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  1. Interesting. Thanks for that. Actually, I gave up on EOTW for the third time a few weeks ago. A bit after Rand talks to the big bad in a dream. I found I just didn't like it. While I understand character development and levelling up, I find the characters are starting a little too far back for my enjoyment. But maybe the fourth time is the charm. I can also appreciate a better female presence. As much as I love Tolkien, by modern standards he certainly had a few blind spots. However, for a moment there, it seemed like the monsters were after Rand's dad. That's interesting. Gave me an interesting idea for a story. The chosen one who saved the world 40-odd years ago, then settled back down to a normal life. However, the world is in danger again, and this over-the-hill ex-hero in his 60s needs to go adventuring again.
  2. Anduin

    The Star Wars Saga

    The OED goes Star Wars, with entries for Jedi, Lightsabre, and Padawan. I particularly like Lightsabre, because I always use Britstralian spelling when possible. Of course the Oxford dictionary would do the same. Edit! I thought we had a Cassian thread. But Tony Gilroy might be coming back? Even to write, not just direct. That's weird, because he isn't a SW fan. IIRC, he just came in because he was asked and they paid him well.
  3. Some people have a desire to suppress the whole #MeToo movement. to protect themselves or their friends. In some ways, I understand it. You're a big executive, one of your best people is, let's say, Bob. Bob is a great guy. He's done a lot for the company and you in particular. He's come around to your place many times. He's cool with your wife, your kids, your dog. Sure there's a lot of terrible people out there, but not Bob! If someone attacks Bob, you attack them right back. That's my guess as to at least some of it.
  4. In that case, maybe fork up another bit of cash for security!
  5. That's fair enough. I've never had the urge to rewatch it. Kind of average, IIRC. 🙂
  6. I have no feelings about him either way. But he wasn't playing Bourne, he was playing a different person from the same program. Some days, I have to nitpick.
  7. So you're saying we should just ignore all the hard work he's doing in turning the spotlight on rapists?
  8. Anduin

    Batman Movies

    She was fine in X-Men. Not exceptional, but a decent supporting member. I haven't seen Big Little Lies, but I have seen Mad Max Fury Road. Everyone was on top of their game, including Zoe Kravitz.
  9. Anduin

    Batman Movies

    No, Zoe Kravitz is really good. This is a good choice. Better than Pattinson as Batman. He could have gone for Hoult, but at least there's one cast member of the best movie ever made.
  10. Some people just have no self-awareness. Or they're actually in it for the publicity.
  11. That's for sure. I'm not that familiar with Hickman, I wasn't expecting the cosmic craziness. And once I got into the groove, I still thought the final issue would wrap things up. But it just kind of stopped more than finished. I don't expect Dawn of X to really do that either. They need to keep people coming back for the next issue.
  12. Either one of these would be better than Wiseman.
  13. Arrgh! Of all the men they could get, Len Wiseman? He's not great. Come on, where are all the female action directors? Admittedly, I can't think of any right now. But there must be some out there. Wiseman. Damn. Expectations low.
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