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  1. buffynut

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    It's been 7 years since I lost my Mom and 5 years for Dad, and I still have trouble saying they've "died". No way would I have been able to talk about a "deaddadclub" the first Father's Day after we lost Dad. I'm not on social media, however, the first several months after my Mom died, I did find "comfort" in reading (and crying over) posts on online forums where other people had also lost their moms. So I do understand getting support from other people who are also dealing with grief. But, for me, "deaddadclub" is too crude, and somewhat cheapens the memory of the dad you're mourning.
  2. They should never have made Ben the serial killer in the first place. He was a good looking, younger male character, not related to the Hortons or Bradys, which meant he could be paired up with all different Salem women, but they went ahead and "ruined" his character so they could write him, and 3 other characters off the show. Now that Ben's back, I can accept he was mentally ill when he killed those women (and "killed" Will), but I really DID NOT like his threat to Rory the other day. Being a serial killer is not like having a "bit of a temper". If they want us to root for Ben, keep him on the meds, and don't have him using his past as a means to scare/threaten/intimate other characters
  3. I TOTALLY HATED IT !!! I know Ben had a violent side, long before he killed anyone, so it's not out of character for him to threaten someone, however, I don't feel that "Ben on his meds" would joke about, or reference, his serial killer past that way. Even to Rory. Although, interestingly, it was a male he threatened, and not female. As he did promise Ciara he'd never threaten to harm a woman again after he kidnapped Gabi for Stefan. But again, threats are one thing. But unless they're going to tell us he was "off his meds" again, referencing his "serial killer" past just seemed like a bad writing decision,. IMO, of course.
  4. I know I'm in the minority group who like both Ben, and Cin, so maybe that affects the way I'm seeing this storyline, however, I really like the way everything is falling into place. It's almost like (unlike Dena) Ron had a planned out spreadsheet of how things would evolve. I mean, if Jack hadn't run for mayor, Eve wouldn't be the police commissioner. And if Eve wasn't Claire's confident, she wouldn't protecting her. And if Ben hadn't killed Eve's daughter, she wouldn't be so much out for revenge. So all the pieces fell into place so that Ben would be explaining the logic of why he's certain Claire is the one who set the fires, to someone with "deaf ears". And, really, isn't that everyone's fear, that you know the truth, but no one will listen.
  5. Guess I wasn't paying close enough attention, as I missed it.
  6. When I posted about Cin being the only "happy" couple, what I actually meant was they're the only couple I see any resemblance to the ones I liked back in the day, like: Jack/Jennifer, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, Shane/Kim, John/Marlena, Pete/Melissa, Mike/April, Carrie/Austin, etc. Of the "under 60" couples, we have Ciara/Ben and Sonny/Will who actually like each other and are dealing with issues. I guess JJ/Haley like each other too, but I feel they pushed them too fast, and I'm not seeing any chemistry between them. If anything, I probably saw more chemistry between Tripp/Haley, and it might have been fun to watch their fake marriage evolve into a real romance. Tripp/Claire: No longer rootable at all, and can't see them getting back together. Lani/Eli: I actually like them, but we've seen so little of them that's it feels too soon to be giving them an obstacle to push them apart. Were they even living together yet? Hope/Rafe have been a disaster (IMO) since the beginning, so there's no way I'm rooting for them to get back together, rather I'm hoping this is the final nail in that "romance's" casket. Hope/Ted: thought I might like them as a couple, but I can't stand Ted now. And, for that matter, I can barely stand Hope. Wish the show would back burner her for a while. Sara/Rex/Eric/Xander/Brady/Nicole/Kristen: The only couple I care about seeing together is Eric/Nicole, and since the part of Nicole is currently "being played by Kristen Dimera", there'll be no happiness for Ericole for a while. Maybe Sara/Xander? They kinda had chemistry. Sara/Rex, however, are boring, Sara/Eric doesn't work with my Ericole shipping self, plus it was too fast. Brady/???: short term might end up being with Kristen, but she's hardly his soul-mate Chloe/???: not sure if Chloe/Stefan or Chloe/Brady are the couple to root for Gabi/Stefan: there may be chemistry, but I can't see them being a long term couple Jack/Jennifer: I am rooting for them to get back together, but it's not a "romance" by any stretch of the imagination, at this time Eve/Jack: definitely not a super-couple type of romance And that's it for "couples", right? No wonder Cin are popular.
  7. [snip] Didn't something JJ did end up getting Rory arrested? Something to do with Clyde, I think? Over here at the Cin fan table, I'm "Poor Ben-ing". 😉 I think part of it is Cin is the only "normal" couple onscreen right now. Except, I guess, John & Marlena. Seriously, is there any other "happy" couple right now?
  8. buffynut

    Spoilers And Shockers

    So it seems. 😞
  9. buffynut

    Spoilers And Shockers

    There's more Spoiler tweets including this one: You can see all the Tweets here: https://twitter.com/TheSalemRoyals
  10. I don't remember my first TBBT episode, but it was either the 1st or 2nd season, and I eventually became a huge fan, never missing an episode, plus watching every weeknight in syndication. A few seasons ago, likely from a combination of the characters, and myself, growing older and changing, my interest in the show faded. And this season I think I only watched once, until last night. So my "review" is based on limited knowledge of this season. Likes: Loved the elevator working. Loved Amy's makeover. Loved the restaurant scene with Sheldon & Penny. Liked seeing Howard & Bernadette's kids. Liked that Sheldon (and Amy) got the Nobel Prize. Liked that Penny seemed ok about being pregnant. Liked seeing Cinnamon. Dislikes: Hated that Raj is the only one still single. Disliked Stewart's incompetence, as has been already posted, he's been taking care of the kids since they were born. Confused with why Sarah Michelle Gellar was a guest star. Missed Sheldon's Mom. Missed Will Wheaton. I know it's impossible to fit everything into a finale, and as finales go, it had more positives than negatives. However, and not sure if this is good or bad, it didn't really feel like a series finale.
  11. buffynut

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I just saw the very beginning, but turned it off before they all sat down. Guess having Carnie Wilson isn't a big enough draw to keep me tuned in.
  12. I'll admit to being a sap, and feeling bad for Haley. However, I wish soaps didn't have to rush their stories so fast these days, and that we'd had a year, or at least several months to get to know her before her immigration status became an issue. She should have just been a background character doing nursing at the hospital, and then slowly build to making her a main character in a storyline. She still could have the JJ connection, but he would have known her from his job. And Tripp might have known her since she came to the cafe for lunch, you know with maybe another nurse, or even a friend, you know like Theresa's friend Anne. But, alas, the show can't afford more cast. 🙁 Anyway, curious to hear Melinda's story.
  13. Since your "today" is now "yesterday", this could get confusing. So I'll use the day of the week instead of yesterday and today. And all I really wanted to say was, since I found Tuesday's episode boring, I glad I missed Monday.
  14. buffynut

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I was a fan of Wilson Phillips too, and even saw them in concert back in the day. I was also a fan of Donny & Marie, and I'll have to wait to see her a few shows before I can truly form an opinion, but all the praise she heaped on the other co-hosts just felt over the top and fake. Not to mention I was totally distracted by how different she looked. 🙁 I know she's a Mormon, but does she bring religion to every topic?