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  1. So. After all of Tammy’s denying on social media that she was in rehab, she was in rehab. Unless that rehab dealt with deep psychological counseling in which Tammy was willing to participate, she will have gained anything she lost back the minute she got out. In the season eight promo, she had to be close to 800 pounds. The fat on her upper chest jiggled When she was fighting with that new sister that had not been on before. I have seen fat on arms, stomach and ass jiggle, but never the fat on your shoulders and upper chest jiggle. Her body has lost places to store the fat. How much fo
  2. Kid


    Especially, little dogs unless it was parvo and that can be avoided with inoculations. Shepherds and Danes can get bloat which kills them quickly if they’re not immediately rushed to the vet. But little dogs don’t just drop dead in a couple days of they get veterinary care. Anything can happen, of course. But I’m having a hard time believing that dog got the attention it needed when it was showing signs something was wrong.
  3. Since Ross and Rachel did it, I guess people think it’s an option.🤣🤣
  4. Corey and Evelyn - Don’t care. The Sanctimonious Shit and Alina - Can he get physically more close to her in that car - makes my skin crawl! Her mother is gone so now they can work through their issues - translation - “Now I can con her and gaslight her. “ Run, Alina, run. Bini and Ariel: Ariel, DO YOU WANT SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE?? How does Bini stand it? The Tool and the Liar: She is such a tool. His mother was absolutely right about the snotty tissues. Evidently, she never learned any manners. Kenny and Armando: Armando can do better. He is crying AGAIN!! AG
  5. I noticed that too. Yeah, he was sick which is why he did not go. His coughing was pure gold- I bet she put on a mask after the first cough! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. And the worst part is that people act like her when they are teenagers not nearly 40 years old. 🤮
  7. Her sitting on the couch with her feet tucked under her, she looks like Buddha (to all the Buddhists out there, I apologize and will escort myself out now.)
  8. Maybe she took housekeeping lessons from Amy Roloff!
  9. The Liar and the Tool: The Tool is just not getting it. He is being as clear as a bell. His parents and his wants and needs come first. Ellie: If he did not mean what he said to the other woman, what makes you think he means what he said to you??? Kenny and Armando: He is crying AGAIN! If going on 60 people don’t have babies then perhaps they should not hook up with a young partner. Something to think about. Alina and the Sanctimonious Shit: If she stays with him, she deserves everything she gets. Go Mama Alina!! You tell him. Caffeine BAD Sex GOOD.🤣🤣 Corey an
  10. So he doesn’t have to do any work. Just play.
  11. Perfect commentary!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Her being a hypocrite has something to do with it as well. She likes her men trim and fit. She has been ogling the French Man all season.
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