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  1. This show is cute, but it's done a horrible job of rounding out Zoey. The audience has no idea what or who she really wants. She's a cypher; they've put so much energy into illustrating her watching other people that the writers forgot to go back and give her goals and inner desires. I could see a case for either guy, but I'm just not really drawn into the drama there because it feels like the romance is being written by a shy 13-year-old girl who's never had a date before.
  2. I believe it was a notification that Holt's dog Cheddar's toothpaste had shipped.
  3. I can't tell you how much I love that nickname. Smug Dearborn was already too much, but when she whipped out her Black Widow costume I was officially over her.
  4. Yeah, I'm with those who find it easier to believe Zoey can see everyone singing and dancing than it is to believe she's repelled by the idea of Max crushing on her.
  5. jmonique


    Who makes Adam Pally the straight man in a show?
  6. I'm still processing. I didn't hate it. Much of it felt right. I wasn't moved to tears, however. After all the reboots and all the forced separations, I guess right now I'm wishing I could have seen more of them experiencing happiness, rather than watching nearly all of them end their existences. Maybe I need to sit with it longer? I dunno.
  7. The Magic Motor Inn family was cute, but I didn't find them interesting enough to carry on their own show as presented during Friday's episode.
  8. Just got done watching the season finale, "Ragtime." "Chelsko's" desperate bids to push her "brand" were hilarious. I loved how she said since she's making a living as a singer, she had to bring it, and then she was one of the weakest singers. Karma came for her at showtime, which I have some sympathy for, but maybe if she'd put less time into her ensembles, she would have been better prepared. Was this the first episode without regression therapy? I didn't miss it.
  9. Watching this now ... wow. You can practically see Biggs and Lawson setting up the jokes. This is SO bad.
  10. Arthur showed up and wondered why they were in a drag club; still bummed out, he chooses to sit on the sidelines. Ginny opens with "Ava Maria" in choir robes, then strips down to one of the drag performers' costumes and the rest of the choir -- also decked out in the drag queens' costumes and wigs -- all bust out into an "Ava Maria"/"Do You Believe" mashup, backed up by three Cher impersonators and guest starring Adams' husband in full drag gear. Arthur watches from backstage, and eventually comes out wearing a boa and joining in -- they wrap the song, then he kisses Adams square on the lips, which takes them and everyone else by surprise.
  11. I know the Good Place has been in stasis, to an extent, for hundreds of years, but you'd think they'd realize that will change with an influx of millions of people. Also, I'm surprised they'd jump straight to letting everyone engage in assisted suicide, as opposed to, say, starting new programs and activities: Chidi teaches philosophy and learns guitar from Jimmy Hendrix; Tahani becomes a talk show host, etc. Basically, institute things for people to work on and toward, helping one another, as opposed to just letting Janets fulfill their every material desire. The Fake Good Place had people working in roles, and activities for residents. Did anyone figure out what the magically soothing chime probably really means? Jason and Janet continues to be all tell, barely show for me. I do love Michael knowing Jasonw ell enough to nail his perfect home. I really, really will be annoyed if next week's episode skips a Jeremy Bearimy or two and ends with our crew ending their existences. Just putting it out there. I would also like to go back to my point earlier this season that we could have used half as much Brent and gotten more time for things like, I dunno, not fast-tracking the realization that the Good Place is full of happiness zombies.
  12. Why the hell did these jackasses even have Davonte? It’s sad to see Bow now after watching her be such a sweet kid on Mixed-ish.
  13. If Jessica was really as smart as she thinks she is, she would have asked questions about the job and her responsibilities before day 1. I will miss the boys, though. But it's probably good for them to be back in school, should they choose.
  14. There's something to be said for taking a slower pace to storytelling. Thanks to Servant, I've learned that I can tolerate glacial storytelling for two hours or so, but not for 10 painstaking episodes. Also, I'd like to say I can't believe Sean served a bunch of unknowing people placenta, but he's such a pretentious prick about food that it's pretty on brand for him. Poor Tobe, though.
  15. jmonique

    S05.E12: Myrtle

    I respect your angle, but I stand by what I said. Amy has consistently shown an inability this season to effectively manage situations and stand up to her staff, from Dina to Jonah to the men chastising her while she was on the phone during the ridiculous #NotAllMen meeting.
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