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  1. Yes, Adam's sunglasses were terrible. He looked a fool, that was hella distracting. "I just have to talk to you about something so important babe." "Oh" *takes off sunglasses* "Yeah, like marry me babe. " Bruuuh?!?!? And I ship them (under duress) but damn dude, wth?
  2. They look pretty to me. Anyway whomever said Keemo upthread I've been wanking on about that for a dark age. Goddamnit bring Keemo and his family back, fuck sakes! Find the original actor, use the money from the actors who play Theo and Lola's Dad because they are both dead fucking weight IMO. Please God, get rid of those two uncharismatic idiots and bring Keemo back! Also whomever noted Diane wasn't mentioned on Kyle's wedding day, a great big WORD sandwich to you! What was up with that? I'm glad Phyllis is back and on the right side (I know I'm alone there and I'm fine with that) but I can't stand summer. The actress is fine enough I guess and I adore her sister Joey but for some reason her face just bugs me. A personal thing but she just oozes entitlement to me and I can't stand her. I wish they would recast.
  3. Nah I'm not a fan of Adam. Nick has many faults but being a bad father isn't one of them. Telling a kid who ostensibly met you in a park that you're his Dad is fucked up. You signed away rights, deal with the consequences of your actions. If you have to wait til he's of age and suffer in silence for a decade then you damnwell do that because you gave up your rights (quite literally) already when you forced Nick to take responsibility for your mistake.
  4. Is someone able to tell me wtf Sharon Case did to her face? Every moment looks like a Herculean effort now. I wanted to enjoy the Shadam scenes in the dark and dirty way they were intended but I was too busy being horrified by her permanently shocked face. She looks twenty years older than him now. She's an attractive woman she didn't need fillers. What the actual f*ck?
  5. slayer2

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    I agree. They are a team for a reason and there's no I in Team. I guess her parents never got around to telling her that. I felt her behaviour was egotistical and selfish.
  6. slayer2

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    Oh Nora, you're terrible yet somehow not as terrible as Chris Klein's acting. Ship me up for Cisco and Kamila, so glad to see him again. Don't agree with the cure plot for all the damage it could do and how much I love Vibe (how could you not want to be Vibe?) but I'm kinda down for anything that give Carlos a storyline. Kamila is really cute and Ralph is getting much less annoying so both these things are good but Nora oi!!! Loved the callback to Jay Garrick's speech with Barry when Barry spoke to Nora about the timeline. She doesn't get it. Just like Chris Klein doesn't get how to act. Still. MY EYES! !!!!
  7. 25 plus years watching him. Speechless.
  8. slayer2

    S05.E11: Seeing Red

    I'm enjoying this story save for him. Every time he trots in with his smell the fart acting it pulls me back out again. The Flash is my favourite show and Chris Klein is ruining it. It seems like he's only getting worse as well. He was spectacularly bad in this EP. Especially any scenes with dialogue. Yikes.
  9. slayer2

    Season 1 Discussion

    No! Arrow verse will just ruin it like they ruin everything else. Thus far only Flash is staying true to his origins and nemesis and actually using the rich history the comics laid out. I don't want to see Titans turn out like Arrow so Robin can turn around and start treating Oliver like Batman light? No thanks.
  10. slayer2

    Season 1 Discussion

    So finally caught the Hawk and Dove episode and agree I could watch a whole show on these two. Someone mentioned that upthread before I'd seen the episode and I was like "Uh, hard pass" but boy was I wrong. These two have incredibly compelling backstories and it made me really fall for both characters. The way Hank protected his brother is just heartbreaking and then losing him after all that. What an incredibly gripping and upsetting episode.
  11. slayer2

    S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    This episode was such a blast, it was hard to get through because I kept rewinding everything. They definitely need to lighten it up on Arrow because SA is pretty hysterical, let the guy smile once and a while he's supposed to be The Green Arrow. Anyway I floved Iris and Fake Barry and Barry and Oliver's trading barbs and Oliver laughing at him about his thumb and their whole breakout scene and Barry's revenge and bless up to whomever's idea it was to use Smallville's theme song that put me in a good mood for the week. Lois was perfect, Kara was wonderful as always and ugh I just loved it all!
  12. slayer2

    S05.E07: O Come, All Ye Thankful

    I see Chris Klein's acting hasn't improved. My god but he's terrible. Loved, loved loved everything and everyone else. Iris was so cute as the weather hologram and the fact that Harrison is awesome in every incarnation makes me so happy. Also and as always, Cisco and Harry for the win. I love this combo so damn much, etc etc it's nice to see Killer Frost again, and it seems very little to no Ralph which made me happy. Oh Chris Klein, oh awful Chris Klein. I agree with whomever said Barry's new costume sucks. It's the mask that bothers me, boy does he look like a pinhead now, I kept yelling, "Take that thing off" everytime he was on screen. Y'all if you haven't seen Chris Klein fuck up Kristin Kreuk's chance at badassery in Legend of Chun-Li, let me gift you with something... Merry Christmas He's always been terrible, but he seems to be simply getting worse. Those last few lines this episode made me long for the Thinker, hell I'd even take the Emo Savitar over this dude, nevermind Savitar was pretty brill .
  13. Table of two. I brought wine though.
  14. I was just referring to being excited about Zoe and the lot but that quickly turned to frustration and disappointment with their shitty storylines and horrific acting. You do bring up a wonderful point about Viv and Julius though. I miss Sasha. Also, this show needs more men. People wouldn't ricochet back to Ridge and Bill so much if they had options (well maybe Brooke still would) can we get a fine Asian dude up in here? How about a hottie from OLTL like the guy who played Cristian?