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  1. I have really become a fan of Grace Park. The look on her face when Delilah said she wanted her to be a "good person" was pure gold. Best moment of the show for me
  2. I am so Happy that I can watch again! I only saw the end, but I'll have to watch show on demand since I love boy/girl bands music and we have actual dancers now! Producers will think twice about "political" stars.
  3. Yes, good point These characters seem to have plenty of time to be involved in all types of tangential group events. I saw something that Ashley hinted she will return but not this season.
  4. Did anyone see the previews of next week that aired at the end of the show? It had Gary saying "I can't believe we are going to another funeral." What is that all about?
  5. I used to really enjoy this show. It is sad, but I can't even watch anymore because of the Sean problem. It makes me ill
  6. It looked like Carnegie Mellon, which is a good university in Pittsburgh.
  7. I actually enjoyed the show. I was thrilled and surprised that Randall won without using the dirt on his opponent. Kevin was fun to watch caring for Zoe with out pushing too much. The Nicky story is puzzling
  8. Help. I went to Minnesota to see Eagles win Super Bowl My DVR cut off about 8 minutes early with holder Kevin talking to his Dad by the tree. What happened at the end?
  9. I was thinking the same thing about Sophie. I know she is pregnant in real life and taking some time off. Hope they bring her back like she seemed to think would happen.
  10. As far as Kevin and his family deserting him, I remember the same thing happened last year with hiis play opening. Do love the Jack and Kate relationship.
  11. For me after being sucker punched with tragedy and having my emotional energy sucked out in This is Us, the last thing I would want to see is a show about boys who killed their parents, justifiably or not.
  12. This episode tore my heart out and left a lot of questions! I watched the after show on the NBC app and came to this board to reassure myself that my confusion was warranted. Still confused and moved but no way did I want to watch the Mememdez story! I wanted a drink!
  13. I think Kristina is too good for Dean. He won't end up with Danielle either and there is no way he will ever be the Bachelor. I agree that Raven was not helpful to Kristina but just catty! I guess Peter was too classy for this show - LOL! I was looking forward to this show but it was such BS - even by the low standards you would expect of a show like this
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