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  1. How can you not get John Wilkes Booth?
  2. Any thoughts as to why Cliff got the worst edit in that whole situation? It was after that season that Top Chef became hit or miss for me when after Season 1 I thought it would be must see TV for me. I like the seasons best that they don't have a lot of drama.
  3. I was on fire yesterday. Was it just me, or did it feel like the clues were really easy, even the DJ and Final? I had a feeling the champ was going to lose.
  4. I too have not liked most sitcoms of the last 15 years..maybe 20, other than a few. Odd because back in the day there were so many good ones to choose from. I think I am the only person who never liked The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and is it Broke Girls? I heard that MB is starring in a sitcom based upon Miranda from the UK, which I actually liked. All I could think of is how the Office and Coupling were hilarious...until they remade them in the U.S. As a host I am not sure about MB or Katie even just as guests. I would rather them concentrate on finding a solid permanent host than suffer through a lot of "gimmick" hosting shows.....
  5. I was just coming here to say that I stuck with my, "I'm not watching" since Melendez was gone, but thank everyone for posting. came to the boards just a few times, and only this time because the title was Lim. Other than Melendez, this is one of the main reasons the show no longer worked for me....they took every stereotype about Autism and gave it to Shaun and sometimes it is not as much Autism as other things. I feel they did a good job of letting us know his back story and while I understand his parents and other things contribute to why he acts the way he does and not just the autism, a lot of what they showed was just tiring. From the way I read in a post toward the start of this post, this show has moved more toward ER or something...and I stopped watching that after a few years. I will check in every now and then to see if they have better writing for Claire and Lim because they are the only ones I care about, and Andrews to a lesser extent. Only because I like Hill Harper and Marsha Thomson and keep hoping they will bring her back as his wife. The Shaun/Lea story has no appeal to me.
  6. I know a lot of people don't, but I love James! I had no doubt how this one was ending. I have watched the British version and I like this new one. Something to distract me from the fact that Alex is gone.
  7. Love Marcus, and yes Eddie is easy on the eyes. Tiffiani seems to have good instincts of how to manage foods that are not common.
  8. Maybe they are letting us get used to not having Alex by giving us some random, and possibly fun? people to ease us into a new host or they want us to be so tired of some of these people that when they make the final choice we won't complain.
  9. Is that the Dirty Jobs man? What did he do? I think you are right. I think he did o.k. and I was surprised, but I think long term for me at least you are correct, the voice and demeanor is all wrong. His presence doesn't hit the right note.
  10. I was ok with Ken but it was a difficult episode without Alex. Love how the champ didn't let his early misses get him down and just went to work...
  11. I will give it another shot. Surprised at how I am not connecting to Jane! I usually like her in everything, but somehow she just seemed off. Not sure about long term . Never watched American Idol so I know very little about Randy. He was alright dawg!
  12. I'll watch again. I want to see all three as the Chaser.
  13. Yeah, they have confirmed this is not the last season.
  14. Well on USA today in an interview Ken claims he doesn't want to be the permanent host....
  15. I could not believe that she did not guess Carrie!
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