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  1. I've complained before that GOT, the MCU, and Star Wars all share half the cast. This is further proof.
  2. I'm sympathetic to a catchy tune, I just like more grunt behind it. If the pop star du jour hired Jason Newsted, best known for his time in Metallica, to provide the bass for their latest single, I'd give it a proper listen. But otherwise, it all feels light, frothy, and forgettable. Still, if it keeps you going, that's no bad thing.
  3. One of those movies is 1982's Conan the Barbarian. I've seen it many times over the years. Rewatching because there's going to be a podcast discussing it later this week. Still holds up. So right from the start, I think it was Lindybeige who criticised the sword forging. "Oh, that's not how you do it." Bloody tell us how it is done, Mr Smartarse. I've always liked the Pict. The redhead guy who climbs on the rock. Conan's mother really has great eyes. For many years, I got Thorgrim and Rexor confused. The one with the facial hair just looks like a Thorgrim, but it is not to be. Thorgrim is
  4. Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Daft movie, but kind of fun. I have, sadly, seen worse excuses for two hours entertainment. But a couple of thoughts. There's an Aussie kaiju codenamed Titanus Bunyip! For those not in the know, bunyips are our very own cryptid. I'm glad someone did a little homework. However, not enough. Said kaiju is lurking in the vicinity of Ayers Rock. Officially, yeah. That's one of its names. Actually these days, it's Uluru. That's the original and more commonly used name. I finished watching maybe a half hour ago, but I'm having trouble remembering what happens
  5. I'm reading A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge. An SF classic. But I'm just not feeling it. Some interesting ideas in there, though they're buried under other stuff I don't like. When I bought it, I was eager to dive in. Yeah, a hundred pages a day. Easy. I managed 85 the first day, and it's gone down from there. All right, I only bought it for one reason. Different parts of the galaxy having different physics imposed. Like, certain technology doesn't work in some places. I want to know if there's any explanation as to why that is. Should I keep banging through?
  6. I'm actually a member of this group. They are ridiculous. I mean, there are plenty of families out there who have their ups, downs, and controversies. But they're treated as regular people, not put on some pedestal. They don't have their behavior analysed and scrutinised the world over. They aren't held to some ridiculous old tradition. That's what I find so absurd. They're just people. Treat them as such.
  7. Anduin

    Internet Pet Peeves

    But I'm not peeved when wonky elements of new designs get fixed. I'm actually pretty happy about that sort of development.
  8. Some people are speculating that being a startup number. Once all the sets, props, costumes, etc are done, it'll be cheaper. Alternately, that's the cost of the first two seasons which will be shot back to back. Since reports say that it'll be eight eps a season, my calculator says that's $290,625 an episode. If I had a time machine, the first thing I'd do is jump ahead maybe three years, catch up on LOTR, then go back and do the expected activities.
  9. I watched a video about what happens when Liz dies. It was a Simon Whistler vid, but he has a million videos on a thousand channels. I can't find it again. So here's my half-remembered summary. Newsreaders keep a set of black clothes in their set dressing room. They actually rehearse reading the news of her death, so they can do it right when it's actually go time. I'm guessing that applies to other notables as well. Frankly, I think it's ridiculous that someone would get flak over not getting every single fiddly detail right. Apparently some people want to hold others to some probably im
  10. For my fellow Star Wars fans, this is him. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Unidentified_Ewok_(hang_glider)_1
  11. Anduin

    Internet Pet Peeves

    When websites get a terrible new interface that reduces functionality. Do the developers actually use the sites they're redesigning? Do the higher-ups who in theory approve of the new design?
  12. Dave Made a Maze. Weird movie. I love mazes, but there's only so many times I can watch Labyrinth. So Dave makes a maze out of cardboard boxes. However, it is in some sense real. Enough to actually enter and get lost in. His friends head in to rescue him. There are two ways you might think it would proceed. Fun comedy or proper adventure. It's more of a drama about... I dunno. In theory, it's about finishing what you start. Making something of yourself. Putting something out there in the world. In practice, I'd never have a clue if they didn't outright state it a couple of times. Even then I d
  13. Nearly every celebrity who has got on a plane in the last year has been publicly dragged, if not outright pilloried. Leave the kid at home. Let's not involve him in a tense situation.
  14. I suppose I should listen to the later albums myself, then. And since you like WT, you might also like Therion, Nightwish, and Leaves Eyes. Angelic singers backed up my headbangers is a real subgenre.
  15. I discovered them through Sharon doing a guest appearance on the first Avantasia album, but picked this up soon after. Possibly my favourite from them. The only challenger would be The Silent Force. However, their next one I didn't like, and kind of tuned out from them afterwards. You think I should give them another shot?
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