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  1. Blaine's father could not have been alive. The U.S. Army killed him and his cult of zombies when they tried to rush out. And they were not reckless enough to not finish the job. They had explicitly shown them walking across the battlefield putting bullets in the head of all wounded zombies.
  2. What was Blaine doing at that well anyway? I think just throwing chlorine tablets in and yelling? Why was that so important that he had to step away from his dinner with Peyton?
  3. Blaine was out on bail awaiting trial for killing the mayor. He has a court date set. The police are not just going to let that go. It shouldn't be too hard for them to find him at his father's mansion. It's just a question of whether he turns feral before then. I wish we could have found out if the cure works on feral zombies. The episode was good, but that last act was terrible. It was just plodding exposition. It reminds me of a shitty Dragon Warrior fanfic I wrote when I was 15. What was even the point of the explosion and pretending Olivia is dead if they're just going to backpedal on that 10 minutes later? I liked Dolly though. I would totally be a Dead Ender if I were trapped in Seattle with zombies. All of those kids with Freylich syndrome are dead by the time of the flash forward. They all died of mild nosebleeds. That's how Freylich's gets you.
  4. I loved the angry rant Don E. was going on when he told Blaine off. Best part was calling Blaine a "preening fop".
  5. It seemed really stupid to me. It reminded me of a quote from "The Office".
  6. I got bored with this show and stopped watching after the 3rd episode of the 2019 season. Did they do ANOTHER followup on these two clowns?
  7. I was sad at the end when Tasha's suicide attempt failed. She's such a detestably awful character. Piper's parole officer is unusually persistent for a parolee with a short supervision time for a nonviolent first offense. My roommate is on parole and pretty much all she has to do is not commit crimes, check in twice a month, and not leave the state. Her parole officer makes surprise visits once a month. Not to mention that, since there is no parole in the federal system, she should not exist. I cannot believe what a piece of shit Piper's sister in law is charging someone without 2 nickels to rub together rent. This is family for Christ's sake. She strikes me as one of those obnoxious people who prides themselves on being incredibly virtuous, as long as none of that takes any effort or sacrifice.
  8. We've cured measles, polio, smallpox, and a couple forms of cancer, even though there theoretically would have been more money in repeated treatments. Plus, Big Pharma is not a singular entity. If, say, AstraZeneca got their hands on a cure for cancer, they could reap huge profits and make Eli Lilly eat their lunch.
  9. I tensed up and groaned when Ravi explained the premise of the episode. It was a variation on that ridiculous conspiracy theory that a cure for cancer exists, but "Big Pharma" is blocking it because they make more money with a cure. This idea makes little sense in real life, but it makes even less sense when the disease is highly infectious and doesn't even have the decency to kill its host. At least people with cancer can't give it to other people, and don't have to feed on human brains, and can't cause the downfall of civilization. Also, I hate heist movies / TV episodes. At least this one didn't have a bunch of lame double crosses, and everything pretty much went according to plan. I'm looking forward to the big finale.
  10. The Las Vegas airport has an infrared scanner that screens out zombies? Okay sounds like a good idea. But how does a single senator have the power to shut that down? It's strange that the zombie women posing as prostitutes need to eat the brains of the human prostitutes they killed. What's the point? So that they become better at sex? Or just so that they don't feel ashamed of sleeping with strange men for money? I would think that their devotion to the cause would have taken care of that. And who cares how good they are at sex? I don't think the brothel's clientele is going to care.
  11. Were these guys actually gay? Was that stated? There are straight men who are kind of effeminate. I think it's just that drag attracts those kinds of people, and it's not tied to sexual orientation.
  12. I'm so completely bored by that social media kid, the black gay one. Dante I think was his name? His entire personal arc seems wedged in to play some hamfisted message about HIV and homosexuals and stuff. I shouldn't complain about political messages in a political show, but there's just no subtlety. And what was the reason behind Kirkman swallowing political poison to pardon an elderly man who was months away from completing his sentence? Why was Isabella so passionate about this? Even if you agree that the guy was railroaded by the justice system, it's too late. The damage is done. It made no story sense except to tell some clumsy moral about racial politics in America. I liked the reveal of Lorraine being behind the conspiracy theory site. But really it was a huge gamble that had poor odds of working. What if Moss had swiftly condemned the story? Then her whole plan would have done nothing. Why didn't Moss condemn the site? Wouldn't his campaign staff have known how important that would be?
  13. I hate holidays and the way they deal with them at the networks. I guess they figured too many people would be enjoying July 4th activities to watch TV.
  14. Trading one terrible incurable disease for another is not a trade everyone would want to make. I wouldn't. No. It was established in one of the earliest episodes that if a zombie goes too long without eating brains, it will turn feral. At that point, no amount of brains could help. Possibly a zombie cure would help, but this has not been proven.
  15. Well I am just glad that someone FINALLY called Fillmore Graves out for what it is: a terrorist group. I would so be on the anti-zombie side. Terrorists conquered Seattle. I think I'd be resentful if they did this and trapped me in there with them.
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