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  1. Just started the show. Love Phil. It’s a good show to work out to right now. I’m not a fan of the drama but it’s ok. I like the people so far.
  2. I just don’t buy it. I thought there was more chemistry between Sara and John that one time...Not that it would ever happen again, but, rowr! I didn’t think I’d miss Ray but I do.
  3. Nora has annoyed me from the moment she first appeared and we didn’t know who she was. How badly is she messing up the timeline? Why can’t she travel back again? Right now, I’m watching for Cisco.
  4. I heart Carmen. The rest of the season was ok.
  5. I’ve gotten to season 3....I hated when they killed the bird. The show is starting to depress me so I may step back for a bit. I still kind of like Liz and Maxine but I’m not sure if that is enough to hold me.
  6. I've waited for a few days after bingeing (sp?) to reply. I am good with the finale-I think I liked Blanca and Diablo the best at the end. Happy ending, yay!! They just looked like personified love. I still have to fast forward all Caputo parts. He just creeps me out. I am ok with Piper/Alex. I was truly bummed that Pennsatucky died and I hated her at the beginning. The hoodies and the Dew Song were a nice tribute.
  7. This is about each of the first 12 casts: How about having all of the teams that were out first compete against each other? I'm sure some of them could have been great racers. (Specifically, I remember Avi and Joe, the "New York Jews in Iceland." ) That's the kind of stunt casting I'd like.
  8. I am totally ok with the result and I didn't think I would be. The last challenges all took some thought and skill. It looked so hot in Michigan! Those musicians must have been exhausted by the end of the day. I can just imagine the humidity. It looked like a really difficult season and I'm happy about that. I'm not too thrilled about stunt casting (Big Brother, et al). Hopefully next time we get some every day people competing.
  9. We can totally get along. I am the same way. Love the kitties. I also dig dogs and horses and…. I disliked the vote. Stupid crossover. I’ve been muting Rachel’s whining. And talking. And everything. I kind of like team fun. It’s true, though, that Becca’s fun meter really goes down when they’re not running well. I am very surprised by Colin and Christie. I’ve been watching since Season 1. Wow. The transformation is pretty remarkable. Cow Festival! Any time someone mentions hay, I reflect back to Lena and Kristy and the hay bales. (still chokes
  10. Just started the season. Didn't know it was on--or maybe I did and put off watching because of the "reality" competition. I know who some of the Survivor people are and Rachel (still annoying) but no one else from Big Brother. I heard that Colin and Christie were in it and had changed, so I want to see what's what. I've missed this show. First greeter! Sumo guy FTW!
  11. Indeed. While watching the series, I couldn't help but notice that I didn't feel any real attachment to the new CO. I remember crying at some of the original Charmed episodes because I felt for the characters....not so much for the new ones (yet). In the original, there was another maternal presence--the Grandma who mostly raised them, so maybe I'm missing that to round things out? Mel, to me, does not look old enough to be the middle sister---maybe that's what throws me off sometimes. I'm just not sure what it is, but hopefully the new Charmed Ones will grow on me....
  12. I was really hoping for a Heathers/Godspell mash up.
  13. Yes. I am really still upset about that. So, here: after the boys drive off, about 10 minutes later, a cop comes by on a routine sweep and takes her and her cat to a shelter for older people that accepts cats. And they're ok because they eventually get put into a nice home for folks with dementia and cats--and it's all paid for because she was putting all the money she saved on rent into an account under the cat's name.
  14. gryphon

    S06: Talk

    Rewatching early seasons on Amazon....I like that I can FF past the toxic bits. And pause on the scenes that make me choke up. (Example: Lena and Kristy and the hay bales.) The joy of Kris and Jon. My favorite team ever. The Race has gone through so many changes...I still liked it better when they didn't use any crossover people from other reality shows.
  15. Just watched episode 9. Still crying. The world needs more Davids. ETA: Finished the binge. I'm hoping for a Season 4....but I'm ok if it doesn't happen. I wonder what the protocols would be for 2.0. Would there be new Travelers? Would the old ones get new missions?
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