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  1. Listen, i get it that these are athletes with adrenaline going and pumped up; but.... when the INT by Mahomes at the 10 minute mark of the 4th Qtr and around 15 Niners rush to the end zone for a celebratory group pose, including apparently 4 or 5 players from the sidelines. It occurred to none of them what an asshole hubristic move that was with the game’s outcome still in play and far from over? Karma can be a bitch.
  2. The film.did.not.breathe. What did work for me was the giant serpent scene, where everyone including Poe is readY to blast the big baddie snake. That Rey saw the creature was in pain and healed; it just made sense that she would have recognized that and had empathy for it.
  3. caracas1914

    Tennis Thread

    Theim had to be mentally exhausted, but damn, that one handed BH of his is glorious , isn’t it? Well the even dozen for Rafa at Roland Garos. You almost have to laugh at the surreal absurdity of that stat. 12 French Open titles. So now Rafa’s at 18 Majors just 2 shy of Federer’s 20. I swore I wouldn’t get sucked into the Majors counting, as in just let the players just enjoy their glorious careers and respect their accomplishments. But now...
  4. “Cersei it’s time for us to die now. It’s over.” ”You useless idiot, we still have other ways to defeat that Dragon bitch. Let go of me!” Cercei cursing Jaime as they plunge to their death.
  5. Finally binged this series and a few thoughts. Wiener is obviously focusing on white privilege and the accompanying sense of entitlement. I get that the characters' ties to the actual Romanovs is tenuous at best, still.... The problem is that most of the characters are not that interesting, period. Don Draper was a fascinating anti-hero, flaws and all. Here all this angst over clueless , self indulgent wannabe "Romanoffs", the dramatic payoff doesn't seem to matter all that much in these narratives. From the racist older Parisian woman in the first story, to the loser with his midlife crisis who tries to off his wife, to the actress/director clashes, to the NY mother who is obsessed with controlling her life, to the couple trying to obtain a Russian baby, to the Mexico City episode with the hemophiliac child, etc. Why should we care for most of these people? There are nuggets here and there that resonate, the absurdly surreal cosplaying of the Themed Cruise ship scenes, the genuine debate between what to expect from a "purchased" baby, and the transgender character trying to navigate his struggles within the context of a horrific childhood trauma. Hopefully if there is a 2nd season the characters will be better written, give them more nuances/shading.
  6. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/02/09/figure-skating/rika-kihira-wins-four-continents-title/#.XGkU7oyIahB Bradie on her combination triple: “I have been hitting it every time all week, the only place I’ve been missing it is in competition so it’s very frustrating,” Tennell said. ********** Well, duh.....
  7. I’m not feeling the Elway/Denver trading for Flacco. His post Super Bowl career has been underwhelming to say the least.
  8. All this early talk about Mahomes and the Chiefs’ being the SB favorites, yup that’s what that kid needs now: the added pressure in his second year after his breakout. We don’t know *yet* if Mahomes will progress to greater heights, or if this was his best shot at a SB. The more interesting development I think is if the Chiefs falter how long will Andy Reid be good enough as head coach.
  9. Just to let it sink in. Brady and Coach Bill snagged their 6th Super Bowl ring in 9 appearances in 18 years. I mean, damn.
  10. So sorry if this was discussed ad nauseum when it was first released but the other night NPR ran their 2016 Surya Bonaly story which implied strongly she was a victim of racism in the skating world. https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/edge This synopsis is thus given: “Surya Bonaly was not your typical figure skater. She was black. She was athletic. And she didn’t seem to care about artistry. Her performances – punctuated by triple-triple jumps and other power moves – thrilled audiences around the world. Yet, commentators claimed she couldn’t skate, and judges never gave her the high marks she felt she deserved. But Surya didn’t accept that criticism. Unlike her competitors – ice princesses who hid behind demure smiles – Surya made her feelings known. And, at her final Olympic performance, she attempted one jump that flew in the face of the establishment, and marked her for life as a rebel. “ OK , first of all I realize that the people who did this story probably all had nonskating backgrounds but several things scream out to me. First, Surya burst out in the skating world in the senior level in 1989, but one of the most known skaters right before her emergence was Debbie Thomas, 2 time US national champhion, 3 time World Medalist including the 1986 World Champhion and who was in 1st place after the SP and was a clean LP program away from winning the 88 Olympic Gold over Katarina Witt ( She stumbled badly and got the bronze). Debbie was athletic and Black. The radio show slights her more than somewhat pretending Debbie Thomas never existed. Plus talking about Bonalys athleticism when she skated in the era of both Midorito Ito and Tonya Harding who were both IMO more athletic and combined both skating and HUGE jumps. Lets not get me started on the assumption that in 1994 because Surya placed 4th at the Olympics and the top 3 didn’t go to Worlds she was a slam dunk at Worlds where she lost by a whisker to Yuma Sato who had finished 5th at that same Olympics. The thing is I liked Surya at the time even while I recognized her glaring skating weaknesses. However the axe to grind on that show just annoyed me.
  11. Did Frank Carrol callously “ dump her”? Mind you, of course it’s a possibility but it could also be he had valid and justifiable reasons for terminating the coaching. I don’t think we’ll ever know the complete story and skating stories like life are mini “Rashomons.”
  12. Gotta go easy on the Manning kid, didn’t know any better.
  13. Manning overload is real and it’s nauseating when Peyton Manning’s “wife’s” PED mailed to their home is a nonissue.
  14. His small steps preparation in the pocket has actuallly improved the last few years.
  15. Brady can’t move much but he’s still clutch, and if anything it seems he can read defenses like Neo in the Matrix like one pundit said. Though even as a Pats fan I don’t understand why teams can’t figure out you just pressure him and rush him constantly, ala the Broncos. Otherwise he’s going to nick and slice you to death.
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