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  1. Kid

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I am catching up on the last season and I watched an episode today that what is about Amy’s father’s 90th birthday party. Having just seen that episode and then seeing the comment here, I definitely agree.
  2. Kid


    Amen!!! I understand she was betrayed, I understand she was hurt, but how long is she going to wallow in it? I obviously do not know the woman. But to me she comes off as passive aggressive and spiteful. Neither one of those qualities are attractive. If Matt is that bad, she should be glad to be rid of him. She’s just like people who spill their guts on Facebook and then complain about the backlash. I started out on her side at the beginning of the series. Slowly but surely, for me, she has become unlikable. No matter what he did, he is her children’s father. She has a perfect right to be hurt, she has a perfect right to feel betrayed, and she has the perfect right to cling to it with both hands her entire life if she wants to. However, making it public just demeans her, in my opinion.
  3. Kid

    Zach and Tori

    Jackson is SO cute!!!
  4. Chantel consistently acts up like those people that go on the Jerry Springer show, for example. The walking off, going at people and telling them they’re not going to disrespect her. She has yet to figure out that one gets respect because one EARNS respect. Run, Pedro, run!!!
  5. I agree completely. To the point that I wonder whether or not she’s really dumb or whether acting like a door knob is her greatest tool of manipulation.
  6. Well I just watched part 1 and 2 on demand. A few comments: Nicole (or as Mrs. Hanson calls her, Baby Beluga): I just knew she wasn’t going to Morroco when she bought the ticket. And we all saw the previews of the Tell All. He canceled the trip not her. If her mother had any sense, she would throw her ass out of the house, keep May there, and file for custody. Russ and his “espicy Latina:” I fast forward through as I have all that I can take of those two. However, I need to wash out my eyes with bleach because, even fast forwarding through, I could see those mammary glands that she can’t seem to keep covered. Chantel and Pedro: I would go back to the Dominican Republic. No piece of ass is worth that. Coltee and Debbie: EWWWWWWW! Andre and Libby: How does a modern American woman end up with a man who says that raising a child is a woman’s work? Love his dad. Ashley and Jay: I understand that Ashley actually brought Jay to the attorney’s office. The attorney, hoe ever, represents her. Because of that, after the preliminaries were done and Ashley stated her wishes, I do not understand why the attorney did not ask Jay to leave the room for a moment and have a private discussion with Ashley, her client? The point is not to change Ashley’s mind but to advise her on exactly what the repercussions of her actions are. So that puzzled me.
  7. I said this from the beginning! I agree with you completely!!
  8. Ain’t that the truth!!!!😂😂😂😂
  9. Kid


    I stumbled on the first season of the show. I watched the first episode and thought it was so odd but, I liked it. I liked it so much, I ended up watching season one twice!! And I kept checking to see when season two was going to drop. When it did, binged watched that in two evenings. I have a Master’s degree in theater and, usually, I don’t like plays or television that uses theatrical devices such as breaking the fourth wall convention. And I think that is what put me off initially. However, it really works here. I thought the show was brilliant. What I thought was a comedy, turned out to be a tragedy, in many ways. And what I loved about that fact was that it sneaks up on you. What you think is a funny show about a quirky character slowly but surely becomes quite serious. And I just loved Fleabag. I started out viewing her as a flake and I ended up liking her and empathizing with her vulnerability. I was very sorry to see that there would only be the two seasons. I want to know where she goes from here.
  10. Because he is perceived as a victim. Therefore, anything he does is acceptable because of his background. Marrying her was an opportunity for him. It was an opportunity for him to better his life, to get an education, and make something of his life. He chose, instead, to do tattoos unlicensed and to fuck anything that moved. Plenty of people were raised in ghettos, in poverty and abused their entire childhood. And they excelled in life because they worked and they studied and they followed the rules of acceptable behavior. I have no sympathy for Ashley because she knew what she was getting and he was entirely too young for her especially when all of this started. However, the rules of the game that he was playing has gotten him where he is today.
  11. Did you see Coltee down that booze right from the bottle???? Can he get any more unattractive and despicable?That apple did not far fall from the drunken tree!! If I were Larissa, I would’ve gone back to Brazil. It can’t be as bad as living with those two.
  12. Kid

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    There is such extreme dysfunction in this family.
  13. I don’t know but I assume they are. Several times she had stated that the kids are with their dad, singular, not plural.
  14. And where are her kids while she is getting drunk and destroying property????
  15. Kid

    S07.E27: June, Chad & Pauline LIVE CHAT

    Chad’s wife is great!! She is one of the best spouses on this show.