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  1. Smart enough? I'm sure she's smart enough to do that if it were possible. But I don't see how she would have possibly had the time, nor did she appear to have any kind of storage device to transfer them to.
  2. Not sure why a villain being a racist Nazi would bother you. They used this character because Stormfront played a large role in the comics and was the closest to matching Homelander in power. And before people start to chime in, the character was created 12 years ago by Garth Ennis, who is anything but politically correct or anyone's idea of a "social justice warrior".
  3. Huh? I doubt Homelander thinks of himself as a Christian. He considers himself a god. Not sure how you reconcile that. Starlight doesn't have heat vision. Her eyes glow, but her energy blasts come from her hands.
  4. Plus, all the timey-wimey stuff and extended lifespan/slowed aging stuff aside, Sousa's love interest on Dollhouse was Daisy's mom😁 I would love to see some Easter egg hinting at that when Daisy(w/ Sousa along) inevitably encounters Jiaying again.😂
  5. I'm not feeling that. I've been getting the feeling since his addition to the show that the showrunners were using this as an opportunity to fix the way Sousa(and the the whole Agent Carter storyline) was totally crapped on by Endgame. And that Daisy would be a big part of that.
  6. A few comments on deviations from the comics
  7. I felt more analogous to Stargirl, regardless of the costume, just based on her power set and he role as a young newcomer/replacement to Lamplighter(who, a least w/ the little we know about him at this point, feels a bit like a Green Lantern/Starman amalgam). Translucent doesn't doesn't have a real Justice League/DC counterpart, i felt like he was added to open the door to a line of invisibility gags that they wanted to do.
  8. 1. Chase Crawford a more recognizable name than Karl Urban or Simon Pegg? Not even close. 2. The character is a play on Aqauman, whose been derided for years as a pretty useless character outside of the water by comic book fans. 3. Your really missing something. The Deep didn't just expose himself to her, he coerced a blowjob from her by by threatening to blackball her from The Seven and destroy her reputation. And he didn't act like it never happened, he openly mocked her at her first team meeting with his comment of how her new situation is "hard to swallow". If you have any doubt about that, her conversation with Hughie in the park makes it very clear that is what happened and what she did. He didn't simply "drop his pants so she could get a look at him"(as bad as that is on its own), he casting couched her into performing sexual acts.
  9. Yeah, I don't think pointing to that review holds any weight, they also claim Liv and Major are living on Zombie Island with "the Freylich children", who could not be zombified and who are all dead by that point.
  10. I think it's a bit naive to go into a show based on a Garth Ennis property and not expect religion to be skewered...
  11. She reminds me of a young Kristy Swanson, especially her voice.
  12. Idk, I think Pegg could handle it in a vacuum, but it would change his dynamic w/ Butcher a lot and even more w/ Annie(who I thought was great. I never really cared for her in Jessica Jones, but she nailed this). I can't see pairing a 50ish Pegg w/ 25 yr old Moriarty(who plays younger than that), and I don't think an aged up Annie would work, more so than an aged up Hughie. Urban is perfect as Butcher. I like the actor they have playing The Frenchman, but I kinda wish they wouldn't have changed his personality so much. There was something great about this ridiculously over the top affectionate Frenchman that was also a brutal killer.
  13. Simon is definitely too old for Hughie now, and while I like the nod, it kinda just just makes me disappointed in the Hughie they got. Maybe it's that I have a young Simon in my minds eye as Hughie, maybe it's making him a New Yorker(I'm sure it's much easier on the production and budget), but he just feels off.
  14. I need to rewatch that final showdown, but did we just see Butcher blow up a baby? Murdering innocent children is about as terrorist as you can get, and when you factor in that he knew damn well he wasn't going to kill Homelander w/ that blast, wtf? He had already gotten to the point that I can't see him as the good guy, but now I can't watch anyone that even works with him and be in their corner.
  15. Someday, sure. But he hasn't earned that yet. As we see, he ends up profiting off of his behavior.
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