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  1. I'm OK, just a little tired.
  2. Happy Birthday, Wren! 1 year-old today, pretty kitty.
  3. Although they can be deeper, most graves now are 4-5 ft deep, so that the top of the burial vault is approximately 18-24 inches beneath the surface of the ground once covered. This makes for tidy, flat, mowing. When I was planning mine, I found out it's legal in most graveyards to come along later and bury an urn of ashes on top, from say a pet. That deeper depth to 6 feet was a result of the Black Death and a real fear of animals being be determined to dig them up.
  4. We're good, bilgistic. Maybe I'm a bitch for being comforted for realizing I'm not the only one with issues.
  5. Interesting week. The oncologist finally seems to have a fire under his butt. After I lost 40 lbs in 4 months just because I wasn't hungry and how crazy is that?, I now have a melange of extra meds. Started back on low-dose steroids for shakiness. An Ativan at night for good sleep, Anti-nausea for meals and Reglan to move it through so I don't feel full too soon. Tomorrow I pick up a liquid appetite stimulant I'll take twice a day. We shall see!
  6. Was going through through horrible bouts of this and the doc gave me a small dose of Potassium Chloride (20 mEq, twice daily) and it helped. Then, some really rough antibiotics ripped my stomach back up to shreds, so I started taking a half dose of the Potassium and BINGO! All better. I had unknowingly been dehydrating myself and making it worse. The doc was impressed I figured out and not taken too much,
  7. OOH, Would have tiny o's if that message were actually able to be delivered in a private, unprovable confab.
  8. Throw Barilla pasta on the list, then! https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/barilla-pasta/
  9. Wow. A lot of thought apparently went into something that seems to have required very little.
  10. Please let The Hound take him down.
  11. I was trying to figure out your username and ended up amusing myself instead. Never mind, I was thinking "Stendec" and was surprised you knew about something that long ago! Yes, I'm gonna make you all google it. If you want. :)
  12. I loved my Bloomfield jack! Hate those stupid scissors jacks, and currently have bottle jacks (or hydraulic jacks).
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