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  1. I'm kind of impressed that Ron has decided to, instead of just rescue Sarah, send others to the deserted island as well. It may end up being stupid, but for me it's an unexpected twist. And since I wasn't watching during Possession 1 or Melaswen, neither story feels like a rehash to me. Gwen, though, really is getting worse and would seem unredeemable, but this is Days, so likely a stay at Bayview, and all will be forgiven.
  2. It's really not a good look. Scanning her Tweets, her hair looks much better in pics she's posted. It was hard to know for sure which pics were current, but found this one from November, which, granted, was months after what we are watching was filmed, but her hair style and colour looked great then.
  3. Thanks for posting the interview, brisbydog. 🙂 Glad it didn't give away any major spoilers like those interviews sometimes do. And, yes, I realize this is the spoiler thread. LOL
  4. I missed that she had a suitcase, so Googled and found this clip. And, yeah, the suitcase makes no sense. 😕
  5. I was just going to post that Abigail had the Salem brain today. LOL
  6. Impersonating Sarah to Maggie is so cruel, and unnecessary. Why couldn't she have just put the mask on so the voice thing would work, and then phone Maggie, and tell her she was ok. Still mean, but slightly kinder than showing up in person.
  7. What did I just watch? Enough with the fake out dreams! And no words for the life-sized teddy bear. 🙄
  8. EVERY time someone says or does something stupid or unexpected I now think it's the devil. Like when Ben showed up back at the Cin "apartment" after he'd told her not to let anyone but Belle in, and she opened the door to him. I was sure he was going to morph into Marlena. That was unusual, and again, I wondered if it was really Maggie. I also thought maybe the scene was written for Victor, and changed to Maggie when JA wasn't available. That actually wouldn't be a bad thing. Though really, they need someone younger running Titan. Too bad Victor didn't have a son wh
  9. So it seems the devil morphing into someone fake-out, is going to be the new Kristin wearing a mask impersonation fake-out. Sigh.
  10. Yes, per Jason47's Facebook page: Fri 2/4/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Mon 2/7/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Tue 2/8/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Wed 2/9/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Thu 2/10/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Fri 2/11/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Mon 2/14/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Tue 2/15/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Wed 2/16/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Thu 2/17/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS Fri 2/18/22 PREEMPTED WINTER OLYMPICS https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2290511707757757&id=137323003076649&__tn__=K-R
  11. I'm not on Twitter or Instagram, so this is all hearsay from posts I've read while lurking on the DR site. So it appears I'm the only Cin fan to not know (or care) that VK and RSW may have been having a real life off and on fling. Other Cin fans, however, keep a close eye on things, and noted that VK stopped following RSW on Instagram some time over the Christmas holidays. This, apparently, coincided with RSW posting pics of him and his new girl friend. I think RSW has stopped following VK, as well, but that wasn't as clear. So now the question is, how will this affect the show.
  12. I agree. Someone needs to get seriously hurt or killed. Even if it's just an extra or two. The only time the devil has really felt threatening was when Doug was possessed. Bill Hayes made me feel something bad could happen. Mardevil and Johnnydevil, not so much.
  13. Poor Raven being tagged, and then feeling she had to post her private health info for the world to see. 🙁
  14. My tv channel lost reception so I missed the last 15 minutes. Read what happened on Twitter, though, and I'm sure we'll see a flashback on Monday. My reception, btw, worked fine for the Susan vomit scene. 🙄
  15. I hope so too. Sarah and her cutesy voice and actions really got under my skin. I haven't watched GH in decades, but I loved Robin, and can't imagine anyone not liking her. ☚ī¸
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