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  1. This! I love everything that you said about Lupe.....I found the whole thing rather boring and stereotypical. Someone here compared it to L.A. Confidential.....uh, no!
  2. It is just an ok from me so far....I still don't think this is a great origin story for Perry and this could have been any show with a different name. No need to tie it to the series just because the author never gave a back story.
  3. I can't really say I like or dislike either of them, but respect them as competitors. I have never understood all the negative comments about Michael here and have defended him a couple of times just because......I mean he may not be everyone's cup of tea but he is clearly talented and I don't read so much into these snippets of people that we are given by a edited reality show. And I'll say it again, if he is on drugs or once was, let's just hope that he is getting some help. Clearly his brother loves him, so there is that.... No matter how talented you are owning a successful restaurant is hard, especially in certain markets Some people like to cook but do not want everything else that goes with it. Also, being a restaurant owner is not for everyone. Hopefully he can find a niche for his love of food .
  4. I liked it too but there were two loose ends.
  5. I thought they said he had deleted his twitter, so I assumed these were screen shot someone had? Or did he still have the page and was just not active and someone went back to read all his tweets?
  6. I don't play "games" and if the show wanted to show change and do color blind casting, then why make the Hispanic family with criminal ties? It is not that they can't play villians, it is that they USUALLY play villains, (black and hispanic characters so) that is nothing NEW. So let's make them Hispanic and powerful, BUT that power should be corrupt. See that's the problem, minorities are USUALLY portrayed as criminals, and there is always a BUT, why not do something different? So why couldn't ARCHIE's family be the one with criminal ties? They changed everything else. But they made Jughead's father the sheriff and he was a criminal? And Archie and Jughead are the "good" guys, including Betty, but Reggie and Chuck are problematic. Even "dark Betty," was standing up for other people. Honestly, this week I have no patience. If you choose to watch this show and not see the issue with the writing ...for ALL characters including Betty, Archie and Jughead, o.k. You have your opinion and I have mine. They did a horrible job with casting and writing. This was pushed as an ensemble show which is why it is called Riverdale, but quickly deviated from that concept. In fact ,they should have just had the show without the ties to the Archie comics.
  7. So the writers have apologized to Vanessa Morgan....what about A. Murray, Hayley Law, the guy that plays Reggie? How Pop is portrayed? The fact that the Lodges are criminals...and Hispanic, but Jughead's father can be a criminal...then be Sheriff? There are so many stereotypes and slights in this show that he doesn't have time to apologize to everybody...
  8. So glad that she and others spoke out on the very reason I stopped watching....the diversity signal of casting Reggie as Asian....and a character who is part of the core four in the comics being regaled to the sideline....then ticking the box twice by casting a biracial and having a bisexual storyline.....the way they discarded the Pussycats and used Val and Josie in the Archie mess...That along with the poor writing and preposterous storylines...even some of the main cast got tired and left this year. Then she is paid less? Now they are doing the same type of thing on Nancy Drew. They borrow the name of something well known and "artistically" change it to some drivel all the while making diversity casting not because they believe in the actors/actresses but because they are trying to tick a box and be called "diverse." Then they ignore them in photo and press ops and calls - except a few- and don't give them storylines. I could have predicted when NIck was black and George was Asian where that was going.....and that Nancy would be with someone else...same with Supergirl....
  9. It is a start....and sometimes we have to take things at face value. I hope that all people are taking a look at their actions and asking themselves if they have been fair and open to others, and if not what the underlying reasons are. This just a mess and a lot of pain all around.
  10. Me too....probably because I fast forward through most of it and mostly just watch the judging parts.
  11. Everyone is not going to get along Maybe he did have contempt for his food, but I would not image that Kevin is above having contempt for other food the way he has been represented. I would bet that fans are out here upset about things that the chefs themselves laugh off. They are probably friends....or maybe some of the things that people are saying on this board and they don't even know Kevin are true and they were things the "arrogant" Voltaggio also did not like? Or maybe he was/is unpleasant...but he is not on this season. If nothing else he is memorable as people can't seem to stop bringing up his name.....whatever he is...he will always be able to say he won Top Chef....for whatever that is worth.... We all have to remember that this show as all reality shows are heavily edited and frequently show things out of context. He didn't bother me as much as he does some. I just think he really wanted air time and to use this on his audition reel for other opportunities.
  12. Even though they telegraphed BM's demise last week I was still nervous that somehow Gregory was leaving, especially after he left the item off his dish....
  13. I hate how they telegraph who is going home
  14. Clearly the s writers/show do not know what to do with Michael Ealy so let's see how much he needs a check......if he does go I wonder if Camryn does too? I hope not. I can do without a Gray/Dex romance and more of her brother. If the parent drama just replaces the dead boyfriend drama, I'm out.
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