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  1. Maybe someone is confusing some of what Kiki said and attributing it to Dawn? I actually did not see the entire episode, but I have to say that I have loved how much the contestants have enjoyed one another and seemed to learn from each other in the kitchen. All of the chefs seem to be really talented but the reality is that there are many chefs just as talented or more that don't go on a reality show and many people may have a different opinion than the people who are deemed to be judges. It is the same on all competitive shows.....I know 10 people who sing just as well as most a
  2. I love cheese on fish, but then again I don't pretend to have a refined palate and move in the same circles as these people. I don't like the McDonald's fish sandwich anymore but Wendy's had a good one for a while. I think that it is possible that once you have presented they put you in the stew room, which means that Gabe nor Shota would have been around to help Dawn plate? No, what needs to die is the idea that any time a minority person succeeds it is because there is a "fix" or something untoward or unethical going on. I asked before and I will ask again, w
  3. Well, Chopped is not a great example because they have let people stay before that left off a component...so......
  4. catrice2


    Will probably have to wait 2 years for season 3!!
  5. catrice2


    I like this show! I enjoyed season 2 more than season 1. I adore Marc Warren and wish there was more of him. Can't wait to see where this goes.
  6. I will go one better...I don't care about love stories in a medical or police show. One of the things I loved about Law and Order the mother ship is the little time they spent on personal family lives and romance
  7. To be fair I think you have to take of jewelry for scans but I think someone said he did not have it when he came to work. I think it is a tie and I am raising the roof the next time I am told I need to wait for the results of my scan.
  8. I hear you! I think they said in addition to not liking his father, he wanted to sell himself as a respectable businessman. I think Angela's lawyer even mentioned that as many times as he had socialized with them he never knew or had any suspicions about Richard's background. Also, hear ye, hear ye! I tried SVU after Stabler left, but Rollins and Olivia are the main reasons I stopped watching it. I mean, if she is still on the force I don't know why Green had to leave under a cloud....
  9. I can't believed they hyped this episode as if it would be satisfying! Iggy- No one cares and I hope this episode means that the writers realized this and he is going bye bye. I don't know what they were aiming for with his family scenes, but they didn't achieve it. Reynolds- Another no one cares. It was obvious to me that was her husband as soon as he entered the scene. Just ridiculous for them to pretend that they didn't know each other, and even more ridiculous that she would not have mentioned that her husband was working at the hospital, no matter what the "rules" were. R
  10. So happy for A. Thomas. The writing for her character was horrible. She, Nicholas and Chuku deserved better.
  11. He did. I read a lot of news from GB and they did an article about it.
  12. Absolutely this! Many people who have been on these shows say this all the time. Frequently people are shown giving a response to something that they actually did not give a response to, rather a different question! They create "characters" from contestants on reality shows all the time....Jaimie is the odd quirky one, Dawn is the remote one, Shota is the "cute" one, Maria is the "feisty" one, insert name....is the "humble" one, etc. etc. They do it all the time.
  13. We all have our things, but in Maria's defense a lot of minority people become so accustomed to jokes and stereotypes that they start to make them about themselves as a protection, sort of let me say it about myself so you won't say or think it....and some others have become so accustomed to being made to feel ashamed of their heritage that they want to remind people of it all the time because they have spent years trying NOT to talk about it. Don't know if either of those is Maria's issue, she may just be annoying, but I feel the same way about people who talk about their kids or spouse
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