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  1. They separated Josh and Kaycee (who barely appeared) -- they were sitting together last time, which led me to wonder if this was filmed prior to or after last week's reunion. Which did nothing to quell those COVID rumors either. Loved hearing about the bunker. More bunkers, please. Contestants should not be comfortable when a million dollars is on the line. I know I'm a broken record, but: trauma leads to bonding, which leads to better TV than you'll ever get in a mansion. A few weeks ago, I would've said the U.S. is interested in stopping a global pandemic, but since we've prioritized sports and reality TV filming over public health, maybe I'll see you guys back here sooner than we think. Stay safe!
  2. From the interview. Not sure if this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek: I think the showrunner perceives the show very differently than the public. As a newer viewer, I always thought The Challenge was ... well ... trashy. A Big Brother-type show where challenges were a backdrop to people hooking up. As Kyle said on the reunion: when do we move into the mansion? I don't know if if that's MTV, or who they cast, but my very first Challenge episode ever on season 33, Cara Maria and Paulie were listing all the places they were going to have sex. That's not going to win you any Emmy nominations. If The Challenge wants to change its perception with the public, this season was a good start. They need to cast people in existing relationships or those there more for the competition than the hook-ups (note: that doesn't mean they should shy away from contestants who bring drama, just not romantic drama). More bunkers, fewer mansions (more Survivor, less Big Brother). Dee's self-destruction may have saved the season in a sense, because they were forced away from the romantic drama. They have fifteen-whatever years of history with these contestants, and when they were forced to mine that, it produced their most compelling stories. But as someone who loves reality competitions with a psychological element, I never dreamed of watching The Challenge until recently because my perception was that it's MTV stars hooking up in a mansion, now with competitions. Not saying that's accurate, but if I thought that, I couldn't have been the only one.
  3. There are 14 countries in the world currently accepting American travelers? I continue to doubt this is as "imminent" as they say. But we're filming Big Brother in the middle of a pandemic, so ...
  4. I also called this final early on, but is Ari really going to lose to Wes Adams 2: The Wes Adams-ing? On a season where Chef Alex doesn't seem to be laying down and dying for Anne Burrell? I wonder.
  5. Tonight was a rerun? I'd never seen it. But boy, those Descendants 3 kids were vapid. How could neither one of those Mensa candidates figure out what Kermit and Miss Piggy would never order at dinner? And "lip injections?" Their money was showing.
  6. Vernon Davis? Is he some kind of Challenge super-fan? I can't see TJ stooping so low as to host, but ... that was so random. Tori was there, but no Jordan? Don't they live together? Also, I was obsessed with why Jay would have a couch literally blocking the door behind it. Did he push a couch into a room specifically for this? Who does that? I can't believe this thing is going to be two weeks long.
  7. What?! Okay, answer me this: who's going to get food for the contestants? And the crew? How will they have no contact with the outside world? Since the contestants can't be masked, are they crossing their fingers that nobody in the crew breaks quarantine? Or the cast? And how will quarantine breaks be dealt with? Slap on the wrist? Cross your fingers and hope for the best? It's like ......... they do know the latest science on this is that poorly ventilated indoor spaces with lots of close contact and no masks is ideal breeding ground for this virus? And all it takes is one person to break quarantine (cast or crew) and then enter that poorly ventilated indoor space. Will the cast and crew get COVID tests every few days? While regular people continue to wait more than a week?! I can't. I hope the governor shuts it down, I'm sorry. Filming now in the middle of a raging pandemic is a slap in the face to public health.
  8. Wonder if Fessy was tempted on The Challenge. As to the news there will likely be no Big Brother this summer, I refer to the paraphrased words of the wise baseball player, Sean Doolittle: "[Reality shows] are like the reward of a functional society."
  9. Someone on Vevmo (but not the main spoiler source) posted filming starts "the 2nd to 3rd week of August." I can find no record of that anywhere else, but I find it laughable, as I cannot see any country that would take any Americans at this point. They're going to face the same problems as Survivor, in my opinion: quarantining the cast is hard enough. Quarantining that many crew members to produce an overseas show will be nigh-on impossible.
  10. That was the Vevmo rumor for next season. Also: Dee is still there, oops.
  11. They had to light fires and did the tribunal by lighted torches? Hey, I always wondered what cold weather Survivor would be like. I agree this went by too fast. What I wonder is if the blizzard made it impossible to do some planned challenges on day two, if it would've been too dangerous to stop and they just had to get them up to the top of the mountain as fast as possible before, as Kyle said, they all died. Had this gone on longer, it would've been close to what the War of the Worlds final was, to me: epic scale, brutal challenges and a war of attrition. Day two was sadly anticlimactic. However, I found this an overall better season than War of the Worlds (my first season, so I'm a relative newbie) because of the relative lack of hook-up drama. Dee getting booted from the edit was the best thing that could've happened, because it forced the show to focus on non-romantic bonds, and discover a more emotional core. Whatever Total Madness was in the latter half, it wasn't (that) trashy. And the '90s soundtrack! Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Chumbawumba (!), 10,000 Maniacs and Filter. Can we have a '90s soundtrack every year? It fit so well. I also think the bunker played a huge part in how good the season was. People bond when they go through psychological trauma and a beach house ain't it. Brutal challenges, more settled veterans, more newbies not looking to hook up, and throwing them into an atmosphere of deprivation created a stronger product, for me. It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). See you all on the other side of the pandemic.
  12. I've never been so happy to see someone miss out on the million. A single rich white kid who plays poker for fun, puts an engagement ring for his long-time girlfriend up as a prize and asks for a Tesla (which the show bumps up to two Teslas), plays a flawless game until he hits two Whammys, somehow hits the $100K twice with extra spins, plus the two Teslas, and misses out on the million by less than $20K. A balm for my soul in 2020. If someone's going to win the million, I want it to be someone who needs it. He wasn't it.
  13. Interestingly, my closed captioning said of Bruce Smith, "he had two hands on the table" (which I thought wasn't allowed). One of the younger guys kept saying it over and over. What I was struck by (other than how they bent over backwards to give the hall of famers money) was saying the Kansas City Chiefs running back was a Super Bowl champion. Meaning this had to be taped in February after the Super Bowl (since by March, they seemed to have COVID-19 restrictions in place). Which makes the audience and all the handshaking and hugging even more egregious and icky. California did have cases by then.
  14. I'm so happy that Adam's ridiculous fleur-de-lys non-idol play from Survivor didn't win for reality moment that I don't even care that I think Chaka Khan had a set amount of episodes in her Masked Singer contract, and that's the only reason Gronk beat her.
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