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  1. She has been seen on the Duggar family Instagram as recently as last October. The Duggars haven't been posting much since the arrest, so fewer chances for her to pop up, but I know she was appearing in friends-of-Duggar posts on the Duggar compound, and one of her older brothers also seemed to frequently be around. Unclear if she's actually living in TTH, or just a frequent visitor, but she seems tight with Johannah.
  2. In my high school, as well as the high school I now teach at, people (mostly parents) can buy "ads" (a quarter of a page up to a full page) that contain a congratulatory message and whatever pictures they want to put on it, usually some kind of montage of now and then/ significant moments. So I would imagine this is something like that (since we can only see these individual pictures and not what else was on that page...). Obviously there would be other pictures of Derrick throughout the yearbook, as well, that no one had to "buy."
  3. I *think* that might actually be her sister and not her daughter in the picture... Looking at the full post on the Caldwell's Instagram, there is a picture at the end with two of Kendra's brothers holding the two babies, and the larger one (which is presumably Brooklyn, since she's older) is wearing bluish/ lavender. Bizarrely, Kendra's mom is not in any of the pictures, but there are multiple ones showing Lauren Caldwell shopping for baby clothes, so it looks like two sisters with babies, rather than the bizarre inter-generational, sister-momming outing that is is.
  4. That would make the dark haired girl Olivia, who will be ten in January. Yikes!
  5. I don't remember what Craig did or didn't say, but even if he didn't mention the Hustler knowing the answers, I would chalk it up to assuming everyone knows the rules by now and not that the rules suddenly changed mid-season. Even if they decided to change the rules (which would really make no sense), and decided to not tell us (other than by not staring the previously known rules), at the very least you'd think they'd tell the other contestants, and the woman kept going on and on about how the Hustler wasn't helping out even though they knew the answers... so yeah, he knew the answers.
  6. I would imagine they're given freedom to play however they want, but I wonder how much freedom they're given to create their own bio clues? Like, do they come up with all of them themselves, or is it a joint/ collaborative effort with the production team, or...? Because the picture of the Hustler's fridge was both A) not very interesting, and B) a pretty big hint that it was a young, single guy. Of course, there have been "obvious" type clues before that turned out to not be the obvious person, but some are worse than others. And of course the Hustler has no control over who is chosen to
  7. Considering the baby is about ten months old, I would imagine it's eating actual food by now and is in no danger of starvation. Jinger, on the other hand...
  8. He said as much afterwards. I mean, it is a decent plan, if you're OK with the money being less-than-wonderful. Last week's contestants were much better at the trivia, to the point where the Hustler lady only really contributed two answers, and did them in a very natural way (reasoning it out and passing it off as an educated guess in one instance, claiming knowledge from her kid's homework in another), and lucking out that the two guys were really good with the trivia. This week's people were sucky at trivia, and the Hustler wasn't very good at lying, so I think he made the wise choice to jus
  9. Ivy looks like she's plotting something. Spurgeon looks over it. Henry is adorable. I hope he takes little Fern under his wing since they're both "seconds" (son/ daughter) and Jessa seems to favor her "firsts."
  10. Yes, I think it's Brooklyn. Definitely too big/ too much neck control to be Fern.
  11. I thought the baby was a girl?? Although if anyone was going to name a baby girl "Rupert," it would be the Higgins-Newsomes...
  12. Kendra is actually the one who posted the picture, and the "happy birthday" banner is a graphic, so I don't think the picture is actually from a birthday celebration. But always nice to see Bertha the Birthing Couch again...
  13. Did we find out what Ruth and Henry named their baby?
  14. The Caldwell and Duggar parents may very well be on the outs, but Joe and Kendra don't seem particularly estranged from anyone... They were at the Father's Day celebration at the Big House, the Labor Day fair outing, little Addison was used as the sole picture on the Duggar family Fourth of July Instagram post, etc., etc. Of course things could be much more tense behind the scenes than they appear on social media, but at the very least it doesn't seem like a Dillard family level of estrangement...
  15. If by "the Duggars" you mean anyone in the family and not just the family account, and by "pay respects" you mean social media posts, both Jinger (a simple "never forget" post) and Jill (a lengthy post that included memories of where she was and how the family visited NYC a few months later) posted in their stories on Instagram. With social media being such a performative thing, I don't think I'd hold posting/ not posting against anyone one way or another...
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