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  1. These Locke kids do a really horrible job of protecting the keys.
  2. I refuse to believe in even an imaginary world where Bev isn't the first one to be taken out by superhuman beings.
  3. "Sheriff, there's a contagion infecting the population. You need to do something." "First, let me spend half an hour telling you my backstory in excruciating detail." Duuuuuuude. Flanagan needs to stick with the ghosts.
  4. Oh for the love of God or that big-ass bat, please tell me Bev comes to a particularly gruesome end.
  5. Uh, do I like Ariana Grande now? Dammit, The Voice.
  6. Kaia Gerber is just as wooden an actress as her mother was. Who would really want to play this game?
  7. Kristen is coming off like a real shit parent this season. Good Lord.
  8. I'm only about 20 minutes into last night's episode, but no wonder When did the acting get so bad? Dion nearly left teeth marks in the set.
  9. Everyone on this show sucks. I wish I could be deeper, but lord. This is interminable.
  10. I usually don't mind Tom, but all his talk about "helping out" and "watching" his own kids annoyed the hell out of me.
  11. Before the pandemic, I booked flights for myself and clients most weekends of the year. You can't just cash in airplane tickets nowadays. It's like the writers haven't actually booked their own flights since the 80s.
  12. Anyone else weirded out about how the show has just completely swapped out Doris and Angela?
  13. Holy Mother of All That's Holy, who told Swoozie Kurtz all that work was a good idea? I've loved her since Sisters, but I just turned on the show and had to come and confirm that it wasn't just me. I can go either way on the fourth wall and laugh tracks, but opening with a spit take, the fourth wall, AND Swoozie Kurtz's face number lower face being held together with overpriced spackle? WOW.
  14. But what I don't get is they already HAD Misha up there. They had brought people up, had them quarantine, etc. But this is what we got.
  15. I get the idea that after all the fighting these two have done, all the huge battles they've waged against the worst of the worst, that going out with something mundane would be seen as something poetic, but in that case, I would have rather they picked cancer, or even COVID-19. Not some rando vampire in a rando barn and a rusty old nail in the middle of nowhere, a few days after they took down GOD and replaced him with their own kid. That all just made no sense to me. I think we all kind of accepted Dean to fall in battle, but like that? And then to TELL us about all the people in Heaven
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