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  1. Apparently as a fan you can "hire" an actor on cameo to do a message like this. Oh well, it is still cute.
  2. Hey, that's really cool. I went to that twitter and saw the others. Emily's/Amara's was nice, too.
  3. Even bubbles that said "pow" and "wham" would be more subtle and elegant than a lot of the things the show has been doing lately. Jack is basically portrayed as a Disney princess. Even when he has no soul or is supposed to be "uh, darkside tease". It`s a wonder cartoon birds don`t land on him all the time.
  4. IMO the sole time Lucifer was scary and threatening was in the first episode of Season 5 when he was largely unseen and he played mindgames on a guy who had clearly recently lost his wife and baby. The way he went about gaining his vessel was truly chilling. Also in my eyes Pellegrino`s best acting in the series. Badd, as he often does, made the story less compelling through bad retcons but I still consider it effective in its own way. Ric Springfield did a good job. His best moment was his bitter rant about how just after reconcilliation Chuck "ditched me". And then he looked at the Winchesters and said "and you, too, by the way". That was one of the single few effective moments in the entire show that showed how big the brothers have gotten as cosmic players. I mean Lucifer didn`t care one whit that Chuck ditched every other human, too. But for that moment, he saw the Winchesters as equal to him in terms of being abandoned and why the hell weren`t they also angry? Such moments are very few and far between.
  5. Yes, between the brothers, Sam is the bookish College guy. Dean never went to College for one. Him knowing something every 50 episodes (and not in the last 3-4 Seasons) doesn`t change that. Bookishness consistently goes to Sam. Now guest stars usurping the brothers, like Charlie the can-do-everything is another matter. Kevin, I felt, was reduced to his prophet-ness so they never made much of his academia. In the last few years Sam has been shown to do almost all of those things. And often expertly. On top of that he somehow became a powerful witch on the weekend. He also had a leadership arc where the showing might have been one thing but it was clearly supposed to be the tell of "he is a great born leader" that was supposed to carry through. The "you are better than me at everything" in that one episode from Dean to Sam in a recent episode was put in as a supposed statement of fact. Will Sam still play second fiddle to Jackie-poo or Charlie or even Nickifer if need be? Yes. Because those characters are more certain writer`s pets than he is. But that is the same for Dean.
  6. There are some things in the show associated with Sam that have stayed Sam's and Sam's alone. Like being the bookish college guy character. I have no beef whatsoever with both actors getting a prop car but character-wise it should be okay if one or two things stay Dean's and Dean's alone. And I don't mean the disgustings things nobody wants like gross eating or humiliating "humor". The car could be one of those things.
  7. I think Sam driving went the same way as the initial idea of him being the knife fighting expert. They limited one because of fiddling and breaking the inside of the prop car, causing delays and repairs and dropped the other because of the actor injuring himself enough without that. Handing over the cars would be a WB decision, though, and while IMO they just never got involved in anything creatively as long as the show overall made them money, I do think Jensen is both well-liked and well-respected by WB brass like Peter Roth. I'm not sure who would have been in charge of the Impala decision but most certainly not the likes of Badd or Singer. Neither anyone from the CW. The props are WB property. What I think happened is that if the show had only gone on for three or five years neither of them would have gotten a taillight out of any Impala prop. Never. Not Jensen and not Jared. That only became a serious possibility maybe crossing 10-12 Seasons. Because then you can make it a big celebratory thing. And the cars are worth a 100.000 and 50.000 respectively, I read? Once the opportunity arose, that Jensen would get the hero car was a done deal then and IMO Jared would get one if he wanted it. Apparently he did. But it would IMO not happened that Jensen wouldn't have gotten one unless he really didn’t want it.
  8. Jensen has been saying for a long long time that he wanted to take the car after the show ends. So I think he was kind of joking when he said he "begged and pleaded" for it for years. I think he probably brought it up for years. Not sure if he was joking about the contract thing. He is often very humble and downplays himself so honestly I think WB was always, at least the last few years, planned to gift both of them with one. It makes sense, they got more than one car and both were the leads for a 15 year show. Not in a million years do I believe Jensen wouldn't have gotten one otherwise. And that he had to make it a contract thing.
  9. I would still find it majorly weird if Sam`s heaven of all things was doing random hunts. Honestly, I would even kind of think it weird if it was Dean`s heaven. It would also be kind of a limp noodle ending because you know at some point the other would die, also go to heaven and then they could go heaven-hopping. Right now I lean more towards both of them dying. But it could very well be just one. The title "Carry On" could be super overly literal again. In which case, yes, they would probably make it one final "lesson" where Dean has to let Sam go.
  10. I think he means the last time we see them see each other. Unless he just spoiled that the brothers spend eternity apart somehow. Which even I doubt would be the ending.
  11. I totally share your misgivings and I have little hope for the Finale but compared to what Jason Rothenberg did, I don’t think Dabb can go lower.
  12. It's an enviable experience to like all or nearly all characters on a show, I had a much better experience with shows like Fringe, Grimm or even Vampire Diaries in that regard. It just has to come naturally, you can't force it. At least I can't. Ironically, I think a lot of people here who worry for Dean in the Finale worry about his death last. Or to a lesser degree compared to his importance or heroic legacy. Death is IMO not the worst thing you can do to a character.
  13. I think it will somewhat depend on what note the show ends on. A really bad ending can sour rewatch potential. It can even turn away prospective new watchers because somewhere they will hear/read not to bother. And starting a 15 Seasons show can be a commitment. Also, the content of discussion will likely change. I mean, we occassionally still talk about 5.22 and it still seems to be hated/loved by whomever hated/loved it. It`s just that everyone knows the ep. Once everyone knows how SPN concludes, the question of "was it worth it?" can be answered individually. I thought he was a great character upon introduction. His Season 4 scenes are some of the best. For your description, I would nominate Jackie-poo, the endless tease of "oooh, will he go darkside...just kidding, he is an uberpure, saintly baby who will never grow" with deus ex machina powers. But I do believe Cas will get a big heroic death scene where he sacrifices himself. Probably not for the Winchesters but for sweet little Saint Jack who can do no wrong (even when he does). Misha all but spoiled that.
  14. I think they will deal with the Empty in some way. Wasn`t "Billie" seen to devolve into some black goo in the last trailer? I think episode 18 will wrap up Cas and the Empty. And then everything moves on to Chuck, Michael and, sigh, Lucille. No idea what the Winchesters will do. Maybe look at them again, only this time, instead of in like Season 11 when they hosted both Chuck and Lucille at the bunker for a "family reunion", this time they will do it for a three-way? Obviously, Jackie-poo remains the candidate for saving the day. Completely agree with that. He became nothing but the salesman for their new Cousin Oliver and it turned me off the character almost completely.
  15. I guess since they did know the term "metahuman", it is implied they knew something about the show. Like you said, a very lose definition of "fan". Though I guess it was just all meant tongue-in-cheek. Legends of Tomorrow had an episode in their last Season where they referenced Supernatural by name, a version of "Baby" was in it and the main character said that Dean Winchester was her hall pass. Now that Arrow has concluded and the 100, well technically still has to conclude, even though they just killed their own show at the near finish line, is Flash gonna be the oldest remaining show on the network once SPN is gone? I think so.
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