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  1. buffynut

    Spoilers And Shockers

    A surrogacy story would be great. The co-parent Ariana, but I could see Sonny wanting to have a biological child of his own.
  2. Maybe it's the heat affecting my logic, but I thought Kate Mansi isn't half bad in this trailer for her upcoming movie;
  3. Me too. In fact, I haven't watched yet this week. ☚ī¸
  4. Things are really dragging with this Nicole/Kristen thing. And it is getting BORING. So TIRED of Haley. On one hand, Ron slows a storyline down so much that you don't care anymore. Or, he moves it along too quickly (Haley) that you don't care about it either. There must be a way to find a happy medium speed of story telling.
  5. buffynut

    Spoilers And Shockers

    LOVE IT. 😀 😍 Wonder if that's the beginning of Tripp's exit? I really hope he's Tony, this time. 🤞
  6. Oh, and here's a scene that was cut from, I guess, today.
  7. I'm a Cin fan, so don't hate all the screen time they're getting, but as I was watching today, I realized they've become the new Chabby. And about the Christmas ornament, here's a Tweet from last week, where Rob replied to one from Ron. Probably a joke. Or not. Either way, Christmas 2019 scenes have already been filmed. 🎄
  8. I forgot about Paul's exit scenes. Maybe that's why watching yesterday it felt like deja vu. I did enjoy the episode yesterday. Though it did make me see, yet again, why Belle and Shawn should be on the show. For me, KDP,, is just playing a character named "Eve", and not the same character CR played. I so wish Show hadn't made him the Serial Killer. It should have been Daniel, who they got rid of shortly after, and even "foreshadowed" as the killer in that scene when he was creepily looming over a sleeping/unconscious Marlena.
  9. Neither can the mayor. 🙄
  10. A tweet from Sheri Anderson: Definitely one of my favourite Days storylines. It was so unexpected, and affected so many characters. Wish they were able to write stories like that today.
  11. buffynut

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Haley's back already ?!?!?!? 🙄
  12. Hmmm.... interesting, as I think I read on the DR forum earlier in the week, or maybe last week, that someone (an actor-can't recall who) posted a pic of their dressing room and it was GV's dressing room number.
  13. I hate to be so negative about a memorial, but I can't help it. With decades of history, I really wanted to see some flashbacks of Caroline and her family. If film flashbacks are too expensive, then just have a couple posters of pictures of the characters, and simply pan over to it, after each character's "speech". And I have to nitpick the speeches too. Other than John, did any of those character's "memories" happen onscreen? Surely they could have dredged up something, even recent for the recasts, that we viewers would remember. The best scenes didn't even take place at the pub, but with Victor/Kayla and Victor/Hope. I guess my expectations/wishes were just higher, as usual, than what the show can produce. 🙁
  14. I also don't fault Ron for not waiting for Patsy to be available, because well, "the show must go on". And we don't know what type of surgery she had, or the recovery time. Plus the timing fit in with Will's illness, so storyline-wise it might not have worked as well to wait.
  15. I can deal with the mask changing the wearer's height and muscle tone, because what else can they do. And the voice is believable when they're with other characters But it totally throws me when "Nicole" still sounds like Nicole, when she's alone in a room talking to herself. Would it be too difficult to use Stacy's voice for those scenes?