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  1. I am in LOVE with the German Shepherd!!! Simba. The best thing about the show!! Brandon needs to grow up. Seriously needs to grow up. Michael needs to wise up. Seriously needs to wise up. That harpy is not going to tote a baby, EVER!! Natalie needs to move on. From the mama’s boy and his mama! Mike makes me want to vomit. Everything about him is disgusting!! The two wicked witches certainly know how to talk and act at a 2 year old’s birthday party, don’t they? Reminds me of family gatherings when I grew up minus the drunkenness. These two manage inappropriate
  2. Kid


    And he offered to have someone come in and clean. I swear she kept it that way because she knew he did not like it.
  3. Kid


    Amen to that!! My grandmother was an Italian immigrant and was poor. She used to say, “You may be poor but you don’t have to be dirty because soap is cheap.” Amy’s excuse was Matt did not help. He was out earning a living. And again, my aforementioned Italian immigrant grandmother was raising five kids, one with hydroencephalitis, with a drunken abusive husband and her house was so clean you could eat off the floors all of her life.
  4. Kid


    Amen!!! His family should be extremely proud of him. This is a man with severe disabilities. He did not sit around and feel sorry for himself and play the perpetual victim like so many and he had plenty of reason to do so. He went out there and got it done. Does he have faults? Of course he does, we ALL do. But that does not take away from what he has accomplished. Good for him. I wish him the best in every way.
  5. Kid


    It’s his hard earned money. Why not?
  6. So that it can be heard all the way to her parents’ house???🤣
  7. I don’t get the cancer thing. The sooner they get it out, the better the chances they get all of it and there is no need for chemo or radiation.
  8. Angela is just too much!! Yeah, Michael makes her smoke. Right. That’s it. And Michael, why oh why does he call her???? And when those gums start a-flapping’, why oh why does he not hang up???? And why oh why does he not divorce her??? TLC must pay well or he is a masochist.
  9. How is she going to have a third child when she only has two beeewbs? She is going to nurse the first one until he is 20! Having a third child with Baby Huey???? Did all of her brain cells die as a result of birthing babies?
  10. The way he has been manipulating Daniel is just disgusting!
  11. Elizabeth has turned into Amber.
  12. Love your nana!!!🤣🤣🤣 And, so true!!!!
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