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  1. My introduction to Ashley Williams is the complete opposite of Hallmark. Lifetime and Nora Roberts's Montana Sky. She was mostly serious and barely smiled, so when I saw her in October Kiss, it was a bit of a shock since I was so used to her cowgirl character. If anyone is curious to see a different side of her, definitely check out MS also for a good suspenseful story with some romancey and dramatic familial elements.
  2. I'm not DanaMB and I hope they don't mind interjecting here, but Christmas on 5th Avenue is based on Sarah Morgan's contemporary romance book Miracle on 5th Avenue. I happened to catch It Happened on 5th Avenue some years ago while scrolling through TCM around this time and I enjoyed it. I don't have TCM this year but I'm happy to see it's on HBOMax. I'm definitely giving it a rewatch. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Yeah, I felt the same way. I normally like Paul Campbell but his character was a bit too obnoxious and jerky in this one. I liked the movie upon first watch but I don't think it will be a repeat viewing for me.
  4. For the Holiday in Handcuffs fans, the movie just popped up over at Hulu. The Mistletones, Christmas Cupid, Christmas Perfection & The Truth about Christmas are also available. 12 Dates of Christmas is over at Prime.
  5. Yup the author is Donna VanLiere in case you're wondering. Same title as the movie. :-D Why, she'd choose both because she'd have a movie for each hehe. At least that's what I'd like to see. :-D I guess I lean more toward the pretty boys at times lol. But not too pretty (someone mentioned Trevor Donovan upthread and although he appealed to me years ago, I can't get the overgrown elf thing out of my head now). I totally forgot Michael Xavier was in there, but you're right! And I keep seeing him everywhere, especially this year when he has like 3 xmas movies across the networks.
  6. I got the impression everybody died before the main character could know what's what and who's who. The father died before he could tell his mother. The mother seemed to die sometime after. I'm curious to see if (and/or how) the book does better in explaining why the secret was prevalent so long. I think this was around the time I first saw Greyston Holt also. Either this one or All of My Heart. He plays the jerky ex too well haha. I have to say I'm still smitten (Bitten?) by my first appearance of Paul Greene on that show and couldn't grasp why the main character threw him aside for GH.
  7. Right? When I saw the poster and previews, I immediately thought that was her younger brother or something. Some of the casting this year has me a bit confoozled. Stuart Townsend looks like Lacey's dad and I'm still in shock in how much time has passed since his hot vampire self from 'Queen' to today. And from the poster of Andrew's movie this year, I'm still not sure if they were trying to tell us if the lead gal was potentially dating her brother (haven't seen the movie so...yeah). I agree about Laura Osnes. She was rather boring in the Key of Love movie and she was one of my least favo
  8. I'm really digging all the new approaches to the movies this season to go with their new and unique posters. Loved An Unexpected Christmas. I was going to skip it until I saw a preview and it looked funny. Plus, I'm with the unpopular opinion of liking Bethany Joy Lenz. I have a soft spot for her since The Christmas Secret and love that she can do drama there and has good comedic timing in her later entries. I tend to like her movies as of late. The movie was funny in all the right parts, has that quippy Paul Campbellness, and everyone seemed like they had fun with their respective
  9. Yeah I'm surprised they aren't showing more of them. A Family Thanksgiving still shows up yearly via Hallmark's On Demand listings (I love that one). The Thanksgiving House is showing at Pixl under Legal Tender but hasn't been on the network for ages. I wonder if it has to do with licensing issues. Would be nice if they filmed and showed more of them. They can still still air Xmas movies around it but have the featured movies sprinkled in for Thanksgiving movie week. That one is a classic! It's aired on Hallmark Channel a few times under the title Fir Crazy, I believe. I feel like that
  10. I remember the more recent Hallmark Hall of Fame movies were kind of a let down to some of the long time fans that were used to stirring dramas rather than more romance focused ones like Remember Sunday and Just in Time for Christmas. (Though there was The Beach House that premiered that one summer). I enjoyed those a lot, but I wonder if they stopped doing them because of the complaints? I'm curious to see which way they'd lean if they do return. The commercials in between the movies were everything, though. They always had me reaching for the Kleenex.
  11. Omgsh yes! This! I always looked forward to Lifetime movies but this year I haven't been interested in any of them so far and the ones I did see just didn't hit the spot for me. Hallmark started out hitting it out the gate but petered out after that and now I don't have anything much to look forward to on my list. I'll have to check out some UP movies. Otherwise, my movie list has been mostly faves of the past so far this year.
  12. Oh wow, you're right. they do favor each other. Could have been a nod if the director couldn't get the real deal.
  13. Happy to report only one trope of these was featured in Holiday in Harlem if you switch out high school sweetheart for best friend. No dead parents (in fact there's a divorce/reuniting subplot instead), barely any cocoa, xmas decor was tasteful and not over the top in a realistic home. It was glorious. Plus the lead wasn't stick thin! Just found out she is Denzel Washington's daughter, too, so that was a nice surprise. Overall, I enjoyed it though I wish the ending wasn't so rushed (but hey, it's Hallmark's forte). The Mr. even enjoyed the refreshing change and he can spot tropes/predict
  14. I think I know which characters and I concur lol. If you like this side of her, check out How I Married My High School Crush, back when Lifetime did rom coms. It's a cute time travel story with some humor to it and she was charming in that one. I really liked this one, too, and I agree they should have added a way to save the teacher. But something tells me with time constraints and possibly limited screenplay/storytelling mojo, they skipped past it instead of stepping on the butterfly.
  15. I'm missing some of my faves this year. No Vanessa Lachey, Tiya Sircar, or Kat Graham movies. Not even an Alicia Witt one! I guess everyone has a tv series they're busy doing instead.
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