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  1. two weeks in a row I had no interest in even hate watching. Thanks for the recaps.
  2. This is funny because I was the same! I saw the beginning when he was acting like a child when everyone was rushing up to her and I just couldn't! Came here to get a recap. At this point I fail to see how anyone could "ship" Max with any woman. He comes across as a confused puppy dog with manic energy and that is ruining the show. Add to I am not interested in Floyd, Iggy or Bloom, and yeah.....
  3. Well, I skipped through the episode until the very end and I am "catching up" in the comments. I turned the Good Doctor off after they let Nicholas and Chuku go...so this will be easy to give up as well if needed. So far this season is everything that is wrong with the show..
  4. Was Nova's girlfriend pregnant? Also if she is an undercover would the girlfriend have been able to keep the business? I honestly remember it as him being the one who wanted to stay married pregnant or not and she came around after she got pregnant. Either way it smacks of the old church women who are best friends and as soon as one dies they move in on the grieving husband. If Olivia had not been friendly with Kathy this would be easier to understand. As I have said before there will end up being a letter from Kathy giving her blessing and thanking Olivia for giving her mo
  5. Sorry, I did not realize there had been a part of this episode on SVU. Did something happen on SVU that was tied to this case? I believe there is no way that the head guy does not know his top lieutenant is gay. Someone like that would know everything, and if Stabler was able to find out so quickly then he would be able to. I am also not loving his wife taking an interest in Stabler, and trying to figure out where the girl in the diner is going to pop up in this whole thing. First it was the friend's mother with the tea, now the wife that has all this "intuition." Also agree wi
  6. Listen, now that they are bringing my original back I could not be happier. I agree, this is already a better show than SVU, but that is not saying much. It has the potential to be much better if they would focus on IT and not the Olivia and Stabler connection, or the home life of the detectives. Again, other than the mentions about Jack's daddy issues, Lenny's drinking in the past, and Ray's faith, we did not know a ton about the original characters. We found out more about Anita in the episode where she shot the young boy, Mike when he was dealing with the pedophile priest, but
  7. Well I have been doing this too long bc I knew he was gay when he asked Stabler to bury the body and I guessed about Nova. I do not need Benson on this show. I like this case and cast of characters. The are also showing how "Eddie's" friend is getting jealous of him and will end up following him or something. Stabler' s mom is going to be how they find out about him. Bell will suss out MT . Not sure how I feel about Bell and Nova. Like the hacker but I would like to see a strong team. Is it me or are they showing CM s backside more?
  8. I am glad Wheatley is in the background. Cannot wait to see where the new story goes. Could care less about Bell's wife but always happy to see Mykel T! At this point there will be a letter or something with his wife giving them her blessing saying she knew all along. That is what makes it especially icky toh me that she trusted them both. Wasn't Liv with her when she had a child? This was always a show that should be showing that a man and woman can work together and care for each other in a non sexual way. But ugh.
  9. I don't know where to start. Hopefully soon they will realize that no one is interested in Floyd, Iggy or Bloom to a lesser extent. In what professional environment would it be o.k. to announce your love interest like that, and they remain under your supervision? It is the clear absurdity of it that gets me. I am also tired of the "gruff" person barking orders to the newbies like they are in boot camp, scenario that they try to build into shows like this. Time to show that you can train, teach/inspire people without yelling at them and humiliating. Bloom used to be my least favorite
  10. Entitled to your opinion, and you are ASSUMING that I was solely talking about the MR situation...it is easy to judge other people behind a keyboard and I know I am guilty of that myself... I am learning to be "Kinder and gentler" person...
  11. That sitcom will get canceled and the problem will be solved. As usual a horrible remake of a good British show...like when they tried to recreate Coupling....and no, I did not like the US The Office Remake either....
  12. Although I think it is icky the way people are campaigning for Levar I don't blame him or think he deserves hate for it or for actively disclosing he is interested. You don't know if you don't try. I don't think of it as something to joke about. If MR was that involved it may also explain why he was not contacted since he had expressed interest when Alex floated retirement. At this point he should distance him self. People are getting worked up talking abt a diversity hire etc. Unfortunately he or any other POC will face a lot of hate. I wonder if he would have grown into it i
  13. Again, if this is what people want to spend energy one, so be it. I have a right to not understand it, just as they have the right to do it. If a television show is at the top priority of what is affecting our lives, especially right now, then that says a lot. I watch, eat, participate in a lot of things thinking about how tainted it is, whether because it has a racist history or a leader that is, sexist, etc. and is in charge of it or has profited from it or because it is perpetuating racist, sexist, class, or gender stereotypes and bias. I have found not watching, letting my feelin
  14. I am continually amazed at people who hold those in entertainment (known for people pretending to be something they are not) to a higher standard than those who are making actual decisions about our lives. Nothing any of these people do would surprise me. I can admire their craft and artistry without admiring them as a person. We all need to learn to make the separation. Do I think Mike Richards and whomever else went about this the wrong way? Absolutely. But I think we all need to be really careful about living in a glass house devoting so much energy to getting worked up to people
  15. This is too much. I just want to enjoy the show, which seems to be a pipe dream now. No matter who they choose someone is going to have an issue. They should have just decided and announced it, period without having these "guest" hosts. Poor planning. They knew Alex was sick for months, so there should have already been a host in waiting as awful as that sounds. I have not bothered to read all the "evidence" of how terrible a person he is, but you know, these days I am finding that a LOT of people are doing or have done something that I have an issue with. Where does it end? I ju
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