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  1. Thank you! This has been bothering me too. They came for Thanksgiving and never left. I understand staying a bit longer because of Toby's heart attack, but they've been there for maybe 2 months now? What about their jobs, apartments, etc. in LA? I don't think they've had any lines about deciding to leave everything behind and stay out there.
  2. Jared only filmed for one day and that day they were filming Fall (they either were filming out of order or filmed his scene/scenes out of order). As of right now he's only going to be in the one episode. Also, Supernatural films until the end of April and Jared and Jensen have already signed on for 13 (as long as the network renews it), so it doesn't look like 12 will be the last season.
  3. Hey guys! *waves* Its been a while, but I come with spoilers that I am VERY excited about. I LOVE BOTTLE EPISODES. I especially love the idea of a bottle episode featuring just Sam and Dean. For those who don't know what a bottle episode is, it's basically an episode where the characters of a show stay in one place the entire time. So only one set. They also usually take place in one instance of time. So like the episode could basically just be Sam and Dean stuck in a room for an hour or 2 hours since it's a two-parter. Now this is usually done with larger casts. So it'll be interesting to see how they work it with only two characters. But I am so down for an episode where Sam and Dean just hang out and talk. I am ready for this. I hope they make it as awesome as I'm hoping it will be.
  4. Well, put me down as an annoying fangirl because I am all about their codependent relationship. Give me Sam and Dean crying over each other and doing anything and everything for each other and I'm happy. Or just give me that episode of the two of them sitting in a laundromat talking and playing cards that Jensen wants. I'd be all about that. I'm also super excited for next season. I wonder if the boys will be crawling out of a flipped over impala.
  5. Well, I loved it. Too much time spent on Rowena's drama. But I still loved it. Basically, I love Sam and Dean. I love them together. I love their brotherly angst when they get emotional about each other. So the scenes in the restaurant were amazing for me. Sam finally giving in, Dean telling him to shut his eyes. Rip my heart out, Supernatural. I'm glad the boys ended the episode together too. Right next to each other. I know "The darkness" was coming right for them and that's probs bad, but whatever. They're together. And at least it looks like next season should start off right where this one ended. No time jumps, thankfully. One weird thing I did catch. The picture Sam had of the two of them with Mary outside of their old house was first seen back in season 1 in Home. Back then that picture had John in it, right next to Mary. In this episode John is not in the picture. So weird. I wonder why they did that. I don't think JDM would have any issue with his face being in the picture.
  6. The title "Brother's Keeper" along with the episode desription specifically saying Dean's decision will have an effect on Sam's life as well definitely leads me to believe whatever Dean does with Death has to do with Sam. I think the reaper theory is a good one, but they already did that? I read a theory that he has to reap Sam. I don't even know. Nothing makes sense! As for the promo pictures for next week, they're not out yet, but I would expect to see them any time now. Probably even today!
  7. Oh yeah, as much as I miss the boys and their hotel rooms, I'd be super sad if something happened to the bunker. I kinda like that the boys have a home now.
  8. Ok, so some finale thoughts after seeing the preview. We know from the episode description Dean will make a decision has an effect on his AND Sam's lives. The description specifically threw that Sam part in there. We know Dean is talking to Death and Death tells him he wants something from him so I'm thinking whatever it is has to do with Sam. Now, I don't know why Death would want Dean to kill Sam or do something to Sam. Then we have those pictures of Sam and Dean with the impala in a ditch. From what we saw with how this episode ended, I don't know how Sam and Dean get back together in the car. But maybe Dean goes to find Sam for whatever Death wants. Or maybe that scene happens after Dean has made whatever deal with Death and we think everything is good. But then BAM, imapala in a ditch! I just don't knowww. I'm so confused about how this is going to go.
  9. Well. I don't even know how I felt about that one. I guess the whole Charlie thing is confusing for me. Like, let's say the Stynes killed Sam. That would most definitely set Dean off, right? Yet, they killed Charlie and Dean tells Sam he wished HE was dead instead of Charlie. I know the mark is making him say these things, but I really don't like seeing Charlie put above EVERYONE else, especially Sam. Also, not fair that Charlie got a montage and Kevin didn't. Poor Kevin. I wish Sam had arrived at the bunker before the episode ended. He's going to have a heart attack at seeing all of his books in a pile with gasoline on them! Probably the least of his worries right now, but still! When Dean is back to himself again next season (because I'm sure he will be), he is going to have a tough time with this. He did worse things in this episode than he did in 3 episodes as a demon. Carry on Wayward Son next week!! And hopefully more brothers scenes!
  10. Oh, my poor baby Mike. Shawn Ashmore is literally the only reason I've kept up with this show. So if they do actually kill him off I'd be done watching anyway, cancellation or not.
  11. I'm really not worried about that. The show kills everyone. I don't really think her death is going to have that much an effect. Some people will be upset, some people won't. I think her popularity was way overstated. I doubt it will have any effect on cons. They will still be tons of fun, like always.
  12. Whoops. I'm not sad about Charlie dying. I'm supposed to be sad, right? I just feel relieved. Sam is the worst lying liar who lies ever. So is Cas. Dean should have just cut to the chase a lot earlier because there is no way he didn't know something was up. Sam is going to get all the blame here. But last season Dean did the exact same thing and it had the exact same consequence, only this time it was Charlie instead of Kevin. He had his brother posessed by an angel to save him and kept him the dark about it. Sam kept the book to save Dean and kept him in the dark about it. I totally did not put the whole Frankenstein thing together. That's...new. I have a feeling the Stynes will be our season 11 villian. It's still funny to me that they just finished filming this episode 2 weeks ago and it already aired. Only two more episodes and it looks like we're FINALLY going to see Dean lose it.
  13. Nope. Felicia Day only filmed for next week's episode. 22 and 23 will be Charlie free, thankfully.
  14. Yup. That's pretty much how I see it going down! Normally I'd say there was no way they'd kill Charlie off because of Robbie Thompson's obsession with her. But they really went out of the way to put her in this episode when I really can't see much of a reason for her to be there. They even filmed this episode last speficially for to accomodate Felicia. Why even bring Charlie in to help with Rowena? They needed to insert her into the episode so they could kill her so Dean would have something to set him off in a big way. And it will be Sam's fault, indirectly since he didn't get rid of the book and Dean will be pissed. That's my theory!
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