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  1. Don't be embarrassed! I let out a choked sob so loud my theater neighbor looked over at me. But a few minutes later her friend said quietly, "This movie hurts," so I didn't feel so weird, lol.
  2. I will never understand the interchangeability of LL.
  3. I appreciate that Oliver's been thinking so much about reuniting with Felicity that he had the exact room and outfit picked out for her. OK writers - I expect a dozen PWP starting from that last scene when I wake up tomorrow. 😁
  4. The last scene was great and the only one to really get an emotional reaction out of me. SA still has really great heart eyes.
  5. That was terrible, but I'm still going to miss this stupid show.
  6. John Stewart Diggle. That's a spin off I'd watch.
  7. So everyone everywhere has memories of different timelines?
  8. At this point I'm hoping for some vidders who will do good work with the footage here to create decent farewell videos.
  9. Is Mia going to have issues because her mother was standing 4 feet away and didn't say a single word to her?
  10. How was she tolerable to good last week and back on my last nerve this week?
  11. This criminal is dumb. Like I'm embarrassed for him.
  12. This must be the super cool brutal fight scene. I'd like it more if it had a point. If this is what we're getting it should have been a clip show.
  13. We're 1/2 way done. This is as terrible as expected. They could have cut all of this.
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