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  1. For any Love Letter fans, looks like it's leaving the HMNow app which means it will probably appear on the channels in the next month or so (usually their timelime when they leave). I'd keep an eye out for it appearing on Hallmark Drama if you have it.
  2. I rather liked You're Bacon Me Crazy but I think it was more enjoyable because the mister kept making jokes about it with me throughout. Not quite MST3K but close. 😉 He pointed out a few things also bugged me: no hair nets to be had, no gloves while prepping food, NH's hair was all out and flowing (pour one out for the poor customer who finds strands of blonde hair in their sandwich), people rolling up from the street and then handling food like nobody's business, things like that. Early in my viewing, penned down some of the story cues like the misunderstanding and such though I did like the way Michael Rady's character was so sweet and easy going enough to be like "a contest? Whatever, not my thing. You can have that" because it fit his character. Natalie Hall was a tad uptight and sometimes a witch with how she later approached him. I did love how she tried to pull one over on him with the huge order and he totally ran with it including faking the exaggerated accent back at her. Gave us a good laugh. I also have to agree with the mister that she was way too "wanna know my secret identity" with her grandpa's secret recipe. She dang near told everyone about it until the contest when she was suddenly tight lipped. Overall, I'll probably keep this one in the background. Loved Michael Rady in Pemberley Manor and he didn't disappoint here. I just missed his beard cause he seemed naked without it haha.
  3. I need to keep an eye out during my next viewing. I may have conflated the two as one. :-)
  4. Agreed. She really annoyed me when I saw this back when it premiered and I especially hated the way she crapped on fantasy and sci-fi books (two of my fave genres). Another strange instance is that there were no other guests at the inn...unless I missed the explanation. But it didn't really hit me until Bethany Joy's character was leaving at the end and waving goodbye to her bff's parents when I thought "wait a minute..." Though I have to chime in and say I really enjoyed the movie and both lead characters. It had one of my trope weaknesses in it (writing/publishing related) so it caught my eye and I ended up liking it until the end. Of course, it had the usual crap on the big city while waxing poetic about small towns which made me roll my eyes but the story and characters kept me invested. I think with any other actress that would have been hugely cringe inducing moment. But Bethany Joy is so endearing, at least to me, that she made it work with some adorableness to smooth it out. Glad he called her out, made it seem more amusing. I'm so looking forward to this one! Looks too cute. And I'm glad they let the OG herself, Sheryl Lee Ralph, be fabulous and styling in this one. I feel like the stylist did her wrong with that Holly Lodge movie. All of the Spring movies caught my eye this year. Not sure if it's the dark, grim reality of the world at the moment but I've added each one to my list and I'm really looking forward to Kat's movie. She also has another christmas movie for Netflix later this year that I think has already filmed. She's becoming my second fave tv movie gal after Christina Milian.
  5. Dang fam. The pitchforks are out! LoL. Not gonna lie, Mr. Write is one of my faves probably it hits my weak spots that are my auto faves (writing, publishing). Though there were times I was like "uh uh, that's not cool" (like when Christie's character says "we should break up" and dude is like "no" and her expression is abject horror. I still love watching it over and over. But It's interesting seeing it through the opposite spectrum through everyone's eyes and I can agree with some of the missteps (not to mention the sis-in-law's bad accent). For a long time, the lead female actress bugged me because I'm used to her playing villains (Sci-Fi Channel's Alice) and psychos (Lifetime's Unstable), but she's grown on me a bit since then.
  6. ^^^Indeed. Although I think her Irish accent kept slipping here and there on some words. 😉 Love that movie, too. The fam annoyed me and I wish the boyfriend stuck up for the MC more but I loved how she turned things around and played to her strengths to be her own person no matter what they said. Another one I need to rewatch!
  7. One can only hope so. I'm very curious to see if anything changes. It'll definitely depend on who takes the reins and I wouldn't be surprised if the VP moves into that position.
  8. ^^^Agree, this is one of my faves and so well put together. I need to give it a rewatch soon. I'm glad Pixl movies are making waves onto Uptv. They had some good movies in their catalog that have sadly gone unnoticed for a while.
  9. So this is weird. I was checking out Pixl on Sling since I haven't looked in a while and saw a movie called Once Upon a Date marked new even though it's from 2017. Does anyone know if this one of the movies they've been holding back in their catalog?
  10. This is still jarring to me because I first saw her in Montana Sky where she played a tough cowgirl who practically never smiled and kept people at a distance. I still think that's the best role I've seen her in. Good movie, too. She seemed way more comfortable playing that kind of character than the super-over-the-top-perky-quirky gal. I thought so, too, but it looks like she's doing a concert special over there so still kind of connected via that avenue. After today, who knows if that will still be a thing. Exactly and neither have I. Which is why it tickled me to see that still got higher ratings compared to this year's premiere despite the scheduling shenanigans: https://twitter.com/SleepyKittyPaw/status/1204795123533524996 They did something similar to Tamera's movie this year. Good to know this wasn't all in my mind. They were way more subtle about it years ago, but it pinged my WTFdar when they kept leaving out the POC actresses from polls and conversation even after they aired. When I asked about it, I was dismissed and it left a sour taste since then. Not surprised they've become more blatant about it recently. I prefer SKP's twitter which gives better coverage, news, and inclusive discussion without sugar coating things under the guise of niceness.
  11. This is my fave version as well since I was a kid. I loved watching it every year on PBS. If you have a Prime subscription, it's included for viewing there.
  12. ^^Gina Holden also played a funy, upbeat goth girl on the Blood Ties tv series. Such a good show. I'm definitely checking out Snowbound for Christmas. And you guys just reminded me I needed to check Christmas on Holly Lane since I missed it last year. Adding A Christmas Switch to that list as well.
  13. No worries! You brought up some good points and some I didn't even know about (like Catherine Bell's postings about GW). I'm still salty they just offed Jake, her former husband because the actor couldn't come back since he was already booked for another show. Seems to be what Hallmark does a lot. Act before thinking. So funny. In the past during the Countdown to Christmas event, my tv would be on the channel like constantly because there was always a movie I enjoyed playing one after the other. Not the case in the past year or so. It's interesting SKP over at Twitter has noted the changes reflected in ratings as well: https://twitter.com/SleepyKittyPaw/status/1202068715233333248 This was one of my faves from last year, too. They love to shove the classics late at night and repeat the newer ones ad nauseum. They missed the chance to have a back-to-back showing of the Gift to Remember movies when they showed the first on the morning of the new premiere movie. Instead they did the usual 'show last night's premiere before the new movie' which they should have skipped that time. I think I missed Naughty or Nice for the season which showed like once (at least I saw) so I may have to fish for my copy to put on.
  14. ^^Rofl you have a point there. Full rec ahead! I kinda wish it was released on Netflix now. The social media commentary would be epic. This seriously blew my mind. I would've never pegged that one!
  15. Oh wow, you're right. Even CCB's movie didn't crack the 4.00 like it has in the past. Pickler's movie stayed in the 2's. Even HMM seems lower than last year. Guess Lifetime and the other networks are really cutting into their pie this year. I haven't heard much but I'm wondering if that ties into what was going on over at H&F or something similar. Do you know any deets behind the scenes what's going on? Also, in my weak search to find info, I came across this interesting article about the real life inspiration for Christmas Under the Stars: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/overcoming-addiction-high-school-maintenance-183123344.html
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