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  1. Agree with Sisters. Also Once and Again, Millennium, and China Beach.
  2. kassandra8286

    Big Little Book Talk

    I believe in the book Bonnie used to witness her father or step-father abusing her mother. I don't remember the details, just some kind of flashback where little Bonnie was hiding under a bed or behind a couch. But Show!Bonnie is almost a completely different character than Book!Bonnie so I don't expect her backstory to be the same.
  3. kassandra8286

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/ct-met-illinois-recreational-marijuana-legislation-20190531-story.html Free Rory!
  4. kassandra8286

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    9:19 "Put the pen down, dear. We both know you're not writing anything." 😂 The small council meetings, especially this one: All the Tyrion and Cersei conversations in S2.
  5. kassandra8286

    American Idol on the charts

    Same here!
  6. kassandra8286

    Lionel, Katy and Luke: The ABC Judges

    She actually coached two seasons and is now back to coaching on the Voice UK, so it seems she hasn't left the franchise. I just can't with Katy and her narcissism. The only positive thing about the uselessness of these judges is I can get through a two hour recording in less than an hour!
  7. kassandra8286

    AI in the Media

    April 2019.
  8. kassandra8286

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Same here. I feel like no matter the topic, the discussion ends up devolving into pro-Sansa/anti-Sansa arguments. It gets tiresome.
  9. kassandra8286

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    I think that person has been totally discredited since they said David would get the boot after Rick refused to give him his half of the idol. Although it looks like they're reddit today still insisting that their F6 spoiler is legit. I have to say these fake spoilers that keep getting proven wrong week after week are at least making this season more a little more interesting, lol!
  10. kassandra8286

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Damn it. Now I think he's staying. Unlikely he'd be that blatant. If he does go tonight, and Chris does turn out to be the next EoE returnee, that tells me Alec from DvG really did get unfairly punished for his inconsequential little instagram pic compared to those two's much more obvious spoilers.
  11. kassandra8286

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    As anyone who's been reading this topic knows there haven't been very many reliable spoilers this season. A couple here and there such as Wendy quitting but also a lot of noise and nonsense. With that said, a poster on reddit who who claims to have a 3rd-hand source did correctly predict a few things like a "poor Aubry showing" and Rick returning from EoE. Now they say that Wardog will be the boot this week. So when Wardog boasted earlier this week Could it be he was talking about himself? LOL
  12. kassandra8286

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Although David voted against Julie's ally Eric so I don't know how close they actually are at this point. Something to keep an eye on, though! BTW he also said this: He seems to be very chatty and bordering on spoilerish. Maybe he's just trolling.
  13. kassandra8286

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Wow, I didn't even recognize Kit at first with his Cersei 'do, lol. Also I'm kind of sad he's able to cut and color his locks freely now. 😞 RIP, Harington Hair-Watch.
  14. kassandra8286

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Oh sorry - the one from yesterday in the post by @Chick2Chic, just to the right of the pic with Jordan and Rafe. Also totally LOling at the one with John, Leo and Diana. The promo pics are the best part of the show these days! ETA: Wow, you weren't exaggerating! That is so cringeworthy.
  15. kassandra8286

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Why does everyone keep going through Claire's jewelry box? Especially JJ, of all people. Boundaries, people! And if Claire's story is that she's taken up stealth smoking (lol) I don't know why JJ would be "troubled". Kinda weird since he's typically not involved at all with those characters. I know it's due to Haley but it still seems strange that he would give two shits about Claire having a lighter. In fact, I was taken aback for a moment yesterday when he referred to Tripp as his cousin. Is it just me or does that Ben and Ciara pic look kind of porny?