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  1. wellread

    S06.E12: Meet Your Maker 2018.07.23

    Bell's one-liner should be noted: When hearing Strider's name, Bell comments that it is the second stupidest first name that he has ever heard! Great!
  2. wellread

    S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    Some people wonder how Henry is doing academically at his prep school. When he is talking to Philip, Henry says that he has to go study for his AP CALC exam. If he is taking Advanced Placement Calculus as a junior, for which he can earn college credit, Henry is doing quite well academically.
  3. wellread

    S01.E09 Recast and S01.E10

    A complete time waster, but at least we got to see Jane with her hair combed in the last few scenes!
  4. For the first couple of episodes, I thought Jane was running around with uncombed hair, because she was so distraught. Eventually I realized that, dear God, that's actually her hair style. Awful is right!
  5. wellread

    Weekend Update: Summer Edition - 2017

    She referred to Ann Coulter as a "yard sale Barbie." Love it!
  6. wellread

    S03.E10: Somebody to Love

    While I agree that there are many unsatisfactory loose ends, plotholes and more in Season 3 of Fargo, I don't think Mr. Wrench pursuing Emmit for five years to kill him is one of them. We remember that Nikki believes that Emmit poisoned Sy and killed his own brother Ray, the man she has come to love. She thinks Emmit is the big Villain and later tries to recite the Bible verse before killing him, as she was instructed in the "bowling Alley." So at the end of the scene at the abandoned storage company, when Mr. Wrench asks her if she is happy now that so many are dead, she says that she is not because "the brother", that is Emmit, is still alive. We have seen the growing bond between Mr. Wrench and Nikki, largely because Nikki treats him with respect, has learned ASL to communicate with him and even gives him most of the money! So I find it completely believable that Mr. Wrench would dedicate himself to finishing her mission, that is killing Emmit. Nikki is probably one of the few people who has treated Mr. Wrench well. What a wonderful conglomeration of shades of truth, misunderstandings, false assumptions and alternative facts Season 3 has been!
  7. wellread

    S05.E08: Immersion

    I have been expecting someone to comment by now about the type of tai chi that Elizabeth "learned" from Ben. They are doing tai chi chih, the non-martial version. The movements are actually done at about one-third the speed shown in the program. Presumably it would take too long to show them correctly. The aim is to get your systems in balance, with the universe and all that sort of stuff. You do take a series of very slow-moving lessons and learn one new movement each session. You don't just wave your arms around. I think there is an intended irony in that in both tai chi chih and EST, you are aiming to get in touch with your feelings, the universe and so on. Elizabeth is deriving the same benefits from tai chi chih as Philip is from EST.
  8. wellread

    S05.E04: What's the Matter with Kansas?

    Once again, I am anticipating coming here after tonight's episode. The comments of Pink Ribbons, Umbelina and the others about their and their parents' lives in the former Soviet Union add so much depth to this forum. Thank you all for sharing these experiences with us. You add so much to our understanding.
  9. wellread

    S04.E05: Clark's Place

    I can't give enough credit to the writers for the quality of their work. Sending a Central American (probably fake) Jesuit priest to dangle the glamour of liberation theology in front of Tim and Alice. Catnip for them! I'm sure the good Father is only the first step in the plan to reel in the Groovyhairs. And then the brief moment at the end of the burial scene when Oleg's father fires the gun to represent a forbidden military salute to his dead son. A totally unexpected and deeply moving moment from a pretty unsympathetic character.
  10. wellread

    S01.E20: Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris

    I don't think the FBI answers to the Barbados Parliament!
  11. wellread

    S01.E20: Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris

  12. wellread

    Mercy Street

    Milz's message above is a wonderful, hilarious listing of some of the obvious borrowings used by the creators of Mercy Street. (I'll just add Gone With the Wind to the list.) When you visit the PBS website, you can see how self-satisfied the creators are with their work, not realizing at all the lost opportunity to bring a fresh look at some aspects of the Civil War. They have embraced just about every tired stereotype you can think of. Too bad!
  13. wellread


    kay1864 and algebra, Behave yourselves! ;-)
  14. wellread

    Indian Summers

    The terrorist called Ralph by his full name and said he was a devil. That would make the motive for the shooting sound personal, as borne out by the scenes in the jail between Ralph and the shooter, and would make it harder for Ralph to sell the shooting as a terrorist incident. I think when the truth comes out, that it will be darker and more twisted than a simple case of a colonial having a child by a native mistress.
  15. wellread

    S05.E10: Reborn

    Don't worry! When Matt carefully blew out two candles and left the 1776 attic where he was writing his journal, he left at least 30 lit candles behind. Many were close to wood, paper and cloth objects. Very soon a massive fire will wipe out DC, leaving no one alive except Hal and two women. A new triangle will begin ...