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  1. I sort of agree with the poster who said there's kind of a meanness to this show, in that you're rooting for people to lose money, but it didn't bother me this week, because that first contestant was so obnoxious with his "I used my gut" and his hogging all the questions on the final round and getting half of them wrong. I was annoyed the much smarter monkey-loving woman was saddled with him. It occurred to me last week that Ken might have been throwing the last part of the competition, because he didn't seem altogether comfortable with looking people in the eye and taking money from those who could really use it. James I believed he wanted to beat those contestants, and I was especially happy when the guy lost. It wasn't clear if the contestants competing for the amount of money they won for the pot or an even split? Because if it's the latter, that's not fair at all. The guy won 50 grand less than the woman, and he would've taken some of her money? If you're playing for the money you banked, that's fine. This is a fun midseason replacement (and eons better than The Hustle afterwards), but the idea of wealthy trivia geniuses looking people in the eye and taking their money doesn't quite sit right with me. So, I hope the contestants are obnoxious, to make it easier to root against them. Otherwise, this show is kind of mean.
  2. The reign of Big T was delightful. She and CT are a hilarious odd coupling. And that challenge was made for them, too. Aneesa going back with Fessy proves he needs a woman to do the thinking for him. Now they both have skulls, and aren't exactly "easy" match-ups for the skull-less, they can perhaps coast to the final. Kaycee trying to keep her coalition, which includes Josh and Fessy, together reminded me of the guy crying behind the smiley mask meme. Sorry, Kaycee, Level 6 is not walking through that door.
  3. When the Doctor was going on and on, using every adjective under the sun, to describe what a Dalek is and why they're bad, all I could think of was how Russell T. Davies communicated those exact sentiments in "Dalek" using one look from Christopher Eccleston as Nine. Or the amazing way he used the Daleks to reveal more about the Doctor's character. I miss the days when Doctor Who was well-written. Jodie Whittaker deserves better.
  4. I half-think that, and I half-think Josh has this weird "if you're not with me, you're against me" mentality left over from BB19, and because Jay is floating, he sees Jay as not "with" him. And Josh is sort of not wrong there. I think Jay senses the hierarchy in Kaycee's coalition and knows he'd be close to the bottom, plus he has a MTV vet partner. Since all Jay wants to do is not get thrown in, he's going to lean on his social game and jump ship whenever he senses he's becoming a target. So, oddly enough, Josh is probably right in that Jay will not stick with their alliance, but Jay is also probably right not to do so.
  5. Kaycee suddenly remembering, with startling clarity, why she didn't align with Fessy during BB20.
  6. Between last season and this one, Wes is really playing the role of the wizened veteran. "In my day, we didn't stab people in the back when we were walking ten miles uphill in the snow." I hope Kam realizes she cannot trust the Big Brother alliance, and they will stab her in the back the first chance they get. She'd be smart to realize her pre-determined role in that hierarchy and stick with the "MTV vet" side of the house.
  7. If anyone else has said this, I apologize, but anyone find it kind of funny/sad that Koracik was talking to Meredith about how neurosurgeons make the best lovers, when Meredith was married to a neurosurgeon? And neither of them commented on that? I absolutely adored that conversation, it was vintage Grey's: two doctors having a witty, inappropriate conversation about sex. While I'm not "happy" that Meredith has to be intubated, I am mollified because I did not want Grey's going down the "she got the miracle cure!" route (especially given monoclonal antibodies are not indicated for severe patients like Meredith). As they seem to be progressing along the timeline (explaining the cytokine storm in severe COVID patients, activating surge capacity), dexamethasone may be in her future. This was a decent episode, but it was missing that extra emotional "something" the show has had since the season started. The beach adds a lot of atmosphere, and I found myself missing it. Bailey's storyline was a good substitute last episode, but this one was ... lacking, to me. Maybe because all the other subplots (human trafficking, Teddy's sexuality) seem so small in comparison to COVID. Have a safe and happy holiday season, everyone!
  8. This is sort of where I'm at, although I appreciated the reveal at the time. But it was less of a "main course" and more of a "cherry on top of the sundae." I did not think it was even close to the best part of the show. As someone whose knowledge of Star Wars until very recently was "I saw the original triology and liked it," this show feels accessible, and not intimidating. I can follow along, despite not knowing all the mythology. And I am hopeful the creators are aware they've attracted more than Star Wars fans (especially with a POV character so unfamiliar with the world) and not go too far "inside baseball" into the Star Wars universe in the future. Because I thought the finale itself was outstanding. All the thematic elements of the season coming home to roost. The culmination of a cohesive character and story arc for the show and its titular character. I was on the edge of my seat, cheering and crying and feeling so much, it was almost cathartic. Others have commented on how perfect that final scene was, and I adored it, too. The perfect amount of repressed emotion spilling over. So quiet and heartfelt, it was as if we were interrupting a private conversation. The acting, directing, music-- everything was top notch. This show not only deserves to be nominated for Emmys, but deserves to win them. Or at least Golden Globes. To me, The Mandalorian was the perfect show for 2020: the bonds we form through trauma, the things we do that were unthinkable a short time ago, and everything we're willing to give up to keep the ones we love safe.
  9. If that was Will and James' winner's edit ... what would their loser's edit have looked like? THIS. I never understood why the alliance all went along with keeping the strongest teams in the race, giving them all tougher competition in the end. For all the Survivor/Big Brother strategies these teams adopted, "drag a goat to the end" was not one of them.
  10. I'm with Kyle: Fessy seriously saw one ring, a giant arena and thought, "I don't know if that's a physical challenge?" Fessy is a wuss. Free Aneesa! However, I'm watching Vendettas now, so I got a kick out of the Rookie Class of (Season) 31 team-up of Kyle and Kam. Plus, it made Josh so annoyed, and that's always good TV. Can they retire these Survivor-type "reveal the hierarchy" challenges on these shows, since they were broken by none other than Natalie in her first Survivor season? (Also, I continue to lodge my objection to the idea that "winning a daily challenge" is at all equivalent to being a "double agent." It's like ... words have meaning, MTV. You can't just declare someone a double agent because it sounds cool.)
  11. I agree with others who understood why Gary and D'Angelo took the penalty. And give the other three teams the satisfaction of watching them stagger to the mat in last place? Nah. Opt out of the whole corrupted task. I also think the way they were cutting back and forth between the mat exchange and their confessionals was confusing. For example, I didn't think Gary said, "The race sucked," to Phil, but in a confessional. I could be wrong, though -- it seemed the camera angles changed and you very pointedly did not see Phil at certain times. Hopefully, Will and James' decision to align with the two most consistent teams, one who is faster and by far better athletes than them, and one with far more patience and attention to detail than them, over the inconsistent, older, slower team, bites them in the rear end.
  12. I've watched newschoolers gang up on oldschoolers in Survivor and Big Brother within a few months of each other, so yeah, I'm kind of over it. I'd even settle for Leroy/Kam to realize the Josh/Kaycee/Fessy/Amber core alliance is going to turn on them, and stab them in the back first. I'm over newschooler mega-alliances waltzing to the end simply because they build them too big to fail and they're all literally best friends so they don't turn on each other. I would give my eye teeth to see one of these newschooler alliances stab each other in the back. Play to win. Not "get out all the big players, and then initiate a pre-determined suballiance pecking order." Mega-alliances suck the joy out of reality TV, as nobody thinks for themselves. It's all for the "alliance." Most recently Big Brother, but Survivor had overtones of it in the last couple seasons, too. So yeah, I'd love to see The Challenge break out of that mold. I'd give anything to see a newschooler "we're all besties" alliance implode, even if it means the people who run this show for years keep running it. Maybe it would force the newer people to change up their strategy again, and that might be something worth watching.
  13. Has anyone producing this show ever watched a spy movie in their life? How does winning a challenge make you a "double agent?" You say that word, but I don't think, etc. It's even more interesting that as Big Brother takes over more of the show, the show gets more like Big Brother, with the voting in secret. However, I give that "we know who voted for who" twist to last maybe another week before people start burning votes and hiding their alliances. I wish that every last reality show this year didn't feature an obnoxious group of newschoolers who ran the game, though. I'm over it. Let the oldschoolers foil their plans at least once. Maybe this is one group of oldschoolers who won't be led like lambs to the slaughter, and one newschooler alliance that will implode on itself. But: 2020, so I don't hold out great hope.
  14. I think others have touched on it, but what hit me when I saw George is what the show has been missing: normalcy. George was a regular guy. Normal. Down-to-earth. He was the proverbial everyman, to me, and when the show lost him, they lost that perspective. I can't tell you how much I needed to see the guy who personified normalcy, in the middle of a COVID episode. Because nothing feels normal. But George was normal. And like Meredith saw George, even through a dream/hallucination, maybe that means we can get normalcy back someday.
  15. I missed this ... does it seem like they're going to hook up? I've been manifesting this into the universe for a few months now, for the lulz. Curious if it might actually happen.
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