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  1. This is the first episode ever that I almost shut off after a few minutes. The beginning workroom scene was so poorly written and acted I was embarrassed for them.
  2. I guess for the same reason that Jill has guest room that no one uses. Wait, I know, they need the room so when their helper sister comes and has to be the maid, she has somewhere to sleep.
  3. It doesn't. And if they keep letting 3 kids use it as a trampoline it wont last past next week. That video was wrong in so many ways. Sorry Jessa, I'm not impressed. I think the toddler bed is Henry's, so it's just the 2 boys in that room. Poor Ivy is still stuck in Jessa's room.
  4. I could be mistaken but I don't think Casey retold the Brett story to Severride exactly how it happened. I think he forgot the part about being asked about going back to Gabby and what his answer was.
  5. Crazy crap has been going on with Armie for months. Looking back on it, it seems like he's looking for publicity
  6. Every season the show seems more scripted. There's no way they waited that long to ask Elliott why he was back.
  7. She's a mess, in more ways than one. I cant understand her, her makeup isn't good, her clothes are messy and she's a bit too full of herself.
  8. With the Duggars, I wouldn't have been surprised if it said 2017. Buy used, save the difference.
  9. So Josh converted it huh ?...... putting a tv on an old fireplace and sticking wood next to it is converting? Brilliant
  10. Dont you know anything about design and style !!?? Well, neither does she.
  11. I was so annoyed by that. OMG, I wanted to throw my shoe at Madison. Being "all in" doesnt mean Kevin has to quit his job for her. Let's hope later on he can file for full custody because she is crazy !! And of course, Randall will have siblings, probably tons of tem.
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