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  1. Tanner

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    Mr Tanner kept telling "wash your hands! Don't touch her face!" I was dying since he is a casual viewer . He was super proud that he guessed that Brianna was pregnant,though.
  2. Tanner

    S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    Mr Tanner said , "how very Lady Gaga."
  3. Tanner

    Mindhunter Season 1 Discussion

    I just watched the first two episodes and I'm hooked.
  4. Tanner

    S03.E05: Freedom & Whisky

    Sadly, the biggest goof for me was when Bree suggested they watch A Charlie Brown when it was first broadcast in 1970.
  5. Is this the first time the word "cult" was used to describe Scientology? It really stood out to me. That and the fact that Micavige was called a psychopath.
  6. Tanner

    S13.E05: The Next Generation: Academy #2

    My daughter is thirteen and an extremely competitive dancer. She is heading to nationals next week where she is expected to master contemporary, lyrical, jazz, ballet and tap. Most girls are also proficient in hip-hop. The main point is whether they can pick up choreography. If they can't they are toast. That being said, many times she has been rejected and turned down for things. The last thing I would ever say would be to go home and work on it harder. Quinn's mother makes all the mothers of dancers look like "dance moms" . I'm happy that she is doing something she loves.
  7. As someone who is recovering from a d&c to remove my polyps as I type, I truly want to feel for her, but I don't. It's not the end of the world. I'm sure she has the best doctors. Get it taken care of and move on.
  8. Tanner

    Season One Episode Talk

    Dante reminds me of Mike Holmes from the HGTV show.
  9. Tanner

    Kim Of Queens

    Kim of Queens finale was replaced with a Tori Spelling show. Is this the end?
  10. Tanner

    Four Weddings

    Just saw the B L A N bride today On Demand. Even my 11 yr old hated her.. "3? Really?"
  11. My daughter dances competitively and she has been taught by Cyrus, Kent, Alex, and this winter Amy from last season at conventions. The instructors demos are incredible.