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  1. But we have more access to porn these days, we can skip the entree and go straight to the main course.
  2. Looks better than the other trailer, but still more of a wait until streaming than want to see it right now. Maybe if the reviews are good.
  3. Okay, I'm not sure about a word. The past tense of to make a prophecy. Prophecised? There's prophesied, but it just doesn't look right to me.
  4. So in the upcoming returning X-Men cartoon, X-Men '97, Morph will be non-binary. Makes sense for a character who can radically change their shape, right? Apparently some people are already up in arms about it. But do these people actually read the X-Men comics? Did they watch the old cartoon? See, the X-Men have always been stand-ins for oppressed minorities. The actual minorities have shifted over the years as creative teams, politics, and acceptance have changed, but that's the general gist of things. It's my suspicion that some people go looking for minority representation to complain about, regardless of the source material. Anyway, while the trailer doesn't grab me, I'm happy for other people to have nice things.
  5. I completely forgot that. It's a very good point.
  6. Anduin

    The Star Wars Saga

    AOTC. Obi-Wan dives out of a window a hundred floors up. Padme in the black leather number. The arena and first battle of the Clone Wars. It's not all bad.
  7. It's odd. No matter what time I pick up a book in the afternoon, I can't read past 6.30 pm. The brain always decides I've had enough. Normally my eyes lose focus with the page, but today I actually fell asleep for a few minutes. Rise of Endymion, number 4 in the Hyperion Cantos. I have a feeling the Expanse writers read this series. It's entirely probable, Hyperion came out in the 90s and the Expanse in the teens. A couple of moments stand out. The first, an enhanced woman is looking for a special teenage girl. Yeah, they're enhanced/special in different ways in each, but it still sticks in the mind. Second, Belters are just low-tech Ousters. Some FTL, some high-end biotech, you've got yourself a perfectly good Ouster. And today in Rise, I encountered a Terminator 2 homage! Nemes pulls the skin off one arm to reveal the robo skeleton beneath. Good fun.
  8. Maybe they could get a Slav. Latveria is in eastern Europe.
  9. Valentines Day. A time of love, romance, and sex. In that spirit, I present possibly the sexiest song of the last twenty years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  10. The second way is how I've seen it done in other places. Seems better than the first way. The trope is Immortality Begins at 20.
  11. My suspicion is built entirely on the fact that she's wearing trousers and a tank top, so it wasn't the strongest to start with. :) However, looks like it comes out on the 24th in Britain. The day I fly back. Further, Furiosa will be hogging my cinema attention once I'm home. Ah well.
  12. Is this a remake of the original with Ciri as Charlton Heston? That's the vibe it gives me. Anyway, naturally it comes out when I'm travelling. If I get the chance, I might go and see it. British and Irish people. Is there a cinema locations/times site I should bookmark on my phone?
  13. Contract, of course. As for physically, maybe he doesn't have any good ideas? That's never stopped some writers, though. :)
  14. 2024 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees are announced! The two that stand out, Cher and Ozzy. While I'm not into Cher's music, she's been an icon as long as I can remember. And Ozzy? He helped create a whole genre! Heavy metal may have formed without the original four members of Black Sabbath, but not in the form we recognise today. In fact, I'm a little surprised that neither Ozzy or Cher were in before.
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