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  1. Just for reference, Netflix's Ragnorok was just a bit ahead of Disney on this, portraying Loki as gender fluid/pan or bisexual.
  2. He's a million times better than Smallville's Jor-El, who was a complete asshole, so I can't complain...
  3. There's a few weird premises that this show is built on. Even the fact that they had "play hide and seek in an empty house" on their to do list(and the list itself is weird to me). 1. They're about to be sophomores in high school and playing hide and seek is on their list?😒 2. An empty house sounds like the most incredibly lame place i could imagine playing hide and seek. You're literally just opening doors and looking in empty rooms or closets with nothing to hide behind/under/inside.
  4. The requirement of malicious intent only applies to public figures, which would certainly not describe Jeanette.
  5. I don't really see him buying stuff as that big an issue. I think people are elevating the level of celebrity a high school assistant principle has exponentially. Basically, high school students will recognize him. I doubt most of the parents of those students would, much less the rest of the town. And that's ignoring that we don't know how big this town is. It doesn't really feel "rural small town" to me, more mid-size suburb that's probably not immediately adjacent to a major metro area, but probably not in the middle of nowhere. My son just graduated last year, I consider myself pretty inv
  6. Not sure I can agree w/ this about informing Superman about these weapons. In the unlikely but potential catastrophic event that Superman were to go bad, I imagine you would want him to have little or no information about the existence of these weapons. Then learning that Jonathon built himself a little stash of "solar powered" weapons that could hurt Kryptonians makes him a bit of a hypocrite. How in the hell did he get those weapons, anyway? After he was barely rescued from the murder van, and then subsequently lambasted by Lois for going into the murder van alone, he snuck ba
  7. Pretty sure Jeanette doesn't think the snow globe can help her case, she wants to get it back from Mallory because she thinks it can tie her to Martin's house after that Christmas Eve call was made. Imo, it's a pretty big panicky mistake. All she is going to do is draw attention to the snow globe, which probably would have stayed under Mallory's bed until the end of time, she didn't seem to know It held any significance or that it came from Martin's.
  8. I feel like your overestimating the speed of the court system and how quickly the wheels of justice turn.
  9. Whatever... 😒 Simple answer? Sure. Correct answer based in anything other than your preconceived bias? I doubt it....
  10. Seriously? It's high school, not the NFL. You'll find literally hundreds of top notch high school quarterbacks across the country every year that are 5'10" or less. The actor is 5'9" . Tate Martell was the Gatorade National Player of the Year a few years ago, he was a 5'10" quarterback.
  11. Yes, you can certainly recognize a name and not a face, but I was thinking along the lines that if Lois recognized this person's name and was familiar enough w/ him to know that he was a threat to Superman, she certainly would have at least seen a picture of him before. I don't really follow Supergirl, but fwiw, I believe that they have introduced red-k on that show and it has dis-inhibiting effect in the cw-verse. Maybe, post-crisis, all bets are off, but I would think it would make more sense to keep playing by the rules they have already established.
  12. On Mallory. Sorry, but count me in the camp that just doesn't care for her. I like Harley, she seems sweet and I don't want to totally shit on her acting, but her trying to play "edgy" is just...😒 1. Joy is an asshole, but if some teen were to come in my home and dismissively talk to me and shut me down when I was trying to discuss a lawsuit that will affect my whole family w/ my child, that kid is going straight the fuck out the door and not coming back. And I just don't buy Harley in that "tough girl" turn. 2 A 16/17 yr old assistant manager can just shut down that place
  13. I assumed that at first too, but didn't she wake up to find her room had been heavily stocked with food, toiletries, etc.? I felt like it was a misdirect, too make us assume he was assaulting her, and then find out that he used the time to stock her up, so he wouldn't have to come down and risk another escape attempt for a while. I guess he could have done both, but I get the feeling he's trying to break her down until she submits "willingly".
  14. I don't know that It really needs to be admissible. 1-It gives Jeanette's lawyers a line of questioning to go after. 2-It can easily be leaked to the press. 3-I have a lot of sympathy for Kate, but I don't consider this victim shaming. It in no way excuses what Martin did to her. We don't know what exactly her story was about how she ended up there, but it appears that this would deviate from whatever that story was. At the very least it paints her recollections of her abduction as unreliable. If Jeanette IS being wrongly accused, she has every right to point to that.
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