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  1. Moose135

    New To Primetimer!?

    Welcome aboard, @CuteDragon!
  2. Moose135

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I always confused Rip Torn and Rip Taylor - not that they looked anything alike, I just didn't remember who was who.
  3. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    I've been a Met fan since I attended my first game, June 1969, with my Dad, and I never knew his nickname was "Polar Bear" so don't don't worry too much. He's a rookie, has only spend half a season with the big club, so there's still time to learn about him. I didn't know he was taking part of the HRD until yesterday, and had no idea he had a legitimate chance of winning it.
  4. Moose135

    TV shows that have not been shown on TV in a long time

    I don't think so, which reminds me, I don't think Sports Night has aired in years either.
  5. Moose135

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    No, everyone graduated, some just did better than others. Jake really did well.
  6. Moose135

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    We've taken some obedience classes with Jake the past month, and he graduated last night!
  7. Moose135

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    I've seen a number of great movies, but Casablanca is my favorite, and the one movie everyone should see.
  8. Moose135

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Tonight we took Jake to obedience training class (we've taken a couple and have a couple more to go) and a woman came with her dog, a Yorkie mix, for her first class. The dog was named Stella, and I so wanted to holler "Stellllllaaaaaa!" when they came into the room.
  9. Moose135

    MLB Thread

    Since I live in Charlotte these days - we went to see the Mets play the Braves in Atlanta in April - I got to watch the Braves broadcast. Turned on the game in the 8th inning. Bottom of the ninth, Braves have one out, Mets are up 10 - 0, and the Braves announcer says "Two outs away from a complete game shutout." Next pitch ends up in the stands past the right field wall, and the announcer says "Well, there goes the shutout." Next pitch Brave batter hits the second consecutive HR, and it was the end of even the complete game as deGrom gets replaced...
  10. Moose135

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    Me too!
  11. Moose135

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Our current Aussie (well, he's GF's dog, but I co-parent) is named Jake - he was a year old when we got him, and he came with the name. In GF's family, just about everyone has a middle name of Anthony or Ann - including me, so when the pup is being a stubborn, we call him "Jacob Anthony".
  12. Moose135


    It sure beats the one that plays the same damn jingle ALL DAY LONG...
  13. Thanks, that's what I was thinking, but could only come up with iguana.
  14. Wait - so they're actually driving on a giant iguana that swallows them in the end? Is that really the image you want to give?
  15. Moose135

    New To Primetimer!?

    Welcome aboard, @sweetpink92!