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  1. kickingnames

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    My emotional rollercoaster just now: 👍👍😍 😭😭😭
  2. kickingnames

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I was just coming here to post that. I am way more excited about it than I thought I would be.
  3. kickingnames

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I'm so torn! I love Ophelia Lovibond, but I detest love triangles. (I know, I know - they're inescapable on these types of shows.) I could actually handle the entire rest of the team this time, including Ray. (!!!) And this version of Standish I would like to see more of. He's got issues he's working through, but he's not obnoxious about it, so you can actually root for him to get better.
  4. kickingnames

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The one that immediately comes to my mind is Firefly -- which is exactly the example of network interference that bugs me (because it actually affected the show's survival chances). I totally understand situations like "Earshot" and others where real life and escapist tv collide, but I'm a little wary of stuff like that happening without good reason.
  5. kickingnames

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Oh good — I thought it was just me that they seemed to have grown closer than I expected (or at least, Frankie seemed to have thawed more toward Will) in between what aired as episode 3 and what aired as episode 4. So basically we got the equivalent of going from episode 2 to episode 5 in terms of emotional development, without getting to see the connection progress as the actors played it. (I hate it when networks do that, and then wonder why when some viewers have a hard time staying connected themselves.)
  6. kickingnames

    The Passage

    So Fox release a promo shortly after the Disney sale was completed, to highlight the new Fox and it’s offering. It’s got several clips from The Passage, which I’m taking as a good sign. (‘Cause why would you feature a show as a way of highlighting the “new you” if you’re just going to cancel it in a matter of days?)
  7. Great (and ew) — now I can’t help but imagine if that’s what this face was actually about...
  8. kickingnames

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    😂🤣😂🤣😂 Exactly how old does this reviewer think Dinah and Rene are in present day Arrow?
  9. kickingnames

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    YES! I forgot to mention that. I started really getting those vibes in the last episode, but they leaned into it heavily here. RE Fringe: So maybe there's hope for Arrow.
  10. kickingnames

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    I really enjoyed it. I was shouting at the tv, squealing, instantly replaying little moments I loved — it felt a little like old school Arrow. The stuff with OTA 2.0 was such fun, and Felicity was the best as usual. I never thought I could enjoy an Oliver-less episode of this show so much (I usually don’t last more than a few minutes). I’ll do a full rewatch later (most of you have aleady pointed out the things I loved), but a couple of things I’ll mention now: MTE. Especially if they remember the bit of canon that says the only way to rid the bloodlust is to kill whoever put you in the pit — if Thea did that to Roy, he would absolutely exile himself rather than risk killing her. It just hit me that I completely remembered that LP canon wrong — it’s that the bloodlust can be cured only by killing the person who fatally wounded you, causing you to need the pit in the first place, not the person who put you in it. Although if Thea did that to Roy, he’d probably exile himself just because. So same result, really. I loved Felicity’s genetics shade, but this: might just be my favorite expression of the episode. ETA: I always have to catch up on it late, but congrats to the Live Posting Thread for reaching the 5,000 replies mark! ETA2: I got a key part of that canon wrong. Oops.
  11. kickingnames

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I loved pretty much the whole tunnel segment, especially that fight scene with Will and Frankie vs. her henchman acquaintance — I mean, the bickering is cute, but I am down for every one of their duo fight sequences, where they don’t have time to argue because they’re too busy working together. I like TJW, but I’m going to need the writers to tone Standish down a little. There were points during this episode when I wanted to lock him in a room with Ray and lose the key, which is just sad. Overall I really like this show, though the team structure is still giving me major Deception vibes — and that’s probably my biggest concern, since both shows were/are produced and distributed by Warner Bros., and therefore not ABC-owned properties (which apparently was a major factor in Decpetion’s cancellation). I don’t know if I can trust ABC not to make the same mistake twice.
  12. kickingnames

    The Passage

    The two-hour finale was beautiful and heartbreaking, especially the last few scenes. I need a second season like right now, and I need it to start with Brad and Amy finding each other again. They are absolutely my favorite thing about this show (well, them and take-no-guff, on-a-mission-from-God Lacey), and I was so sad that she left after saving him and hasn’t seen him since. Come on Fox — I need to know that Brad and Amy are okay, even if it takes 97 years! Which was followed by Guilder almost immediately mouthing off another unhelpful question, and Clark just walking away, instead of ripping that mustache off like he had just promised! I was so disappointed. I appreciated the way Nichole went out, and was hoping Clark would get a similar “redemption through death” treatment, but as soon as Shauna showed up over his broken body I knew that was not to be. (Ugh, Clark, you should know better by now!) Not into that pairing at all.
  13. kickingnames

    Whiskey Cavalier

    +1 for the credits. The moment I heard that song in the pilot I thought, “This had better be the permanent intro song for the show.” It is indeed perfect.
  14. kickingnames

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I never watched Scandal or The Walking Dead beyond promo or recap clips I might have seen, so I mostly remember Cohan from Supernatural (I loved to hate her character there) and Foley from Felicity (even though I never watched that either — I just had to make a point to remember which Scott was which character because people I knew wouldn’t shut up about it). I’ve never really gravitated towards Foley, but he’s fun in this role, so more power to him. So, I’m actually hoping for a happy medium between these two. 😄
  15. kickingnames

    You Know You Watch Too Much Supernatural When....

    You see this Jeopardy clue in “Name Meanings” category: And your first thought is: So that’s where her name came from!