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  1. quarks

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    I feel as if ever since the show introduced Trigedasleng, then realized that 97 years was just not long enough to develop a new creole language that most Grounders would be bilingual in, it's been trying to backtrack with increasingly questionable explanations. In retrospect they really should have just had the Grounders speaking Spanish or French or something and have the initial 100 realize that yeah, they really should have spent more time paying attention in foreign language classes, or asked hard questions about why Spanish/French/Mandarin/etc. wasn't taught on the Ark, but Latin sorta was to a few people.
  2. quarks

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    Also this is at least the third time that she's had good reason to think that Bellamy is or might be dead, only to have him be not at all dead. I think she needs to see a very very dead Bellamy corpse in order to fully believe it.
  3. quarks

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    So for a backdoor pilot it wasn't bad, but I also felt that a couple of the character introductions were really rushed, even for this show, with only a few standout performances - two from characters we already knew and who presumably won't be in the spinoff, Clarke and Becca. The people that will presumably be the focus on the spinoff? A lot less memorable. 1. Geography continues to be a Thing for this show. How exactly did Callie and her mother manage to get from their house into a helicopter and out of the way in twenty minutes, especially given that the helicopter wasn't even there? How far away was the helicopter, and given that we also saw that most of the missiles were all shot off at once (something we also saw back in the third season, and, if memory serves, was mentioned in the first two seasons), how did the helicopter manage to fly through all that to get to the Second Dawn Bunker? For that matter, how did the Second Dawn Bunker manage to get everyone inside within that given time frame? Which is to say, watch the specific words in your script. I would have bought this a little bit more if the script had said that they had an hour. 2. Which still seems a bit fast for missiles but let's move on. 3. Ok, how come more of the Grounders don't have nightblood? I know the show keeps saying that nightblood is a recessive gene, but everyone who left the bunker presumably got Becca's treatment and thus had nightblood, right? If both partners are carrying full sets of recessive genes, the offspring should also have a full set of recessive genes. Even if both partners are only carrying half sets, at least 25% of their offspring should have nightblood -- and since the kids without nightblood would have limited resistance to radiation, only the nightblood kids should have survived. By the third or fourth generation, everyone should have had nightblood. Or maybe I should just stop trying to ask genetic/scientific questions of this show. 4. So, Trigedasleng wasn't just a code to use against the Mount Weather people, but was around before that? Hmm. 5. I kinda liked the symmetry of finding out that the Grounders were also initially just a bunch of rebellious teenagers. 6. Cadogan: evil, and terrible at reading people. Why on earth would you assume that Gabriel and Clarke are telling the truth about the Flame? 7. Hey, look! A rare case of The 100 admitting that countries outside the United States exist! Granted, only if they host well known tourist places like Machu Picchu, but, still. 8. Echo, Octavia, Diyoza, you're only pretending to be brainwashed, right? Right? Because otherwise I am very disappointed in all three of you. 9. So once the Second Dawn people walked through the glowy thing it just vanished, right? Because otherwise I kinda feel that it should have come up at least once during the fourth and fifth seasons. "Hey, we've found this glowy thing that people can just walk into and disappear forever!" "Interesting, but we're currently EATING PEOPLE. Can you put that on hold for us?" 10. Where's Hope? Did Cadogan kill her? My opinion of him will go up if that's true. (It's almost certainly not true.)
  4. Ouch. That I didn't know. Fair/true enough. My main point was that the timing of Aeryn's statement also isn't proof one way or another. And my secondary point was my concern that although her statement contains three separate allegations (sexual assault at a convention from an unnamed person, harassment from The 100 fans, and emotional/verbal abuse from Bob Morley) it focuses on the third to the point of turning the other allegations into further allegations against Morley. That, I think, is a problem, especially since she made this statement in the midst of a greater conversation about sexual assault and harassment at conventions. However, I'm also someone somewhat involved in that greater conversation, so my "hey, maybe we should focus more on this sexual assault at a convention, and, also, the fan harassment" is also a biased response, and quite possibly unfair to everyone involved in what can probably be kindly described as a very messy situation. I'll just add that I don't think throwing vitriol on Twitter at any of these people is particularly helpful right now, but Twitter is, well. Twitter.
  5. Most of the similar statements have focused on events that happened a year or more in the past. In at least some of the accusations (against Sam Sykes and Scott Allie, for instance) the allegations are discussing events that happened five, six or more years ago and are only getting brought up now. My speculation is that people are issuing these statements right now less for attention and more because a) coronavirus is giving many of us a chance to brood on past events, b) the con season has essentially been completely cancelled for 2020 and possibly 2021, meaning that there's no chance of physically running into the accused people for several months and probably a year or so - in contrast to last year, where, there was a good chance of running into X person about two weeks after saying something about X person on Twitter, and c) herd mentality. I would not be at all surprised to learn that all three factors helped lead up to this: she's had the chance to think over the relationship, she knows she's not going to run into any of The 100 cast members or fans at a con or anywhere else for several months at least, and she's probably seen at least some of the other statements flying around, making this a relatively safe time for her to issue this statement and hope to find support. I think it's also quite possible that she was too emotionally raw at the time of the breakup to make any type of public statement. So I find her timing perfectly understandable, even reasonable, even if the breakup was more than a year ago. With all that said, it's pretty hard not to notice this: "When I told him that I was sexually assaulted at a convention, he got furious at me for "cheating" on him." ["He" is Bob Morley here.] This sexual assault is not mentioned again. I don't need victims to speak out about their sexual assaults, much less give details. And I assume she has very good reasons for being willing to name Bob Morley and not her alleged assaulter - especially since sexual assault can be and frequently is extremely painful to discuss. Nonetheless, I do find it mildly alarming that in the midst of an overall conversation about sexual assault and safety at pro and fan run conventions, that the most serious accusation here, by far, not only goes unnamed, but gets turned into emotional abuse from someone else. And it's also hard for me not to notice that this pattern is repeated just a couple of paragraphs down, where her allegations of harassment from fans turn into another example of the emotional abuse she received from Morley. I hope I'm making sense here; this is a pretty fraught topic.
  6. It kinda feels as if everyone in the entertainment/genre industry has decided to take the months of June/July to issue statements like this. (I am exaggerating but it doesn't feel like I'm exaggerating that much.)
  7. 1. Echo! I know you wanted to be as convincing as possible for Damien, but surely just ONE tiny scar on your face would have done it? Especially since the rest of your group was not exactly into the whole face scarring thing. 2. And, also, Echo, to repeat: Azgeda was directly responsible for the vast majority of your personal problems and quite a bit of the death rate on this show. Azgeda is why the Grounders and Skykru only had the one bunker and that tiny patch of land to flee to for five years, instead of the options of two parts of the space station, the Mount Weather facility, and the bunker. That in turn is part of why you had to flee to another planet, which directly led to you doing all of this planet hopping and getting stuck on the same planet with Hope for years. And this is completely leaving aside the way Azgeda directly abused you. I think Bellamy's wrong - your weakness isn't loyalty, Echo, it's a complete failure to see that Azgeda was a bunch of evil screw-ups. Good looking evil screw-ups, I'll grant you, but still. So why this whole scarring your face in their honor instead of just yelling hey, I'll join you. 2. I did like the Echo/Bellamy scene, though. It was nice to finally get some context for how they got together. That said, I'll admit that my main thought right after that scene was, huh, I kinda wonder if Gaia and Bellamy are indulging in some sexy times wherever they are." 3. I was less enthusiastic about Diyoza, Hope and Octavia going along with Echo's "Yep, we're all ready to join the evil guys!" especially since Echo was kinda looking like the sort of person otherwise sensible people shouldn't be following just now. Like, did they just decide to trust her, and if so, why? Diyoza in particular has absolutely no reason to trust or even like Echo unless Hope spent a lot of time talking about how wonderful and awesome Echo is and Diyoza was bracing herself for a new in-law. Which, if it happened at all - and might not have - happened entirely off screen. 4. Speaking of Hope, yes, still annoying. 5. Speaking of Damien Darhk, yep, still not clear what you're up to, dude, but I remain impressed by your abilities to recruit side characters every single time you appear on a CW show! 6. The chess stuff between Murphy and EvilHeda was fun, even if really, Murphy, your entire thing is distrust, so you probably should have caught on to things a bit sooner. Especially since that must have been a very long chess game - Murphy headed over to feed EvilHeda before Emori had even organized the refreshments for the event and he was still there as that got going. 7. Ok, when, exactly, did Jackson pick up psychiatry as a medical speciality? And who, exactly, trained him, given that we were repeatedly told that he and Abby were the only trained doctors after everyone left the Ark. Did he just read a lot of books down in the bunker? Did he study with Niylah? 8. Look, new old man, I realize that you are a day player we have technically never seen on this show, but, a) what is with this misogyny of trusting Daniel instead of Kaylee, especially given that a large number of people at this point have been pointing out that Daniel isn't even Daniel, b) maybe, just maybe, you don't try to strangle your long lost son right after meeting him? 9. I'm delighted to see this new focus on Emori, but....somehow it also doesn't feel quite right? I realize she's been a lot less focused on her individual survival since season 5, but, also, this entire subplot feels somehow more a "well, we need one of the long term characters that the audience knows about to be paying some attention to the Sanctum stuff and since most of our characters are either zipping around other planets, in a mysterious yet to be revealed location, or going after the characters who are zipping around other characters, that kinda leaves us with Madi, who is too young, Murphy, who, enough said, Emori and Jackson - with Emori sorta chosen as the default. 10. And no Indra. Sniffle.
  8. quarks

    S07.E06: Nakara

    Yeah. I really think we needed a line or two of dialogue there at least suggesting that one or two of them had gone off to explore more of the planet for a year or so. Especially since a) exploring more of the planet would have made sense - that could have helped them find additional food/resources or even another anomaly thing - and b) would have been in character for both Echo and Gabriel. As it is, though, I am having severe problems seeing these three as people who lived in the same house and trained together and worked together for the past five years. They should all either hate each other more, or be more of a team. Right now they are coming across more as three people that met at a random bar and for whatever reason decided to go to an escape room together that same night.
  9. quarks

    S07.E06: Nakara

    1. I can't help feeling that Clarke and Gang would have recognized the whole WE'RE GETTING EATEN HERE if they had watched The Empire Strikes Back more often. Admittedly, that probably wasn't an option for Niylah, but it should have been for the other four. (You can't tell me that Monty didn't show his kid the Star Wars films.) 2. That said, at least Miller apparently did watch a FEW horror films back in the day. Sad the others didn't listen to him. 3. Rather convenient that Clarke and Gang brought flashlights and machine guns but not water, nice warm coats and gloves. Really, Clarke. Next time stock up on more things. 4. Raven: I've killed people! Clarke: Yes, and? 5. And ok, confirmation, I guess, that the bunker people back on Earth somehow or other found these stones or these stones found them, which raises a lot of questions and also makes me really question how good Mount Weather and the Ark were at monitoring things. 6. Go, Diyoza, go! Sorry that you missed so much of your daughter's childhood, though. Maybe if you hadn't, Hope would be awesome like you and not annoying like she is. If a little less annoying this episode. 7. Still sticking with what I said about Echo last episode - she's broken. Completely broken. I kinda blame Hope. That, admittedly, is not canon and doesn't really match up with what was in the show, but I still kinda blame Hope. 9. And, also sticking with what I said last episode, Octavia, I am all for you finding a grand, epic, happy romance, but you do meet your men in the worst places and circumstances, don't you? 10. Pity that Random Dude Carrying Flowers didn't get the same chance to rewatch seasons 1 - 3 of this show, to prepare him for all of the random killings! 11. I kinda feel sorry for whoever is going to get to scan Gabriel's brain and has to deal with everything in the mindchip. 12. Once again, I have many many questions about Sanctum, including but not limited to, where the hell are the factories and other industrial equipment making all this stuff - in this case, the playground equipment? I know that we earlier said that Eligius probably just brought along a lot of shipping containers, and I guess it's not completely implausible that heavy playground equipment would have been part of that, but - look, it takes a lot of energy to get heavy equipment off Earth, and I just can't see that as being a priority. And sure, everything there could probably have been manufactured - slowly - by a blacksmith or something, but, then, we have to ask (or at least I have to ask) - where was this metal mined? Did they cannibalize the ships? Are there an awful lot of iron asteroids that we haven't seen? If it were just the playground equipment, I might be able to handwave this, but Sanctum has a lot of stuff around that can't be explained by the manufacturing we've seen so far. 13. I like EvilHeda a bit more when JB Bourne is playing him and he and Indra get to play off each other, but only a bit more. Tell me more about the manufacturing and this culture that Octavia and Friends ok Kinda Friends are exploring! 14. Awwww, Murphy and Emori came through and saved Madi from stage fright and having to pretend to be a Commander! 15. And now to the best part of this episode - Indra! Really, my only quarrel with her is that she didn't tell Madi about EvilHeda since that seems to be something Madi should know about. But otherwise, those last couple of scenes with her - awesome. Adina Porter really knocked those out of the park. And really, WonKru, given all of the other seriously questionable leaders you have had in the past six seasons, you should be delighted that Indra finally stepped forward. I know I am.
  10. Some of them do. The Earths that were on the CW channel (Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow and the upcoming Superman and Lois) got smushed together with some other Earths, while the Earths that were initially intended to only be on DC Universe/HBO Max (Stargirl) and/or in the DC films still exist. As a pragmatic matter this lets the films continue to ignore whatever is happening on TV and vice versa, while also giving the films an excuse to do a complete reset if wanted/needed. It also probably means that the Arrowverse will stop trying to do multiverse stories, with the key word there being probably.
  11. Me either. I completely buy that they hooked up on the Ark. I completely buy that they care for each other. I completely buy that they've had really hot sex. And on a shallow note, I think they look awesome together. But rabid love - on either side - less so. So my read on this is that either Echo has built this up into her head as more than it was - easy enough to do over five years - or that the ongoing trauma of losing most of Azgeda, then getting stuck on a space station for five years with only a limited social group, then watching what little was left of her planet get blown up, then getting stuck in another place with only a limited social group, has just left her broken. Especially since the second group was even less emotionally stable than the first group - yeah, the first group had Murphy, but the strong implication there was that Murphy had only broken down in his last couple of years in space. Add in that from the flashbacks, Echo never really enjoyed all that much stability in childhood, and apparently never really had any real friends or family until she went up in the Ark, and yeah, I think she's broken. Also, the show seems to be shaping her into this season's Finn, if a more likeable version.
  12. 1. Please, please, tell me this is the end of the EvilHeda plot. (I know it isn't, but I am begging you all to lie to me about this.) 2. That said, Indra remains the smartest person on this show. Brilliant catch with that spider comment. 3. Also really liked the "we'll just remove the chip" solution. And the decision to do this without anesthesia. 4. I'm with Murphy on this: Emori's dress rocked. 5. Also with Murphy on focusing on saving those kids. But otherwise, Murphy, do a touch of research on the people you are supposed to be impersonating before you go impersonating them. This is at least your second major screwup with this, and if EvilHeda hadn't felt desperate to do EvilHeda things and strangle people, this could easily have gotten you killed. 6. Nice of the Sanctum people to set up another shirtless moment from Murphy. Did the CW request more semi nudity this season or what? Not complaining, just curious. 7. The person who challenged Indra - that was someone from Wonkru, right? Not the Eligius criminals? So what were they doing when the girl set herself on fire? 8. Nice to see you eviling things up again, Damien Darhk! (Don't bother telling me his actual name on this show. He's always going to be Damien Darhk to me. Especially since, honestly, there's an excellent chance that he is Damien Darhk, just trying to take over the world again, or, I guess, multiple planets. The CW is kinda into the whole crossover thing.) 9. And a new love interest for Octavia, I see. Though - and I say this not to be critical, but helpful - Octavia, you just might find yourself doing better in romantic relationships if you would stop meeting your potential love interests during torture situations. 10. On that note, though, loved the meta of "just watch the first four seasons! you'll fall in love with Octavia!" "Well, until Bloodreina comes along!" "Let's pause here before the audience remembers why we're not supposed to be cheering for Octavia and after I've fallen for you!" 11. Also cracked up at the "This time, The 100 explores a brand new society" only to have that society reusing pieces of the set from previous seasons and having Octavia end up in trees that look suspiciously like trees from Vancouver that look very suspiciously like all of the other trees we've seen on this show. 12. Echo, I get it. Really, I do. Spending five years with Hope would drive me over the edge too. And nobody likes to realize that five years of planning was pretty much for nothing. That said - and again, not trying to be overly harsh here - that might just have been a tad bit overdone. Not to mention, you're supposedly a highly trained spy/assassin, good at noticing things, and you somehow missed noticing that Bellamy didn't flop over dead, but just vanished, strongly suggesting that he's still with us? Not to also mention that you may have lost any chance you had for future hookups with Gabriel and I think we can all agree that's a genuine tragedy. 13. So, I think we know that Bellamy didn't land back on Sanctum (because that explosion was in the past, right?) or the prison planet (because, again, past, and Hope/Echo/Gabriel just arrived and read Octavia's memories). So did he land on ice planet or another planet? Or did I miss something?
  13. Yeah - when Wells died and Finn didn't I was like, oh, come on. And back to this episode - I can't help but think all of the reveals in this episode should have made Dizoya and Octavia - two traumatized, suspicious people - more traumatized and suspicious, not less. I mean it's still possible that Dizoya built the cabin on her own (I was a bit skeptical about that, too, given that it wasn't at all clear to me how she managed to saw down the boards) but it increasingly looks as if she didn't, so...you arrive at a strange planet after going through a strange green thing, find a cabin, find lots of vegetables and seeds, and it doesn't occur to you to wonder more about what's going on?
  14. 1. Well, for a change, Jordan didn't manage to annoy me that much this week. Largely because Hope managed to annoy me more. Hands down least likeable character this show has had since at least Finn, and rapidly surpassing Finn at his worst. 2. So I'm expected to believe that in a five year period, Echo hooked up with and fell in love with Bellamy, but in the same five year period, failed to hook up with Gabriel or Hope or Lots of Tattoos Dude and was still so much in MUST FIND BELLAMY mode that she was willing to abandon someone who trained her? Like, ok, this is more or less consistent with her pre-five-years-in-space character, but I thought we were supposed to assume that she had changed a bit while up in space? Great haircut, though. And the bit with her talking to the plants was fun. And, ok, I can definitely see not hooking up Hope. But Gabriel's pretty hot, Echo! 3. Ok, some of my questions about the pumpkins were answered - they've left seeds on the prison planet for people - but that still doesn't answer several other questions, like, how did any of these people except arguably Gabriel (and, I guess, Hope) learn to farm in the first place? (Octavia - up in space; barely paid attention during Earth Skills; didn't spend all that much time farming later; Diyoza, Navy Seal/prison, though I suppose she could have been raised on a farm/taught to garden as a kid; both Lots of Tattoos Dudes, apparently spent time training as assassins; Echo, spent her life training as an assassin with a brief gap of possibly helping Monty grow algae). As I said last time, farming is not quite as simple as just putting seeds into the ground and moving plants around. Also, why leave pumpkin seeds? I mean, I'm as fond of a pumpkin latte and pumpkin pie and pumpkin ravoli as anyone, and yeah, pumpkin is nutritious, and people need vegetables, but wouldn't, I dunno, seeds for wheat, rice, sorghum and barley also be just moderately useful? Again, I know the actual answer to this is "pumpkin is nice and colorful on camera, and we can put up lots of little pumpkins and squashes to frame the scene nicely," but in context, providing prisoners with squash and pumpkin seeds and not, say, grains, feels a bit off. 4. After seven years and uncountable deaths on this show, Clarke still feels comfortable with leaving just one - one - person behind to go warn the others. 5. However, on that note - I'm assuming there was some sort of scene about this, and it was either cut for time or cut to ensure that specific actors didn't have to appear in and thus get paid for this episode, but surely Clarke should have spent just a moment chatting about the situation with Indra, Murphy, Emori and Jackson - and to be fair, also, chatting up some Sanctum folks and EvilHeda to see what info they had? Like, Clarke, Mount Weather involved some planning. Let's go back to that thought. Also, surely Clarke would have made a point of saying something to Madi? Also, also, before hopping off to various strange planets, Clarke, it's very helpful to at least bring along a water bottle or two.
  15. Well, back in seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow, the general idea/hope was that Berlanti would be able to bring as much attention to other minor DC superheroes as he had to Green Arrow, and as the MCU films were doing for various Marvel Comics characters. That was one reason for bringing in Vibe - then a very minor DC superhero - at the start of Flash.
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