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  1. I like both Allie, and nu-Chanel. I know Allie, and Tripp for that matter, tend to be boring, but every character can't be over the top in your face all the time.
  2. Totally amazing! I kept trying to figure out if he was reading his lines, or had them memorized. If memorized, than even more amazing! As I've posted many times before, I LOVE almost anything that involves siblings or family. I loved the Kim, Roman/John, Kayla, Bo siblings back in the 80s. And adored Mike and Jennifer. So Johnny and Allie is cute to me, and having Will there, even via video was great too. I never saw them when they were a couple before, but I think they have great chemistry, and hope the plan is to put them together.
  3. You're probably right. And, as a Buffy fan, I guess I should be able to handle the campiness. LOL.
  4. I was on my long hiatus during the 1st possession, and not sure if I'm looking forward to it this time, or not. Hopefully it won't get too campy. So far, though, I'm preferring it to some of the other storylines currently airing like Gabi/Jake/Brady/Philip/Chloe, as well as Ava/Rafe/Nicole. How can those storylines be so repetitive and boring? Maybe the fact that all those characters are just in bubbles, and have no family connections? Well, except for Brady. And speaking of Brady, where is Kristen supposed to be, anyway? Back to family connections, that's what I loved about Days
  5. I know they really do list 5 words during the dementia test for the patient to try to remember. However, did those 5 words sound familiar to anyone, beside me? I wasn't positive, till I saw Ron's tweet, tagging Sarah Cooper.
  6. Per DR, the actress is Zuri Starks, and she was previously on a May 2021 Chicago Fire episode. https://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/jason47-s-weekly-thread-week-of-9-13-9-19-t43276.html
  7. I don't care about most of the same characters / storylines. However, I am a Cin fan, so did watch their scenes, and the girl who was the plantation guide was really, really good. So worth watching if only for that.
  8. Jake, even with his annoying accent, was more interesting when he wasn't trying to be CEO of Titan or Dimera.
  9. Today was the first time in a while that I turned off the show due to lack of interest. Not interested in Bonnie, and not interested in Gabi / Jake, In fact I'm extremely tired of Jake and his annoying accent, and sick of scheming Gabi. Also bored with the Chloe/Philip/Brady, and Nicole/Ava/ Rafe triangles. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  10. I thought she quit because her feelings were hurt when TPTB advised her that they were putting the Hope character on break for a few months, so she'd not be needed for a bit. Also thought there were plans for a big storyline for Hope, when the character returned, but she wasn't interested in waiting / returning. Could be more, of course, but that's what sticks out in my mind from the interviews she did at the time. Still not a big fan of Gwen, but it was interesting that her lie ended up bringing up painful memories for Jack. Abby and Chad were fine, and it worked that their sce
  11. Basically the same thing happened with me. I live in Canada, so would see the promos for the show long before even the first episode ever aired, and I hated the promos. So I never watched even 1 minute of the show until earlier this spring when I decided to give it a try. And I was pleasantly surprised when I found I loved it. Ended up watching the entire series, and was sad when I got to the last episode. So promos don't always tell the full story.
  12. I'm so out of the habit of watching, I kept forgetting to watch all week. However, I did see some clips from yesterday on The View's Twitter acct, and it was great seeing Star again. I really liked her a lot in the early days, and fortunately wasn't watching much during her Bridezilla time, so my opinion on her never got tainted. The rest of the co-hosts seemed so happy too. Great to see. I love the idea of having the past co-hosts visit on Fridays, however, it's too bad (or maybe not) that Whoopi takes Fridays off. If she's not there, the chances of Rosie O agreeing to visit are
  13. I don't miss Hope at all, but with so many storylines where she should be there, her absence is glaring. But I'm not sure I want a recast. as I didn't like Cady's version of Jennifer, and suspect I'd feel the same way about someone else playing Hope.
  14. It's showing as "Video unavailable" for me, so I think it's only viewable in the US. So here's the Youtube version if any one needs it.
  15. No idea whatsoever who they are. I wish they had kept them separate as well, because though I think those scenes needed to happen some day, I think they should have happened on the real show, not the streaming one. I think I was on a Days break when Austin Peck took over, so I never really saw him in the character much, so he'll always be nu-Austin to me. LOL I also loved all the pictures at the end. Family is what Days was always so good at, so it was great seeing them all together. And Drake is so good when he's in Dad mode around the kids.
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