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  1. Qoass

    S16.E01: Auditions

    Seriously? She's been performing since her teens and recording for over 15 years. She's had 13 Grammy nominations and her Super Bowl half time appearance was nominated for a freakin' Emmy! You may find her obnoxious but the people who awarded her 14 People's Choice Awards must not agree. If this show teaches you nothing, it certainly demonstrates that it's not about having the best voice or a low-key personality or even your own 3-D performance film that grossed over $25 million in theatres (which she does). It's a mysterious amalgam of talent, drive, timing and great material. Edited to add that Simon Cowell seemed to judge others quite well without bleating a note.
  2. Qoass

    S16.E01: Auditions

    I really enjoyed having this show back and am amused at how varied the opinions of it are so far. I thought all the judges did just fine and my favorite auditions were the very first girl and the boy who wants an alpaca. It was fun seeing another Sinatra type but I think the judges were so enamored of the song that they didn't notice he wasn't hitting the lower notes very well. Plenty of Hollywood cannon fodder as well. I just cannot deal with The Voice because of the "Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" tomfoolery of the judges at the expense of the contestants. I also can't take Carson Daly trying really, really, really hard to connect emotionally with every singer and their stories and their families while he gets handsy with every one of them. He also looks like he's going to have a stroke when the show is running long and he has to speed one of judges' speeches up. Meanwhile, Ryan makes it all look effortless. That said, he really didn't get much screen time last night, perhaps to downplay the recent stories about his behavior with staff members.
  3. Qoass

    Lionel, Katy and Luke: The ABC Judges

    On the other hand, I didn't see any Coke-product-placement cups. Topic: I was going to list the judges I didn't like but it's easier just to put up the few I did like: Simon Cowell, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. The new three look to have lots of potential. Katy in particular comes off as committed to the role and Lionel has so very much experience to draw on.
  4. Qoass

    The Chew

    And I Suspect it’s pretty cheap to produce now that there are two fewer salaries to pay.
  5. Qoass

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

    My feeling is that I'd rather they didn't kill anybody off because the mortality rate of this particular group of people is already off the charts and I like the door being left open for a return engagement towards the end of the show's tenure. I also wish they had kept it a secret so I would be genuinely shocked when the hammer falls.
  6. Qoass

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    I am reminded of an argument Alex had with his mom on Family Ties: Alex: II think I've refuted all your arguments. Until you are ready to apologize to me, I am done speaking with you. Elyse: Oh! I didn't realize you'd started speaking with me. Alex: What is that supposed to mean? Elyse: For the past two days, Alex, you have complained to me, grunted at me, lectured to me, and presented me with ultimatums, but not once not not once have you even come close to talking with me. Alex: Semantics!
  7. Qoass

    S24.E09: Beauty Is Movement

    Well, clearly Shanice has not done pageants because you have a winner and the one who comes in second is actually, the first runner-up. Once she wraps her head around that one, we can move on to how a third person on a date is actually a fifth wheel.
  8. Qoass

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    Whereas I enjoy using a wooden reamer!
  9. Qoass

    Fast Food: Do You Want Fries With That?

    Want. I love dollar stores anyway and now you've given me another reason to go.
  10. Qoass

    S03.E06: Handmaids to Kitty Girls

    When BeBe was trying to describe her girl group character with claws and a strange accent and trilling Rs I was yelling at my TV, "You're Eartha Kitty!".
  11. Qoass

    The Kitchen

    So while the camera is on VB making her booze shot concoction, I can hear a telltale whoosh in the background. Cut to wide shot and Sunny is holding a can of instant whipped cream. Which I'm pretty sure she just finished shooting directly into her mouth during the how-to. Ew.
  12. Qoass


    It's on my retirement bucket list! I thought Spanish would be a practical option.
  13. Qoass

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I suspect Streisand donates plenty to causes important to her so I won't begrudge her the cost of a really nice car. It's her money and she worked hard for it.
  14. Qoass

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I'm just finishing up Amy Thielen's Give a Girl a Knife and it's not at all what I expected. Sure, there are a few chapters on life on the line at fancy New York restaurants but most of it is about living off the grid with her artist husband in a house with no electricity or running water way up in northern Minnesota. She's a lyrical writer who can make things sound hellish and heavenly all at the same time. Next up is White Houses which I'm really psyched about.
  15. Qoass

    S24: General Gabbery

    What, Benny Ninja was busy?