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  1. 6-9-2019 TWD Rewards Code for FTWD S5 Ep. 2 is WALKERTHREAT. There isn't a rewards code for TTD, as there won't be another TTD episode until after the Fear Mid-Season Finale. Rewards site still has weekly videos to earn rewards points, but AMC cut them back from 6 videos (50 points each for 300 points) to only 4 videos for last week (200 total points). I missed getting them; but there was new, good merchandise to get with your points. Apparently, there will be a lot this summer, popping up randomly, as AMC's calling it the "summer of rewards". You still get 1 point for a daily log in to the site. Have a good week! Enjoy the Women's World Cup soccer! :-) Go USA! (First USA match is Tues, June 11th, versus Thailand... 3pm EST)
  2. 6-2-2019. TWD Rewards code for FTWD show (S5 E1) is: NEWTERRITORY. TTD rewards code is: SKIDMARK.
  3. Hi @raven, Thanks. Sorry, I didn't know their were 2 rewards forums.
  4. 6-2-2019. TWD Rewards Code for FTWD is: NEWTERRITORY.
  5. Seems like the Kingdom's fall is meant to mirror Ezekiel and Carol's relationship difficulties... and to get over the "distance" obstacle. And there will be a small time jump. Article: ‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Explains Why the Kingdom Had to Fall"
  6. I think the whisperers do get the herd to migrate with them. To protect themselves, and to protect the herd. Lydia said they protected the walkers as the walkers protected them. If they didn't take the walkers with them, they wouldn't have them to use upon return. Though it's hard to believe that the whisperers could control a herd as large as what Alpha showed Daryl. Wonder how many whisperers there are? More than we think, I guess. As long as it's not the unending line of Saviors who never ran out of replacements!! lol
  7. I thought that Beta said they moved out of the area for the winter, and that the change did them some good. It almost seemed like there was a mini-time jump from the end of the storm to when the whisperers were shown. No snow on the ground either. As the whisperers roam, are nomadic, and see themselves somewhat as animals... I guess they migrated south for the winter. And came back afterwards. Thought that was said on TTD, too.
  8. I think the previous episode would have made a much better season ending. Parts of that episode were quite well done, and its ending would've left more to ponder in the off season. It had a shocking ending without being an "ugly" cliff hanger; and had an inspiring final speech. I really can't figure out what's going on this year. Here and there, there's some improved work; but there's no ability to sustain it for an entire episode, let alone an entire season. It's like having multiple-personality disorder, and that the same person can't have possibly written the entire episode. Again, as so often, this episode seemed misplaced. Not that I didn't think the snows scenes were beautifully shot, and it was interesting to begin to explore what winter would be like. Though they were way too well-dressed for the circumstances. Far too much wind noise in the storm. I live in the area. We get several big snow storms every 10-15 years (maybe 2 1/2 feet of snow, occasionally nearing blizzard criteria). But, they fogot to watch the weather channel! There's no way the storm could be that bad in the Sanctuary area, and then only have several inches of snow, with some grass showing, near HT. I get cut off for days to a week after a storm like that. And wade thru thigh-high snow. How did they go to Alexandria the next day, and have a snow ball fight? Though it was quite a touching scene. Not impressed with RJ, as an actor. Like Judith a lot. Daryl is acting like a dad to Lydia, as Aaron did say he'd make a good dad someday. Daryl and Lydia surely understand each other. Perhaps Alden is going to have some big issues next season, as he was so concerned if the Whisperers were watching them; and then when crossing the pond, was the only one who asked if "it was them." I guess we'll have to hope that Judith and maybe Aaron can pass on the "stick" torch, as no one is left to carry on Morgan's fighting style legacy, with the loss of Jesus and Henry. Much of Ezekiel's opening monolgue truly applied to what he and Carol are going thru. "I kept trying to hold on. We did. But things fall apart. Cold sets in. Fires rage. Rot spreads... it's knowing when to keep fighting..." Actually, that was well written, and also accompanied by action.... not just someone standing there giving a monologue. "We'll never forget the magic we felt in this place we love... " There have been several nice "speeches" this season. I really liked this: "Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste of death but once." Lydia's focus at HT on the painting by Jadis, perhaps a portent to her return? Also, interesting that Lydia pushed Carol to stab her in the throat versus the brain. Did Lydia feel she didn't deserve anything but a "walking" death? I've grown to like Lydia a lot. And Yumiko and Magna. They've become key now, and are interesting characters. Not sure what HT would do if they hadn't taken them in now. Who will be its leader?
  9. Article from ComicBook, 'The Walking Dead' Actually Revealed The Hilltop's Exact Location'. Many of the fan wiki's state this (in reference to the comics): "The Alexandria Safe-Zone, or simply Alexandria, is a walled-off community in AMC's The Walking Dead located in Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington, D.C." I always thought that Alexandria was supposed to be the real Alexandria, VA. They traveled far enough north, and the group did venture into Washington DC (without crossing The Potomac River. lol) in the S9Ep1 to get the wagon and stuff. True. The banks were "river" banks, but the river was unimpressive. But this area was very dry last year! lol. It's just that the people keep mentioning being so cut off without "Rick's bridge." Over the years, they've crossed bodies of water without such fuss. Sorry to re-tread ground. The geography does seem to fit the Northern VA area... esp. 20-30 years ago, when it was less built up. We're never quite given the distances between the communities, probably so the writers can play with the distance.
  10. But, I guess the south has extreme heat spells, droughts, tropical storms/hurricanes... I've always thought there's no perfect place to live. What, too, about disease to crops in a time where there aren't pesticides and such. No perfect place in our times; worse in a ZA. Also, refridgeration should be a bigger issue in the south. But then again, never has been so far! lol In the show, they place fast and lose with this. OoohMaggie, I thought you once posted a map of the supposed area? Nowadays, Alexandria is about 15-20 minutes by car (7miles) outside of Washington DC. I thought Hilltop was supposed to be near Culpepper, VA. An online site says distance between the Alexandria, VA and Culpepper is 77 miles (124 km), a 1 hour 30 min drive by car. Not a close trip by foot. Says would take 3.56 gallons of gas. For fun, article: Where Is Everything Located on The Walking Dead? Tara and Heath were on a 2 week trip before finding Oceanside. The Chesapeake bay's western shore is not far way and could be a potential location. Reddit conversation on Geography of Areas. I don't believe one could skate from Alexandria to HT (just from my living in the region.) I'm not sure about the bridge problem, though, as the settlements would be east of I-95 with the nearest big "river" being the Shenandoah River, which is way far west. The Blue Ridge Mountains would be a problem before the Shenandoah River. So, if this is the area, I'm not sure why they need a huge bridge between the communities, or why they can't cross any smaller tributaries/rivers... why they're supposedly so cut off. The trip to DC is different, as one would have to cross the Potomac River to get there. There's no close way to DC w/o crossing The Potomac River.
  11. Good night all. Have a great Easter/ Spring!
  12. Zombness, you are a true blue fan indeed! The most positive fan out there!!! I often miss live posting, as I run late; and have trouble watching the show & posting at the same time, esp now with the sign language. lol. But, I love to read everyone's reactions later. Not sure if I can bear another Fear season though....
  13. True. They never talked about that on TTD until this year. In the old "story syncs" they'd show a related comics scene, but after the episode. I don't what to know the comics either, at least not in advance. As one who lives very close to the Alexandria, VA area--we do have a lot of snow. It was done so much better than the hurricane in other dead show.
  14. Season went so fast. Someone in earlier posts said there's going to be another time jump. Is that so?
  15. Agree that Neegan is probably best to take out Alpha. He has no boundaries at all. Though Carol deserves the opportunity. Surprised they mention the comics so much on TTD. Though it's interesting.
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