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  1. I think the show could be strong as a PI/Police procedural without all the drama and trauma i Dex's life. I hope that they did not have her sleep with ( I can't remember her name) not because she is a woman but because I don't think it adds anything to the show. She is already tragically flawed and has PTSD. Her relationships with Grey, Miles and her brother are what keeps her grounded. Why did anyone have to sleep with anyone? Maybe they both just passed out drunk in the bed. I am starting not to care what is going on with this show.
  2. Sometimes your family is the family you choose and not the one you are born with. I would much rather see Jared helping Shaun navigate the dating and intimacy scene. I would also like to see how he would have reacted to Claire's drama. I am so tired of Claire having drama. In my perfect scenario Leah would have run off with Shaun's worthless user of a neighbor whose name I cannot remember.....
  3. I know...especially since they got rid of Jared who was kind of a person for both Shaun and Claire...Resnick and Park are no replacement for me. I know. I am actually hoping they surprise us and what Shaun realizes is that he has now been "held" by two women and he only feels certain feelings towards Carly. But writers always take the easy way out.....
  4. I have never enjoyed him in any role on any show that I've encountered him on, and this one is no different.
  5. I agree with up thread. Although I do not enjoy the Shaun and Carly relationship ( I actually like more medical issues on medical shows....call me silly! ) I also do not think it is all Carly's fault nor do I think it is creepy that she , a grown woman wants to be in a relationship with a man she likes and admires. I I am not really invested in anyone's romantic relationship. As someone said, this has to be very damaging to her self esteem and very frustrating. She is putting a lot of time and effort into trying to find what pleases Shaun and how he sees things and he is spending little time trying to understand her and her motives. It is very one sided which cannot be fulfilling. Who wants to be rejected like that? In truth instead of worrying so much about her motives someone should be a real friend and tell Shaun how unfair he is being. Of course he can't change who he is or how he feels and reacts, but he can work on trying to understand how that affects others Unlike others I don't think Shaun HAS to be with anyone and I certainly hope it is not Leah. Although I am not enjoying it, I do admire that the show is not making it seem as if it is always that easy. So Shaun has little flirtations with Leah, has a little adventure with her and of course she is the love of his life! Nothing has indicated that she would be able to maturely handle some of the situations that Carly and Shaun have navigated together. But of course, television is fantasy so they have to give the audience what it wants if they want it loudly enough...Shaun with Leah just because it was his first kiss/crush. Clearly she could not see him as a man or she would have pursued a relationship with him. I actually think it is growth to show that he can have a platonic relationship with her sharing a space. Resnick does not interest me at all, and the thing I like about Park so far is that they showed a little of his personal life and moved on. They need to show Melendez dating and Claire finding a healthy relationship if they want to show personal details.....and less of Glassman and his issues. I didn't like Andrews as a character, but I enjoyed him. I don't like how the show is currently using him. Although I like Lim, I actually hope she does take a job at another hospital.....somebody has to go at the end of the season and right now it is between her and Andrews.
  6. I am exhausted with Shaun and Carly and how much time they give to the two of them. Between them and Resnick and the boring Lim and Melendez romance I am starting to tire of the show. Claire is constantly having some crisis and no moments where she can just have fun, and i don't know what they've done to Andrews. Glassman was always a weak link to me.
  7. I agree with most of what you said. I also was trying to make the point that Shaun should be shown interacting with other people with Autism. Someone let me know that in those other instances he may not have been comfortable with those patients. Also most people have more than one person before they find the "forever" one. Why should he be any different? I don't think the actors have any chemistry with each other but I don't think what Carly is doing is wrong. I just think her delivery as character is very flat and clinical but then again as I said he is too, so may be that is why they get along. I do think the show would be better off showing why the two of the get along instead of just where they are having problems. Also, in many relationships one person is in one place while the other is not, again, why should this relationship be different? In reality I wish some of my former boyfriends had put that level of work into figuring out who I am, what I like and how to interact with me. I personally never saw Shaun and Leah as anything other than friends. I am not a fan of the first kiss person being "the one." Just because she was the first one he saw in a romantic light doesn't mean she needs to be the one he ends up with, that would be too predictable. The speech thing is but one example of what I was complaining about. Although this can be something that happens with people with autism, it doesn't happen with all. I just feel like they had to give Shaun every stereotype out there which is not very educational. There are many people with autism who never realized it or were diagnosed until they were adults. I wish they had written Shaun as somewhere in the middle. In many ways he is, but there is room for improvement.
  8. Honestly that is what has always bothered me about this show....they took everything that people think they know about autism and assigned it Shaun. There are many people who don't display all of the mannerisms, fears, etc. I have worked with several people with autism whom although reserved do like to be touched, and do like affection. Not all react to lights and sounds ...or blurt out things the way that Shaun does, etc. It frustrates me because I had hoped they would not minimize the importance of having a character on the spectrum in a central role on television but do it in a realistic way and not a stereotypical way. It is not believable that Shaun could have the breakdowns he has had and still work in the position that he does no matter how much you like or root for the character. The same with his relationships...not all are that awkward. I didn't watch the first season, or just the end. Has Shaun ever been in a group or shown interacting with other people with Autism his age? Is it possible he could learn from other people who have already successfully navigated some of the things he is facing and can offer some insight?
  9. I just hate that Carly looks so much older than Shaun. In truth there is no chemistry with the actress that plays Carly or Leah. I think they could have tried harder to find someone that would gel with Freddie Highmore. I don't think of Carly as creepy, just clinical, but oddly that makes them a match because he is clinical too. I do think they need to show the audience the relationship developing. count me as one who does not like Lim and Melendez....and I am just tired of Claire always having to have drama. Instead of accidentally sleeping with Mr. Right of course they had to make her the "other woman," sleeping with a liar that has kids....I hope Antonia Thomas doesn't get tired of her character being "that" one....
  10. Sorry, unlurking for 2 years to ask what happened to Krista? One of the reasons I stopped watching was when she was no longer on and it veered into the Ultra weird.
  11. Let me be clear here I'm not talking about the decisions to change the race or sexual preference of the characters I am strictly talking about The need to change her relationship with her father make them not be friends and make someone a jailbird a con artist and adulteress...pointless
  12. I think the show could have succeeded without a supernatural influence, and without making Ned Nick with a shady past. Why couldn't he be the Ned from the books.....did they think this makes him edgier and more interesting? The same with not having Nancy, Bess and George be friends right away....because girls must have conflict right?
  13. No, I was put out when he said Westminster Abbey.
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