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  1. I think it will do well considering the last theatrical MCU film was in 2019. Yes, the Disney+ series is filling that gap but I believe people want a cinematic experience. But I don't think it will do crazy numbers because I think there are people who don't want to see a Nat standalone, especially as we know how her story ends so this film has no stakes.
  2. The embargo is clearly lifted as journalists are posting their reactions to the film.
  3. I took the significance of Kablooie just to be that they were in the 16th century and the child had chewing gum, signifying interaction with the variant seeing that would be an anomaly in that timeline. Phase 4 seems to be leaning heavily - if not completely focused on - the multiverse which I don't love because so many plot holes are created when it comes to timey-wimey stuff. Already people are saying if the TVA is about stopping anomalies from being fostered then what about Steve going back to another timeline or Dr. Strange and The Ancient One's talk of different timelines.
  4. "Blue Beetle" is joining "Batgirl" on HBO Max instead of a theatrical run. Additionally, Warner Bros. has mid-budget DC movies on the way for streaming, “Batgirl” and “Blue Beetle.” The tilt toward streaming represents a significant departure from pre-pandemic norms. HBO Max, which had a rocky start when it debuted in May 2020, needs content to convince subscribers to pay $15 a month as it competes head-on with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and others. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-06-08/can-warner-bros-keep-movie-dreams-alive
  5. Not that I'm not an animal lover - I am, but I don't get affected by movie animals until Wink from "Cruella". It is the only time I have cooed over an on-screen animal. He's darling.
  6. AngieBee1

    U.K. TV

    I am really loving it. Channel 4 always have such bold comedies. Nice seeing David Avery who plays Saira's boyfriend in this. I enjoyed the times he played Freddie Mercury in Sky's "Urban Myths". I watched the first two episodes of THE PACT and decided to wait for a time to actually sit with it and pay attention and I finally got to it. So glad I went back to it. It was fantastic. Loved that the characters that seemed to be ancillary turned out to be vital to the series.
  7. The original run is 9 episodes. ,but because the first episode is over 90 minutes, the U.S broke it up so on AMC it's 10 episodes.
  8. AngieBee1

    Pose in the Media

    Janet Mock who is one of the show's staff writers and occasional director gave a speech at the premiere party for the final season where she criticized the writers, put F/X, Ryan Murphy and Co. on blast about how little she is paid, had Angel Bismark Curiel who plays Papi stand up and she proceeded to tell the audience that she cheated on him but was going to fight for him and their relationship. Online she had support over how little pay she was receiving considering her job, but others criticized her for embarrassing Curiel. A writer for The Daily Beast was there and did a wri
  9. AngieBee1

    Pose in the Media

    No fallout that I know of.
  10. AngieBee1


    Watching the first episode I thought he was Duke Nicholson - Jack's grandson who is also an actor. They look somewhat alike.
  11. It's a Cruella origins story, not a prequel to One Hundred and One Dalmatians (novel, animated film or or live action). That's a distinct difference in feeling that this film is a direct prequel to either of those. It's not. It's building upon the mythos of a character and tying in elements from the other canons. In her monologue at the fountain it tells us who Cruella is. The entire movie does. If people feel that in previous iterations that Cruella essentially is boiled down to just a woman who wants to skin animals, and that is all there is to her then yes, I can see why
  12. AngieBee1

    U.K. TV

    Watching the new Britbox drama THE BEAST MUST DIE starring Cush Jumbo, Billy Howle and Jared Harris. Good stuff so far. The first two episodes dropped with subsequent episodes every Thursday.
  13. I look at "Cruella" as just another story in a line of stories born out of the original 1956 novel. I never looked at this film as trying to be the actual building block towards any other iteration. I do agree that this works as a "true" story of Cruella and everything else like her desire to skin dogs for their fur is part of mythos built around her. Look how quickly The Baroness' notion that Cruella killed her dogs to make fur made it into the papers? A good story - even if it's fake - sells. But I think many people are looking too literally at this. Especially the Twitter
  14. Yes. Genghis was their mother. They were in a scene together, but didn't interact. Cruella also gives a voiceover about how Roger always blamed her for being fired (though how could she have known he felt that way?) so I think she gifted him Pogo as a goodwill gesture. It's a good guess that a scene was cut. The Baroness did task him with investigating Cruella.
  15. I loved it. An audacious film for a Disney film. This could have been a Touchstone film back in the day. It has a great pedigree behind it with writers from "The Favourite" and "The Devil Wears Prada" behind it. Great fun IMO and doesn't water down Cruella that much.
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