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  1. They were both in the Running Man, too. And Sonny Landham had a crack at governor of Kentucky, but no joy there. Outside of politics, the original Predator is the most macho movie I can think of, even in a genre known for that. You've got Arnie and Weathers arm wrestling, you've got just about everything Ventura says, then there's the big trap-setting montage. The above story doesn't surprise me at all.
  2. William Gibson's anthology, Burning Chrome. Short stories he wrote before Neuromancer. And let me just say, they're weird. I only understand the opening story Johnny Mnemonic because I've seen the movie and listen to the minute podcast. Some of the others are more mood pieces, I suppose. Very little narrative. And they just seem to stop rather than end. He's one of those people who when he dies, I hope he donates his brain to science. People should study it, find out just what the hell was happening in there.
  3. This might be controversial, but Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay. I'd always heard it was pretty good, so I finally bought a copy. Decent opening. However, it rapidly goes downhill. The protagonist is strongarmed into doing something he doesn't want to do. Sure, it might turn out well. But the point is that he didn't want to do it. I've had some recent experience with alternately being forced and being nagged into doing things. I didn't enjoy and didn't get anything out of the experiences. I wanted him to tell everyone to fuck off and leave him alone. If I'd read it before the middle of 2016, maybe I'd have enjoyed it. But I can't. Still, I didn't hate his style. Maybe I should try one of his other books.
  4. The dartboard theory of journalism. Just like the tabloids at the supermarket.
  5. I'd never heard that story! I undersand the look of his character in Star Wars Rebels.
  6. Jeremy Irons can come back. American accents can work in fantasy, see James Earl Jones in Conan the Barbarian, but not Wayans.
  7. Dungeons & Dragons TV show to be developed by Derek Kolstad, best known for John Wick. My first thought was 'Seriously?' But on second glance, it's not terrible. This weird world with all its arcane traditions and behaviours. I can see that. My hope is Planescape. The weirdest setting is the best one. But I suspect we'll get something closer to the shameless Tolkien knockoff. Forgotten Realms is the most likely contender, though Hasbro recently settled a legal case with the Dragonlance creators...
  8. I certainly agree that she's odd. The obvious joke aside, good on her for publicly being who she wants to be.
  9. I suppose there could be flashbacks to other missions with Bucky or the Avengers, but I like the end he got. I don't want that retconned.
  10. The reference to Lindon is a surprising one. I had to look it up. A kingdom with its power long faded by the end of third age. Its capital was the Grey Havens, and a little up and down the coast from there. Didn't even reach as far inland as the Shire.
  11. I have reasons for not liking Liz, Phil, and Andy. But the others seem all right, by the standards. None look to go the full Baratheon or Targaryen. But if they make bad decisions, like venturing out and about during the plague, surely we're allowed to call them out.
  12. It almost sounds like they obey the government at all times, unless they do something stupid. In that case, they're entirely on their own. Or rather, the government wants credit but not blame.
  13. Are the royals allowed to opt out of government requests? Or are they supposed to obey every order they're given? If it's the first, they should have knocked it back.
  14. This is one of those times when porn is more progressive than mainstream entertainment. There's a few notables in their 40s or over. However, one director once complained about how the milf was 26 and the teen 23, so it's not perfect.
  15. When you put it like that, my heart bleeds. The poor thing. Why don't more people want to read her vilify her sister?
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