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  1. Does anyone know the name of the actor who played the inventor? He looked so familiar.
  2. People are going to be going over to the ladies' room and pooping in the toilets there. This is beyond disgusting, so it will wreck Larry's business.
  3. I don't understand how Susie has so many friends. She is such an utterly terrible person.
  4. Do you mean hard for the police, or hard for anyone at all? Because the cartel has a much lower standard of evidence than the police. If Gus murders a bunch of workers who were constructing a supposedly legitimate chicken cooling facility, that's going to destroy any shred of credibility his precarious cover story has.
  5. That isn't how Gus Fring operates. Remember in Breaking Bad how he bought the silence of his imprisoned employees instead of having them killed? Gus Fring has a certain amount of honor. Werner was killed because he was uncontrollable and disobedient. The rest of the crew was perfectly subservient.
  6. Leon's analogy about the importance of being on time had me in stitches. That was priceless.
  7. Sometimes I get bored at work and scroll through this forum. Usually I don't watch the show. I stopped last year because it just got boring. But I think I need to see this episode.
  8. I'm a little hung up on the geography of this episode. Last week, Garth said they were looking for a place in Alaska, between Kotzebue and Barrow. Neither of these places is accessible by car. Basically the only way to get there by land is walking, dog sled, or a rolligon. A heavy duty off road truck, Jeep, or SUV couldn't get there, much less some tiny Impala. I guess maybe the writers had a vague idea that these places were remote, but had not actually looked at a map.
  9. I just watched episode 2 and 3 back to back. I forget a lot of what was in each episode. I liked #2 but #3 was awful. I hate episodes where the offense is overly contrived, to the point where I can't conceive of an actual human acting this way. When that happens, I just get angry instead of amused. Like that crap with the doodle. Those other pieces were not doodles. Doodling is very specifically just freehand drawing without a lot of attention. Larry continuously told Andy's wife (whatever her name was) that he could not draw. He said this over and over again and she refused to let it go. She badgered him into doing something he could not do, then screamed at him when he didn't do it well. And Laverne's actions made no sense. In private, she backs away from Larry and warns him about her cold. Then she immediately goes in for a kiss in front of a crowd. There's no way this makes sense unless she was intentionally laying a trap in order to humiliate him publicly. Why is Larry so hung up on this law suit? He can either let this woman shake him down for hush money, or let his reputation take a hit while she or her lawyer bankrupt themselves on legal fees. It makes no sense that a guy who seems to pride himself on being a rude, hated, cranky old man would suddenly be so concerned about his reputation. But then I guess we wouldn't really have a story. That charity event was still a pretty good display of the vapidity and egomania of Los Angeles celebrity culture.
  10. I found it all kind of schmaltzy and sappy. I also didn't like that they used the "Bearimy" units to refer to time. It stripped the show of all sense of how long they were actually there. 1000 years? 10 million years? Why were Tahani and her sister so surprised at the way their parents acted? The entire point of the test is that it is soul purification and the people will be drastically different than their time on Earth. Hitler, for example, could come out loving Jews.
  11. I know. Because it's way the Hell up there in the Arctic Circle, so they get 24 hour days during the summer and 24 hour nights in the winter. You could certainly go there if you had a plane, boat, or magical teleportation. But any place between Barrow and some other human inhabited place would be in the wet and hostile Alaskan tundra.
  12. I don't usually catch stuff like that either, but I think it was practically the same shot that the credit for the guy named "Beren" popped up on the screen. It was tough to miss.
  13. The first act was pretty weird. I liked the episode. Very meta while still having meta-ness that was relevant to the plot. But still nothing with Jack? Also, they're going to some place in Alaska between Barrow and some other place I can't recall? Barrow is completely inaccessible by ordinary motor vehicle, so I wonder how they're going to get to this place along the way. I wonder how many miles that Impala has.
  14. I thought for a moment that was the finale. But I also swore I remembered there being 13 episodes. It had a lot of finality to it. Chidi going fanboy over some ancient philosopher most people have never heard of was gold. I also like that they addressed what has always seemed like a problem with Heaven. Sure it's nice, but with eternity, you're gonna get bored. I like Michael's idea of periodic mind wiping. Their excuse for not doing that was kinda lame. So I guess when you go through the new door, you just get eternal unconsciousness? Some peaceful oblivion? Maybe they'll do reincarnation instead.
  15. Ooh. Is this show back? I saw this topic pop up on the main page.
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