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  1. I just want to state that nearly anyone who adopts a child does not have to care for that child for years to love that child as a child. I dare any of you to say that to an adoptive parent and come away without bruises.
  2. I don’t think Sam’s reason for hating Halloween is lame. Things that happen in childhood can have a lasting effect. I still can’t eat applesauce because of a stupid story I heard when I was 5. My adult brain knows it’s stupid, but I still get ill just thinking about eating it.
  3. I was on my phone which increases the typos.
  4. I’m the Catholic Church, holy oil is used for the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. It is also used to consecrate a church, alter and vessels used during the Mass. it’s a safe bet that it can easily be found in large Catholic areas. It’s the 2nd largest Christian religion so they wouldn’t have to travel far. St. Louis has a fairly large Catholic population and wouldn’t be any further than they’ve traveled for hunts. I live in a fairly large Catholic city and there’s at least 6 Catholic Churches in a 5 mile radius from my house so they wouldn’t have to
  5. IIRC, didn’t Hannah say she could hear her host screaming for her husband? It would seem that she wanted Hannah to leave, but was unable to eject her until Hannah felt enough guilt to leave. That would support your theory.
  6. Yes, I realized that when I got to that part of my rewatch, which is why I deleted my post and said “Never mind.” I still think much ado was made about nothing but nothing I say will change the mind of those who hate her character.
  7. I had a specific comment 2 pages ago, but now can’t remember what it was. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t want the arc to last long. I hated when Sam was possessed. I hated when he was soulless. I hated Dean as a demon and was happy that only lasted 3 episodes. I tend to empathize with the characters so if something upsets them, it upsets me. Having said that I did enjoy the episode. There were nice moments between Sam, Dean and Jack. I remember my comment now. I don’t believe the show was ever going to try to redeem Lucifer. Any good deed he did was for selfish reasons, and t
  8. I agree with you here. The first thing I thought about the Charmed reboot was that it was way too soon. The last episode only aired 10 years ago.
  9. Luci is working with the one entity that Jack has wanted to kill for about half the season. The one that wants to kill all of Jack's friends and those Jack considers family. I'd say Luci burned any bridge he tried to build with Jack.
  10. I agree that AU Gabe is dead. Our Michael never seemed to want to kill any of his brothers, except Lucifer, but AU Michael wants to be top dog.
  11. There’s no way Lucifer is going to say that he raped Kelly. Especially not to Jack. Having Lucifer say that Kelly took his virginity does not mean that anyone else believes that. Lucifer is not the one to have speak truths.
  12. I really like Jack too!
  13. I’m not sure why Jensen saying it was physical would mean that it’s related to the process of becoming the character rather than what the character has to do. So say the answer is Michael. The physical part isn’t Dean sucking in some archangel grace but the fighting he has to do as Michael, possibly fighting AU Michael.
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