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  1. Michael Shannon and the other Marconi family actors were tremendous, but I felt we got so much of that family, and too little of Lars, Ben and Jessica (Frances, Tony and Carmel we probably got just the right amount of) over the series. Needing to let go of their mourning and self-blame over Zach's suicide is good drama, but there's only so much time you can spend reiterating that theme before it gets repetitive. I'm also still kind of unclear on Masha's whole background ... her daughter dies tragically, she becomes a mean and selfish corporate executive (and screws Carmel's husband),
  2. Eh. Maybe I'm just not the target audience for a post apocalyptic show? I found the initial scenes of Sarah's secret missions, the political intrigue and Jennifer trying to hide that her marriage had crumbled, and even the weird subplot with Hero accidentally killing her lover, a lot more compelling than the actual main plot of the show. And now most of that doesn't really matter after the first episode. I know it's based on a graphic novel series, but if it hadn't been ... I would've maybe enjoyed the story if animals and people were dying off in troubling and increasing clusters but pe
  3. Nicole Kidman is a lot of fun in this role, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. LOL at Jessica getting jealous because she and Ben weren't being drugged. "We're paying customers!" She was very eager to get that MDMA! I don't know why Yao ever thought Delilah was ok with this open relationship thing he's trying with Masha - she's clearly pissed off about all of this. The acting has been top notch across the board. Bobby Cannavale really stood out this week. I don't think we've seen the last of Carmel's rage.
  4. The weirdest part of the wedding was that nobody sat down. The whole time. Even eating food, everyone had to stand around in little circles. Could Luke and Laura not afford chairs?? Speaking of real couple problems, it cracked me up a little when Helena gifted the couple the yacht ... and a few episodes later, Luke is like "well, shit, now we have to pay docking fees for this thing!" And then they couldn't find anyone to buy the boat because there was a recession or something. Just weirdly realistic details in a story that involved a giant cursed yacht formerly owned by a the Evil We
  5. After, like, a million years I picked back up my weird little watch-80s-GH project ... John Reilly's passing :,( reminded me that I never finished the '85 Aztec Treasure storyline. Anyyyywayyyy ... watching now where Robert finally tells Holly the truth about Anna. Holly was (rightfully) angry at him. But ... she had a pretty shady past herself, including the big oil scam (how she met Luke), in which at least one innocent guy got murdered. And repeatedly asking him "did you actually love Anna?!" and flipping out when he says yes is a bit much. I mean ... he married her? So ... he
  6. Ha, maybe this is where not having seen much OITNB helps me. I don't really see overacting from Uzo in this episode. I do think feeling like nobody was really in her corner started to make Shirley a little paranoid by the end. I got really verklempt at the end when the women cheered for Shirley on the stage -- even though it was basically a consolation prize to get that small bit of recognition. It was a bittersweet moment, like they were seeing what might have been if Shirley had won the nomination. And maybe some regret that they underestimated and didn't support her.
  7. Yes! Some of the little moments in this episode -- Shirley's look of devastation having to listen to Helms in that prayer breakfast, and exchanging looks with the sad assistant, and Jill pointing out to her husband he hadn't actually stuck up for her -- were really good. Phyllis managed to get under even calm Jill's skin. I did love her line to Phyllis about how Phyllis really just wanted to climb on the shoulders of the men and to "just know they're looking up your skirt." Elizabeth Banks killed that line delivery. Poor John Schlafly. I hope he eventually moved away and got
  8. I'm always so happy when Betty, Bella and Gloria are getting along (mostly) by the end of an episode. And thank goodness Bella did right by Midge by the end of the episode, I felt so badly for her. Sarah Paulson's acting is so perfect in this it cracks me up -- every now and then, Alice just looks at Phyllis like "wow, you are really awful." Hee. Phyllis' treatment of her sister in law is just plain cruel. "Congratulations - you're working girls!" LOL. I love when anyone points out what a hypocrite Phyllis is. Gosh I wish my mom was still alive so we could watch t
  9. I didn't quite know what to make of the attitudes conveyed toward the adoptive parents of the baby. The adoptive mother is grilled on the stand for not being equipped to raise Mai Ling / Mirabelle in a way that respects her Chinese culture. But then grilled for having originally wanted a white baby. And we're led to believe that the baby is peaceful and happy immediately after she's taken by Bebe ... even though she had just called Linda "mama" a few days earlier. I felt terribly for both Linda and Bebe (and Mia and Ryans), but the show seemed to be hammering us with the message that
  10. Ice Princess was just a damn good, slow burning mystery, and lots of fun as well. One of the lovely things was that it had some GREAT villains - Alexandra Q and Mikkos were really quite enjoyable - who had the decency to die at the story's conclusion, and not stick around for years and years forcing us to pretend we should suddenly care about them getting what they want and eating the show ..... As much as the old stories are already "spoiled" for us at this point (i.e., we know Luke and Laura survive their adventures, and what eventually became of everyone), there are some fun su
  11. The good: The Pearl actress -- definitely hope to see more of her in the future, she's great, and she made Pearl growing up and growing as a person come alive. Also, the scene where Pearl and Mia reconcile made me verklempt -- lovely scene. The WTF: I'm skeptical that Mrs. Ryan would immediately think Mia is her mystery caller after all those years. I'm also skeptical that Mirabelle, even as a baby, is calmly smiling up at Bebe in a cold car and not uncomfortable or wondering where the other adults she got used to as her parents are. Also ... the Richardson kids acted like t
  12. Finally binge watched Season 2. Overall, getting very impatient watching Eve constantly get manipulated and act naive and flustered. I mean, Eve is supposed to be smart, so why is she constantly looking for signs of real humanity in Villanelle? And why does she act like it's a surprise when Carolyn does something shady -- I mean, c'mon. It's an intelligence agency, trying to outwit shady people and institutions, and Carolyn is not above doing something unethical if she's decided it's for the greater good. None of this should surprise Eve. Carolyn snapping "don't be twee" to Eve in
  13. I actually enjoy the show for the most part, but I don’t tune in for Eddie - no offense to the actor, who is very handsome, but has kind of a thankless job here. Not gonna lie, the Maggie barfing in Gary’s car scene - and his reaction - melted my cold dead heart. How old is Ashley? Late 20s? And she’s now somehow responsible for Jon’s business and the finances of a grieving family of three? Why ... why did Jon think this was a good idea???
  14. I like Katherine and Grace Park, but she’s way too saintly continuing to hang out with these people. Also, the law firm stuff drives me nuts. They’re not going to let her never work 6-8 if she turns down partner and continues to be an associate, either! You wouldn’t make that ultimatum, you’d just become partner and start taking that time on any days without a legit filing emergency.... and make the associates cover for that time. Ugh, so inaccurate. I only like Delilah when she’s being nice to Maggie.
  15. SlovakPrincess

    I, Tonya (2017)

    Yeah, I don’t think Nancy needed to be given equal time with Tonya, as obviously the movie is more about Tonya. But the film unnecessarily includes the claim that Nancy acted like a goody two shoes but was really drinking and smoking with Tonya at one point. Which ... what is the movie trying to say? Is it pushing the (reprehensible, in my view) idea that Nancy was stuck up and phony and thus less deserving of sympathy? Or is it just showing that this is Tonya’s attitude, and Tonya can’t help herself from being resentful or defensive? Also not sure how much I buy into the idea tha
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