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  1. Based on his own level of literacy, the condescending "most of the time I couldn't read, so sweet" made me wonder if the notes had words that were a little too advanced for Timmy, or maybe written in cursive (not sure if that's on the Rod curriculum or not). I also hope his patients tell their families all about the weird aide they had, and how they tried to treat him with kindness and brighten his day because he was clearly "not all there"...
  2. Sooo, how long since the Dillards all hung out together? Hope for Cathy's sake it hasn't been since Christmas/ New Year's.
  3. The only article I could find about series two that mentions Rachel Shenton (Helen), has her talking about looking forward to filming: https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a35085384/all-creatures-great-and-small-season-2/
  4. So that's four Bates girls/ in-laws currently pregnant? The Duggars are slacking...
  5. Well, that was entertaining enough. I recognized Andrew Gower immediately (and I'm amused how we're all recognizing him from different things... for me he'll always be Cutter from Being Human), but it took me until midway through the second flashback to realize Eliza's father was Mr. Mosely from Downton Abbey. I kind of took that as a nod towards Eliza's upbringing... she probably would have known how to feel for a pulse at that age, and didn't stop to think that everyone doesn't. Maybe? There were definitely anachronisms, but that particular line really didn't bother me.
  6. I've seen other young-Michelle pictures that definitely show the Josie resemblance. And Jinger. But this particular picture, I'm seeing Joy.
  7. Anna's last four kids have had the "Pa Keller" look as babies/ toddlers to various degrees. and the older three have turned out OK, so I'm sure Maryella will do likewise. She looks a lot like Meredith did, and now Meredith is one of the cutest grandkids.
  8. I did watch, when it was first posted... he kind of stumbles over the littlest Caldwell boy in a general rush to get to the next "clue," and creates a domino effect where some of the other mid-sized Caldwells also fall over/ onto the poor toddler. Joe kept going and didn't look back. Little Caldwell was hysterical crying for a bit and did not rejoin the festivities.
  9. Whichever Lost Girl was left in charge is probably getting chewed out right now...
  10. It's not scheduled yet. The last thing I could find was that they were halfway through filming the episodes at the beginning of December, and it is supposed to air "at some point in 2021." Presumably they got some kind of break around the holidays, and I know England is in another lockdown currently, so even if TV shows are still allowed to film (which I believe they were during the second lockdown), I could see them maybe being slow to get going again after the holidays. But that's just speculation on my part. I wonder if PBS can possibly get it at the same time as the BBC this go round? (Usually the new season starts in January in the UK/ April in the US.)
  11. Right!? When I grew out my bangs, it took forever, and was so annoying. Yet when Joy had bangs last time (less than two years ago), they seemed to grow out (or at least get to a length where she could push them back/ make them less noticeable) almost immediately. I swear, she missed her calling as some kind of undercover operative... she can seemingly transform her appearance at will, including (magically) her hair color and bang length.
  12. Yes, it is New Year's Eve 2020, but if you're having a party, you're celebrating (and decorating for) the arrival of 2021.
  13. It's a party celebrating the arrival of 2021, so...no.
  14. She did the bangs before and didn't keep them long. Someone on FJ said Joy said in her comments (I couldn't find it, but there are a million comments) that she didn't dye her hair; it's just wet from the rain. Which seems kind of unbelievable, but if you look at her pictures from the last time she had bangs, her hair looked super dark then, too, but then looked lighter again shortly thereafter. So either Joy uses dye that washes out within days, or her hair just drastically changes color depending on lighting, filters, etc. Example of last time she had bangs and her hair was super dark: https://www.instagram.com/p/B41JmGeJuXb/ (Nov 13, 2019) Three days later, still has the bangs, hair shade looks so much lighter: https://www.instagram.com/p/B48yPU0pveU/
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