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  1. This caracal sounds like an old-school sound effect. Maybe a laser from cira 1982 or something. Given I recently discovered a serval that sounded like a tauntaun, sound people doing SF need to investigate wild cats more.
  2. Marianne Faithfull in hospital with the corona. Doing well. But still.
  3. I suspect it's a general morale-booster deal. While I'm not the biggest fan and don't take things to heart, I'm sure there are people who are and do. For their sakes, they don't need to be further dumped upon. Unless it's of critical importance, now really isn't the time for more bad news.
  4. The divine right of kings was a cynical move on the part of a Roman emperor. Diocletian, I think. To secure his position and make people listen to and obey him. But it's been taken as read from there until the present, in one form or another. Harry as been brought up to rule. Should anything have happened to William, until Kate got pregnant, it would eventually be him on the throne. His family tree allegedly contains such figures as Odin and Mohammed. Those factors will breed someone pretty entitled indeed. While I understand that, I still think it's a stupid move. Maybe he needs a handler to remind him of such things. Or maybe he has one that he ignores.
  5. There's something about Kate's look in that pic. Kind of old-fashioned. Like she's a minor character in a Connery Bond movie. For that matter, Meghan rarely looks with the times either. I can see how they'd want to project some timeless air, but that's different from old-fashioned. Anyone else see what I'm trying to get at?
  6. Oh, right. Well, I only partially remembered it. So essentially, I have no idea why she's going back to California. Maybe she misses her favourite bakery or something. 🙂
  7. There was a news story a couple of months back, IIRC, about her talking to one of the Disney higher-ups about doing a bit of voice-acting.
  8. This move must have been planned some time ago. Meghan probably misses working, and it's not like she was ever made to feel welcome in the world of royalty.
  9. James Bond anagrams! You know, Overtired Newsroom works pretty well for Tomorrow Never Dies. The whole thing is worth a look.
  10. Money and power can always find a way around the rules, if they want. But in this case, the whole world is being told to isolate. Unless it seriously looks like Charles will die, Harry is doing the right thing by staying home.
  11. According to this article, Camilla was negative. I hope for her sake she keeps away from Charles for now.
  12. She'd know more about the Force, at least. But that's why I want Luke. He might know a little more about the species. And again I ask, why not Ashley Eckstein?
  13. Yep. Like I said, it just isn't funny any more. A little too real. Ah well.
  14. IIRC, there was a new hospital that had won awards for its cleanliness. Only, it hadn't opened yet. There were no patients to mess it up. He wanted it to remain closed? Yeah, I can't support that kind of attitude.
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