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  1. Hahaha, I imagine that twitter person going: "Noone else is in the show just him. Other actors don't exist. Jared plays Walker, Walker's wife, his kids, his father, his mother, his partner, his horse, his car, his weapon, probably a couple of street signs..."
  2. I will see if in a year or two I can stomach watching any SPN again but it's possible the Finale scorched the show for me in its entirety. Kinda like Game of Thrones.
  3. I think Destiel will trend for a while for the same reason Star Wars' Reylo did: shippers didn't get their endgame. Negative discussion often gets more play but lots of traffic in the tags leads to trending. I bet a lot of the SPN trending, Dean trending etc is based on rants. Jensen has always been high in trending on tumblr. And at least it was never for something like "is he or is he not a cannibal?" Which is why usually not on the list jumped to number 2.
  4. Saying Dean had a "success story" is an opinion, though. Because that is ultimately a subjective assessment of the show. And no actor or anyone involved with the production has a more valid reading on it than any viewer. They can't dictate if a story is seen as a success or not. And IMO it was a comment that rather demeaned the character of Dean. What if Jensen came out and made the opposite statement?
  5. In the end Dean was randomely dead (and I would hardly call that a great success story for him, even in the most Sam-centric of worlds so that part of the interview rankled). If Sam married a blurry wife, that was his decision.
  6. Or one can watch all the Dabb Season, especially the Series Finale. If that one doesn't satisfy the hate quota, I don’t know what would.
  7. Hahaha, that is hilarious. Yup, I think I know who had the rough night there. 😄 Would love to see Jensen and Bradley James together in something. Dean Winchester meets Arthur Pendragon.
  8. Since it is an actor no longer with them and thus no longer benefiting them, I wouldn't exoect it anyway. The people running their social media presence always lack professionalism and class. Across the board. Other shows sm is really bad, too.
  9. To be expected. Especially when a ship doesn't get endgame, it won't subside easily because of the anger. Ultimately the shipper fandom will shrink because a lot of people do find new things. Ironically I think content that doesn't have a ship canonically together does produce bigger online ship fandoms because there is more to fantasize, speculate, campaign and "fix". Just as a shows with "goofier" writing usually have bigger online fandoms for pretty much the same reasons. Hence, some CW shows are huge online presences but little ratings blips, even considering the advantage in younger viewership.
  10. I think Superman & Lois would actually be their more high profile new show. Probably a lot of people will at least check out the Pilot who normally don't watch CW. But it's starting later, end of February whereas Walker is earlier. They also have a couple new ones for mid-Season like the Kung Fu remake.
  11. Timing certain characters would mean having to sit through their scenes again. 12 solid hours of SPN!Lucifer or Mary? That is the worst hell imaginable. As for Nougat, after having finished binging CAOS and seeing what a young aka teenage character who is Lucifer`s kid and is a good person and well-meaning but also majorly flawed and their darker actions and impulses being addressed can look like, I have less than zero patience for the beige cutesy version from SPN who gets showered with lavish praise and literal godhood. It`s not like noone can do an interesting character like that, it`s that Dabb & co couldn`t.
  12. I didn`t quite know where to put this but I marvel at someone doing all that counting work: Supernatural - Screen Time Counter The brothers are a given but the recurring characters wildly moving up and down the list over the course of the vid was fun. And let me say, this was 17h12m too much for me. (not the video, haha)
  13. It`s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this got more (aka any) media attention because of who he is. If it was Joe Schmoe, noone would have taken notice. On the other hand, he can easily settle out of court in regards to any possible civil or criminal lawsuit because of who he is in ways Joe Schmoe can`t afford.
  14. While in general I agree Dean was never supposed to be even an equal but he became one despite the worst efforts of some writers. I think the discourse, outside of ships, over the Finale is because Dean had the much shittier ending. I've seen lots of Sam-people on tumblr really happy with the ending for Sam. And since Dean was certainly not an equal in Dabb's ideas, he did make the Finale and show message to take away from it pretty Sam-centric and as drab and demeaning to Dean as he possibly could. That they are together in heaven as a "happy ending" is likely only because if not, it would have angered the other ship crowd as well. Just because it's a "through the lens of Sam" ship as Destiel is a "through the lens of Castiel" ship doesn’t mean either don't want their technical endgame. And they gave it to one, Dean would have been an afterthought in either scenario. Though I do think no previous showrunner would have made his death this drab and without fanfare, this unacknowledged and this much about tongue-bathing Sam. Not even Gamble.
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