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  1. What are you listening to? I don't get any commercials on music channels on SiriusXM.
  2. He's encouraging him so his son will do well and move out of their basement...
  3. We've been doing Blue Apron and Hello Fresh a bunch since we've been home since last March, and kale is a favorite vegetable in those meals. We've gotten to like it..sort of.
  4. I'm going to tune in just to find out where there is a volcano in Austin.
  5. We saw the commercial one night, and I had the same question about the coffee cup. GF said when she was growing up, her mom would smoke a couple of cigarettes every morning while having a cup of coffee. One of the hardest parts of quitting smoking was that morning cup of coffee.
  6. The guest hosts they have announced so far - at least those I've heard - are more of the "stunt host" variety, celebrities doing a week's worth of shows, not a tryout for the permanent replacement. Jennings doing 6 weeks of shows feels like a tryout for the permanent position, or even a way to get viewers used to him in the role before they announce him officially.
  7. He was clearly upset you stopped petting him!
  8. Good to hear from you! Congrats on the little one, glad to hear you are both doing well.
  9. Yes, there are a number of them in museums these days. I know it seems strange, but they have been in use for 40 years now.
  10. It wasn't armed, he was just causing mayhem by running over things. I don't think they ever said anything about him firing rounds at anything. It was at a museum, and it is unlikely that it would be ready to drive off like that. I'm involved with a couple of military museums back on Long Island, one aircraft and one military vehicles, including several tanks. Both have numerous operational vehicles, but they aren't just sitting around waiting for someone to drive/fly off in. And if it isn't being maintained in operational condition, it won't have fuel, or a battery to start it, or any of the other things required to operate. I was rolling my eyes pretty good at that scenario. On the other hand there have been a few instances of someone stealing a tank from a Guard or Reserve unit, where it is more likely that you would find one ready to roll. She said she bought the food truck in February 2020, as a way to illustrate her luck in life.
  11. They are taking precautions in case some of these terrorists decide to lash out against the "fake media". I worked for a newspaper on 9/11, and they increased security measures at our facility because of it, including blocking off the driveway to our main entrance.
  12. No, I was sure something very bad was going to happen, maybe something going boom. Of course, it also made me think...
  13. Moose135

    NFL Thread

    The SB gets played in many of the stadiums used by NFL teams, and is awarded several years in advance. It just happened that TB is in the playoffs with a chance to make the SB this year. I don't know that it has happened before (and I don't feel like using the Google machine) but there has been the potential for this many times before. Heck, when they played in the Meadowlands a few years back, there was a chance (OK, slim doesn't begin to describe it) for both the "home" teams to face off there in the SB.
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