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  1. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    How about the Mallomars? No controversy, and tasty too!
  2. I had the same issue. I received their kit back in January, when my health plan started offering it. I was also using a OneTouch meter, so I tested with both back to back to compare. The Livongo meter was consistently higher, and yes, usually by 20 or more points. It also uses a rather large test strip that seemed to need more blood than the OneTouch strip and it would sometimes take two or three tries to get enough for it to test. After a couple of weeks, I decided to stick with the OneTouch meter. I since changed jobs, and my new insurance no longer includes the free Livongo offer, but I don't miss it.
  3. Moose135


    NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss this weekend's Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. Jimmie Johnson tests positive for COVID-19, to miss Brickyard 400
  4. GF and I do that, but since we're both working from home these days, it's rarely on the phone, and never around others. Usually we agree to wrestle to see who is right. 😁
  5. But that's not how it works. I'm from a big Italian family, and it would always take a while to leave.
  6. So, does this mean Alli has a new playmate?
  7. I missed that yesterday, but I'm glad to hear it. Wasn't really looking forward to venturing out into the world much these days.
  8. Moose135


    I don't think so. All the stories I'm seeing are "reports say..." but I've seen enough of them that if it wasn't happening, someone would have said something by now.
  9. I've made the big time! I follow a number of the old TWW gang on Twitter, and yesterday, Kathleen York, who played Toby's ex-wife Andy Wyatt, in reply to a tweet about her character commented "West Wings fans are the best!" I commented on that, and she answered me!
  10. Sorry, I guess I'm a day late with this...
  11. Moose135


    Right now, it is only team members (in limited numbers), NASCAR officials, safety workers, and other track personnel who are allowed in the garage area. From what I've heard, they do have security cameras throughout the garage area, so I expect they will find those responsible for this.
  12. It's a cash flow thing - the longer they wait to cancel your flight, the longer they can wait to refund your payment. With so much less coming in due to reduced travel, they are trying to delay the outflow as well.
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