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    Judging The Judges

    Nickelodeon's "All That" did a pitch-perfect imitation of how bad the judging is on The Masked Singer. Beyonce, Ariana Grande and The Rock were all judges on a "celebrities wear masks and do video game dances" show, and it poked fun at how self-involved (Beyonce kept guessing herself) and vapid (Ariana Grande offered bland praise to everyone and The Rock just spit out bon mots and stupid guesses, a la Ken Jeong) the judges were. It even mocked how out of touch the judges were when the dancers were "revealed." None of them supposedly knew Billy Ray Cyrus had a career, and kept calling him "Miley's dad." The best part was when Nick Cannon turned out to be host and one of the dancers, because he appears on so many shows. The kid who was Nick Cannon was amazing.
  2. Eolivet

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Well, that's better than Chris and not as good as Bret finished in their Survivor season, so I'd call it a wash. At least they were clearly in the back of the pack when the time came -- I'm just happy they didn't lose a race to the mat. Is it just me or does the "we're going to be friends forever" seem kind of ridiculous on the reality show version of Amazing Race? I guess teams that don't really audition together, teams picked by casting have to say something. I believe it, it just sounded ... forced. From a team who seemed pretty authentic, it kind of fell flat to me. Man, that Survivor season produced some tight bonds, though. Airport drama was fun, but if they're spoonfeeding flights based on availability, I'm fine with it. I'd prefer this over what used to happen, where one team is 4 to 6 hours behind/misses a connection, and they try to clumsily edit like there's suspense, when really that team was eliminated 15 minutes into the show.
  3. Eolivet

    Survivor In The Media

    I agree, which is why I'm unclear why speculating about it is a bad thing. There's a difference between saying someone used racist language and calling someone a racist. Maybe it's semantics, but one actually happened -- one is a conclusion drawn out of it. I am curious who made the galling error in judgment to use racist language, and erroneously thought this was acceptable. And I think if you look at the evidence -- taking into account Julia's self-reported analysis of the contestants, the likely demographic where the offensive material could've come from, any firm denials, and the reason we saw absolutely none of it (i.e., why would they protect a newbie from nowhere vs a producer darling who was all but invited back for a fifth time) -- it seems fairly obvious to me.
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    Survivor In The Media

    Okay, I read Julia's essay, and I think it's Joe. The demographic fits (especially South Park), and I can see Joe honestly being that dumb. Plus, there's no reason why that might not have made the edit unless it was someone production was trying to protect (who cares if it's Eric?). In the essay, she's sort of dismissive of Joe, and makes it a point to say that Joe didn't carry Kama. She also says that she was never going to work with Aubry because Aubry was too attached to Joe. Julia has complimentary things to say about Aurora and Victoria, and sort of matter-of-fact things to say about others, but she side-steps Joe, only to say that being on his tribe was an advantage in the beginning. That could also explain why Ron was all for getting rid of Joe early in Kama. But Julia seems to be complimentary of the producers, as well (and I don't think it's sarcasm). Very interesting, and sadly enlightening essay.
  5. Eolivet

    Survivor In The Media

    Wait, what? I got this from the Reality Blurred article (unless that was sarcasm -- the tone wasn't clear to me). I get that the producers shouldn't have allowed the language (and that's a fine tightrope to walk -- you want the contestants to interact organically, but when do you step in?), but saying the show should be canceled because of it seems like a stretch to me. (my money is on Gavin or Eric, for what it's worth. If it was the former, it would certainly explain his invisible edit.)
  6. Eolivet

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    Since this was my comment, I will respond directly to it: I've never had a problem with Tyler and Korey before this leg. I went back and rewatched it, and it's ... edited quickly, but I can see how Tyler and Korey were being more matter-of-fact than snarky (though Korey, I believe, looks concerned). I wouldn't say they sounded upset they were going to beat Chris and Bret, but it was more neutral than I initially heard it. I question whether they needed to include the clip at all, except the editors had to show why Chris and Bret weren't going to win a leg where they were in first. So, mea culpa. And I promise, you won't hear a peep out of me about Tyler and Korey for the rest of the race. Scout's honor.
  7. Eolivet

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    I thought Chris and Bret pulled a very Survivor-like move by U-turning the (O)Reilly sisters. They weren't in Chris and Bret's "alliance," they made it clear they had no interest in working with Chris and Bret. And there's that classic Survivor move, going back to Lil and Johnny Fairplay (or even before): I know I'm (probably) not going to win, and I want to make sure you don't either. Tyler and Korey also dropped in my esteem with their snide "oh, won't they be so mad when we beat them" comment about Chris and Bret. Yeah, yeah, raaaaace, but just uncalled for.
  8. Eolivet


    I've been traumatized by bats ever since my mom, who's a nurse, treated a patient who was bitten by a bat in a garage while he was working on an old car in Cape Cod, and had to be medflighted to Boston. The patient got rabies, deteriorated violently and had what sounds like a terrifying death. Maybe it's #notallbats, but bats are carriers of rabies, which to me is so much more frightening than Zika.
  9. Eolivet

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Bringing a discussion about underwear and how long we had to see contestants in it, from the Reunion thread: In the more recent past, it always seemed like they were in their underwear until close to the merge, then in their bathing suits the rest of the time. The last time I remember that is Heroes Healers Hustlers, because Ryan was in these skinny red boxer briefs until he mercifully got pink swim trunks. I want to say they did that in Ghost Island, too, but I'm hard pressed to remember bathing suits in David vs Goliath. I always thought they made them wear their underwear and then bathing suits specifically so they weren't wearing the same "undergarments" for 39 days. But in the last one (two?) seasons, maybe that hasn't been the case? I can't think of a reason why they'd suddenly want contestants in underwear the entire time vs a bathing suit, unless people were getting ... infections from wet bathing suits? But wouldn't underwear have the same risk? Or women didn't have adequate support? I'm stumped.
  10. Eolivet

    S33.E16: This is the End

    That was ... bizarre. Utterly bizarre. I can only surmise that Turbo was even more aggressive than they showed onscreen, because why they would show their winner in that totally weird, petty fight with Ninja and Dee (who I guess we were both supposed to hate because ... they're women?), when all it did was make Turbo look volatile and unhinged. Honestly, Turbo showed so little (appealing) personality that it was like one of the challenge beasts on Survivor actually winning. Like ... yay, you can compete, and everyone was so scared of you, you were never put on the Killing Floor. But "Uber-Competitor Wins Competition" is not a really ... satisfying ending? Theo was cute and was sort of involved in the house drama and alliances and had a bubbly, fun, competitive personality. He had a story, being Cara Maria's partner, plus the U.K. alliance. I have no idea why they kept him hidden for half the season. This must've been why it was The Wes Show, because they literally had to have someone with a modicum of personality as the narrator. I laughed when they made it seem like his third place finish was a win of sorts. And "hang out with reality show hookers." I loved Wes. But yikes. What a weird finish. And were the editors sick the day they taught editing in editing school? Try Not To Show Your Winner Acting Like A Huge Jerk If You Don't Have To doesn't seem like that much of a stretch, but I guess it is MTV.
  11. I'm happy to see Chris and Bret are doing so well. They were in a day 1 alliance on Survivor mvgx and always voted together, and clearly would've kept voting together until the end if Chris hadn't gotten voted out. So, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Chris and Bret are meshing well. It does surprise me that Bret was good at puzzles this past episode, because he never won one of them on Survivor. It also doesn't surprise me that Bret said nothing about Uganda and being gay. Being gay is clearly something Bret kept to himself until he was on Survivor (and that scene where he sort of "came out" to Zeke), so I can see him not bringing it up here. That's obviously his personality (although it cracked me up that Chris kept talking about Bret bringing cute boys up as guesses for the silent rave).
  12. Eolivet

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I hate to beat this dead horse again, but is there anyone who believes Hannah or Ken is the rightful winner of mvgx? Adam won because he got rid of David and Jay, and was the only one at the end who the jury thought did anything. I doubt that Adam's sob story turned 6 people who would've voted for Hannah or Ken. Was what he did in bad taste and exploitative? Yes, I can see that. But I have a hard time thinking that of the three at the end, Hannah or Ken were "robbed" (and certainly not in the way Chrissy was robbed in Heroes Healers Hustlers, or even how Dom was robbed in Ghost Island). To me, it's more along the lines of "Adam is a bad winner, and what he did was in poor taste, and I'll never root for him because of it" than "Adam only won because of his sob story," which would mean Hannah or Ken would've won, had it not been for Adam's sob story, and I don't think the latter is true. Like Chris Underwood, he was kind of the best option of the three that were left, to me.
  13. Okay, I was willing to accept that fishing was a coincidence and boating was a coincidence, but this Amazing Race challenge actually ended with a Survivor-style puzzle as a head-to-head. In order for equal show representation, I propose a challenge where a RAT named KCOLBDAOR asks teams to bring the order of the eliminated contestants, OTEV-style.
  14. Eolivet

    Fix The Show

    I don't want to see contestants in athletic gear, although I'm all for giving them more wardrobe options. Survivor New Zealand was great about this -- they had color-coded wardrobes for each tribe and when they swapped, they switched their wardrobes. So, when blue swapped to yellow, they put on their yellow stuff, etc. and at the merge, everyone had two full sets of clothes. But if they're staying in Fiji for the foreseeable future, the location is now basically a soundstage. I think the women should have more substantial (regular) clothes and please, let's not put anybody in jeans ever again, but the dilapidated suits and outfits still have some charm to them, for me. There has to be a happy medium between "light dresses, jeans and underwear" and "full-on athletic gear." Plus, putting them in athletic gear and having them compete on a constructed soundstage is ... basically The Challenge. What's next -- having them sleep inside?
  15. Eolivet

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    Adam was friends with Angelina beforehand, not Nick, I don't think. Through the transitive property, Angelina and Nick seemed close, but that seems minor. If we're looking for a way for Yul to have a connection with anyone outside of Parvati, he and Adam both went to Stanford. Years apart, but sometimes alumni bond with each other.
  16. Eolivet

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I wonder if Tina lost her spot to Amber. There was scuttlebutt about Rob dropping out, and this could've been the incentive to get him to play. Jenna had to be treated with narcan at one point -- no way would she have been asked. I also think the Todd rumors were just rumors, because he's a liability too -- moreso than Hatch. The rumor was Brian was not asked -- I think they're done with him. I'm happy Mike wasn't asked either (apparently Danni shares his politics -- I tend to think it's more distancing themselves from Worlds Apart than that). I also never thought his game was that impressive because all he did was immunity win his way to the end, and then he was the least awful person there. Late immunity runs by Michele and Nick obviously secured their wins, but Mike had to win a lot more, if I recall correctly. And there's no real strategy in "win comps and don't be awful." Even Ben actually had to go out and find idols, and had a legitimate threat in Chrissy to beat. With a lot of these winners, I'm curious how they'd change up their strategy the second time around, whereas I feel Mike's would be exactly the same. And who wants to see "win comps and don't be awful" again?
  17. Eolivet

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    I was actually sort of shocked Laine won. They pimped Alejandro hard, and they shrank Laine's teeny-tiny country rock box into a teenier, tinier "southern country rock" box. Simon would've called every last song he sang tonight "indulgent." Elton John seemed like the most he had to stretch, and that wasn't that far. Way to stay in your ... lane, dawg. But Alejandro wasn't much better. Every song he sang sounded the same to me. And what the heck was "Millennial Love?" I couldn't find anything about it that was millennial -- except the side hustles he kept mentioning at the beginning, all the different jobs he clearly had to do for ... love. Or to make ends meet -- one or the other. Madison was in over her head. I feel like Madison's lack of emotional connection became a running joke that even the judges acknowledged. Bobby Bones: Hey, America! Watch Madison pull emotion out of the song. America: But that trick never works! Bobby Bones: This time for sure! Madison: ::sings song without emotion:: At last America moved onto something we'd really like. Or at least that we'd connect to a little more. Can't Maddie Poppe just have a two-year reign? She can come back next year and sing all the songs she was denied this year as the rightful winner, and I can put shock collars on all the judges to deliver a bolt of electricity whenever they mention "Caleb." Repeat after me, judges: He. Didn't. Win. Honestly, I'm just excited to see which judge(s) get cut in the offseason. I hope they show us live, complete with gushing praise beforehand. Then Seacrest dims the lights and eliminates one of them onstage. Now that would get ratings. Congrats, Laine. I hope you have better luck than Maddie getting a featured solo on the show you won.
  18. Eolivet

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    As anyone who hung out around Sucks can attest, this was crazy up-and-down rollercoaster ride, with nobody having good information. Earl's wife just had a baby, so he was widely considered not to be asked. Tina went back and forth, mainly due to IG activity. Vecepia was not asked, and went public about it. Todd was considered in, and then out (if you're going to hate Adam for something, he may have replaced Todd). Hatch was pretty much thought to be a lock, especially since he put his Scruff profile (I don't even know what that website is, not sure I want to) on "Away." Rob was touch-and-go for a bit, with rumors of him dropping out about a week ago, widely debunked (now we likely know what he negotiated for). Social media activity (Cameos on "away" mode and IG stories of going away parties) widely confirmed Nick, Wendell and Michele early. Natalie and Parvati had twitter activity on the finale day -- but that was thought to be people posting for them. Adam had social media activity the day after the finale when no one else did, putting his spot in jeopardy (I personally think Jay was trolling all of us). Then suddenly Chris D. deleted his social media, and his wife followed the all-winners IG, so maybe he was on? And then two people (trolls) on Twitter said they spotted Fabio at LAX? And would they actually ask Chris U.? (that was ruled out fairly quickly). And what about JT in all this? Natalie White was considered an alternate, but someone said they saw her at a grocery store. Tom Westman's cousin (?!) chimed in that he'd talked to Tom, and his health wouldn't allow him to play. There were people coming out of the woodwork being like "I saw X Survivor winner at work today." There were competing lists, competing sources, and absolutely zero people had Ethan or Amber -- they were just not even considered. Yul was always a hope, but we didn't know because there was no way to confirm. There were tears and bloodshed and multiple locked threads, and two people who had a 15 page knock-down-drag-out fight over Nick's game in DvG ( ... don't even ask). But at long last, the spoiler casting war is over, and we survived, and I'm home, and can't wait to discuss this season with all of you guys when it airs.
  19. Eolivet

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I am home with my people, who I adore. I need therapy after time on Sucks, and they had more than a few wrong, so this was a fun surprise. Personally, I'm fine with the recency bias -- the only season in the 30s where winners could theoretically return was Game Changers (because Second Chances folks by definition didn't win), so you had to think an all-winners season would have a number of winners from the 30s. And they really are going up against heavyweights. So psyched for this!
  20. Eolivet

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    I feel the need to share this song parody from the Rob Has a Podcast "Wandoff" several weeks ago, which sums up the season perfectly, to me:
  21. Eolivet

    The Fox & the Goat: Survivor Gameplay Archetypes

    I think calling Gavin a Fox is pushing it. He was Victoria's Bunny, and I thought he was a Bunny until the end. He tried to pretend he was a Fox at final tribal, but those long, floppy ears kept coming out. You get no votes if you're controlling everything or if you're not a threat to win. Gavin played Victoria's game the entire time, and rode her coat tails (fox tail). Every single vote -- back to the Eric vote -- was "uh, I gotta go check with Vic." That's not a Fox player, to me.
  22. Eolivet

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Gavin was such a faceless nobody and Julie had such a joke of an edit that I found myself rooting for Chris at the end. Giving up immunity and going against Rick was a baller move. I thought he won the season at that point. Also, I thought his tribal council answers -- specifically the one to Lauren about the sales technique -- were brilliant. And hey the "overhead shot is indicative of a winner" thing is ... still a thing. Best of a bad situation/final 3, for me.
  23. Eolivet

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    (guess I am here now after seeing Survivor 38 spoilers in a Survivor 40 casting spoiler thread elsewhere) So, is it possible reddit saw this and decided, based on their reddit-ness, that obviously this means Victoria won? When it's possible that Chris does? Chris honestly has more of a story arc than Victoria, despite being absent for ages on Edge of Extinction. I'm officially out of the Survivor edit-guessing business if Victoria wins. I thought I was out after Wendell, but Wendell was the nicer guy, so I convinced myself I needed to look more closely at character. But I need shows that adhere to normal hallmarks of storytelling, with clearly defined characters. If this is the outcome, there was a way to edit this season, and this character, so it wasn't just reddit judging the best faceless series of moves to be worthy of a winner. Victoria would've been a great love-to-hate villain or even a Kim Spradlin-like puppetmaster. Even now, I can't decide if I like her, because I know so little about her as a character beyond her game moves. And if this happens, watch out for holy hellfire from casual Survivor fans. A triumph of the redditors is not what Survivor needs as a veteran series with declining ratings every year.
  24. Eolivet

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    Which is why I can't fathom they won't announce the cast at the 38 finale and/or flip the 39 and 40 airings. If they don't, then Entertainment Weekly or Hollywood Reporter or even someone outside of that finds out and spoils the cast for the all-winners season. If CBS announces it tomorrow, they control that narrative. I know people have said they didn't announce All Stars (another spring season) after Amazon, and to that I say: it was 2003/2004 and social media wasn't a thing. Maybe it kills the excitement for 39, but if the 40 cast is leaving soon, I feel like the show's sort of painted itself into a corner otherwise.
  25. Eolivet

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    I agree with that. I'm sure this is semantics, but I didn't mean Victoria not being likable means she's "unlikable." Just that "likability" is a requirement for a winner. I don't see a lack of "likability" as the same thing as being "unlikable," though I can see that's confusing wording. I believe you have to know someone for them to have "likability." You either have to know their game (underdog winners like Mike and Michele, to an extent) or you have to know them as a person (those the show tried to paint as swell people, because they weren't their season's main strategists, like Wendell and Adam). I don't know anything about Victoria's unique game, nor do I know much about her as a person. So to me, that's not a winner. But I do agree Victoria doesn't have an "unlikable" edit. She's not Angelina or Chrissy or Rodney, Dan Foley or Will. She's Chelsea from Ghost Island, and that's almost more unforgivable, story-wise -- seeing as this is the final five and she's been in the majority alliance the whole time.