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  1. Their "Third Wheel" T-shirts need arrows pointing to Me-chelle...
  2. Jessa calling Ivy "Sister" always makes me cringe... I know it's a southern thing and not a Jessa-specific thing, but that Ivy is going to be defined as a "sister" (and potentially a sister-mom) for her entire youth just makes me stabby. I also find it a little weird that Jessa frequently calls her just "Jane" (once in this video, and I've heard it in others), as well as "Ivy" and "Ivy Jane." I know some kids get called by their middle name instead of their first name, but switching off indiscriminately seems odd.
  3. He also looks like he's freezing... everyone else in that picture has long sleeves or a coat, and he's there in his T-shirt and shorts.
  4. Nurie has her hand on Nathan's stomach in multiple pictures... maybe he's the one who's pregnant?
  5. It's not Mary, since the police were interviewing her in the first episode. I agree Natalie didn't seem upset enough for it to be her mom... but maybe one of her siblings? Or some lesser character who got in the way of another, more major character getting hurt? (I admit that wouldn't have as much of an impact, but I definitely see an unexpected twist coming in that it's not Mark.)
  6. Woohoo! That just made my day.
  7. The fact that they haven't actually said makes me assume it's not... he would be the most obvious choice, so I see a big surprise reveal that it's *not* him upcoming. The series is only four episodes, right? I wonder if next week he'll be the one being questioned by police (or will appear by the end of the episode in the "now" timeline in some way), leaving the answer to the big question to be shown in the final episode. Not to mention stealing Marc's Viagra! Honestly I'm not liking anyone on the show too much, though it's still holding my interest. I think George (the oldest daughter's husband) is the only one I kind of sympathize with (well, the son's wife, too, but we see less of her). (Although I automatically associate the name "George" with Russell Tovey thanks to Being Human, so it's a bit confusing to have him not be George...) All the adult children are pretty awful, as is Mary, and Marc and the mom are being presented in an ambiguous enough way that you can't quite trust them (not that I think the mom is nefarious, but as some have mentioned, she seems way too gullible, and I do wonder if she's hiding something).
  8. The one peeking out from behind Johannah is the mysterious cousin Emily, who Anna scrubbed from her Instagram awhile back when it was rumored she was the live-in help for the M-kids. Not sure who the other girl is. But yes, I do think the younger Duggars have a much wider friend circle than the older Duggars had when they were that age. I've seen some Instagrams of some of their teenage friends, and one girl had a bunch of videos of hanging out at the TTH with the younger Howlers/ older Lost Girls, and it all looked so oddly normal... Of course I'm sure their friends carefully vetted that they're the right kind of Christians and all that, but it didn't seem as heavily chaperoned as one might expect...
  9. Huh. Four hours seems excessive to do in consecutive weekends with three small kids. And I assume they did go to the wedding. So you'd think they were there all week. Now, posting her carefully curated, but-not-particularly-up-to-date photos is one thing, but saying "They loved their weekend visit" like it was only the weekend and is now over, even though they were still there is just... why, Jessa? Of course I could be wrong and they did go twice, or maybe they didn't go to the wedding, but both of those scenarios raise some WHYs as well...
  10. Not to mention Nurie is wearing her mask on her chin in the airport, in true Rodriguez style...
  11. Which makes me wonder... Jessa posted a picture four days ago about the kids "loving their weekend visit" with Ben's family. So have they been there both weekends (last weekend at the zoo, this weekend for the wedding), and Ben's mom didn't get around to posting the zoo pictures for awhile? Or have they really been there all week, and Jessa just wants it to seem like they weren't? Or did they just visit last weekend, and then not go back for the wedding? (How far away does Ben's family live?)
  12. I think that was a different sister. (The cop one?) No, but it was only today. Even the Seewald family Instagram doesn't have a post about it yet. Though I am amused that the last post on the Seewald Insta features Ben, Jessa, and the kids at the zoo, so clearly they're with the Seewalds. Jessa's last Insta post is the picture of Jana reading to the boys. Both posts are from 2 days ago... Why wouldn't Jessa post some zoo pictures?
  13. New trailer, both creepy and hilarious... https://tvline.com/2020/10/10/evil-season-2-trailer-video-mike-colter-katja-herbers/
  14. I thought I saw a photo of a young Pa Keller once where he looked kinda... not bad? Ma Keller, not so much. I wish I could find the picture; I think it was from when Anna was a baby? ETA: OK, I found it. Not exactly a looker, but not quite as fuddy-duddy looking as he became...
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