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  1. Happy Bark Day, Harper! Jake sends his best wishes as well!
  2. The pipeline restarted last night around 5pm Eastern, and everything should be back to normal in the next day or two.
  3. Moose135

    NFL Thread

    In situations like this, I usually root for a giant chasm to open up and swallow up both teams, but I like your idea!
  4. I agree - it was telling that the first thing Owen thought of was the fire house, not his son, being in danger.
  5. Moose135


    I've been a Ferrari fan my whole life - how much fun do you think I've had watching races the past few years?
  6. IF they did that, he would leave to run for Congress from California and never be heard from again. Oh wait, that's a different Rob Lowe show...
  7. I think the character has some sort of learning issue, maybe dyslexic? If I remember, he had to take the entrance exam multiple times, and had the crew work with him to get through it. But yes, some of the stuff he does is just off the charts.
  8. It varies. The code LAPD uses is an earlier standard, the APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International) phonetic alphabet first established in the 1940s. Many other departments adopted the same standard. In the 1970s, APCO stopped using the alphabet, in favor of the ICAO/NATO standard used by the military, civil aviation, and others, however LAPD chose to retain their code.
  9. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    I think one of the players - maybe Lindor, said something about that in the post-game new conference. I didn't see it, but from what I've read, I don't think he was really serious about it, more like he was coming up with something to avoid a real answer.
  10. This isn't the first time I've read similar complaints about Marcus. I don't think he's quite the savior he makes himself out to be on his show.
  11. I assume you are in the United States. The Census is every 10 years, not 5, and was most recently conducted last year. The next one will be in 2030. In the past, one in six households received the long form questionnaire, however beginning in 2010, only the short form was distributed. The Census Bureau conducts the American Community Survey, an on-going survey that captures the detailed socioeconomic information that was part of the long form survey. The ACS surveys on a variety of topics and is used to supplement the data compiled in the Decennial Census survey. I was a manager for both
  12. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    Will he wear a fake mustache and sunglasses on the campaign trail?
  13. Someone may have mentioned it here, but we got some of those badge holders that they give out at conferences (remember those?) We saw several types on Amazon, and ended up ordering a 10-pack for $6 - the ones we got have a Ziploc on top to help protect the card even more. We sent some to GF's parents, her brother, and my sister.
  14. On Dragnet, they did the same. They could use footage of Sgt. Friday and Officer Gannon getting out of their car or walking down the hall of the station and not worry about matching other stuff already shot.
  15. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    You didn’t turn it off after he hit the HR, did you?
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