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  1. Convoluted, yes. But a surprise at least, with it not being Summer's fault. I don't think anyone did. Hmmm... wonder if we'll ever hear what happened with Summer? To be honest, I was half expecting one of the murders Zoey was talking about to be Summer, until I realized Orpheus caused the car accident, thus causing the deaths of Adrienne and the baby.
  2. Oh, so you're one of those Spuffy fans. LOL. I actually liked Buffy and Riley too. And I liked Spike,, but hated him with Buffy. My heart though belonged to Angel from the moment Buffy's cross burned into his skin when she hugged him. I'm happy they've stayed together all this time. I always felt bad for him knowing he never got to know his Dad. He wasn't that bad a character, really. I know I compared Ben to Angel, and that's because Ben is dating Ciara, but really with his medication, he's probably more similar to chipped Spike. I wonder if Ben feels torturous pain if he punches someone? Guess not, since he didn't has any reaction after he attacked Evan/Christian. I miss JJ, btw. And speaking of characters no one liked, I liked Paige. Oh, not liking nu-Zoey yet. The other actress seemed like she could hold her own against Orpheous. Nu-Zoey not so much.
  3. In a way, the storyline with Ciara/Ben is like Buffy/Angel, except Xander never accepted "good Angel", where in Salem, everyone is cool with "good Ben". Eve, or someone else, really does need to be there to remind Ben of what he did.
  4. I know most posters here hate CIN, and I get it. And I wish the chemistry between the 2 actors didn't involve one character that was a serial killer. But that can't be changed now, well unless they create a doppelganger, and it's probably too late for that. However, as a CIN fan, I love how their relationship has been a slow build, kinda like the super couples back in the 80s. Again I wish they'd never made Ben the serial killer. He could have been a "bad" guy without going to that extreme. But that was a different writer, who was obsessed with Chabby and couldn't see RSW's potential. Hope is clearly not thrilled about the engagement. And, when Ciara mentioned Bo giving his blessing, I imagined the eyerolls/groans from this forum. But with a soap opera everyone accepts the ridiculous. I wasn't watching at the time, but didn't a dead swamp baby end up being Bo's daughter? Or something like that. LOL. It would be nice if the show had the budget to have the wedding at St. Lukes with with a real priest/pastor, but I suspect we'll have a wedding at the park with Julie or Marlena officiating, and barely no guests. Poor Ciara doesn't even have a best friend to be a bridesmaid, or throw a shower for her, or friends to attend. They really ruined that group of SORASed teens, didn't they.
  5. Ciara's braid reminded me of the shorter braid Kayla wore all the time in the 80's.
  6. I once read, probably at DR, that the contract actors have wardrobe to choose from, but that the non-contract ones wear their own clothes. No idea if that is true or not. However, CB (Gabi) being a contract actor, would theoretically, not be wearing her own clothes. That seems odd, especially since they brought him back due to the audiences positive reaction to him and Gabi. The Last Blast gang? Isn't there rumours some of them are back - Chloe, Belle, Shawn, maybe Philip. Edit to add link to casting comings/goings at DR: https://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/casting-news-rumors-2020-t41659.html
  7. No official word, just speculation per people at DR who have insider info. Here's the link to the DR thread where it's discussed: https://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/social-media-for-the-weeks-of-4-27-5-1-t41985-s60.html
  8. Remember that cryptic instagram video CB posted a while back. Well according to DR, Gabi is gone. So she must leave with Rafe, Will and Sonny. They also speculated that she was offered less pay, turned it down, then maybe accepted the lower offer, but as of when the show went on break she wasn't yet back. I actually thought Zoey and Rafe had a spark of chemistry, but if the original Zoey is gone soon, and of course Rafe is gone in September, it doesn't matter. It's funny though, how much more I enjoy Rafe since they got him out of Hope's life, and I may even miss him once he's gone.
  9. Just popping in again. Hopefully I can get back in the habit of coming here. I know I'm at a small table mostly by myself over CIN. But something even stranger has happened! I no longer hate Kate Mansi's version of Abigail !!!! And I'm loving the scenes of her with Jack and Jennifer. Finally family scenes. Too back JJ isn't there, but 3 out of 4 is a start. Brady, Brady, Brady !!!! Seriously, taking the blame for an attempted murder. Of course in Salem, that will barely result in a slap on the wrist. Unless, of course, they need to use the prison set a bit longer. Back to Abigail and her hallucinations and drugging. Gabi is too obvious. Could it be Orpheus and Evan, since they were talking about "what we did" right before a scene with Abigail. What's the connection with Orpheus and Jennifer anyway? I can't remember. I surprised myself by being so happy to see BB, Stefan/Jake yesterday. I didn't realize how much I missed him, and glad they've brought him back.
  10. Hi folks. Haven't been here in a while. Hope everyone is well. Still watching the show pretty much every day, however, I skipped the April Fools show. No way could I stomach seeing Daniel. So happy the Stevano storyline is over. Love, loved the scenes with Steve and Jack the other day. Also loved the lengthy Steve/Kayla flashback today. Poor Justin. He's going to get his heart broken, isn't he. Love that Will and Sonny are revisiting having another baby. Yes, I'm still a Cin fan, and thought they were so cute when they were in bed earlier in the episode. But was surprised when Ben attacked Evan. Hmmm... is he off his meds?
  11. As a CIN fan, yup, that last scene got to me. 😊 But, most of the episode pertaining to Ben was ridiculous. Which annoyed me, as for the most part the writing and the actors were treating the storyline seriously. Then the last couple days, it's become a farce. And the final straw was Rafe barging into the room with HIS gun drawn. Like why? Just stupid. 🙄
  12. As I've mentioned before, I am a CIN fan, but Ciara dragging Evan into the prison, even had me eye-rolling.
  13. Am I really the only one on this forum who was moved by the scenes between Clyde and Ben. James Read is such a good actor, that I believed he felt remorse for his past. I also believe if they kept him on the show, he could easily become the new "big bad" and be much more threatening than ridiculous Stevano, and poor geriatic Victor and love-sick Xander.
  14. In his own twisted way, Clyde has been trying to change/make up for his past behaviour towards Ben back at least to when Abigail first got pregnant and Ben thought he was the father, and Clyde bought Ben and Abigail a house.
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