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  1. Another one. You'll Be Back, from Hamilton. The Dad Da Da bits remind me of... something. I've started plugging away at my classic rock collection, so I might find it eventually. But does anyone know?
  2. Boo fucking hoo. I gather from this thread that he's completely comfortable with promoting it. Some people have no self-awareness.
  3. That's pretty morbid. People do dumb things all the time without being suicidal. I know a surgeon who sometimes rides a bicycle without a helmet. Just dumb.
  4. I don't actually follow the royals outside of this thread. Has any interviewer brought up his previous behaviour in, say, the last five years? Maybe his attitude is 'if no one else says anything, I don't have to either.'
  5. If something can't be boiled down to a soundbite from an extremely privileged cishet white man, then is it really worth bringing up at all? I have my doubts. Kidding, kidding. But it's interesting. His ancestors encouraged and benefited from such terrible behaviour, but he's starting to turn things around. I mean, if someone has a public platform, shouldn't they use it for good? Even if they aren't perfect, should we appreciate that they try at all, or write them off as a failed attempt? I lean towards the former.
  6. While Alan Moore is English, Frank Miller is American. Those are the two pillars the grimdark comics movement sprung from. You can't blame the BCBW for everything.
  7. Ennio Morricone, age 91. This one really gets me.
  8. Thanks! Yes, it does look interesting.
  9. Just a reconfirmation that the cast and crew can head to Kiwiland and production can resume. You may ask why I'm essentially posting the same news again. It's because I can't bloody help myself. My hype level is through the roof and I have to share. It's like an old joke that comes to mind. Do I treat it with the same importance as religion? Oh no, it's far more important than that.
  10. It's an interesting teaser and all, but what do you actually do in the game? Is there any info on the actual gameplay?
  11. I'm not given to religion, so I find the idea kind of funny. But I suppose no one likes other people making fun of their special thing.
  12. Anyone know the music in this clip?
  13. So there's no point in trying? They should just give up and let the abuse flow?
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