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  1. I saw him too! He brought the two girls' lost bag to the hotel manager. I haven't seen him since, though his name's in the credits. I thought he did fine with his one line, lol. Then I remembered that he and Mike White were both on the Goliath tribe and it all made sense. Nice of Mike to throw him a gig.
  2. Good point. I wasn't thinking they beat her necessarily, maybe just gave her the old arm-twist-grab-the-gun maneuver (if that's even a thing lol) but yeah, I'm not complaining either!
  3. We're meant to assume Lani and Eli overpowered Vivian when she came to shoot them, in fact one of them made a passing comment about her being an old lady. I guess they didn't have the the budget to try and stage the scene or just don't GAF and want to be done with this story as much as we do, lol.
  4. Damn it. I am way behind on watching my recorded episodes but thought he looked so good. I was so hoping he could somehow beat this. Damn it. What an emotional roller coaster this week has been. From crying tears of happiness yesterday to tears of sorrow today. Rest in peace, Alex.
  5. It's a weird expression, plus the color of the photo is washed out. I thought she was nude at first! LOL They're all pretty bad, with the exception of Wally and Judi. They look great, everyone else, meh. Oh, except for the actress who plays Gwen, she looks good too, but that could just be because she's not wearing flannel for once.
  6. I legit thought it was a bedazzled human heart at first! LOL Remember that old episode of either Alfred Hitchcock or the Twilight Zone where it turned out the woman had killed her husband with a frozen leg of lamb? Then she cooked it and served it to the detectives. Voila, no more murder weapon. Genius! I thought this episode was boring for a Friday. I couldn't remember this morning if I'd even watched the whole thing. I checked and it turns out I fell asleep two-thirds of the way through, lol. Were these power-outage episodes filmed post-COVID shutdown? I was looking for ca
  7. I still have this bookmarked, who knew, lol: http://web.archive.org/web/20140329222834/http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/forum/855-big-brother/ S15 was the current season at the time of this archive and its live feed thread is in General Gabbery, but sadly I don't think any of the older season live feed threads are there. I vaguely remember some great TWOP purge, maybe that had something to do with them not being copied over. I don't really know what I'm talking about, lol. The site is pretty messy and a pain to navigate, the topics are in order of most recent post so you
  8. Their words are being broadcast. If they say unkind things about someone they should expect to be judged by viewers. If they say unkind things about someone regarding a trait that person can't help, they should expect to be judged harshly. Ian's friends and family are hearing what they say and when Ian gets out of the house he will too. It's hurtful, thoughtless, and immature behavior. I understand that tics, whether they be stimming, vocalizing, stuttering, etc., can make people uncomfortable. But you're on a damn TV show. Either keep your thoughts to yourself or face the consequences. T
  9. I thought Martha was a good Belle recast and Jay was a good Philip recast Don't forget MBE, who was the second Kayla. The original (brunette) Kayla is the one who dated Chris Kochisek, played by the actor who now plays her brother, lol.
  10. Love the logo lol #SOCIAL and Amelia Earhart 😂
  11. Hey, they may not be flashy and they're certainly underedited, but K&D are quietly kicking ass and accumulating fantasy points by finding idols, playing them correctly, and winning individual immunities!
  12. No, they showed the initial EOE menu and peanut butter cost one token. Tyson only had one at the time, the one he found and then pretended he was peeing so Rob wouldn't suspect anything, lol. The second token he found he spent on the return challenge advantage. So I guess they gave either gave them a new menu with higher prices, or Parvati still has three tokens left?? Not sure.
  13. Right. Rob (or Ethan, I couldn't tell) asks her how they're going to "manage the consumption" and she says she buried it and "we'll have to find a way to tell the others to sneak off independently because we can't be going off as a group", and Rob says "sounds good". Then Amber joins them and the scene ends. I'm going to assume that "group" means everyone but Yul and Wendell, which goes along with what Natalie expressed in the episode when they were looking for the advantage.
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