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  1. What I'm saying is that it's only like 95% under control. Either by God's choice (more likely) or by his impotence.
  2. What do you mean? There are monsters, sure, but the various hunters are able to keep them mostly under control. The flash forward scenes were suppose to illustrate that the monsters utterly overwhelmed the hunters. I think it was always God's intention to confound people by appearing as a short, nebbishy, dork. Remember Metatron's reaction when he found out?
  3. Unpopular opinion, but I loved it. I love most episodes of this show. Too bad to see it go but they had a good run. I'm wondering how their victory against God would lead to the bleakness they witnessed and monsters overrunning humanity. Was God keeping the monsters in check? It's about time they followed up on Jack's fate at the end of last season. Maybe he'll become the new God?
  4. Did Michael spin the story of Sissyphus as something he enjoyed?
  5. Jumping straight to the comment box without reading anything, to avoid spoilers. I only got to start watching this yesterday night (January 15th 2020). They released it on Hulu. I only saw the first episode. I never saw Ken Jennings during his original run in 2004. The only time I have seen him compete is in tournaments and it was never fun. The problem with Ken is that he is head and shoulders above virtually every other person who has ever been on Jeopardy. So it's always a complete blowout until the end of the tournament, when he competes against Brad Rutter, who is the only person so far who could match up with him. But before that was a series of blowout curb stomps against lesser opponents, and even that final match had a third guy who you knew would come in last. So it was never fun to watch Brad or Ken compete. For that same reason, I ended up growing bored with James Holzhauer's run after about 15 episodes. So with these guys, it was always like that part of a Marvel movie where the hero blows away normal people for a while, until late in the film where he goes head to head with the main villain and actually has to struggle. Watching this special tournament, though, has been a real treat. It's like watching the World Series. It's so great seeing titans of the game go head to head. They're evenly matched; nobody is struggling and nobody is blowing away the competition. It's a nice, fair fight. And that's not something you usually see when Ken Jennings is involved. So anyway, I have only seen the first match. Those were some tough questions too. On a normal episode I can usually answer maybe 40 to 50% of the questions. Here I was down to like 5%. But I guess if you're playing top level Jeopardy, you have to have top level difficulty questions. That was unfortunate that Brad kept blowing it on the Daily Doubles. But that's also a great thing about the format of the tournament. Each match is a fresh start.
  6. But that was a special project. The ratio is not usually that high. If you had 10 billion humans being tortured by 5 billion demons, that's workable. If you had 10 billion humans being tested, requiring roughly 80 billion demons, that's not.
  7. So the new version of the afterlife is that everyone, no matter how good or evil, gets infinite tries at some test of virtue? Demons are going to switch from torturing souls to running after life tests? For every human who ever dies? That sounds unsustainably labor intensive.
  8. Okay this question will sound gross, morbid, and insensitive.... ...but can't they just, like, cut the corpse up into pieces and burn it up in sections? Why is it so expensive to dig a hole and throw a corpse in it? I mean there has got to be something that can be done if someone can't afford these costs. You can't just leave the corpse lying around like an old sofa.
  9. Ick. Makes me think of the man, trapped in a flood, insisting that God will save him as 2 boats and a helicopter come by to save him. In Heaven, the man asks God why He didn't save him. Then God says "I sent two boats and a helicopter!" God was helping Schenee lose weight. He sent Dr. Now. God doesn't work in big flashy miracles. He doesn't bail us out the way a father might rescue a helpless toddler. We're adults.
  10. I'm going to go with James K. Steven Assanti was just too over the top horrible, and with him I feel equally angry with the producers for continuing to use this clown for ratings. Penny is lazy and annoying and delusional, but she's relatively nice compared to James K. and Steven A. The rest of them are disqualified for me because I don't remember them.
  11. Okay I stopped watching this show about a year ago but I dip into the forums from time to time. Is "Metamucil" her literal name, or just a punny nickname you've chosen?
  12. Did anyone else think that Steve Ballmer looked exactly like Superintendent Chalmers?
  13. I liked it, but I'm kind of wondering why the guys don't just leave God alone. It feels like they're swatting a hornet's nest here. Yes he's fucking with their lives, but an angry God can do so much more damage. The opening scene was chilling. God killed everyone in a casino except one waitress, then rigged a slot machine so he would win every time. That doesn't seem fun at all. Was that the Fall Finale?
  14. Pretty good. It was much better than season 13, which was a low point in the series if you ask me. Episode 9 was a clunky, strawman filled metaphor for abortion and episode 10 was a dull bottle episode. The rest of the season was strong though.
  15. I don't understand what Rick was doing when he dragged another Tony in who said his wife was in remission instead of dead.
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