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  1. But she won’t instantly recognize Clark as Superman, will she? No one else (including her father) has. Now, how long it takes before someone clues her in is another matter.
  2. Quoting myself — I just rewatched this scene, and I gotta add kudos to Tyler Hoechlin here too. Lois is fighting tears, but Clark has this depth of emotion in that moment too, even in his brief look at Lois. Sharon Powell may never know that they know, but Clark and Lois absolutely do know her pain all too well.
  3. Episode 1.14 — Sam: Too many of those questions lead back to our family and the very secrets that keep you safe. Lois: Is that really what this is about? Sam: Are you questioning my motives? Which is it Lois? Am I protecting the world or protecting our family? ‘Cause I never seem to get it right with you. Lana: So, what brings you to Smallville? ClarK: Oh, you know, I grew up here. Lana: Oh, you did? Clark: Yeah, yeah. Loved it. Really. You know, great town, better people. Met my best friend here. Lana: Well, he must be very lucky. Clark: She. She. And believe m
  4. Adding this in, because this show still deserves all the kudos it gets: TV's Best Series Finales of All Time, Ranked: Cheers, Six Feet Under, Friends, ER, 12 Monkeys, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More By Team TVLine / August 12 2021
  5. This is a great point to make, and more kudos to Elizabeth Tulloch. Watching that scene, I felt as though what was on the page was probably just simple foreshadowing of the episode’s end, but what ET played was a woman who absolutely has dealt with all that guilt and pain and is now quietly absorbing the hits this lady is throwing. It’s such a rich portrayal in a brief moment, and makes the end so much more traumatic. Like, obviously it’s the whole point of the show, but hasn’t this family been through enough?
  6. Episode 1.13 — Clark: I spoke with your grandfather. The DOD’s gonna stick around town a little longer than they planned. Jonathan: Until you guys find Leslie Larr or… Clark: That, and they’re shutting down the mines. Jordan: Why? Lois: Gonna get all the X-Kryptonite out so no one else gets hurt. Jordan: So no one else gets powers, you mean. Lois: Also true. Sam: It’s over, but we have loose ends to tie up. John Irons: We got Edge and Larr. Clark: I think it’s safe to say we can finally move on. Sam tosses necklace at John Irons. John Irons: 7734. Sam: I ha
  7. I’m about to do the same. Watched for the first time last year, just finished a rewatch — and realized I have NO ONE to talk to about. It’s hard for me to explain to people I know, who aren’t into time-travel stories like I am, what a wonderfully crafted show this was. Such a heartwarming, well-deserved ending… I just really, really like this show.
  8. Episode 1.12 — Edge: Not even Superman is strong enough to resist the will of Zod. Lois: Boys, he’s gonna be okay. Jonathan: Mom… Edge just took off with him. Lois: I know. Jordan: He said we’ll never see him again. Lois: Yeah, I know honey, and I know how scary that sounds. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but your dad has been in worse spots than this, and he always gets through them. I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years. Trust me. Your dad will fight through this, and he will win. (Kyle talking about his Kryptonian possession) Kyle: Mine c
  9. New theory upon rewatch: Edge is no longer Tal-Rho (or not just Tal-Rho). At the very end when he’s sitting in the Kryptonite cage, there’s a brief brightness that I chalked up to a lens flare the first time around. But when I saw it again, I realized it was Edge’s eyes glowing — like, they would have glowed red for a split second before his creepy smile, but you can’t tell that it’s red because he’s in a green Kryptonite-tinted cage. But, realizing his eyes glowed, I’m guessing he used the Eradicator to transfer one (or more) consciousness into himself before he got taken down. Curious who th
  10. He’s also the youngest of the main cast, and has been saddled with the most “troubled teen angst” of the storylines (along with the lamest floppy hair). I’m hoping the show will move away from at least a couple of these things next year, although this is still the CW so I’m not betting on it. (But seriously CW, do not force this child to keep this hairstyle just to show he’s the more angsty twin. Your viewers are not too stupid to tell them apart.)
  11. I guess I really am a sucker for the “never give up on family” message — loved everything about that for the Kents and the Cushings. Lois and Jonathan continue to be the extraordinary humans in the family, and I love them dearly. Man, have I missed John Diggle! But as per usual — this needed more Diggle and Lyla. (I’d want to see Kara too, but only after there’s no danger of having to tie her show’s continuity to this one. I’m actually enjoying the disconnectedness.) My guess is that Edge’s blast to the Eradicator was the reverse of what Superman did — Superman pulled all the conscio
  12. Episode 1.11 — Lois: You’ve been a really big help, Clark. If you want, I can probably talk to Perry about you getting a beat of your own, local politics or something. Clark: Oh. Um… no. That’s - it’s okay. I’d rather be here. Lois: For the story or the company? Clark: Uh… (laughs) I feel like that’s a trick question. Lois (to Superman): What would you say to the people of the world when asked what you stand for? Clark: I’d like to think everything good and decent. Truth, justice… Lois: The American way? Clark: I think someone’s just trying to get me to admit I was
  13. Episode 1.10 — Clark: Is it possible? Jor-El: It is possible, yes. Clark: How could you never tell me? Jor-El: There wasn’t the need. Clark: The need? For me to know I’ve had a brother here my entire life? One who wants to restore Krypton using some technology created by my mother? There wasn’t the need? Jonathan: Look, all I’m saying is going your whole life thinking that you’re the only one left in your family, and then finding out that you had a brother that you never knew about and that you could see your mom? That would affect anyone. Lois: Yeah, it would. But
  14. Episode 1.09 — Lois: Why is Edge here? I mean, why Smallville? Chrissy: Definitely not for the briyani. Lois: Clark, you are Martha Kent’s son. She was helping people here way before Edge showed up. They will listen to you. Lois: Clark are you here? Clark: I’m in the kitchen. Lois: We got a problem. Morgan Edge is ramping up that program of his. (sees Clark’s bruised body) Oh my God, what happened? Clark: I went to stop this bank robbery, and I got hit! Lois: All my life, your job was your number one priority. Accepting that wasn’t easy, but I l
  15. Episode 1.08 — Lois: We have been having some life changes, pretty major life changes. Don’t get me wrong, life has always been complicated. I’m good at complicated, but today I kind of got blindsided and… just somehow felt like everything was slipping through my fingers. I lost my temper… and I am worried that if I can’t pull it together, I’m at risk of hurting someone I really love more than I already have. Lois: We’ll figure this out. We’ve been in similar situations. Clark: Learning that the man who’s trying to kill your husband is your other husband from another world?
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