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  1. I loooooove cupcakes and am an absolute embarrassment if I have to eat ones with frosting, because I have no shame in licking off all of the frosting (if no utensils are available) so I can then bite the cake part without getting frosting all over my teeth. And regardless if you want to use a fork whilst eating it, you can still pick it up and walk around with it, Nancy.
  2. Nancy made a big damn deal about being able to pick up Keya’s brownie and walk around with it, did they not think we were going to see that they all had used forks on the plates when they judged her? Veruska’s design was SO minimal if Natalie went home it would have been the absolute wrong choice. I mean, dinging Natalie on her too rich chocolate is very picky when faced with crooked tables in front of a brick wall.
  3. Goddammit show, Coop is your best character, can you stop fucking with her for just ONCE? When Billy said the coach from ASU was going to see Jordan play I was getting very excited that Herm Edwards was going to make a cameo appearance.
  4. Right?!? I feel like I missed something because he said he was going to provide seven minutes of news that will make us feel better, and a bunnynapping surely is not something good. I wasn’t even paying attention to most of the rest of the show because I thought for sure he was going to provide a postscript that the bunny was since found.
  5. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    Snerk. Dan LeBatard asked CC Sabathia if there was anything he didn’t like about playing in New York and he said nah, not really, except having to shave every couple of days.
  6. mojoween

    NFL Thread

    Either the internet has tricked me again or Alex Smith is retiring.
  7. It was just boring old catch, until they upped the stakes by saying you can’t drop it. Then it did become more fun, IMO, because no one wants to be the first one to ruin it
  8. Little dust cloud came through the living room when Aaron said “so long” and my face got watery. I have nothing against Anderson Cooper, but I’m not going to be as strict with watching as I have been the last two weeks. I love Jeopardy! but I also love the Yankees and they interfere with each other most nights. And for some reason I am just not enamored with watching Jeopardy! on the DVR. I said Brigham Young too, even though I thought it was too obvious for FJ.
  9. It is. I thought maybe they brought it back for the tourney but I guess not as it’s still showing.
  10. Seeing Cody and Declan embrace makes me hope they are still good friends all these years later, even if Declan went home home to Ireland.
  11. Bum-MER. I was really rooting for Declan and his stoic dad. Guess I’ll be rooting for Kori by default then. When they showed scenes from earlier in the season, a season I have watched from ep 1, I would swear I have never seen some of these people in my life.
  12. I was getting caught up on the thread of commercials we hate and I had to come in here and also declare my love for Dikembe Mutombo and his Geico ad, because whoo-boy he is not getting very much love over there. He’s just so happy in blocking your weak shit it makes me smile too.
  13. I love that episode...until Monica gets involved. They turned up her neurotic side to 11 and it was unpleasant. “My pants are a little loose!”
  14. mojoween

    MLB Thread

    MLB should fix the schedule so all teams play on actual Jackie Robinson day.
  15. mojoween

    NFL Thread

    Washington sent out a list to its season ticket holders with team name suggestions. Many of them are good, some are ok, and some need to be reminded that football and football may have the same name in multiple countries, but they are not the same sport. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/washington-nfl-team-might-change-its-name-and-here-are-some-of-the-options-fans-are-being-asked-to-consider/
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