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  1. Of course that would kill the premise of the entire show, that Josh had to go get Sam the Austin FD had to bring Owen in from NY because the entire house was killed and he was the only person in the history of the uniformed fire service who had ever built an entire house from scratch.
  2. In one of the first episodes, when she returns to her hospital for the first time after the flight reappeared and all the staff was out to great her, I think her parents accompanied her there. Correct, without a signal, you can't dial 911. Don't ask me how I know...
  3. Moose135


    I have no problem with restrictor plate racing, but I've never been a fan of green/white/checker finishes. I doubt NASCAR will ever stop doing it though.
  4. Moose135


    From the official NASCAR Twitter account:
  5. Moose135


    That was an ugly hit he took, and the way things went after that reminded me a lot of Dale Sr's crash. Hope all goes well for him.
  6. I usually get a bag for the milk because I have built-in hooks on the back of the seats and in the rear compartment of my SUV, so I can hang them and don't have to worry about them bouncing around and maybe popping open while driving. When I bought my current car 5 years ago, I traded the old one in. The title I had still showed the lien from when I purchased and financed it - I was never sent a revised title without the lien. I had to get a letter from some finance place to show the lien was removed.
  7. That's not the only thing that sucks about Spectrum.
  8. And in other news, pitchers and catchers reported today.
  9. I was expecting one would hit the guy who started the fire. Karma is a can of "bull stuff".
  10. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    It's going to be like the NHL used to be, play all season to eliminate 4 teams...I always complained about Clueless Bud Selig, but Manfred is just a mess.
  11. I thought his chemo buddy told him about the possible side effects before his date, which was why I wasn't surprised when it happened to him. When they were referring to "bull stuff" I thought "But it's bull semen, not bull shit..."
  12. Say hello to Overlord Chunks Soaring Gammorah Westminster is on our list of things to do one day.
  13. If we see Ben coming out of the shower...
  14. Moose135

    NFL Thread

    And two Super Bowl MVP awards... ☺️
  15. I watched S1, and was really looking forward to S2, but I dropped cable in favor of YouTube TV (at a significant savings) and they don't carry History Channel. I want to watch, and I guess I'll have to try to find a way to see it, but I haven't figured that out yet.
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