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  1. I was sad for the kids that the Byers were moving -- but it makes all the sense in the world that someone finally GTFO of town after three rounds with the Mind Flayer! Especially given how Will is basically a receiver and Elle has been Enemy No. 1 against it.
  2. jmonique


    Katharina can be a nasty piece of work in every timeline, but I couldn't figure out why she was so horrid to Grown-Up Jonas while shouting out who he was to Martha? I imagine S3 will track how Grown-Up Jonas became Charbroiled Jonas/Adam, but I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around how he could end up doing such a 180 in regards to time traveling.
  3. jmonique

    In The Media: Fresh Off The Press

    It's been renewed for a sixth season!
  4. jmonique

    S12.E22: The Maternal Conclusion

    I think they were saying liking a woman is great, but marry for love. Not out of a desperate fear of being alone. And maybe find someone who’s interested in the same things, rather than giving up your own life and identity and settling for someone because they’re there. If Raj had truly loved Anu, I doubt Howard would have stopped him.
  5. jmonique

    S12.E22: The Maternal Conclusion

    Yeah, I thought it was rather fitting that Raj’s biggest romantic scene on the show was dedicated to his bromance with Howard. I thought Leonard confronting his mother was a natural next step after drawing a line with Sheldon and pushing for advancement at work. Penny’s given him the unconditional love he’s never felt before (as touched on in this episode), and he finally feels on enough stable footing in one area to assert himself in others.
  6. jmonique

    S05.E20: Gone Rogue

    Flash S1 was my favorite show in a long while. But I missed last night's episode, read a synopsis, thought about pulling it up to stream and figured I'd see what you all thought first. Yeah, I think I'm going to pass, Which is huge, given how much I once loved this show, but I did not sign up for 20 episodes of "Nora West-Allen pitches a tantrum."
  7. jmonique

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Nora West-Allen is perilously close to destroying my interest in this show. Also, is Carlos Valdes filming a movie or something? Where the hell is he?
  8. jmonique

    S06.E19: Lumbar Support and Old Pork

    Allison Janney is very gifted, but Bonnie's entitlement is out of control and not entertaining.
  9. jmonique

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    Methinks the writers don't expect to be renewed.
  10. jmonique

    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    So, whatever happened to Lt. Commander LaMarr? Also, if Bortus hadn't told his child, who was obviously way too young to keep the secret, this entire episode wouldn't have happened. It was irresponsible.
  11. jmonique

    S06.E12: Casecation

    I find it hard to believe that Amy never covered kids in premarital talks with Jake. But other than that, the only thing the show needed was more Kevin!
  12. jmonique

    Season 1 Discussion

    The "Will they or won't they" of Will and Angie is inevitably going to be more interesting than if these two get together. They're both somewhat nice and neurotic. The idea of watching them together just doesn't intrigue me. I get that the kids are caricatures, and that the kid who plays Rory is surprisingly capable for a kid his age. But his ego is out of control.
  13. jmonique

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    The one problem I had with the escalation of the impromptu wedding was the behavior of Cam and Mitch. Purely self-centered. They chose to go to the wedding. Grow up and deal with missing the show.
  14. jmonique

    S05.E21: Under the Taipei Sun

    The thing this show is screwing up is that Asian moms have high expectations for their children - but they don't hate them. They've gone way too far in that direction with Jessica, and it's pretty offensive. I'm in my 40s and my mom still nags me about zipping up, but she'd never relish in my absence like that (I'd hope). On the other hand, I burst out laughing when the gang was intimidated by Eddie's height and sprinted away. When my (Caucasian) husband met my Taiwanese cousins kids, all they wanted to know was how tall he was!