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  1. I really, really want a "Bro" scene and the HawkGuy scene. I need it!
  2. Awww I like Jamie and his headband. 😄 If he gets his own thread maybe Jamie Tartt: Do do do do do do or something with the Toy Soldier. Honestly, with the whole show, there are so many good quotes and references, it'll all be good!
  3. That scene also ended with Wanda hearing Tommy and Billy's voices begging for their mom to help them. They're definitely coming back.
  4. I loved it and it's definitely one of my top origin stories. My mom, who never really notices anything in movies, kept talking about how great Tony Leung was. I didn't know I needed an MCU hero riding Falcor in my life but here we are. And I would also like one of those Vulpix looking things. It looked fluffy. BRB signing up for BlipSync.
  5. My guess is they just asked and some (make that a lot) said yes, and some passed. Last week I was surprised that Josh Brolin did VO and this week it was Michael Douglas. I doubt they're making bank on likely a day of studio time, and some probably could have recorded from home if they had a good set up. I don't fault the actors who chose not to reprise their characters, but I do appreciate the ones who did. I'm taking each episode as completely different universes.
  6. I really liked it. More so because of what's been lost with Chadwick's passing, but I also liked how different is was to the OG GOTG. It was great to hear so many familiar voices - honestly, I didn't expect Josh Brolin to be game for this, not sure why. And I liked that he still believed it was a decent plan and kept telling people about it. I think my fave part, though, is I'm guessing that the creatives wrote this story of T'Challa inspiring everyone in the universe, even the Mad Titan himself, without knowing what would happen with Chadwick. But he knew, and he gave us one last gift.
  7. I wonder how serious SJ's team took the $50 million number. I just saw it as a ballpark to always go high and then settle for less.
  8. I'm going to hold off on judging the potentially out of character/bad writing until I see where the Nate and Jamie storylines go. I kinda think both actions are deliberate. Those looks Ted and Beard give each other whenever Nate goes a bit power mad aren't there by accident. Just like I think Ted springing Jamie on the team wasn't an accident either. Every time, especially in the first season I thought the show was going to fall into a trope I'd seen 100 times, it always took a swerve. And if I'm wrong, c'est la vie. Maybe it's a reminder that Ted isn't infallible. He can have bad judgme
  9. I'll take the unpopular opinion that I'm glad Jamie's back. He's an utter ass, but I think he's exactly what's needed to shake the team up. And he needs Ted to show him what a supportive male figure can be as his dad's utter shite. I also hope there's some focus on the players dynamic and it looks like Sam is going to grow into a good leader. And to be a good leader, sometimes you have to work with/manage assholes, so I hope that's explored.
  10. Apparently, now Emma Stone may be mulling suing and agent Bryan Lourd issued a statement. And apparently Kevin Feige is also upset with how this was all handled. Drahmah!
  11. I have no idea if this is true, but I read elsewhere that SJ specifically put that clause in her contract because there was concern of using BW to push their streaming service. Not sure if the timing works out with when the contract was negotiated and how much was known about Disney+ at the time. Didn't this basically happen when WB said they were putting their entire slate on HBO Max? I definitely remember the director of Dune being upset and Legendary trying to block the simultaneous release and Denzel Washington was pissed, too. I totally understand the creators and production companie
  12. Yep, and I believe he said something like he felt he wasn't being listened to and only told what he had done wrong. I hope Ted can realize that a good therapist can be really helpful, and I liked that he was able to realize his bias from his personal experience but still allow the therapist to help the team.
  13. I noticed that, too, that as the series progresses, Patty's hair has gotten less early 90's. I'm fine with offing Kevin, but did I miss Allison ever contemplating just leaving or divorce? Based on Kevin's behavior, I completely understand that she may think he would never let her go or just continue to ruin her life outside of marriage, but I'm curious why any other options weren't explored.
  14. I don't trust any of the Marvel actors anymore. They lie. Except for Ruffalo and Tom Holland who can't stop accidentally giving everything away.
  15. I thought 1666 was great. I was positive that one of Team Kill Nick was going to die and was so pleasantly surprised when they all lived. Honestly, the 1666 part was just so sad to me. Especially knowing that actually happened to girls and women. And then the 1994 part stressed me the fuck out. I was kinda hoping they would turn all the killers on Nick, but I was fine with how it played out. I actually felt sorry for the killers, or at least the original people not the ooozing goo manifestations. They were all just normal folks this asshole family randomly picked on a whim to become murde
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