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  1. Ray Adverb

    S05.E06: The Scratchmaker

    Well I am just glad that someone FINALLY called Fillmore Graves out for what it is: a terrorist group. I would so be on the anti-zombie side. Terrorists conquered Seattle. I think I'd be resentful if they did this and trapped me in there with them.
  2. Ray Adverb

    S05.E05: Death Moves Pretty Fast

    EDIT: Oops
  3. Ray Adverb

    The Simpsons

    Like I said in my earlier post, the show holding up the girls of Bossy Riot as feminist heroes was disgusting. They were not feminist activists. They were bullies / vandals who used feminism as a cover. As for the boys, I'm not sure what they were going for there. For me, the joke seemed like less of a joke on the Men's Rights movements, and more like a joke on the idea of Milhouse being popular and leading people.
  4. Ray Adverb

    Family Guy

    I didn't like the part at the end where the real cast shows up. Seemed like a really lame joke. Was the episode they were ostensibly commenting on even a real episode? I just checked IMDB page for Sarah Paulson and didn't see any credits for Family Guy.
  5. Ray Adverb

    The Simpsons

    I didn't really like this episode. I was really bothered that Bossy Riot were lauded in show as important feminist activists, but they were actually just common vandals.
  6. Ray Adverb

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    Is Jack's soul intact now? He was showing a lot of sadness and empathy when he accidentally hurt that girl with his little knife trick. If he'd really burnt off his soul, he'd be basically a sociopath with no ability to feel such emotions. Pretty boring. I never really liked monster of the week episodes. But with Michael dead, is there even a story line?
  7. Ray Adverb

    The Simpsons

    I always thought that Albert Brooks was their first guest star.
  8. Ray Adverb

    Family Guy

    Good episode. A little weak, but not as preachy as I'd expected. I disagree with Peter's statement "you're the president: we can't turn you off". Because you kind of can. You don't have to watch the news or read up on all this stuff if it upsets you. It's not that hard. Favorite part was the two sides of Congress alternately applauding Peter and Trump as each landed a punch on the other.
  9. Ray Adverb

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    The approach is turning me off too. Unlike you, it does make me consider deleting from my DVR. I don't watch reality TV to laugh at people. I watch it to see people succeed. The 2017 season was particularly bad with this "look at the pathetic fatso!" theme, culminating in the double whammy of James King and the Assanti Brothers. Very nearly lost it after that garbage.
  10. Ray Adverb

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    I know, right. That's why I'm getting so bored with this show and didn't make it through last night. It's like a sitcom that is always in reruns. Well there are a lot of reasons. It could be that they find the addict easier to control when he is in the throes of his addiction. We've seen some of that with female participants married to "chubby chasers". It could be that the enabler is simply meek and the addict strong and aggressive. I think it's too easy for us at home to think we'd be tough and stand up to the addict, but it's always easy to be tough in your imagination when there are no real stakes or effort. It could be love. It's a twisted love, but some people think that giving a person they love the thing that makes them happy is always good, regardless of the destructive nature of that thing.
  11. Ray Adverb

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    For some dramatic effect (red eyes = evil) and also, like Cambion said, to further the misdirect. Remember when Castiel woke up in The Empty? He wasn't absorbed into the mass of blackness. He was just lying prone on the ground, like he was taking a nap. Then he stood up, whole body intact. The Empty then manifested itself in his form.
  12. Ray Adverb

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    Nobody was being resurrected. That was The Empty waking up to take care of some business, head up to Heaven, and claim Jack.
  13. Ray Adverb

    S14.E08 : Byzantium

    Yes. I am pretty sure that was a misdirect. Which makes me happy. I am so done with Lucifer existing on this show.
  14. Ray Adverb

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I just discovered this show. I binged the first 2 seasons on Netflix then the current episodes of season 3 via Xfinity On Demand. It is awesomely funny. Kristen Bell gives an exemplary performance as the bitchy woman trying to be better. Ted Danson's character arc is the best though, since it hasn't been repeatedly reset. Ten episodes is the mid season finale? Didn't seasons 1 and 2 only have 13 episodes? Is this season going to be longer?