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  1. Yeah, having to copy someone else's body language is probably fun for a bodyswap episode, or a biopic movie, but not for a whole series. Given we got a teaser a few weeks back, I hope there's more news soon. Maybe there is news, but I'm not obsessive about tracking down like LOTR. Apparently filming has resumed, so that's a good sign.
  2. There's a picture in there, it's weird seeing Terry without his hat.
  3. Recent photos of Zoe Robins show she has dreadlocks. Maybe she'll tug one of those instead? Or maybe she's changed her hairstyle.
  4. So, I just dragged my ears through the new video from theonering.net. Here's what they claim: the pilot may have had some recasting. That's fair enough, the Buffy and Game of Thrones pilots had some, that I remember. There are probably others too. Parts of the pilot may be reshot. Again, fair enough. Dr Who, Buffy, and GOT went through reshoots. There will be big-name stars who haven't actually been filmed yet. I thought the plan was to stock it with character actors and HITGs, but plans can change. However, apparently there have been problems with the show, so other production companies may be coming on board to help. Including, to my worry, Bad Robot. I only really know JJ's work, but it doesn't inspire confidence. There's a casting agency in NZ looking for extras comfortable with nudity. That's concerning. There's certainly arguments to be made in favour of nudity in Middle-earth. I'm thinking of a picture I can't find right now. The elves awakening at Cuiviénen. Not the Nasmith one. John Howe? But I feel that sex scenes for example don't fit. Apparently when the pilot is complete, it'll have to be shown to certain people for approval. Who? They don't say. Maybe the Tolkien Estate. Maybe Amazon higher-ups. But they don't say for sure. Theonering.net will have something big on Monday. No hints as to what. But that's my birthday, precious, and I'm planning on taking a day off social media. Could some kind soul please repost the news here? But let's finish with some good news! From Nazanin Boniadi, today is the day! And she provides some appropriate Hobbity-style music.
  5. Another cast member. According to Redanian Intelligence, Amelie Child-Villiers popped down to Kiwiland for a spot of filming. That's a long way to go from Britain if it isn't a decent part. Especially for a 12 year old. I haven't looked her up on social media, because I don't want to feel like a creep. I'm basing her age on this page, which says she's part of the aristocracy. The Redanians also claim that Weta and Howard Shore might be involved. That's fair enough. I have quibbles with the Jackson movies, but those are all story-based. Now I'm tempted to follow RI, but I'm in two minds about spoilers. Part of me wants to be surprised and delighted, part of me wants to know everything NOW. We'll see.
  6. Cringe 'comedy'. It isn't funny. The moment I saw that in the Wandavision trailer, I stopped watching and unfollowed the forum here. No.
  7. "The true story" of some historical figure. It never is. I once saw the 'true story' of Vlad Tepes. Yes, he turned into a vampire at the end. Unless someone is nearly 2,000 years old or can travel in time, we'll never get a true story of King Arthur either. Even biopics of people born in the last century or two take liberties. I know, sometimes there's downtime in a person's life. They just spun their wheels for a while. But even so, cramming 80 years into two hours just can't be done. Maybe some history movies should be miniseries instead, or better yet not be made.
  8. Thank you! Currently, AC/DC is before Acid King. Unless I feel the urge to fiddle around some more, it'll stay that way.
  9. I was just going through all my music bookmarks when I hit upon a problem. Does Acid King go before or after AC/DC?
  10. Been a while since I saw it, but I remember the MCU FTL method being more like a portal network than what we see in most space operas.
  11. I had to check. National Association of Theatre Owners.
  12. From all I've heard, and I'm not claiming to be an expert or even very well read on the subject, they spotted a gap in the market that wasn't actually there to start with.
  13. God, that's ridiculous. I almost applaud Disney's shamelessness.
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