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  1. How close to lightspeed can you get? Maybe if you factor in relativity... I dunno. Maths isn't my strong point. Alternately, maybe there's a portal network, but the portals are spread thin and you really have to hike to them. Similar to the Expanse. Did Day even care about the investigation at all? He seems to be the ruthless one. I expect that Dusk will soon die, leaving Day to bend Dawn's views into his own. But still, it shows that Hardin is right. Day is incredibly fragile. So Demerzel. Was she a bot that sided with the humans for safety? Or was she programmed to side with them?
  2. In Australia, we call it soft drink. As opposed to hard drink, which I suppose is alcohol. It really is odd how while we all use the same language, there are so many regional variations for the same thing.
  3. I didn't like Star Wars: Visions. I'm not into animation, Japanese culture, or anime on the whole*, and this in particular rubbed me the wrong way. It was indeed an anime take on Star Wars. But it's like spice in food. Some can be nice, too much really isn't. If you like Visions, good on you. It isn't for me. *All perfectly valid forms of entertainment. I'm not questioning or criticising their existences, or those who enjoy then.
  4. I get that, I really do. It's just an idle comment. I like more science in my SF, though I appreciate the drama and excitement of stuff like Farscape or Star Trek.
  5. Thanks! Man, for an alleged SF show, science really wasn't Farscape's strong point. With only a couple of nudges, it could have fit nicely alongside Spelljammer as a pure fantasy space opera. Yes, I get that there really are carnivorous plants, and bones do have certain medicinal or nutritious components. But not to the extent the show made out. My taste in space opera has drifted in recent years. I was raised on Trek and SW, but I've come prefer a lot harder. Something like BSG or the Expanse, though lighter in tone. I suppose B5 might be the closest to my ideal space opera.
  6. Interesting. Been a long time since I watched Farscape. I will watch it again at some point. But I've forgotten half of what went on. Anyway, thanks!
  7. Anduin

    The Royals

    The kids look unimpressed, but polite. I get it. I remember family visits where I was bored but polite. And some of those I met are no longer around. Sometimes you only realise what you're missing when it's gone.
  8. So I found myself watching a Stellaris Let's Play, and the player was showing off traits for plant species. While they consume food, they also consume energy, a stand-in for sunlight. It got me thinking, did we ever see Zhaan eat food? And furthermore, why was she blue instead of green?
  9. Hey, any other Discworld fans here? I don't know what inspired it, but I just had a flash of Daniel meeting Death. I imagine Death's reaction would be one of OH. YOU AGAIN. And Daniel would say, "Yeah, sorry about that. Could you please point the way out?"
  10. Season 3 has finished filming! There's IG posts by Coral Peña, Shantel VanSanten, and Wrenn Schmidt, who seems to have the remains of something on her face. Possibly latex, from old person makeup. Or maybe something else. We'll see eventually. :) The official account only posted a short-term video. It's going to be weird, seeing the 90s. I remember that decade all right, and all the advanced tech rippling out is bound to cause some surprising changes. Either way, I'm looking forward to it.
  11. Anduin

    Dune (2021)

    I hate that attitude. You don't have to tear down someone else to promote your own work. I'm looking forward both to Dune and to Eternals. If there had been another Villeneuve movie out the same time as Shang-Chi, I'd have gone to see that too. At the same time, it's called a formula. Do people ever get stuck into James Bond for feeling too formulaic? How about Fast & Furious? They both feature too many car chases and gunfights.
  12. Anduin

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    Stellaris. Free weekend on Steam. Great premise. Conquer the galaxy, bring aliens into your federation/empire, and so on. Only it suffers from the problem of the game tells you to claim the resources of a far-flung planet by building a mining station in orbit. Send the construction ship, queue up a mining station. What do you mean it isn't part of my territory? Then how do I claim it? All of a sudden, the tutorial goes awfully quiet on that subject, while pestering me about three more. At the same time, it told me to send a colony ship to some other planet, but when the ship gets there, there'
  13. Oh, comics. Put it this way, the Marvel Database entry starts with: In some realities, he's the adopted son of Reed Richards' father, and in others he's not. Then he splits off into multiple identities... It's up there with the Schleswig-Holstein Question.
  14. I really liked that episode. About half way through, I felt it needed a sad ending. When it got one, I appreciated it.
  15. Kate is an action movie on Netflix. It stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson. It's the John Wick formula, and has David Leitch as an executive producer. Professional killer is wronged, has to annihilate every single mook in the city. In this case Winstead is the killer and Tokyo is the city. It's good. Not stellar. A couple of 'huh' plot twists. A couple of kills that even I, a jaded action fan, went 'Oh!' at. You know, I remember the shakycam era of action movies. I first saw it in Saving Private Ryan, 1998. Michael Bay is big on making his movies look incomprehensible.
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