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  1. I liked it, but I'm kind of wondering why the guys don't just leave God alone. It feels like they're swatting a hornet's nest here. Yes he's fucking with their lives, but an angry God can do so much more damage. The opening scene was chilling. God killed everyone in a casino except one waitress, then rigged a slot machine so he would win every time. That doesn't seem fun at all. Was that the Fall Finale?
  2. Pretty good. It was much better than season 13, which was a low point in the series if you ask me. Episode 9 was a clunky, strawman filled metaphor for abortion and episode 10 was a dull bottle episode. The rest of the season was strong though.
  3. I don't understand what Rick was doing when he dragged another Tony in who said his wife was in remission instead of dead.
  4. I also loved how Homer kept describing things as "eerily plausible". Because that kind of describes almost every episode of Black Mirror.
  5. The Thanksgiving episode was pretty cool. I especially loved the segment with AI Marge. I think it might be more enjoyable if you can pick out the Black Mirror references. The main plot centered around the dark horror of "White Christmas" which includes at one point a man being trapped, immortal, in a cabin for at least 1.4 million years. Marge was what they call in show "a cookie" and people have no moral qualms about trapping a being that is for all intents and purposes a human, in a dull void for huge stretches of time. This is a common theme on Black Mirror. Marge getting downvoted at the end of a segment was a reference to "Nosedive". Maggie had a Waldo doll from "The Waldo Moment". AI Marge's plan to escape to the Internet was from "USS Calister". I think Moleman getting hit by the pizza truck was also a reference, but I forget the episode. I think it was that one with the insurance agent in the world where a machine can read peoples' memories. Something had the strange glyph from "Bandersnatch" and "White Bear" Any other references I missed?
  6. The whole Eileen character was a bad idea. Okay it makes thematic sense that someone could be deafened from a siren and maybe go on a revenge quest to kill that siren. But a deaf person as a hunter is just ridiculous. Human hunters are already at a disadvantage due to their fragility compared to monsters. But then to add the handicap of deafness, making it incredibly easy for even the clumsiest monster to sneak up on you, and it strains belief.
  7. My favorite parts were the struggle with the dining room table, and Stewie's wordplay. "You don't know Kal Penn's penpal Ken in the Cal Penn?" I wish they'd done more with the penpal thing though. It caught my interest because I have several prison penpals and have been writing them for two years.
  8. But even if the character were born deaf, it would make sense if her disembodied soul was not deaf. I mean, that's kind of what real world theology says.
  9. I knew that Shoshanna Stern was really deaf. I didn't think of it as tacky; just impossible from a practical standpoint. But in-universe, it seems like a bummer. But being sent to Hell just because a hellbeast killed you is even more unfair.
  10. Kind of a bummer that even after dying, that girl is still deaf.
  11. Ick on that first one. Why would the guys care what Dee looks like? They've always told her she was hideous. My head hurts from the heavy handed political message constructed from dumb strawmen. It's easy to make a strong political argument when you control the reality and the words of all your opponents. Second one was a bottle episode so it was just boring. At least the season wasn't filled with them this time.
  12. Tahani mentioned that was the first time she ever wore sweat pants. Was that also the first time on the show that she wore any kind of pants?
  13. I got a little peeved when Dean tried to use water to find relief from the spicy jerky. I'm just thinking "No! Water will never wash off the spicy oils! You need bread or milk!"
  14. I was disappointed that he didn't throw up on her again. Normally I despise any televised depiction of vomiting, but the callback would have been nice. Not to mention all the hot girls in their underwear. Man, this episode had something for everyone.
  15. I wrote that last reply before I actually watched the episode. I didn't realize that was the entire point of the show. I loved their quasi-religious devotion to "the algorithm". Jackie Denardo is so hot. I mean they're probably doing some tricks to make her boobs look bigger but I don't care. Kind of a weak episode for this season, although still amazing compared to the horrid mess of bottle episodes that was last season. I still don't understand what happened there. Did FXX cut the budget because of the gap between 12 and 13? Or did they just blow all their money on that Superbowl episode?
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