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  1. Random gripes: Could Nasonex please give their spokeswoman a new dress to wear, instead of that tired asymmetrical number? M & M's shouldn't be allowed to twerk. There should be a moratorium on "boy bands" (real or fake) being used in commercials...sorry, Joey Fatone. I hate the Chevy truck commercial, "Everybody say truck yeah!," with a passion.
  2. After seeing the commercials from Turbo Tax featuring Nobel Laureate scientists who would be on Sheldon Cooper's short list for a dinner party, I have to wonder are you people hurting that bad for money? Some simpleton has to be shown where to press a button or explained to how much free really costs. I can't wait until April 15 for this shit to be over. Until then, I can press the button for MUTE with the help of no scientist.
  3. The use of the word "idiot" for the "savant" answer bothered me because "idiot savant" was a pejorative term for someone who had a mental disability but had exceptional ability in a limited area such as math or musical ability. I think the Jeopardy writers could have done a better job at writing this clue because the tone of the clue seemed very tongue-in-cheek to me.
  4. The only way that I knew the clue about flippers was from The Who's Pinball Wizard. For some odd reason, I wanted to answer "apothecary" instead of pharmacist. Anybody who had grade school American History would have known FJ.
  5. Prohibition was a very fascinating documentary. It proved that morality couldn't be legislated. My mother told me stories about my great grandfather operating a still in the 1920's and being sent to jail for a year. He would have been sentenced longer but he had young kids to support.
  6. Judy Ogle was a head taller than Dolly with longer arms to match. When Dolly offered to give her store bought coat to Judy, I thought o-kay, how's this gonna work out?
  7. To me, I think Megan's mom is setting Megan up for failure (even if it's well-intentioned). All good parents want their kids to succeed but, in her mom's case, she is encouraging Megan to aspire for goals that's beyond her reach. When the show first started, Megan wanted to be a film producer, was an inspirational speaker, and sold online clothing on the side. Now Megan had added film director to the mix and wants to go to film school. Megan's mom needs to encourage just one goal that's achievable for her daughter. Anything more than that is doing a disservice to Megan. This is off th
  8. What better actress to be in a horror movie? Joyce has won three games, two more games would tentatively ensure her a place in ToC. If she's this nervous during regular Jeopardy, the only way for her to get through ToC would be to take copious dosages of xanax.
  9. If a movie is a sports movie, its fate is sealed as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't go to it even if I were paid. It was hilarious when Frankie blurted out, "Where is Peru?" in a category called What "IA" Country. The Sutter's Fort video category was so annoying that I didn't mind only three clues being answered.
  10. For once, I was grateful for Jeopardy's family friendly image. It would have been disgusting to hear further elaboration of her fantasies during dinner. Yesterday's show was so boring that I forgot what the FJ category was.
  11. The Tamiflu commercials always make me scratch my head. Do some people that have flu also experience giantism? I always find the flu sufferers using thimble sized cell phones disconcerting.
  12. Ah, fundraising is upon us again. I'm curious about whether PBS viewers all get to experience Suze Orman and Dr. Wayne Dyer during the same time period.
  13. I had to quit watching because Brando's voice had that monotonous quality that made undivided attention impossible.
  14. There were a lot of things that were never mentioned in the history books. Miles Standish's murder of the chiefs of two indigenous tribes with their heads displayed on spikes, Dorothy Bradford's more than possible suicide, and William Bradford's accounts in his journal being less-than-realistic. It was tragic that European colonists' progress proved detrimental to Native Americans. Mimi and Dona had me in tears at the end. It was very well done.
  15. Appalled and disturbed didn't even describe my feelings while watching Independent Lens' episode "India's Daughter." Kyoti Singh was savagely raped by six men and lingered in the hospital for two weeks before succumbing to her internal injuries. Singh's rape sparked an outrage leading to protests in Indian universities and eventually spread internationally. The heartbreak of her parents recounting this tragedy was so palpable. Kyoti Singh's crime was being female and out late at night. She was coming home from seeing a movie. One of the rapists said she "needed to be taught a lesso
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