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  1. mojoween

    S07.E01: The Further Adventures

    What happened to Sherlock’s bees? Count me as one who is not a fan of the blonde hair. Lucy is beyond gorgeous but the blonde makes her look older than the ten years younger than her actual age she usually looks. And normally I love her clothes but I could not get beyond the pink track pants with the beige chunk heels. So odd. When I saw the season was starting I knew that I would watch, because I have since the beginning, but when the ep started I realized that I am going to miss this show a fuck of a lot more than I thought I would. I’ve had to say goodbye to so many shows over the last few years (without starting too many new ones, which is weird) and I miss them all.
  2. mojoween

    The NBA

    The NBA playoffs have shown me that David Bakhtiari is one damn fine specimen of humanity.
  3. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    Oh for cod’s sack. Apparently the Yankees are playing the part of Eeyore and bringing rain clouds with them to every city they go to.
  4. mojoween

    S33.E16: This is the End

    Shut the fuck up Natalie. You didn’t beat Hunter, he quit. If he weren’t a walking bag of muscles he might have been able to keep going. If Wes couldn’t win, Turbo is fine. Theo seemed nice but he did Cara’s dirty work a bunch of the time and that is unforgivable.
  5. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    Then I'm not going to tell you that his other call is “like a good Gleyber, Torres is there!”
  6. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    When Gleyber hit his second HR last night Gary called it for MASN in the defeated tones of a man who was just told that the bill to replace the roof is twice as much as he budgeted.
  7. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    Chicks dig the long ball! Gary Thorne does not.
  8. My remembrances of them were that I loved Chris, although he had his dinkish moments and I just did not in any way like Bret. His moment with Zeke was the only time I liked him. But I love them both here and their friendship is so funny. It still kills me that Chris is a lawyer.
  9. Colin declaring that the big frame “is a frame!” made me laugh and remember when they were in Egypt and he found the scarab and magnanimously showed everyone as if no one else knew what a scarab was. I still love him, even if he is very extra in his dotage. Speaking of extra...Becca and Floyd. But I can’t hate too much, because if I were running around in a hilarious T-Rex costume I would yell “RAWR” every second too. Seriously, I laughed every time the camera showed someone running with their head flopping all over the place. Elissa SLAYED me in the cab with Rachel. Wait. Didn’t Britney make Rachel’s life a living hell on BB? Did Rachel not watch the season to see the heinous things Britney said about Brendan? That was a risky move for Chris and Bret to switch during the head to head. Also, I fricking hate the head to head. It would have been awesome to send Britney and Rachel away and make a team of Elissa and Janelle.
  10. mojoween

    The NBA

    If Adam Silver wants to start west coast games earlier then east coast games should start at one in the afternoon. This is all because of LeBron, which thanks for some more arrows for my hate quiver, guys. Also Will Cain is starting to make me turn on Giannis. I know that’s not Giannis’s fault, but when Will declares that the Bucks are going to run the East like LeBron did, and Milwaukee hasn’t even made it out of the ECF yet, well that’s enough to be annoying.
  11. mojoween

    The NBA

    Ok, media, you can fuck right off. I am so tired of them ragging on the Dubs for being good. Jesus Christ. This morning it was “well it’s nice that Golden State has made five straight finals but LEBRON did it for eight years with TWO teams.” Fuck that noise. GS was good before KD got there. LeBron put together a super team and still went 3-6 in the Finals and if Dray had kept his damn feet to himself LBJ would probably be 2-7. Klay Thompson was drafted 11th. Steph was 7th. Dray was in the second round. So unless there were trades, the Warriors weren't so good for two of those drafts and they are getting bagged on for being talented? Nuh-uh, not having that shit. And I am the MOST casual of NBA fans so I shouldn’t even care about this but it irritates me that we only talk about this being a team sport when it fits their LeBron-centric narrative.
  12. mojoween

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I’m so confused why Aegon Targaryen is not the king of the seven kingdoms but honestly this ep was almost worth it for the shot of Danerys walking towards the stairs and Drogon’s wings unfolding behind her.
  13. mojoween

    S33.E15: Death Race

    I have a double digit number of tattoos and had to get an EMG/NCV the other day and would have rather been getting ten more tats than going through that. But I wasn’t a big fucking dramatic baby about it though. Jesus Christ. I know she still has her stans because they never shut up on Twitter but I really hope the number is smaller than it was before the season started. And she is so not self-aware to know how terribly she is coming across. Mattie wearing her red Under Armour shirt getting ready to leave was so much prettier than Mattie all dolled up in her confessional.
  14. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    My son texted me a YouTube video of amazing plays in MLB history and what I came away with is that I don’t think we ever really appreciate the flexibility of first basemen’s hamstrings.
  15. mojoween

    NFL Thread

    The NFL Network is showing something called The NFL Quarterback Challenge with the likes of Favre and McNair and Young and Dilfer and Kordell Stewart and Baltimore Ravens QB Jim Harbaugh and it is amazing. I can’t quite pinpoint the year because I didn’t realize Young and McNair played at the same time but the NFL should go back to doing this. They’ve made strides with the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge but this is all QB’s all the time. Edit - as I am watching further maybe they can’t do this now, since the QB who wins one of the comps has to be able to throw 75 yards.