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  1. SmallScreenDiva

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    If it's KC directing, I would LOVE to be a fly in the wall during a scene where she has to direct SA. I don't care about the episode, but I would want all the BTS gossip!
  2. SmallScreenDiva

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Wasn't that when soda was sent by the fandom to David? LOL!
  3. SmallScreenDiva

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Birds of Prey? No solo BC spinoff? Not that I think any of these would actually work. Not with the actors they have right now.
  4. Guggenheim is straight up lying here, or being lawyerly. Why, I don’t know but he probably didn’t think it was a good idea to admit how much they screwed up with casting Cassidy. The shift in the writing started happening in Season 1, most noticeably AFTER the mid season finale. They gave a lot of romantic beats to Felicity instead of Laurel. If we were getting scenes like the “Can I trust you?” in episode 12, that means they were already making the plans to switch by October-November of Season 1. And Season 2 began full tilt with Olicity with the jungle swinging and such.
  5. SmallScreenDiva

    S07.E22: You Have Saved This City

    After reading the stuff about Stephen's insistence regarding Felicity's last scene, I'm wondering if they actually did film the reunion, not just Felicity stepping into the portal.
  6. SmallScreenDiva

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    I think some of those fans are seizing comments made in the reviews and articles about how next season will be very different, especially with Felicity gone. I can see how, if they ignore everything else that the show has said about Olicity, they would interpret it as their chance, so to speak. Even if the show going there would mean chucking out 7 years worth of story. I mean, Oliver and Laurel shook hands! Oh, the chemistry! 😜🤣
  7. SmallScreenDiva

    S07.E22: You Have Saved This City

    Soooooooo, no Oliver until Crisis/crossover next season? I'm a little confused.
  8. SmallScreenDiva

    Target Practice: Poisoned Arrow (The Bitterness Thread)

    I'm not gonna hope, wait, whatever for EBR to come back in S8. Monday's episode is the last Arrow for me, then I'm finally done with this show. I might pop in here in the forum once in a while, though, just because I'm sure I'll miss the snark 😛
  9. SmallScreenDiva

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Gemma didn't RT, she liked Yashar's tweet, although now she's walking it back:
  10. I guess she never watched the show.
  11. Is EBR doing an Australian accent in that bday video? I almost didn’t recognize her voice. @Mellowyellow is she doing a good job or bad job (if she’s supposed to be Australian)? It sounds cute 😜
  12. SmallScreenDiva

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    They've lost something like 390,000 viewers since the last episode before the hiatus. The last time I saw a drop that big was in Season 4 after Olicity broke up. Now, I know the CW doesn't care but consistently dropping viewers for 3 weeks straight? That's not a good trend.
  13. SmallScreenDiva

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Saw Endgame yesterday and loved it. I think I was crying for 2/3 of the film. The emotional moments and callbacks just really worked. Puzzled by the choice for 1 character, though.
  14. SmallScreenDiva

    And The Golden Arrow Goes To...: Awards, Nominations, and Recognition

    😂 it made sense to me that they’d be left out. They were neither the best nor the worst.
  15. SmallScreenDiva

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    The promo strategy for that episode was interesting. Before the day, a lot of the stuff I saw on social media was BS/KC, but on the day itself, the two clips they showed both heavily featured Felicity and BS was nowhere in sight. I think they realized, too late, that their "watch KC in all her BS glory" strategy wasn't garnering the expected results but that's just me being absolutely biased.