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  1. I gotta hand it to you, peach. You called it before anyone. I for one never doubted you, lol. I mean, I saw chem while they were in the house but that jury house segment sealed the deal and made it obvious. Ridiculous how happy I am for those crazy kids lol.
  2. Supposedly there's small print at the bottom of the advantage that says if the idol isn't used by merge it's dead and they get their votes back.
  3. Prior to the show Frenchie (super-duper-invested BB fan) had claimed in a tweet (to Grodner, I wanna say) that he named his baby daughter Robyn Kass. Screenshots and comments about it should be near the beginning of one of these threads, maybe this one. Everyone here was properly horrified and the news pretty much killed any pre-season goodwill towards him, lol. Turns out it was a lie. I don't remember if he specifically talked about it in the house or if he just mentioned his daughter's name and it WASN'T Robyn Kass.
  4. Thanks, Nashville. I'm surprised but happy. I'd like to think it was my four texts that pushed her over the edge.
  5. West coaster reading all the posts here and it looks like it was only my stupid CBS affiliate that decided to squeeze in an extra commercial, so I missed the AFP announcement. When the show resumed Tiffany was thanking America. I mean I'm super happy for her, especially since I thought Derek X would win but I would have liked to have seen the actual announcement and the reaction. *shakes fist at station* . Did they say who came in second and third? Sounds like Julie also revealed that the votes were unanimous for X? You could kind of tell by each jurors comment while voting that it was for X
  6. Ok well that didn't last long, lol. See everyone on the other side!
  7. In her package during the premiere she mentioned being bi and not being out to many people and that everyone would now know thanks to BB. I don't recall reading on the feeds much about her talking about relationships. I feel like a lot of interesting discussions in the house were bubbled out. I didn't realize the feeds would even be shown today. I guess they'll close by early afternoon. I can't even believe the finale is tonight. What a long, strange summer it's been! I will add my appreciation for all our faithful feeds recappers who manage to condense hours of dreary minutiae into conc
  8. They hooked up? Yay! I was shipping them! Watch the video, lol. They're practically doing it right there on the couch! Loved those but I wanna see the rest.
  9. If she doesn't care about winning for herself, what about her parents? I thought she wanted to buy them a house? Why is X's nephew more important than her parents? She may now be saying that X is more worthy, etc, but she until the last day or so she absolutely would have cut him and taken Derek F. Even though he's been a shit to her for awhile now, it wasn't until the last couple of days when he started relentlessly going at her, telling her how unworthy she is and how he carried her, and trying to shame her for cuddling with X until she finally had enough. Prior to that she kept asking
  10. A lot of good questions have been raised about the SITD. I really hope TPTB have thought it all through, lol.
  11. Oops, you're right of course. I was counting Derek X as one of the women, lol.
  12. Not to mention his misogynistic attitude which he hasn't exactly been hiding since day one. Can't image a jury consisting of 7 women voting for him over Azah who at least won a comp and is a kind person even if she didn't do much game-wise.
  13. Well, D&D had always said the GOT characters would end up in the same place as Martin's outline for the novels, and he never disputed it, so I assume the broad strokes of the ending are the same. The hope is that (in the alternate universe where GRRM actually finishes the books), as we would be reading Dany's POV, we would see and perhaps understand the evolution of her descent into madness or whatever led her to do what she did. As overly-long as the books are, we know that at least it wouldn't be such an abrupt and character-destroying 180 from where she'd been just a couple of episodes
  14. It's from the cast videos. Either he said he goes by JD or Probst called him JD, not sure which.
  15. Agreed, he seems like an exceptional human being! Plus he lives very close to where I grew up so I have to root for him. It's worrisome that his pet peeve is "laziness and people who don't contribute to group efforts" whereas I'm seeing a younger contestant's pet peeve being "people who bark orders". Don't know if they're on the same team but it's probably a common pet peeve among the younger set, lol. Hopefully he can keep a lid on his annoyance and not try to take a leadership role.
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