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  1. Eolivet

    S21.E09: Whacktivity Competition #3; Nominations #3

    I thought his power was just re-picking for the Veto. Wasn't Ovi's power was changing nominations (unless he willed it to Jack, which actually wouldn't surprise me if that could happen). The non-Level 6 folks last year, whose alliance name I've forgotten, didn't do a lot right, but Scotty gave the blueprint about how to deal with a dudebro duo when he put up both Brett and Winston: nominate them both, and one will go home. Sure, the other one will be coming after you, but there's one less of them.
  2. Eolivet

    Masterchef (US)

    Yeah, I was hoping Liz and Sam would go. I thought Michael could cook, he was just so frazzled from losing the team challenge and seemingly having a useless partner. Sam was the one who suggested the seventh dish (a slider), which was something they definitely couldn't pull off. He was also the idiot who cooked the fish in the stainless steel pan in the prior challenge after being warned constantly to use a cast-iron pan -- both by his station leader and then by the judges. I'd have sent him home just for that.
  3. Eolivet

    S21.E08: Live Eviction #2; Head of Household #3

    I don't understand what was so earth-shattering about what Chrissy heard from Cliff. Ooh, a guy who barely has an alliance has teamed up with two people outside your alliance (including one who isn't even back in the game yet) and has successfully deduced that several people that appear to be sleeping together are couples?! She might as well have awakened everyone by screaming, "water is wet, you guys! Water is wet!"
  4. Eolivet

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I keep hearing Beavis and Butthead's neighbor, who always talked about them "whacking off in [his] tool shed." Then I think of Howie. Yeah, I wouldn't use "whack" for anything Big Brother-related.
  5. Eolivet

    Masterchef (US)

    I agree with everything people said about Micah's tart ... but for Sarah. At least Micah restarted his caramel. Sarah burnt hers, shruggie-emoji'd that she had no time to fix it, the judges said it tasted like cough syrup and ... she's one of the first two safe?! What .........? I didn't mind Evan. He was so over-the-top, made-for-TV transparent that I couldn't find him offensive. He was just playing a part. As others have said, straight out of central casting. Uninspired. Like most everything about season 10. I felt bad for ... the girl I keep wanting to call Keytruda (which is a lung cancer drug, so I'm pretty sure that's not her name) with her lack of peaches. Especially when they panned over to the people that took WAY too many. I know that it's the name of the game, but I felt badly for her. Like, the woman who put 12?!?!?!?! into her tart seemed excessive, to me. And I know it's a competition. But she didn't seem like she got to the pantry late -- people were just hording them. I don't know, it didn't sit right with me. So I'm glad she was safe.
  6. Eolivet

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    Because Jack decreed it on day freaking two. But at the Veto comp, Jackson's name was still Jackson and on the Whacktivity comp board, it was Jackson as well, so I was really hoping CBS was giving Jack the big middle finger, because houseguests cannot dictate what other people are named! But he must rub someone the right way in production, because sure enough in the HoH comp, Jackson had been re-named, as per Jack's decree. No wonder he thinks he can dictate the game -- production is basically letting him. I don't like Big Brother: Edge of Extinction other than it's over by week four, but kudos to the posters who pointed out if it ends up that all the minority contestants end up living in that less desirable room together, with all the white people in the nicer rooms downstairs, that is really, really awful.
  7. Eolivet

    S21.E02: Season Premiere (Part 2)

    Devil's Advocate here ... I followed the live feed thread for a couple seasons, and then had to stop because it took away my enjoyment of the show. Knowing there were heinous people that were being edited into America's Sweethearts completely killed my interest. I became so preoccupied with what the editors chose to show and what they chose to hide that it spoiled any enjoyment of it as entertainment. I don't need to know how truly awful these people are. I would honestly rather think of them all as dumb reality show contestants in a social experiment for a lot of money, all of whom lacked the good sense to say "no, I do not want cameras following my every move 24/7!" For this episode at least, I am very happy that CBS appeared to nip Jack's "I will suddenly give Jackson a different name 'cause I feel like it" power trip in the bud. Dude's name is Jackson, not whatever Jack decides to call him. Even if having two guys with "Jack" in their name is too confusing for his teeny-tiny brain.
  8. Eolivet

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    With Michelle Schubert's appearance on American Ninja Warrior, that's now eight former Millennials vs Gen X folks who've been on reality-ish TV again (Michaela, Zeke and David back on Survivor; Chris and Bret on Amazing Race; Jay on Ex on the Beach; Adam on Let's Make a Deal; and now Michelle on American Ninja Warrior). I feel like that has to be some type of single season record. Which means either this was a really good cast or they cast some pretty big famewhores.
  9. Eolivet

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    I had a feeling Team Fun wasn't going to win. Becca did a freestyle rap filmed at Hearts of Reality last year where she referenced how money and winning weren't really important, and while I know teams can lie, it always rang true to me. But I wanted them over Victor and Nicole. Nothing against Victor and Nicole, but they're the same brand of dating couple we've seen on the Amazing Race since time immemorial. They just happen to be a little more "famous." Becca and Floyd had a unique dynamic, to me -- especially since they were strangers to start out with. So they didn't have a preexisting relationship, they formed one. I liked that about them. I'm glad they got a second chance, at least. I will especially miss Floyd smoking the Detours and Roadblocks, thanks to his collegiate drum major skills. It was a joy to watch him "work."
  10. Eolivet

    Judging The Judges

    Nickelodeon's "All That" did a pitch-perfect imitation of how bad the judging is on The Masked Singer. Beyonce, Ariana Grande and The Rock were all judges on a "celebrities wear masks and do video game dances" show, and it poked fun at how self-involved (Beyonce kept guessing herself) and vapid (Ariana Grande offered bland praise to everyone and The Rock just spit out bon mots and stupid guesses, a la Ken Jeong) the judges were. It even mocked how out of touch the judges were when the dancers were "revealed." None of them supposedly knew Billy Ray Cyrus had a career, and kept calling him "Miley's dad." The best part was when Nick Cannon turned out to be host and one of the dancers, because he appears on so many shows. The kid who was Nick Cannon was amazing.
  11. Eolivet

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Well, that's better than Chris and not as good as Bret finished in their Survivor season, so I'd call it a wash. At least they were clearly in the back of the pack when the time came -- I'm just happy they didn't lose a race to the mat. Is it just me or does the "we're going to be friends forever" seem kind of ridiculous on the reality show version of Amazing Race? I guess teams that don't really audition together, teams picked by casting have to say something. I believe it, it just sounded ... forced. From a team who seemed pretty authentic, it kind of fell flat to me. Man, that Survivor season produced some tight bonds, though. Airport drama was fun, but if they're spoonfeeding flights based on availability, I'm fine with it. I'd prefer this over what used to happen, where one team is 4 to 6 hours behind/misses a connection, and they try to clumsily edit like there's suspense, when really that team was eliminated 15 minutes into the show.
  12. Eolivet

    Survivor In The Media

    I agree, which is why I'm unclear why speculating about it is a bad thing. There's a difference between saying someone used racist language and calling someone a racist. Maybe it's semantics, but one actually happened -- one is a conclusion drawn out of it. I am curious who made the galling error in judgment to use racist language, and erroneously thought this was acceptable. And I think if you look at the evidence -- taking into account Julia's self-reported analysis of the contestants, the likely demographic where the offensive material could've come from, any firm denials, and the reason we saw absolutely none of it (i.e., why would they protect a newbie from nowhere vs a producer darling who was all but invited back for a fifth time) -- it seems fairly obvious to me.
  13. Eolivet

    Survivor In The Media

    Okay, I read Julia's essay, and I think it's Joe. The demographic fits (especially South Park), and I can see Joe honestly being that dumb. Plus, there's no reason why that might not have made the edit unless it was someone production was trying to protect (who cares if it's Eric?). In the essay, she's sort of dismissive of Joe, and makes it a point to say that Joe didn't carry Kama. She also says that she was never going to work with Aubry because Aubry was too attached to Joe. Julia has complimentary things to say about Aurora and Victoria, and sort of matter-of-fact things to say about others, but she side-steps Joe, only to say that being on his tribe was an advantage in the beginning. That could also explain why Ron was all for getting rid of Joe early in Kama. But Julia seems to be complimentary of the producers, as well (and I don't think it's sarcasm). Very interesting, and sadly enlightening essay.
  14. Eolivet

    Survivor In The Media

    Wait, what? I got this from the Reality Blurred article (unless that was sarcasm -- the tone wasn't clear to me). I get that the producers shouldn't have allowed the language (and that's a fine tightrope to walk -- you want the contestants to interact organically, but when do you step in?), but saying the show should be canceled because of it seems like a stretch to me. (my money is on Gavin or Eric, for what it's worth. If it was the former, it would certainly explain his invisible edit.)
  15. Eolivet

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    Since this was my comment, I will respond directly to it: I've never had a problem with Tyler and Korey before this leg. I went back and rewatched it, and it's ... edited quickly, but I can see how Tyler and Korey were being more matter-of-fact than snarky (though Korey, I believe, looks concerned). I wouldn't say they sounded upset they were going to beat Chris and Bret, but it was more neutral than I initially heard it. I question whether they needed to include the clip at all, except the editors had to show why Chris and Bret weren't going to win a leg where they were in first. So, mea culpa. And I promise, you won't hear a peep out of me about Tyler and Korey for the rest of the race. Scout's honor.