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  1. Really sad to hear Candace’s husband was killed on 8/26. His motorcycle was hit by a drunk driver.
  2. I’m surprised, but I really like the show. I don’t like many of the designs, but I enjoy the contestants.
  3. I have also never seen the movie and not planning to watch. That’s probably why I’m not that interested in this storyline either.
  4. Lucas Till signed on to new pilot for FX.
  5. Macguyver's timeslot will be replaced by a combo of a reliaty TV show and SWAT. Kind of sad.
  6. Gina is like Rob Lowe. She doesn't age.
  7. TimetoShine


    I didn't mind the latest episode, but I have to say that I've been enjoying Most Wanted more because at least the real story is flanked by the personal stuff instead of having it woven throughout like in FBI. I'm able to skip the first 3 or so minutes and the last 3 or so minutes, so I don't have to watch the personal stuff. I just had to work my FF button a little more this episode.
  8. Such a cute picture. But i can’t help but think my biggest (picture) pet peeve is when 5 out of 6 people are looking at the camera and one person is looking elsewhere. Where are you looking?
  9. That show sounds so ridiculous that I'm definitely going to check it out.
  10. I'm sorry to say, but the MacGyver to end with the season 5 finale. Just when I started getting into it.
  11. She was also (great) on 24. I made it through about half the episode. Deciding if I want to finish.
  12. Chesapeake Shores: Jesse Metcalfe Exiting Series During Season 5 Sounds like he's still sticking with Hallmark though. He has Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries movie coming out in May and they are working on another one.
  13. TimetoShine


    Tell me about it.
  14. I'm a black woman and I was on "Karen's" side. I do believe that black women face unequal treatment by medical professionals, I just don't think this episode portrayed it well.
  15. Mine just arrived today. Lol. I had the one that goes on the head, but it was fogging up too much that I had to take it off. I am so happy that Lola and Mark made up. I felt the conflict was genuine, but their relationship was (obviously) my favorite in this show, so I didn't want them not speaking for too long. I enjoyed the episode, but once again, Emily was FF worthy for me.
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