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  1. What exactly did Boston do not to deserve a mini-golf franchise? I found myself laughing at Double Dutch Courage, now on FIRE, because of how ridiculous it is to set windmills on fire, but I was absolutely grossed out by the "water" at Hole Number Two. Really, they have to make the contestants look like they're covered in human waste?
  2. I'm distracted by how much that one team looks like Cochran from Survivor. Both of them. The smug brothers so shocked to be in the bottom cannot go fast enough for me.
  3. I wondered if Lime sold more because of their "taste the truck" option for $125, which they actually showed at least one person ordering. I kept thinking that would be a good option to feed a large group. I'm a fairly new viewer, but it was interesting they didn't actually sell in Napa, and went back to San Francisco. I guess if it was during the pandemic last summer, there probably weren't that many tourists, and maybe they didn't want a repeat of Alaska's customer-free locales. It was 92 degrees there? Not exactly "the coldest winter I ever spent ..."
  4. Looks like Survivor: Brains vs Brawn (so hopefully shades of Cagayan and not Kaoh Rong). And they filmed closer to home, which makes sense. I never understood why they went to another island. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/australian-survivor/the-first-look-at-survivor-brains-v-brawn-has-finally-landed/news-story/ad9efb1f6b29e33ec9a9495ca566cf50 I found this while trying to find the Celebrity Apprentice ep where David presumably gets booted, so I can prepare myself.
  5. That team thinks their you-know-what don't stink, and getting away with not adhering to the parameters of the assignment because of their ~technical skill is just reinforcing their massive egos (like bragging they beat Tyler of Tyler-and-Amy in some Lego contest last week). I can only hope they're in for a shock boot.
  6. Steve's dish looked delicious, but how did he not get dinged for basically playing strategy when he sent someone up there who he clearly knew didn't have one of the worst dishes? It was a New York strip? Unless it was cooked to shoe leather or rawwwwww, Ramsay is never going to classify steak as a "worst" dish. Steve basically said he was playing politics with the choice. Hope it doesn't come back to bite him, he seems talented. Bri seemed to know exactly who the worst three dishes were. The joys of chronic anxiety: the overwhelming desire to please people means you can identify shoddy wo
  7. I don't think 21-24 is millennial, if you want to get technical. They're Gen Z, I'm guessing. I thought millennial ended in 95-96.
  8. Me, too. The first thing I said was, "kids are too small to get up on the toilet, that's why you have the potty." I don't know too many kids who want to have their feet dangling half a foot off the ground while they're just learning to do their business. Using this would involve putting a step stool or something they could put their feet on while they sat, so they wouldn't be afraid they would fall off. The reason the daughter felt comfortable enough to use the toilet when her mom was sitting there was likely because her mom was there, not because she had something supporting her back. Wh
  9. And Janine from David's original season is an adviser, right? This is perfect to tide me over until Australian Survivor comes back.
  10. FYI, Vevmo reports Challenge 37 has resumed filming.
  11. I thought the puzzles showcased works from female artists from around the globe. I never heard the woman say they were famous works of art. And I wouldn't want a puzzle version of Van Gogh's sunflowers, but a more niche, avant garde-type piece might look better as a puzzle. While I agree puzzles made out of pictures are obviously not new, I thought the point of these was to employ (or showcase) female artists. So, less of "famous works of art" and more "variations on businesses with a charity aspect/conscience." Much like Grace & Lace never claimed to have invented socks.
  12. Jay set himself up to have a huge rivalry with Bananas on the Ex on the Beach Reunion, but it never made sense why Bananas would have a problem with him. Morgan pretended to like Jay, and then went off to The Challenge and pursued Bananas. Bananas is the victor. Jay is the loser. Does the windshield have a rivalry with a bug? I think Jay is massively insecure in this company, and it comes across in how he presents. Fessy with his styled jackets and tailored pants. Cory in his suit. CT in his well-fitting father figure cool. Kyle in his button-down shirt. Even Josh looking somewhat put tog
  13. This may be a very unpopular opinion, but I think we may have seen the last of TAR for good. Unless they decide to do a U.S. version, there is no way they can leave the country. Where are they going to go? Europe, which requires vaccine passports? Africa and South America, which don't even have vaccines? Asia, where some vaccines are of questionable efficacy? And countries with quarantine requirements are out, right? Unfortunately, all that may be left are the countries with the raging outbreaks and sporadic access to vaccines. I think the "get on a plane and travel around the world"
  14. CDC updated their quarantine guidance, which now states 7 days after travel, if one tests 3-5 days after travel. I'm beginning to wonder if MTV tested them after travel at all, just tested them before, quarantined for 7 days and then let them loose. In which case, they could very easily miss a positive test. And yeah, I would guess the entire cast and crew now has to quarantine for at least 7 days (with a negative test on day 5 or later) or 10 days without testing. But like you alluded to, if anybody else develops symptoms, that's game over for the season, I'd imagine.
  15. I can see someone breaking protocol, and I put that on MTV's shoulders. If the producers tried to bring them to a bar or club, instead of creating Club Quarantine on set, that's asking for trouble. Or since they quarantined for two weeks, someone would have to have tested negative, but be so sick, they were shedding virus two weeks later. That would expose everyone, and shut down production, if not cancel the season outright. I'm beyond curious to see what happens next.
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