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  1. Sure, the execution (of the execution, heh) was a little ridiculous, but I can let it go because it was high time for Fred to exit stage left. THT has never been meant to be a fully realistic show in the way that events are executed (including executions, heh) - it's highly stylized and not a little fairy-taleish. June blowing a whistle and the other former handmaids appearing like a pack of wolves, in the woods, was totally fitting. I would not have found a trial for Fred in Gilead satisfying, because while Gilead would have hung him on the wall, they would have done so for the wrong thi
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. I liked that there were multiple ways to be successful with the engineering of the buildings, from the tires to the technic(?) to the ball bearings. I had to roll my eyes at the teams who chose beige bricks for their buildings. You're just immediately shooting yourself in the foot with aesthetics with that color choice. Sure, IRL many buildings are that color, but this is Lego. You got to go with color. You're not trying to make a building fit in within a real city. And other teams will certainly choose color and make your color choice look boring as h
  3. Soaps used to get much more time to rehearse, thanks to them shooting most every weekday. Now that there are production hiatuses and such, to save money. I'm not surprised Amelia Heinle said the AMC schedule was better than she thought, since her character there was secondary, unlike her Loving/The City character. She was generally involved in other people's storylines, and what storylines of her own she did have, didn't have much airtime devoted to them. Of course, years later she went to Y&R, and plays a major character there.
  4. I don't think Jeanette would have been quick to go back after the Christmas scare. It's not like she was making frequent visits to begin with, since Kate had been at Martin's for months leading up to Christmas. I'd put the window at anytime from a month after Christmas to the day before Kate was found. But much closer to the former than the latter, since otherwise it doesn't make a whole lot of practical difference, though Jeanette is a sociopathic asshole regardless.
  5. Jeanette cut her hair to a much shorter length than Kate's and the resulting hairstyle was very different. I don't think it was about copying Kate, that time.
  6. It's hard to understand how a tip could come once Kate was locked away out of sight. Jeanette sure didn't send one in and Mallory didn't know there was something to tell the police. The one thing I could see making the police suspicious is if it finally got to them, via Joy perhaps, about Martin advising Joy to wait to report Kate's absence. It's an extremely odd position for an assistant principal to take. Even back in the '90s it was well-known that the early hours matter most. But I could also see Martin just finally accepting that the situation had to end. He wanted Kate compliant and
  7. Wow! I found that generally a satisfying wrap-up to the series, though I wish this had been a two-hour episode so that they could have had some real scenes with supporting characters to flesh things out, e.g. Kate and her parents, Kate and Ashley, Ashley and Derek, Jeanette and Cindy...but the main storyline was resolved. The Martin Harris actor had given away in an Entertainment Weekly interview weeks ago that there was a major twist in the final scene of the show, but going into this episode I thought it would be about Mallory, the theory that smart posters here came up with about it be
  8. Of course they can. Fred made a deal; Serena does not currently have a deal. It happens all the time in the legal system: the ones with deals go free or spend much less time in prison, while the ones without deals are prosecuted and get much longer prison sentences. Now maybe Fred included immunity for Serena as part of his deal with Tuello. He has plenty of reason not to do so, from resentment of Serena to wanting full custody of his son. But he may find her being the biological mother meaningful to him, or he may anticipate that it's best to hitch his wagon to hers since she's the one w
  9. There really hasn't been any confirmation of how much the guys will appear, which would give us some indication of which marriages are extant. The only thing I've seen along those lines is John Corbett saying he expects to be in a lot of episodes, which isn't exactly a good sign for Carrie/Big.
  10. Black Knight


    It seems like that argument goes both ways. To win, the team only needs Simone, and there is no question of Simone making the team. For the other slots, the team doesn't need Jade, but nor do they need any of the other girls. It doesn't matter who fills the slots, so I don't see where foolishness plays in. Of course it does matter to the other girls who could get on the team with Simone, because hello gold medals, but you said yourself that Jade is likely good enough to have earned a spot on the team regardless, so it's not like she's a terrible gymnast taking a place she could not have g
  11. I don't think it's a big deal either way. You're just sitting on a plane. It's not like going to exercise and sweating up a storm. Otherwise we'd have to be changing constantly and most people don't do that - they wear the same thing all day.
  12. I've had to; it's not ideal but if I have to work all day and go straight to the airport from work, it is what it is. I know plenty of other people who have had to do the same. We bring our suitcases into work with us.
  13. I wonder how widespread that attitude is. Kids wanting to phone their parents frequently hasn't been part of my experience. Not that they don't love their parents, but they are caught up in their own lives. I can't really see that being something that would dissuade most muggle children from attending Hogwarts. Plus, kids are kids whether magic or muggle, so if that's an issue, it would also have a negative impact on the number of magic children attending. As far as smart phones, the internet, social media - well, that would be hard at first for a kid who's used to those things. But kids
  14. Yes, that's exactly how I viewed the ending too - that once Daniela entered the afterlife she knew the truth about how much her boyfriend loved her. He loved her all his life. And the moment with the mother accepting her daughter via the photo addition is also so wonderful to see. Daniela must know about that too.
  15. Did Cynthia Nixon go blonde for this spin-off, or has she been blonde for a while and I missed it? Either way, egads, go back to the red! (Or maybe it's silver - but I can see dark roots?)
  16. If that's what Jeanette was thinking, she would've tried well before now to get that snowglobe back from Mallory. I don't see how learning about the Christmas Eve call would change anything in that regard. What's significant about the Christmas Eve call is that Jeanette now knows that Kate wasn't in the basement at that time, but upstairs, where the TV was playing. She already has learned that Kate went to Martin's house willingly, so it's easier for her to then make the realization that Kate had physical freedom of movement within the house for at least some time thereafter. The snowglob
  17. I'm glad to see Evan Handler will be part of this.
  18. He's writing that now, to be released next year.
  19. Whoa, Kate is deliberately lying about Jeanette. I did not expect that. I see now that 1) I didn't want to believe it, even though it always bothered me that Kate waited to tell the cops about Jeanette and I knew that needed an explanation 2) I was so hung up on how the motive, if she was lying, seemed to be jealousy about Jamie, a guy she wasn't even really into. But, seeing those first months in Martin's house, how much she grew to miss normal life, I see now that it wasn't about Jamie, even though the show was clever with that misdirect (by having her tell Jamie first, and then later g
  20. Yes, I know that was the mentality of the time. But my question is, did Mitchell herself see Melanie as a product of her times, with some attitudes that are lamentable now, or did she really consider Melanie to be an actual saint walking on earth? Of course that goes for the book at large. It's steeped in Lost Cause romanticism and filled with awful racism that the characters consider right and good, as we all know, but is that only because it is told from the point of view of racist Confederates, or also because the author herself really bought into all that?
  21. Fforde had a general hiatus for a few years, but he's back at it and writing and releasing new books. For his Thursday Next series, he intends to write the next book next year, for publication in 2023. I really liked Eyre Affair, but the next two are what really dropped my jaw in terms of the inventiveness. (Why yes, my avatar is one of the covers for Lost in a Good Book!) If one should ever have the chance to attend one of Fforde's book readings, do so. I've been to three. He's so funny. At one he had his wife with him, who participated in a humorous skit, it was like the take-off p
  22. Samantha would absolutely be kept until after the fantasy suites, though if she didn't like the bachelor she'd be one of those contestants willing to just say so and leave early. But yes, BiP would be the best fit for her. And now I'm imagining Charlotte crying in the limo after coming in second. LOL
  23. Oh! That wasn't one of the ones I binged over the last couple of days, but I'll have to watch it now to see Yara as a young girl. I know why I didn't rewatch it before, because all my favorites were episodes set further back in time. I was always disappointed at the start of an episode if the year showed as being in the 90s or 00s, i.e. near-indistinguishable from the present. But gosh, now we're 20-30 years out from those years. I should rewatch all those episodes now, they'll have a totally different feel!
  24. Carrie would have fit in great on The Bachelor as one of those deluded contestants who doesn't realize the Bachelor is just there to bang as many hot women as he can and then leverage his show fame into banging more hot women after the show's over, and thinks it is totally plausible they are gonna fall in love, get engaged and actually get married based on a few limited interactions in a brief period of time.
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