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  1. dargosmydaddy


    I have to say, this season was kind of a slog (though I did get through it). I still miss Simon. The finale definitely felt more like a series finale than the previous two. I'd be OK if it doesn't come back.
  2. Prop 2.0: "Daddy, look at me, I'm flying!" Jeremy: *looks to camera*
  3. Reddit posters have taken to blurring the kids' faces. Some of our posters are fond of taking pictures from Reddit.
  4. We snarked on Josh's sneakers in the Justin pics, though maybe he was wearing them at Jed's, too. And in the Jedding group photo, Josh isn't front and center, he's on the end, holding Maryella. Hopefully that makes him easy to edit out. I would imagine the newest sisters-in-law are reeling from this latest development...
  5. Not sure if this is the picture you're talking about (Josh doesn't have his arms around anyone, but it's the only brother picture I've seen recently... Justin's wedding, btw), but it's still on the Duggar Insta here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNfq6vihtO5/ (brothers pic is the third one in; Josh does have his arm around Jana in the first pic with all the siblings).
  6. Equally possible! It is phrased pretty vaguely.
  7. I read it as the sweet friend gave Jill the ability to go on the coffee date with Derrick, presumably by watching Sam, not by giving them the coffee.
  8. Claire, Joe/Kendra, and John/Abbie all "liked" Jinger's post.
  9. Mrs. Keller had her last baby at 43. Priscilla won't be 35 until June, and has had her babies at the same approximate pace as Anna (she just started later). Barring any future health/ pregnancy issues, she could easily have another four kids. Personally I want her to have as many more as it takes to break her perfect boy-girl alternating pattern... or see if she can keep it up for the entire quiver!
  10. Kendra and family... We were talking about old man-looking babies in regards to the Waller kids, but I think Brooklyn Praise may also qualify.
  11. It didn't say someone actually paid 100k for it, just that the seller listed it for that... people list things for all kinds of crazy prices on ebay. If someone was unhinged enough to steal Jinger's diary, they'd be unhinged enough to believe they could sell it for big bucks...
  12. The Waller family is always tops when it comes to middle-aged babies who appear horrified with their lots in life. I think their eldest was the only sweet-looking baby, and Davia (the oldest girl) was the reigning queen of comical facial expressions and failure to keep sweet. Sadly, they all seem to outgrow it around the time the next baby comes along. (With the exception of Davia, who held on valiantly, but finally seems to have learned...or been forced into... a true smile.)
  13. You can always count on the current youngest Waller to have the best "F-my life" expression. I remember when that used to be Davia...
  14. I will admit anything is better than another picture of his stupid face, but... I don't think I need to see full-body Jeremy in almost-defrauding shorts, either...
  15. That's a fan page, not Kate's account.
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