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  1. mojoween

    NFL Thread

    Twenty years ago on yesterday’s date Drew Bledsoe got hurt. There are adult football fans who have no knowledge of a world without Tom Brady as a starting quarterback. On a related note, I’m ready to live in that world again.
  2. Honestly I’m going to be very sad to have Kyland out of the game, not hanging around making everyone uncomfortable.
  3. Also, Evvie (a queer lady, I believe, gender pronouns didn’t come up that I heard) spoke up and said it’s perfectly fine. No one else said anything. Later on, Ricard, (a gay man), said no, it’s not fine, it needs to be changed. No one else said anything there, either. And the word gets changed, after the lady said it’s fine and the man said no. Sigh.
  4. I honestly didn’t even know there was an Abraham until Tiffany mentioned wanting to vote him out after the challenge.
  5. ‘Bout time we got a challenge up in here! I understand Richard’s view, and also think Peachy caved.
  6. Show is breaking the fourth wall over the place and I am not hating it. Danny is trying to be sneaky and hiding his pro career, but no football player will ever be as sly as landscaper Gary Hawkins.
  7. JD’s pants are ALREADY way baggy. Hope he learns how to make a belt out of palm fronds.
  8. Jeff said that because of quarantine time 39 days wasn’t feasible. I guess the tribes didn’t think so, but six people really couldn’t count triangles in four hours?
  9. BRB, running off to find rainbow boy shorts like Evvie’s to buy.
  10. We’ve come a long way from the camera on staid old CBS cutting away from Scout showing affection to her partner.
  11. I’m going to go with paddling in place and not figuring out why.
  12. Is he on yellow? Voce, who we are discovering is a neurosurgeon? Which I would not have guessed. It’s nice how many healthcare people are getting a break for a month from a wretched year.
  13. Yep. It’s 26 days instead of 39. I appreciate Peachy trying to be polite, but please do not change anything about Survivor. We need stability dammit.
  14. I am rooting for Danny McCray, the former Chicago bear. I am NOT rooting for Danny McCray, the former Dallas Cowboy (if you know, you know). I LOVE YOU SURVIVOR I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK.
  15. Oh see I thought Stephanie asked them both if they flavored the meringue and they said vanilla and then Stephanie shrugged and said “well vanilla is a flavor”. I was making dinner while watching so it’s quite possible I misconstrued that exchange.
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