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  1. OK, someone needs to get him to spill. That tell all book isn't going to write itself!
  2. When I went to Target Thursday night, all the chilled juices were gone but not the bottled juices. Most liquid cough meds gone but plenty of pills. Weirdly to me, the tampons/pads aisle was sparse too. Of course the toilet paper aisle was empty as well as the soup and rice. I picked up a few snacks since I've been stress eating. I was laughing at the difference in the checkout area between the people with carts full of apocalypse supplies and the girl with a single jar of salsa. My job has most of our offices across the US working from home for at least 2 weeks starting Monday. It's going to be an interesting few weeks how this shapes up. I really hope it does slow the spread of infection and keeps those sick at home, but I'm also cognizant of how this is going to hurt a lot of people economically.
  3. I think I was in the wrong head space to see this now because while the acting and directing was really good, I sat through the movie pissed off and left angry at the end. The gaslighting and build up was good so I think I needed someone, anyone, at the end to tell Cecelia that they believed her and that she had been right all along. And I wanted public acknowledgement and maybe worse consequences for Adrian for what he'd done. Death is too good for him. I guess I'm tired of all the real life gaslighting, sigh; I don't need to watch a horror flick for that. I agree with others that her sister immediately believing that email and telling her sister to fuck off didn't make any sense. They seemed to have a decent enough relationship, and she knew Cecelia had just left a traumatic situation so maybe give her the teeniest benefit of the doubt. And the hit on Sydney - she was like 3 feet away and her wingspan isn't that far. I can see being confused, but she jumped super quick to Cecelia trying to beat her up. And gazillionaire tech bro Adrian and his spineless brother were really good at beating up and accurately shooting multiple people. I get they were invisible and had the element of surprise, but I didn't buy it. And yet somehow it didn't surprise me at all that Adrian invented some super suit capable of invisibility and instead of using it to change the landscape of technology from altruistic to militaristic reasons, this douchebro psychopath uses it to stalk his ex instead. Yeah, sadly, that checks out.
  4. I traveled to Texas to stay with a childhood friend for a few days. The night before she told me her boyfriend's sister was one of the nurses who took care of the first patient who tested positive in CA and he'd just shared a room with her. The sister is currently quarantined in Houston for the past week. I opted to head to Austin instead, lol, but I did have lunch with her. As she pointed out, the sister who had direct contact with a positive patient got on a plane 2 weeks ago and flew to Alabama, spent time with 40 some people at a funeral, and then she and those 40 people got on planes and traveled all over. Also, they only tested the nurse 2 days ago and the results won't be back in for a week. It's already out there. I'm taking normal precautions. Washing my hands thoroughly, taking Emergen-C, and I have antibacterial gel handy, but I'm not overly worried. (Well, I am worried enough not to go to my friend's house, but that's mostly because I hate being sick whether it's the cold, flu, or Covid-19, and if I can avoid it, I will, and I already had a weeklong something back in November. No thank you to a repeat of that.)
  5. I read an article today that said Yahya's character is Not sure how spoilery that is so I'll be cautious. That made me 100% more interested in seeing this as I loved the original.
  6. Don't be embarrassed! I let out a choked sob so loud my theater neighbor looked over at me. But a few minutes later her friend said quietly, "This movie hurts," so I didn't feel so weird, lol.
  7. I will never understand the interchangeability of LL.
  8. I appreciate that Oliver's been thinking so much about reuniting with Felicity that he had the exact room and outfit picked out for her. OK writers - I expect a dozen PWP starting from that last scene when I wake up tomorrow. 😁
  9. The last scene was great and the only one to really get an emotional reaction out of me. SA still has really great heart eyes.
  10. That was terrible, but I'm still going to miss this stupid show.
  11. John Stewart Diggle. That's a spin off I'd watch.
  12. So everyone everywhere has memories of different timelines?
  13. At this point I'm hoping for some vidders who will do good work with the footage here to create decent farewell videos.
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