite freestyles and I watched both of them last night on YouTube after this snoozefest of a finale.
  13. The manipulated win for Maks starring the fake showmance of the century.
  14. I'm not so sure it was Melissa who won, but rather Tony. That's around when the "mirrorball for every pro!" surge seemed to start. I wasn't a huge fan of hers, but Shawn Johnson should have won All-Stars.
  15. As soon as I saw The Bachelor commercial with the return of Hannah, I knew what the outcome would be. Len's ridiculous scoring of Kel's freestyle confirmed it. What a complete farce of a season. Not at all what they needed after the fiasco of last season. And when I saw the four finalists were going on tour and James was not, last week's clusterf*ck became a lot more obvious. This season will go down with Season 18 as the most manipulated season in the history of the show. It will also go down with Season 18 as my least favorite season because of that. Unless they bring in someone amazing next season (if there even is a next season), my days of watching this show are over. I don't need to invest 10 minutes, let alone in 10 weeks, in this kind of blatant manipulation and aggravation. I mean, come on...Carrie Ann said there was a mistake in Hannah's freestyle and she still gave her a 10? They're not even trying to hide it anymore. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let some silly reality show try to pull my strings like that. The highlight of this season has for sure been coming here and reading all the comments. Thank you all for the small bit of enjoyment this season brought. Regardless of what happens with the show and my viewing habits, please feel free to keep in touch and message me at any time. 🙂
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