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  1. Berens? Yikes. Those interviews will be a horror show.
  2. Aeryn13

    Supernatural Ending

    Somehow I don`t think they`ll be doing "one brother this/one brother that" in the Series Finale. Either they both die or they both live or they do like the Angel Series Finale with a kind of open-ended charging into battle.
  3. TCA never meant anything, other than maybe the breakout award to gauge how "hot" up-and-coming talent currently is. Like, Grant Gustin won when Flash was starting out and white-hot so even for a producer pick, it was obvious. I'm not sure anyone will bother with SPN at this point in terms of doing a mega-promo push for the final Season. The show doesn't need it and newer projects need it way more.
  4. Yes, it depends on who the higher-ups want to push. No idea if WB want to push say a Riverdale actor more at this point. It's by far the most popular CW show in a certain demographic.
  5. Celebs, I could shrug of - though, when someone dishes it out, I expect them to be able to take it, too, and not play victim cards later - however, normal folk in normal jobs? As a celeb, you gotta know that you will sic hordes of minions on them. It`s just not the same if random Joe Schmo complains about customer service to his 15 twitter followers. The worst one for me was that vague "I can`t even tell" think about some waitress. You can`t even defend yourself against stuff like that.
  6. Aeryn13

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    WB is still having a big presence at CC, just no big Hall H panel for their upcoming movies. So TV shows should be fine. For one thing they will want to promote the hell out of Batwoman after that trailer bomb on youtube.
  7. I agree with Kripke on not having an extra "genre" category and that this would be pretty condescending. It`s like last year or so when the Oscars considered having an additional "best popular movie" category where basically blockbusters woud be entered. Just so to get ratings for the awards since finally people would know some movies in the running. Either the blockbusters are conssidered good enough to be entered into "best movie" or not. Should be amusing to see how GOT fares now with Season 8, though. SPN as a show to me wouldn`t deserve an emmy. Maybe something akin to a "lifetime achievement award" for the sheer insanity of reaching 15 Seasons and 300+ in genre. With somewhat the same cast no less. And ratings-wise it didn`t even flame out. There is kudos in that, despite IMO the poor quality of the writing in the last years. But I would hand that award to cast and crew, not the writers.
  8. Me too. Those are clearly handmade, though, and I have zero talent for such things.
  9. The spiky hair on puppet!Dean is amazing.
  10. The 100 has its problems but I'd vote for it over SPN any day. Bob Morley, much as I love him, Jensen wins out.
  11. Aeryn13

    Small Talk: The Impala

    I had no problem with Affleck, Gadot, Cavill or Momoa in their respective roles. Eisenberg is not a bad actor but his interpretation of the role was completely bonkers - that is something a director should have fixed. He only played Lex Luthor Jr., as in not the real Lex but that kinda got lost in all the problems the movie had. I`m not keen on Pattinson for Batman but if he does horribly, I`ll just shrug it off. There have been a gazillion iterations of the character, why should this one bother me? However, I will give it a chance. There is "wow, that looks like bad casting" beforehand and "wow, this sucks" when seeing the movie. Some of the weirdest casting choices in movie history have paid off, some have not. Granted, Pattionson is the only one so far that gives me a "I dont know if I can buy this ever" feeling, didn`t have that with the others. My main problem with him is most really shallow: he has never done it for me in the looks department.
  12. Aeryn13

    Supernatural DVDs, Books and Other Merchandise

    The point was how Dean handled it post- posession? Ahahaha, there wasn't a single scene about that when it became Jacknatural. Sam had some depression scenes. Nick was a foil while Dean had the awesome support of his family? OMG, it's like the current Game of Thrones interviews. Up is down and left is right.
  13. Granted, way back when Michael Keaton was a weird choice for Bats and that worked out for them I`m not enamored with choice of Pattinson either. Say what you want about the DCEU movies so far but casting was never their problem.
  14. Aeryn13

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    Depends really. What have you watched so far and does any aspect appeal to you? One of the brothers or the interplay between both? Do you go for the emotional drama, the horror movie aspect, the road trip aspect, the old-fashioned Americana aspect, humour? Based on your likes, there could be suggestions for best episodes to watch. I personally think this show had three good Seasons that are worth watching: Season 1, 2 and 4. Other Seasons have good episodes and the ones I named have weak episodes but those are the only entire Seasons I think are actually good.
  15. Yes, he worked in Vancouver. He did the location tours with fans at Van con. At least mine a couple years back.