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  1. Yeah Amazon is apparently airing them in original airdate order instead of the intended order. But they're also apparently doing some marketing stuff connected to the show here soon (toys, events, etc.) so I'm crossing my fingers that it's all a marketing test to see if there's enough audience for that sequel; Amazon is an obvious place to shop that. It's been 20 years. That's about how long (not counting films) between Star Trek TOS and TNG, which doesn't sound right but there it is. So let's all go Scape some newbies.
  2. Was that the version of Mustang Sally from The Commitments? Love that movie.
  3. Check your pms. We've read the same amount and I have thoughts that don't seem to fit in either thread.
  4. My main gripe with the finale was that last glance to imply Matthew maybe let go or got lost in the time walk or something. It just seemed unnecessary and cheesy. The cliffhanger was established well enough with everything before that moment. It kinda felt like everyone getting together to help Diana needed another episode to breathe a bit. But on the whole I was entertained and I'll be back for the 2nd and 3rd series.
  5. I've been trying to remember all season where we last saw Addy last year and about came out of my chair when I saw that bat. I'm so excited.
  6. Some clunky dialogue in episode 7 (even Matthew goode came off awkward in the scene where they realized he was part of the spell) but I still liked it overall. I'm looking forward to the finale and very much hope the show is given a second season. When Diana landed from her flight and pins Matthew to the ground, Goode let out this little "oh" that was just so perfectly prom and English. I crack up every time I rewatch the scene. I liked the song they used in the sex scene. Also Diana's lingerie set.
  7. The acting in the torture scenes was soooooo good. Shades of Ben Browder as farscape's Crichton in the aurora chair. Also working my way through Matthew Goode stuff and holy crap that guy just gets prettier with age.
  8. I got used to this when she was guesting frequently on Arrow but I totally feel you, here. Her American accent is pitch fucking perfect but damned if it didn't take some getting used to. It's funny... Romance is definitely not my primary genre of interest in fiction. There's a lot of romance I enjoy but I'm very picky if that's the main genre for a story. If it's an element in a scifi story (or whatever) I'm all good usually but "supernatural romance", "romantic comedy", etc...I get real particular. But when a romance hits me just right and I get into it, it hits me hard. I have rewatched these first 5 episodes at least a half dozen times and the scenes pertaining to the romance itself even more than that. And I keep fiending for the next episode to hurry up and drop already. They got my number hard core.
  9. Sometimes her line reads come off a little flat for me but I'm laying that off on acting in a different accent than is her natural one. Her American accent is great but I'm sure it makes the acting harder. Her silent facial reactions are amazing, though.
  10. Weird coincidence for me; I'd been recommended the books and started reading them a few weeks ago and then suddenly find out a show was premiering. The same thing happened to me with Outlander. Enjoying it so far. I'm not deep enough into the books to have a solid grasp on what to expect. I really like the dude playing Matthew.
  11. The weird flirting they had Talon and what's his nuts doing really threw me as I was binge watching these first 7 episodes. I actually got confused and thought he was a second character there in episode 3 or so. And then he saved notGwynn's life and was back to making out with her. In really curious to see if the writers have a otp in mind for these characters and where they're going with it if so. I liked the chemistry with Talon better so even though it's written haphazardly, I could go for more sword fights and innuendo with those two.
  12. This episode was suspicious from the get go; we didn't see the judges try Jinhee's dessert at all during the quickfire (anyone else they skipped?) and then the team up thing. Tin foil hat time; Jinhee had the best dessert but we weren't shown her stuff so they could give that prize to Matthew again only to kick him off after about 9 million comments all episode that he's won so many challenges. Like seriously I know that sounds ridiculous but the whole thing played as just so obvious and constructed.
  13. She's older end of Gen Z, not a millennial. The youngest of the millennials are solidly into their 20s. THat said, dafuq did I just watch? I was happy that Jeana lost because she was so awful but at the same time, it seemed like bringing her back was solely for the purpose of letting her get to the finale and be gutted by the loss. I mean when I think of everything I know about how reality tv is constructed, well awful as she was I still ended up feeling bad for her.
  14. Y'all I am going straight to hell. Jeanna: "I have everything it takes to be a Pantene girl." Me: Except hair. I am a terrible person.
  15. THanks so much and damn. Apparently I'm way overdue for an SG1 rewatch because I don't remember that ish at all.
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