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  1. The series received two Gotham Awards nominations: Breakthrough series and Outstanding Performance in a New Series (Devery Jacobs). Me, I would have went with Willie Jack but I am glad they are being recognized.https://www.indiewire.com/2021/10/gotham-awards-2021-nominations-1234673141/
  2. Though obscured, he looks slightly like Timothy Omundson from "Psych" and "Galavant", though I know it's not him.
  3. In various interview Nick Mohammed has pointed out times that support Nate's feelings of abandonment or of being ignored. He points out one like after tearing into Colin he asks Beard if he told Ted because Nate is so focused on Ted's input and guidance.
  4. They wisely changed elements of the first two episodes of the UK version to the U.S. one, like in the U.S. pilot Sam trips over the vase Trevor pushed over, whereas in the UK one Julian pushed Alison out of the window. They kept some of the lines from the original one related to Alison's sleep/coma but put it in different places, so it's weird to me that they didn't keep the best part of the UK second episode which was how the ghost!doctor revealed himself. It's much funnier and effective in the UK one.
  5. True, but I can see in Nate's mindset of never having validation, then getting it then having it seemingly taken away is unmooring. It's petty and childish but emotions aren't always rational. I think it's a tad like how some middle children feel or the good child feels when the squeaky wheel gets all the oil (attention). Nick Mohammed pointed out that the Ted/Nate confrontation in the finale was the only time they've been alone in a scene this season and looking at it from Nate's eyes the person he looks to (unfairly) for validation has been spending more time 1)trying to pull Roy back in
  6. She's in PR - you really must attend events and forge connections and network, network, network and glad hand. And if she's new to the game and building a brand it's doubly important for her, as the face of her business, to be out there, especially starting out. Even if it wasn't the six week holiday, they would still have to contend with Keeley building her brand which will keep her busy and Roy would have o figure out what to do with himself during off-season. Series one he worried that he didn't know who he was without the sport, now he has to figure out who he is when he's not with
  7. Nick Mohammed posted tidbits about Nate's arc and some character inspiration for this season. https://twitter.com/nickmohammed/status/1446498835686064135/photo/1
  8. James Lance said months ago that he was asked back for series 3 and Bill Lawrence confirmed that in an article today. He also said Sarah Niles (Dr. Sharon) is returning. -Loved the Diamond Dogs' (minus Nate) enthusiasm about Roy coming to them to vent. -I'm glad that we hear Nate's motivation - it means absolutely nothing to me because there is no excuse for his behaviour - but it's nice to see that it's coming from a deep place of hurt, beneath the jealousy and anger and inflated sense of self. -Akufo turning on Sam was fantastic. He called him Yoruba trash. Chineke!
  9. The film broke the pandemic box office record beating BLACK WIDOW's first week box office by $10 million. Venom: There Will Be Carnage racked in 90.1 million domestically. And here Sony estimated it will take in only $40 million the first week out. I hope it has legs.
  10. I disagree. Take the boss component out of it. This scenario could have happened the same way with her being an actual stranger he met on an app and he is now faced with a decision on staying and exploring a relationship with this person or moving away. It's no different than someone embarking on a new relationship but has an opportunity for a job in another country. It's going to come down to his feelings, not feeling obligated to stay for her team.
  11. I must say this is loads better than the first one, which sounds like feint praise, but I can honestly said this one had great moments, where the first one I had to try to find something positive in it. My one issue is that Naomie Harris was wasted. For a role like this they could have used an up-and-comer/non-name. I'm glad NO TIME TO DIE is out next week so I can hopefully see her have something more substantive to do.
  12. Roy told Keeley he loves her in the same episode Jamie did. I assume they had said it to each other loads prior, but some people feel that was the first time he said it as it was the first time we've seen it (which I don't agree with).
  13. Whose morals? They're both consenting adults. Sam could go to war and die but shouldn't be able to love who he wants to love? People can find inequality in any relationship whether an age gap exists or not.
  14. Brett Goldstein points out Nate's S1 yelling at Ted and Beard for being on the pitch when he first meets them, Nate's takedown of his teammates and calling Rebecca a shrew when he thought he was being fired as examples of the cruel streak Nate has.
  15. I loved this episode. The musical cues were fantastic. Prateek Kuhad? Radiohead? Amazing. -At this point Nate can go jump into the sea. He's not beyond redemption but he's going to have to have a big fall before he realizes the error of his way. If he left Richmond for Rupert/some other team, I wouldn't view that as a betrayal. People make career moves all the time. He's not beholden to Richmond. BUT betraying someone's confidence is another matter completely. He's doing these things that he views as power moves when they're dick moves. -Jamie went hard at "Bye Bye Bye". I expect
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