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  1. There were so many photos I briefly thought she did a Google image search and that was the results. I don't think this is a good documentary (the editing seems particularly bad and makes the timeline more confusing) but I am interested in the topic and the ridiculous amount of footage they have of this group. Plus, I was a Smallville fan back in the day and have my own pic with Allison from a con. Mostly, this clip from Bad Times at the El Royale comes to mind every time they show KR where Cynthia Erivo's character responds to Chris Hemsworth's Manson-type cult leader. "A fragile little man preying on the weak and lost," and, to paraphrase, 'a man who talks so much he thinks he believes in something but really he just wants to fuck who he wants to fuck.' Sounds like Keith!
  2. I'm wondering if the recovered memory is even real. Dad said the gloves were off and if you can code Horizen, couldn't you code a memory. Or, that there was a scene after that where whatever large number he asked for is rejected. Anyhoo, I really liked this show. It had a lot of great ideas; maybe could have done more with the execution, but I'll be watching whenever (oh Covid!) it returns.
  3. Oh boy. Looks like Steve's seen his mentions and wants to engage. It reads as condescending to me, and he's been through this too many times to be this stupid. It's willful ignorance, and I don't think people are in the mood to be as forgiving as they might have been in the past.
  4. Re: KC's video - even those cats are like, what is this? How is this helping?
  5. I hope someone does watch it and reports here what he says, but like you, I just don't have it in me to watch someone equivocate right now. I really hope he does some deep thinking before he speaks. Also, lol on me having that expectation.
  6. On one hand, tone deaf. On the other, as @apinknightmare said above, I have little faith he'd say anything worth hearing so maybe it's better for him to stay silent.
  7. I got an email from Cedars-Sinai last week because a few of my doctors practice there, and found the below interesting. He keeps touting the antibody tests they've taken, but looks like they aren't as reliable as he thinks. But whatever, I hope his kid stays safe and healthy. "b. There has been a lot of media attention about antibody (serology) testing for COVID-19. Antibody testing is not used to diagnose COVID-19 and does not influence clinical management in any way. A few important things to know: If antibodies are present, the test result could indicate that you have had the novel coronavirus. The antibodies could also indicate other coronaviruses like the common cold. Antibody testing cannot be used to predict individual immunity. In other words, we do not know with any certainty that you cannot get COVID-19 again. If there is any immunity, we also don't know how long the potential immunity could last."
  8. I'm now seeing #releasetheayerscut for Suicide Squad so this will go well for the future of film making.
  9. Steve should also invest in sunscreen and lots of it.
  10. My BFF's BIL spent a month in ICU and died yesterday from Covid, so I have zero sympathy for these dumbasses. I can only hope they keep their potentially infected selves to each other, though I'm aware, with this crowd, that's 1000% unlikely.
  11. Raises hand! I'm in Los Angeles and we're still on Stay at Home orders until mid-May, I believe. I keep reading about all the complications people are having who survive - kidney damage, permanent lung damage - and I'm in no hurry to begin interacting on a "normal" basis. Plus, the reports of people who have had it can possibly get reinfected? No thank you. I'm trying to balance practicality with caution. Plus, on Thursday we find out about layoffs at my job. Fun! Seems like the Amell's are making their own rules which is what I'd expect from SA.
  12. That is a gorgeous view. My view is the McDonald's and used car lot across the street. Sigh. I understand the crazies can get to you, but all of these folks have been in the business long enough to know to ignore them. I don't think SA knows that it's okay to just sit there and not say anything. You really don't need to give every thought in your head an audience on social media.
  13. I was watching the 3rd episode of Some Good News that John Krasinski is doing, and he's such an example of a celeb that gets it along with those mentioned above. He saw how depressing the news was and wanted to put some good out in the world. And using his connections he managed to get an OBC reunion of Hamilton, lifetime seats for healthcare workers for the Boston Red Sox, and AT&T to pay for every healthcare workers cell phone bill for 3 months. In addition to that, he made me not want to crawl under my bed and weep for 1000 years. That's using your status and clout for the greater good. Not that every celeb has to do some big production. I love that Kat did a story time to raise money. SA has done so many successful charity drives so he can do it. And it's not that he needs to do anything. That's completely reasonable. But obviously having people over and breaking quarantine while also being sloppy drunk is not the best look for him.
  14. Social media needs to implement a 24 hour period between when you type out your post to when it actually posts. And then a little pop up says - Do you really need to post this at this time? Is this tone deaf? Are you rich and out of touch?
  15. It seems like he's a guy who really needs a lot of structure to function well. And I get it - I'm popping an edible nightly and when I think I should take a night off, say to myself but why and do it anyway. But I'm not then going live on social media and being sloppy nor do I have fans or a job that depends on my ability to make people want to watch me act.
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