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  1. Well, this was awesome: https://twitter.com/watchmen/status/1243583774924865538
  2. Lauren looks kind of deranged in the first picture, but the second is pretty adorable. Glad that Bella does not seem to be living in Asa's ghostly shadow, as many feared she might.
  3. I read an article within the past few days (maybe on here?) that networks might be more likely to renew "bubble" shows because the filming of a lot of potential pilots (like, for new shows) had to be shut down due to the coronavirus. So in other words, it would be easier for networks to go back to filming an existing show (like Stumptown) when this is all over than it would be to gamble on an unknown that they didn't even get to see a pilot for.
  4. And was there really that much sharing of utensils going on? Spurgeon had his own bowl/ spoon. Ben was eating from his own bowl while kind of holding onto Henry, but Jessa mentions getting Henry a bowl once he's woken up, and Ben even pushes his own bowl a little away from Henry at one point. Jessa is presumably feeding Ivy from her (Jessa's) bowl (and with her adult-sized spoon...), though we don't actually see Jessa eating. And if Jessa is presumably still breast-feeding Ivy, if one got sick, likely the other would, regardless of utensil sharing...
  5. Good point! I don't remember the name of the town/ area, but I do remember Dex saying last episode that it was a lengthy drive away (like over an hour, I think?). So, not Portland. Overall I enjoyed the episode (and the season in general) due to the characters/ actors, fun music choices, etc., but I had the same complaints this episode as I posted last episode, in that they're moving through story lines so quickly that they're already repetitive. I mean, we've only had eighteen episodes and the "big" character cliffhangers they leave us with are Miles questioning whether he's cut out to be a cop for the second time, and Grey being reluctantly pulled into some kind of illegal activity for at least the third time! (Guy really needs a hug, by the way.) Of course the return of Dex and Ansel's mom is something new, but they ruined it a bit by making it super obvious it was coming. The very first scene with Ansel being secretive on the phone, I knew it was the mother.
  6. TSotDRT (or in the Rods' case, the school of whatever corner they can stick you in with a lap desk), where the teacher believes that, "You are a blessing to Daddy and I!" is a grammatically correct sentence, and randomly capitalized words MAKE everything better.
  7. I would love it if it was Barry Zito... someone I've not only heard of, but actually like! But I have a feeling a lot of others would be like, "Who???"
  8. White Tiger's voice was super deep. I think there have been others, too? I've definitely noticed differences in the octaves of the "fake" voices. so I don't think they use the same distortion/ filter/ whatever you call it for everyone.
  9. Jenni was in the Jill/ Joy group; I think poor Jordyn was in Jessa's. At this point, though, I'm sure the Lost Girls will latch on to whichever sister wants to pay them a little attention (or ask them to be her photographer).
  10. Ansel was the MVP of the episode. Loved seeing him be a good friend to Grey. Overall, this show just... never really fires on all cylinders, does it? The acting is good, most of the characters are fairly likeable and/ or compelling, the writing on an episode-to-episode basis isn't terrible, but they seem to have issues with plotting. I feel like most the story arcs we've had so far got solved too quickly, to be replaced with yet another, usually even more over-the-top arc. The fact that as soon as Dex started to break into the house, I knew she'd find the guy dead, and the fact that we had the same exact ending earlier this season (albeit with Grey getting grabbed and not Dex) is... not good. The squad-mate of Benny's that she'd gone to visit earlier in the episode, who she now thought was dirty. TJ. I thought she was looking up his property/ mentioned the ginormous house in the scene in the bar later when she was asking Miles to look into him.
  11. Speaking of this... do they film well in advance? As in, do we know if they filmed the whole season already, or are we going to be left hanging because production will be suspended?
  12. I assumed it was a league (and maybe this "league" could potentially be as small as two teams who just always play each other...) for differently-abled people (not just Down syndrome), kind of like the Special Olympics? I would think the Portland area would be able to field a few teams (or at least that it wouldn't be hugely impossible to think they could...)
  13. It used to be more of a cable series thing, but I've been noticing more on more on the network shows as well that, despite being "series regulars," some actors only seem to be contracted for a certain number of episodes, rather than all of them. Tookie didn't appear in a bunch of episodes in the beginning, Sue Lynn is frequently absent, and I think even Ansel has missed an episode or two earlier on. I'm pretty sure Dex, Grey, and Hoffman are the only characters who have been in every episode so far.
  14. But you can't vaccinate against Coronavirus, so we're all in the same boat there. I could totally see the Rods spreading it, though. Instead of Typhoid Mary, we'll have Coronavirus Jill...
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