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  1. Yeah, I think I have the same problem that you all mentioned -- I hate Cousin Oliver-like characters added in. I love shows changing, but sweet-as-pie little kids in a show like this just throws me.
  2. I hate the addition of Dorothy. It makes no sense. "How about when my 11-year-old daughter is in the room..." She's like 95, bro. Also, she's just ugly to look at. I'm sorry, but she's just homely and disturbing to watch. Just me?
  3. Yes - and I think there was a reference to the other Alexander Koehlers in Germany when the inspector was interrogating Alexander.
  4. I just rewatched it over the past two days. Germany is specifically mentioned as the location. I can't recall which episode, though.
  5. I always thought they should have recast Michelle with another woman who was on another ABC show in the 90s, like Danielle Fishel or Christine Lakin.
  6. There were like 20 people at this wedding that took all three women 8 months to plan? Kind of odd how they just ignored Nicky and Alex after the first season. It was a beautiful setup, though. I did laugh out loud at Bob Saget getting emotional, with a solemn Joey McIntyre staring on right behind him in frame. I get what they were going for, but it seems odd that they didn't just have Kimmy and Ramona move next door, into the home Fernando bought.
  7. Most of the cast members who appeared in "And Then There Was Shawn," aka "The Scream Episode" is reuniting for a free Watch-Along and then a paid Q&A, with profits going to DonorsChoose.
  8. I loved the Jets when I was 12. That video at the end was spectacular.
  9. Was there a weird jump into the second episode, or was that just me? Also, yeah, most other long-running shows make me at least a little misty-eyed when the characters (and actors) start getting teary, but for this I had nothin'. Just goooooooo already. The many false departures just felt a lot like last season's build-up to the end, only to announce ANOTHER season.
  10. This show is cute, but it's done a horrible job of rounding out Zoey. The audience has no idea what or who she really wants. She's a cypher; they've put so much energy into illustrating her watching other people that the writers forgot to go back and give her goals and inner desires. I could see a case for either guy, but I'm just not really drawn into the drama there because it feels like the romance is being written by a shy 13-year-old girl who's never had a date before.
  11. I believe it was a notification that Holt's dog Cheddar's toothpaste had shipped.
  12. I can't tell you how much I love that nickname. Smug Dearborn was already too much, but when she whipped out her Black Widow costume I was officially over her.
  13. Yeah, I'm with those who find it easier to believe Zoey can see everyone singing and dancing than it is to believe she's repelled by the idea of Max crushing on her.
  14. jmonique


    Who makes Adam Pally the straight man in a show?
  15. I'm still processing. I didn't hate it. Much of it felt right. I wasn't moved to tears, however. After all the reboots and all the forced separations, I guess right now I'm wishing I could have seen more of them experiencing happiness, rather than watching nearly all of them end their existences. Maybe I need to sit with it longer? I dunno.
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