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  1. Ha!! You can Try...but maybe someone from Huff and Puff won't recognize you???!
  2. True I'm in Sammy's Group in FB..don't use real name..no problems..then again, never gave a reason for questioning from FB either...If I could suggest one thing..make sure your First and Last name are believable...
  4. It REALLY is Getting RIDICULOUS!!..This is suppose to Appease Us for All the Screw Ups the Show has made??
  5. I always believed Eugene would come through, too Dixon Vixen..:)
  6. Wow!! so the Rules hae Changed??Can stay on Episode thread and Discuss and watch Talking Dead without changing??Thank Goodness!!:)
  7. Ys, I saw that Scene thought they were making Moonshine!!:)
  8. So she was talking to someone in a Helicopter??..She was setting up Father G., the Whole time??
  9. WOW!! Father G. and Jadis/Anne??..what Kind of Match is that??..I don't trust her!
  10. Verrry Saddd...just so Depressing, when your thinking of his Soulful Eyes..I don't know how much I'll be excited for tonight..guess I'm hoping Hershel doesn't show up in tonight's episode..be too Heart Breaking...:(
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