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  1. And I can, because the entire point of that motion is that they didn't have that evidence when they indicted him. All they had were suspicions. In that one way, this is identical to the Chad and Lori Daybell situation when Lori was arrested - we all had our suspicions, but no one knew until months later when the evidence was found. And even once that evidence was found (June 2020), it still took the state close to a year to charge the Daybells with murder (May 2021). Which brings up a related point - it hasn't been all that long since the feds indicted/arrested Josh. Just four and a half
  2. Anna's a D-List celebrity, and the previous Duggar books didn't sell that well. So I'm not sure she would get that much in an advance. Let's say, generously, $120,000 prior to agency fees, taxes, and paying the ghostwriter, netting to around $60,000 - paid in installments over two years. It's not nothing, but I'm not sure she could support seven kids on that. She could and should probably start looking into doing speaking gigs, though, to supplement her income. Maybe, but a) the prosecution has plenty of other evidence placing Josh at the scene of the crime, discussed in the arra
  3. Going back to this because I think it's important. I listened to the podcast, and I'm aware that the U.S. Constitution prohibits double jeopardy. On this specific point, I think she's both wrong and misinterpreting/not listening to the specific speculations that people are making. She did correctly note that, after the trial, the prosecution cannot come around and say, well, ok, we didn't get you on charges X and Y, so now we're going to charge you with Z, when Z is a related or lesser offense for the same crime (that is, another count of possessing CSA). Also, he can't b
  4. I feel that's a bit of a misreading about what I said? I wasn't so much speculating about the possibility of prosecution of bringing more charges, as noting that in at least three of those responses, the prosecution was noting that they could. That is, that the prosecution was none-too-subtly trying to threaten the defense - and scare Josh - with the "you do realize we now have your business records, right?" and "you do realize we found a lot of other images, right?" And I'm fairly sure that the extremely lengthy response about the acting HSA secretary had very little to do with thi
  5. I think that's exactly why the prosecution spent so much time/effort refuting that motion - more so than on any of the motions except for the "toss the Bit Torrent evidence out!" one. Not so much because they were worried about the impact of this particular motion on Josh's case, but to discourage other defense attorneys from trying to play this same gambit.
  6. I've seen a lot of internet speculation claiming that Josiah/Lauren and Joe/Kendra have fought/are fighting with JB and Michelle. As far as I know, this hasn't been confirmed by anyone in the Duggar family? It seems largely based on: 1. Speculation that Josiah, Joe and/or other brothers may have been interrogated about Josh's car lot. (Official court documents haven't named anyone other than Josh, federal investigators, federal magistrates and some Bit Torrent consultants.) 2. Josiah/Lauren essentially vanishing from social media, and not getting mentioned on the official
  7. Apart from what Hathorlive mentioned, I took this and some other statements in the responses as none-too-subtle reminders/threats that the prosecution could throw a few more charges/counts at Josh. That is, yeah, we're all fine with conducting a vigorous defense, but don't waste our time with frivolous stuff, or we'll get mean.
  8. I agree that you never really know until a jury reads the verdict, but as Churchhoney noted, I don't think either case is particularly comparable. OJ's case took place against a background of decades of major police misconduct, hostility and racism in LA. It was not all that difficult for his attorneys to point out many places where the evidence against him had been mishandled, and that one of the lead cops investigating the case had a history of making racist statements. With Casey Anthony, the state was unable to state positively how the child died, and the defense was able to not
  9. This comes up in the response to the defense's motion to dismiss the pictures of Josh's hands and feet. The main response here was just to note that Josh consented to the photos, and since he was not wearing gloves or mittens, and hands in general are visible to the public, no warrant was needed. As part of this response, though, the government noted: "The photographs document a scar on the defendant's hand, which is plainly visible. Law enforcement observed the same scar in images recovered from the defendant's electronic devices seized pursuant to a search warrant in this cas
  10. Yes, but the confusion in that response wasn't just over the basics of BitTorrent or the technical stuff, but everything else - including the issue that the investigators ended up needing a second search warrant because the first warrant was for the wrong address. Seemingly minor and the sort of thing defense attorneys will make A Thing Of at trial. With that said, I remain convinced that the best option for Josh would be to take a plea deal.
  11. I'm not an attorney, but now that I've read them, I tend to agree. I think one of the defense motions might still have a shot, but the prosecutors, in my view, at least, did a thorough job of countering the others. Especially the Homeland Security one, which seemed expressly designed to to prevent future defense attorneys from trying to use a similar argument. Unfortunately, the one that might still have a shot is the BitTorrent one. That one is long, repetitive, and on a purely technical level, somewhat confusing to anyone without extensive computer knowledge - which might well include
  12. Federal prosecutors just confirmed today that at least one person bought more than one car from one of the Duggar car lots. (It's in one of their responses to Josh Duggar's attorneys.) Of course, prosecutors didn't mention how much the car lot MADE from that sale.
  13. Prosecutors responded to the defense motions today. Quick warning that their response to the Bit Torrent/Frank Hearing motion contains very graphic and disturbing textual descriptions of child sexual abuse, so if you are planning on reading them - and I did - I would advise using more caution than I did.
  14. I think this is less about the M7 birth, and much more about trying to counter the People article discussing major rifts in the family, and the general speculation that Joe/Kendra and Josiah/Lauren are at outs with JB/Michelle.
  15. Yes. Yes you did. I mean the sheer amount of WTF in that video can't even be believed when watched: 1. Desperately needing to go to the bathroom but deciding that opening your box of pregnancy tests first is more important. 2. Doing all that at WALMART instead of, I dunno, waiting ten to fifteen minutes to do this at home. 3. The whole failing to watch the road while filming thing. 4. Leaving the van running/unattended at the Walmart the next day because they weren't sure if they could get it started again. 5. Blaming that on "owning a used car lot," like, d
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