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  1. I think I posted it somewhere also. He's a defense attorney and a pretty good one. I tend to believe him.
  2. We dont know for sure he took it. No real confirmation of it.
  3. And she mentioned she only trained a few months ? Really ?
  4. My mother called me the underwear hoarder. How does one live with only 10 outfits ?
  5. Maintenance ? Who needs maintenance. Pray
  6. This is a serious case and courts do not like disruptions. Even adults can be asked to leave.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Penitentiary,_Big_Sandy This one will be fine. He will feel right at home.
  8. Not the one I wanted either. I even fast forwarded through some of the episode.
  9. Tell her to give him the middle finger also. Thanks
  10. It's odd, Jill likes to overshare things, I assumed we would see her posting about him taking it. Complete with posters and balloons (LOL). Actually, I can even see her sharing that he didnt pass.
  11. Okay, I was wondering if he or Jill mentioned it around the time it was happening.
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