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  1. She says, "No place I'd rather be (well, accept maybe in your arms)" when she meant except.
  2. It's still cool that she can say she beat James two out of three games. As both an Emma and a James fan, that was enjoyable.
  3. Bella seems a little close to Annabel for my taste, but then the Duggars know no bounds when it comes to similar sounding names, so whatever.
  4. Right?!? Leona is an idiot. And I also found her very off-putting when she was talking to Ed the next day and didn't seem at all concerned that Jon could still get arrested and Holly was being trashed, all due to her stupidity. Overall I thought the ending worked well if that is *the* end, but the whole series didn't live up to the high expectations I had for it after the first couple episodes. Ed was the only one who really had character growth; Holly and Duncan just kept being who they were (admittedly Duncan got to show some layers to that), and everyone else was just kind of window dressing. I'd definitely watch a second season if there was one, but I can't say I'd be heartbroken if there's not. UK series are kind of weird like that... I admit it doesn't look good, but I also wouldn't be shocked if there was a renewal, particularly if the PBS ratings were decent. She was never mentioned again. I found that disappointing. Overall I think that was part of my dissatisfaction with the series. Maybe all the fleeting story lines were realistic from a journalism standpoint, but they didn't really make for great TV.
  5. Wow, they're already color coordinating their outfits... is that allowed, before marriage? Those are some sadly tiny cake slices at the end. Did David get the rest of the cake or something?
  6. That whole set-up seemed very odd. The male co-worker (boss?) seemed invested in the investigation, or at least like he was OK with David and co. being there, but why couldn't they have gone to a private area? They did eventually meet with her alone, but the first two meetings at the daycare seemed designed to be quirky-humorous but completely unrealistic. The Kings need to realize we want less chaotic kids scenes, not more! Ben continues to be the MVP of the entire cast. Loved his immediate question about Epstein when the lady said she could ask God anything he wanted. All in all I did enjoy this episode a lot despite its ludicrousness. Loved Kristen's reaction to high David, especially. Not sure what she could call the police with? Him stealing her files was awful and illegal, but a freaking judge did nothing about it, so it seems unlikely that the cops (in the show's universe, anyhow) would care. As for him being in her house, the mother invited him; having him removed forcibly would upset her mom and kids, and at that point she was still hoping to talk some sense into her mom regarding the relationship. Is there something else I'm missing about what she should call the cops about?
  7. That's only because she's still got some baby fat. Give it another couple years, and she'll be indistinguishable from the emaciated horde...
  8. https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/101210-press/?tab=comments#comment-5726784
  9. It's funny, because I'm really enjoying all the actors, but at least in the past couple episodes, the writing seems... not great... in terms of characterization. I think the six episode season combined with so many plots and characters means that many often get a short shrift. -I loved Holly, but this episode she left me kind of cold. Having her quit The Herald, join The Post, and then quit The Post and go back to The Herald in the span of 42 hours makes her look flaky, quite frankly. I get why she did it, but it would have worked better in a longer timeline. I mean, if this was a US show, you know her joining The Post would have been the first season finale, and her leaving and going back to The Herald would be the second season finale, lol. And don't get me wrong, I usually prefer the UK short, powerful seasons rather than the repetitive blah-ness of the long US seasons, but this is one case where it needed a little more drawing out. -I think all The Herald actors are lovely, but I don't care about the "Pamina" affair. Seems lazy and something you see all the time. I'd love to see Peter get his own storyline (and/or see a little of his home life), but apparently there's not room for that. I love James/ Al Weaver, but none of his story lines really seem to go anywhere. Love Ellie Kendrick, but I'm lukewarm on Leona and how she went from being a reporter who needs a ton of hand holding to someone who can be assistant editor (I mean, I guess they're too different skillsets, and maybe she's actually more suited for the supervisory role, but... is she really? Seems like there would be other, more experienced people.) -Which leads me to the timeline in general... Can someone remind me how many weeks this is spanning, per the flash forward in the first episode? Because I thought it was supposed to be 6 weeks, but that seems way too short for the amount of job growth Leona and Ed have seemingly had in that time. Regardless, most of the episodes seem to pick up shortly after the previous one, and not many days are spanned during the episodes themselves. -Ed's development has been interesting (even if he is a complete douche now), and has at least been shown, even if the timeline is unbelievable. -The Post editor (whose name I should really know... I keep wanting to call him Angus, but apparently it's Duncan) is well portrayed. He's just so punchable, but his accent is hypnotic and he's an electric presence on the screen. But again I'm questioning the timeline, because he and his wife only split a couple episodes, over his infidelity, yet she now has a live-in boyfriend only a short time (a couple weeks?) later? -The rest of The Post staff is mainly indistinguishable... Raz is pretty funny, but his sole job is to make snarky comments with limited screentime. I did like the secretary and her conversation with Holly in this episode-- hope we see more of her. -Someone with business knowledge of newspapers... does The Herald's plan seem feasible? I just don't see the website being profitable, which would lead them to stop doing the "in depth" stories if no one wants to pay for them. Holly and James better watch out.
  10. Maybe the real Anna bolted, and they hired a stand in?
  11. Muscle cramps, I think? There are a few hockey players who swear by it. https://www.nhl.com/news/new-jersey-devils-blake-coleman-reveals-secret-to-his-success/c-291986074
  12. I bought that he would know the Ernie one (and could even see the guy asking him specifically because he figured Ansel would know, and wanted to continue to try to build a bond with him), but the acorn one was really random. I hated that punch. I hate that women hitting guys is seen as OK, and I feel like it's a go-to trope on TV. I get Dex being furious with Grey from a character standpoint, but use your words, woman. The fact that it was not a heat of the moment thing, but possibly calculated (Maybe I'm misremembering the scene and Grey said something particularly provoking, but my recollection is that she waited until they were alone in his office and then clocked him) was even worse. Just ugh. In general I thought the episode was somewhat lacking. We're only five episodes in, and it seems like they burned through this storyline super fast. I didn't care about Hoffman and his dead CI. I thought it was beyond ridiculous that he had a bunch of witnesses watch him almost kill the guy (after he's not even supposed to be anywhere near the case), but this is hand waved away and everything's wonderful by the ending. I did like Ansel playing a role in his own rescue, but I questioned him going with the guy in the first place. It's been mentioned in previous episode threads that Ansel takes his responsibilities very seriously. He was sent to get cilantro. I don't see him going for a random ride without at least mentioning this job to the guy. Would have made more sense for the guy to offer him a ride to the market, and then say that they were making a side trip first or whatever. As someone mentioned upthread, she had to fulfill a certain number of apprenticeship hours, but Artie fudged those for her. As for why she needs the license, I would imagine she'd get more jobs that way. Most people want to hire a licensed professional, whether it's a plumber or a PI. Her jobs in the first few episodes were either referred to her by people she knew (Sue Lynn, Grey, Hoffman, I think?) or the one was through Artie.
  13. Not to mention, "We were first doing stuff the two of us..."
  14. I always thought the even seasons were the strongest-- 2, 4, 6. Two is my favorite.
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