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  1. I recently applied for (and was not selected to interview) a Story Manager position at Marvel. The job description was basically you keep track of everything that happens in the MCU for continuity and reference purposes. I'm still slightly bummed, but maybe it's better to not meet or work for your heroes - heroes being a corp that I have given way too much money to.
  2. My guess is Kate will say something in the chat to Ashley about not telling the whole truth, like she did in an earlier episode, and it will cause Ashley to doubt her story. It is a wild invasion on Ashley's part though I understand her intent. I'm also curious since I think the first time I went into an internet chat I was in college around 96 - 97 - that chat room was titled something like Kidnap Victims. I know you can find something for anything now, and I definitely grew up fairly sheltered, but how many kidnap victims are looking to chat online in the early 90's? Anyhoo, this
  3. As a Jennifer who graduated high school in '94 and at one point, had 7 fellow Jennifer's in a Home Economics class...yes. My friends were Megans, Jessica, and my BFF was a Stephanie. I'm really enjoying this show so far, and they're doling out just enough information each ep to keep me hooked. It really reminds me of an episode of a show called Monsterland on Hulu that had basically the same premise. Popular girl goes missing, less popular girl is taken in by friendgroup, starts dating the missing girl's boyfriend, and then missing girl pops up on the wedding day. That whole show was hit
  4. I wish there had been a shot of Rhodey watching Sam's speech or some way of showing that he knew Sam was now Cap. Would've been a nice wraparound from the first ep.
  5. I forgot to mention I was a bit bummed none of the Flag Smashers decided Karli was too off the rails. It was hinted at a few times over the last episodes, but they stuck with her til the end. Okay, mostly I'm just bummed that the hottie Asian Aussie isn't going to be around anymore, because I'm shallow and he was hot and I liked looking at him. (If you haven't seen Asian Bachelorette on YouTube, there's 2 videos, both are great, and he's in the second one.)
  6. I had a lot of fun with this ep. So happy for Sam. I loved the reveal of him in full costume, even if I'm not sure if I love the color scheme. But he had so many Big Damn Hero moments. The speech went on for a bit, but everything he said was true. I did think Walker's turn needed a few more beats to make sense, but I'm glad WR is presumably sticking around. Walker badly needs therapy for PTSD, and for some reason, I don't think Val is going to offer it up. It'll be interesting where he pops up again. Oh Bucky. You got invited to the cookout! (And don't worry - you'll be invited bac
  7. In gif form And just for fun, because I was appreciating the Wakanda arm upgrade during the boat scenes. (I was appreciating a lot of Sam and Bucky this episode.)
  8. I was thinking how the Veep crew would handle superheroes, and all I could come up with was badly.
  9. I'm glad they're on relatively good terms. Bucky may not be invited to the next cookout, but they'll still make a plate for him. I love that an independent Black country is making tech for an African-American, and I'll join you in that cry. As someone who has no idea what part of Africa my ancestors were from, there's something significant there that I can't fully express coherently. I loved the emotional bro talk. I also thought of how good Sam was counseling Bucky and both of them putting Steve in the past. Not forgetting him but moving on and becoming more than Friends
  10. During the heat of battling a giant alien force, Steve took the time to introduce himself as Steve Rogers to a sentient teenage tree, and I will love him forever for that. Agreed, and while part of me would like to see Steve tell both Sam and Bucky to stop putting him on one, I'm also hoping to see them come to that realization on their own. I am apparently one of the very few who was perfectly happy with Steve's ending in Endgame, but I'm fine with his friends being angry at Steve for leaving or whatever other complicated emotions they may have. Don't know if any of it will be done i
  11. ETA: I realized opening old wounds is pointless. People will believe what they want so I deleted my experience. I'll just leave it at - I believe Dylan.
  12. I think even with Hulk and Thor we've seen they are also the exceptions. They tried to replicate Hulk and got Abomination. And Thor's also fought similarly powered Loki and Hela. It's because Bruce Banner and Thor are inherently good that they can wield that power - and at least BB/Hulk knew to remove himself from civilization while he got control over himself. It would not surprise me one iota if the Govt embraced a murdery Cap, sadly. The last 10 minutes were very stressful for me, and I couldn't watch Walker defile the Shield like that. But damn, that final image. I could tota
  13. I had never read any comics with Songbird and don't know anything about her, but I always play as her character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes lol. I'm all for a Thunderbolts show/movie. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
  14. This is from Civil War but seeing Zemo/DB again made me think of it. It also reminds me of a comment I saw on another board that Zemo will likely betray Sam and Bucky but he might also pay off Sam's family boat before he leaves. He's pretty chaotic evil.
  15. This is a very sweet thread about the shield and Cap by Desmond Chiam who plays Flag Smasher "Davich." (That pic isn't a spoiler, just a personal pic.)
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