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  1. I thought at one point Jackson was allowed to sing with them... but maybe he got booted out since then. (Found this video from January, and Jackson sang:
  2. It's Trace, one of the middle boys (I can never keep them straight), and Lawson.
  3. Maybe they ran out of suits in the communal closet now that they're all approximately the same size. Or maybe he just didn't care. You do your own thing, James!
  4. But are Cleveland's theaters actually open right now? Granted, even if they were, I doubt the Rods would go. Real theater would probably be both too risque and too pricey for them. They're sticking to hat juggling and ventriloquism (although I do wonder if that ventriloquist and his dummy are G-rated...).
  5. Far right in the gray suit. Left to right it's James, Jed!, Joe, Justin, Jason, Jer.
  6. I feel like way too much of Will has been Sidney-like this season. In addition to much of the dialogue in the Geordie/ Will scenes, which I feel like could have easily been Geordie/ Sidney in terms of the banter, we have... Will's sudden proposal as a way of avoiding other issues (I don't think Sidney actually proposed marriage to Violet (or did he and I conveniently forgot?) but proposing to go to America with her was basically the same thing... at least Ellie's reaction was much better/ more realistic than Violet's!) The red shirt Will wore in the previous episode... I swear Sidney wore the same one in season one! Do I need to fanwank that Sidney left it behind in his closet, and Will adopted it? I realize it's probably not the same shirt, but when you have two characters who (by necessity of profession) wear the exact same thing most of the time, maybe give them something drastically different on the rare occasion they're out of "uniform"... His preference for Geordie/ crime solving, to the point of seeming to neglect the vicarage/ Leonard/ Mrs. C. Don't get me wrong, I know there are differences (though some of them are a bit too on-the-nose, like the motorcycle instead of the bicycle)... we have boxing instead of jazz, and family angst instead of Amanda angst, and Will seems much more at ease with his faith than Sidney ever did, but overall I wish there were more things to delineate the characters. I know they didn't want to change their successful formula too much, and that the change was necessitated by Norton's departure, but it feels like TPTB feel like they can't deviate much from what they had, and this would have been a nice chance for the show to grow and evolve more.
  7. Reddit thinks it's Masterminds... which looks quite mainstream! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2461150/
  8. So a few weeks ago, Jeremy Sisto was (very awkwardly) on Hollywood Game Night, and I commented on that thread that now that he has shown a willingness to do game shows I hoped he would be on Anthony Anderson's To Tell the Truth. And now I just checked next week's TTTT panel on the ABC website, and there's Sisto! If anyone else wants to see the game show version of a Bernard/Lupo reunion, tune in on Thursday...
  9. Jinger looks like a stylish grandma. Yikes!
  10. He's not wearing it, but there appears to be one resting on his handlebars.
  11. If you click on the picture, it gives their Instagram handle, so that helped. I think from left to right it's Jeremiah, Jana's life partner Laura, Duggar friend Elijah, Jason, Jed!, Ben, Jessa, and Jana.
  12. So apparently Jason has created an Instagram account. Are we taking odds on a courtship announcement before next week's new season? https://www.instagram.com/jaseduggar/
  13. Maybe it's not, that was just my best guess. I just find it really weird that Anna (and the main Duggar account, for the most part), scrubbed her picture from her Instagram, yet there's evidence that she's still frequently there, and frequently shown with the younger kids rather than the ones her own age. I believe she was shown in Ben's "class" in the episode where he was doing the home schooling, too. If she's not living with the Duggars, I find the sm scrub a little weird since her parents are clearly OK with her being over there all the time. If she is living with the Duggars as a "mother's helper," I wonder why a family would "give" their youngest child (of a relatively small family and the only daughter to boot) away like that. If there's something going on with Emily's family where she needed to live elsewhere, and the Duggars are unofficially fostering her, I really question that there wasn't a better home to go to than the wild west that is the TTH, but I guess in those circles they don't see it that way... Really I would just love to know what's going on (which I know is none of my business), and hope that whatever the situation is, Emily's OK and not being held in indentured servitude.
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