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  1. The tell always works more on people because they often take what is harped on enough at face value. That's why lots of writers never even bother with showing a character has certain qualities but only repeat it in text or have other characters give either fawning or disparaging speeches. The only thing you can't sell about a character like this is them being "cool". Supposedly smart, competent, good, evil, saintly, whatever, it all works. But sonehow coolness can't be sold via text but only viscerally to the audience. Sam got enough ego stroking as a leader, they could have shown h
  2. Maybe current Jared stuff gets posted in the Walker forum? I have no idea, haven't checked it. But show-stuff, either praise or criticism would surely be there mainly. Can't say either way, the only place I get any news on (loosely) SPN-related things is by checking here. I'm way into a different fandom now for anything more.
  3. His facial bone structure looks slightly out of whack in the pic. Neither weight loss nor tiredness would account for that so IMO it is the angle of the pic.
  4. Since the network already once passed on Wayward Sisters/Daughters, that would be a no-deal anyway. I think the lead actress was moving on before it got even announced that it wouldn't go through. I thought the premise was pretty awful anyway. And hells to the no for more Jackie Stu or something like that. Creating a spin-off for SPN is gonna be hard either way. I can see why they went the prequel route. Maybe an anthology-like series of first Season John/Mary, second Season young Bobby/young Rufus etc could be a way to go if that is in the cards.
  5. I think they`ll just not explain it and just have him be an omnicient narrator. I`m sure he`ll identify himself in relation to them aka call them his parents and their story but I don`t imagine they`ll go into the logistics of why/how he would know details of a story he wasn`t privvy to and for the sake of narration he is just gonna know.
  6. They might not frame it at all and just have him narrate it. Not pinning it down to a time, place or context. And I really think it will just a loose framing device anyway to not take away from the "present" happening of young John and Mary. I don’t watch too much young Sheldon, some Goldbergs which also has an "grown up kid narration" device and the show is 99 % focused on the actual happenings.
  7. And maybe it wouldn't have been that blown up if not every blog and news outet hadn't picked it up and ran with headlines on "Jared Padalecki feels gutted yada yada". Which came after the tweets. Maybe it's a super-slow newsweek thatbasically even the Sunday paper of Podunk Nowhere ran with a story about CW-level Drama but here we are. I wish it had been a thing just between them, no matter what it entailed but in this day and age it would be naive to believe once it's out on twitter like that, it won't lead to a huge blow-out.
  8. My condolences as well, @7KSTAR, so sorry for your loss.
  9. But I do know what happens in terms of what I'm making the judgement for. Jared, once again, used social media to air personal grievances and weaponized his online fanbase, this time against a fan. His making the whole thing public so multiple headlines picked it up is no speculation. It is a fact. That he did this before is a fact. Noone has to speculate on half-truths when it comes to that. And I judge him for that proven pattern of behaviour. And "maybe something something did something something first to provoke him" just is no excuse for me. He is an adult, he is responsible fo
  10. But you see, they brought it on themselves. It's a version of "well, if she wouldn't have worn that skimpy dress...."
  11. But you more or less said Jared having no obligation to be professional because Jensen apparently fell down on HIS obligation of not including Jared. If he had no such obligation, then what is the excuse for Jared`s public tantrum? Of course he victimized himself in his favour again, he is very good at that. Maybe some day he will have to take the consequence and a good trashing for that. It`s certainly sorely needed for him to maybe grow up. Now I already know if it ever did happen, we couldn`t expect a classy reaction.
  12. Actors in one show, no matter how long it went on for are never "owed" to be involved in any way in a related project. Unless they hold the creative legal rights, their previous acting job entitles them to absolutely nothing. Jared has been in the buisness for 20 years, he can't not know this super-simple fact.
  13. Normally, I hate retconning but I would laugh and laugh and laugh if this or any project contimously farted in the face of every Dabb lol!canon ever. Like really tear it down. That would be just desserts to me after what that guy did.
  14. Because of course then excluding (and likely further trashing) Dean would have been totally a-okay. More like the Finale. That's why I never want him to get any rights to make that.
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