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  1. quarks

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    1) Josephine, a) middle age forgetfulness catches up to us all. I have no sympathy. b) beyond that, just lovely that you had this long tragic romance but given that much of it was lived in someone else's body, also, no sympathy. c) Show, why were you trying to make any of this sympathetic? I get the whole "grey/white villains are a thing now" but really. 2) Russell, burning people alive right after talking about the peace and sanctuary of sanctum and releasing the people who helped disturb that peace and who also have a potential army of 400 murderers and cannibals waiting in a nearby spaceship is maybe not your best argument. Just saying. 3) Me: Bellamy, if you actually want to get Clarke's heart going again, that is NOT where you should be pressing on/hitting her chest. Terrible TV science: That's what YOU think! Clarke (cough cough hug): Plus, I'm the star of the show.
  2. quarks

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    I'm not usually all that fond of meta-commentaries within TV shows, but I gotta admit I laughed out loud at Josephine's summary of Bellarke: "It's exhausting, frankly." "Tell me about it." Heh. I also may have cheered at Indra's whole, "Seriously? This is what you woke me up for? Good thing our hair apparently got perfectly and beautifully styled while we spent all those years in stasis!" expression. More Indra, show. And where, exactly, is everyone finding these elaborate queen sized beds on this spaceship? This was a prisoner/mining ship, right? Why was it going for a home comfort/luxury hotel feel? And farewell, Kane! At least, temporary farewell, Kane, assuming you aren't needed in someone's flashback or hallucination and/or the anomaly doesn't decide it wants you for plot purposes. Great exit for Henry Ian Cusick, even if I was half-expecting him to scribble "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" on the glass the whole time.
  3. quarks

    S01.E06: The House of Special Purpose

    And they kept going back to Anna Anderson. I mean, I kinda got it - they were using her partly as a framework for the overall story, but wow, did the show seem to spend a lot of time on her. Time that I think would have been better spent on introducing the other family members and/or clarifying their relationships with Nicholas and Alexandra.
  4. quarks

    S01.E06: The House of Special Purpose

    For something titled The Last Czars, plural, they really didn't get all that into any of the other figures, did they? Not Alexander III, not Alexei (though to be fair, he never was a czar), and not Grand Duke Michael, who had the good sense to refuse the throne but then got murdered anyway. I think Michael only got the one mention from the one talking head person. I'm not sure how good this was overall, but the last several minutes were effective - and eliminated my mild concern that even with all of the historian talking heads they were going to pull a final GOTCHA on the audience and have Anna Anderson turn out to be Anastasia.
  5. quarks

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    "I've got a bad feeling about this." Aww, Diyoza is a Star Wars fan! And a Star Wars fan who doesn't hesitate to step into terrible CGI when a hallucination tells her to! You go, Dizoya, you go!
  6. quarks

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    Not sure that injuring her hand and making her want to cut it off is the best way to start up a dialogue, but, as you said, why not? That said, I'm feeling a similar dynamic with season three - a season that started with most of the characters involved in the Grounder/Skykru drama and only a few characters even vaguely aware of the real threat - ALIE. Here, most of the characters are involved in the Primes Are Really Awful People But Sure, Let's Make a Deal to Survive Drama, with just a couple of characters focused on this Time Anomaly and its love of spirals plot. I'm going to guess that the Time Anomaly will end up being a bigger deal in the finale than the Primes. I think the guy in the trees failed to defend a character who died in a previous episode, and the "volunteer" part was "agreed to take on a guard job and failed at it" part, thus sticking him in a tree. I'm not sure they were foraging for food? I thought maybe they were foraging for that healing tree sap. Which brings up another question: why are the Primes stealing bodies when they have miracle tree sap? Is it just not a very effective moisturizer?
  7. quarks

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    Ok, Abby. You've just been told that the Primes have the ability to upload memories/personalities into computer chips and insert these memories/personalities into other people. You know that your people have been around long enough to exchange some basic information. You also know how quickly they've talked in previous seasons, and you know that torture is a thing. Then you notice that Clarke isn't acting like Clarke. And you don't put all this together? And you agree to this, right after lecturing Jackson on war crimes? If I were the Primes, I wouldn't be too confident in Abby's current abilities to manufacture Nightblood. Not unless she's just playing along, because otherwise, my take on this is that she's not firing on all cylinders. Diyoza continues to be great. And the Commanders, I see, continue to have death on the brain - literally - even when the Evil Commander Dude isn't prodding them.
  8. quarks

    The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    I'd heard a couple of rumors, but they just sounded like typical unfounded fan spec - "oooh, look, they sat together at a con!" That sort of thing. So count me as a surprised fan, too. Congrats to both, though! This also led me to scroll through Eliza Taylor's twitter feed and oooooooh, what a cute little dog. (About five tweets down.) Now I'm wondering if the dog was at the wedding.
  9. quarks

    S06.E05: The Gospel of Josephine

    My guess is that yes, Murphy is tempted by the idea of eternal life - after all, he just died, something that seemed to convince him that he's heading to hell, and he was a lot less shocked and upset by what the Primes were doing than Bellamy, Jordan and Gaia were. But I also think that his "I'm listening," was at least in part an attempt to buy time. After all, he shot backwards and got into a defensive posture right after realizing that he was actually talking to Josephine. He knows Josephine is one of the people who have been killing other people in order to live forever, and he's been on this show long enough to know that it has a very high death rate. So, yeah, predicting that he'll end up betraying Josephine, not Our Unheroic Heroes. I thought Bellamy started to get suspicious when Clarke was all, "Oh well, sure, they're killing people, but it's not murder if they volunteer," and then got more suspicious after Josephine called Murphy "John." Thus the Trig test. I found it interesting that the person most trained in observing people's behavior - Echo - was conveniently absent for all of this. As was the person most likely to call Clarke out on ethical failures right now - Raven. No. She was kicked out for being deformed. Later, at Becca's lab, Abby planned to test the nightblood process out on Emori, but after Murphy shouted at Clarke, Clarke decided to test the nightblood process out on herself. Emori still has regular blood.
  10. quarks

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    I thought that was Emori, not Echo, and that Clarke injected herself after Murphy yelled at her? With the kinda surprising result this season of Emori joining in with the general anti-Clarke snark, and Echo, who has no prior friendship with or reason to be grateful to Clarke, supporting Clarke.
  11. quarks

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    No kidding. That doctor sees various brand new people arriving with no idea about what's going on, finds out that at least one has nightblood, and decides to sleep with the girl with nightblood instead of telling her, hey, these people might want to implant you with a chip that will take over your mind, and ok, now that you know that, NOW can we have sex? Delilah rushes back for one last minute kiss and says something incomprehensible to Jordan instead of "BTW, when we next see each other, I'll probably have a completely different mind, the sex was great, enjoy the cookies!" And on Russell's side, a quick, "Hey, Clarke, were you born with that black blood?" probably would have been a wise question. On the other side, these people are creepy enough and say just enough creepy things that our entire gang should really be asking a lot more questions here. Bellamy and Clarke have already gone through the "you seem nice, oh, that's just because you want our bone marrow." And as the episode just reminded us, Echo is a trained spy who should be on the alert for weird things and Madi has the memories/wisdom of various dead people who also should be telling her, "Uh, Madi? We have some questions about these people." Heh. I was more thinking that Clarke has sorta become the Sex Angel of Death - sleep with her, die right afterwards. Unless you're Niylah.
  12. What those articles report is: 1. The CW requested - and got - CPM increases, which is the rate that they charge per 1000 viewers. That is not the ad buy rate, which is (mostly) based on that rate and the number of viewers. Because the number of viewers keeps slipping, the CW ad buy rates have also slipped. Flash did get a slight increase in the 2017 season because of that CPM increase - not because of ratings/viewers. It lost that increase for the 2018 season. Here are the rates for a 30 second ad, as reported by AdAge: 2015 - 2016 $70,687 2016 - 2017 $60,660 2017 - 2018 $62,425 2018 - 2019 $45,965 Since the CW has to split ad revenue with its affiliates, the actual ad revenue is considerably less. In 2018-2019, its Tuesday night competitors, who for the most part don't have to split ad revenue, charged: $201,065 (ABC, The Connors) $115,656 (ABC, The Kids Are All Right) $135,960 (CBS, NCIS) $193,410 (NBC, The Voice) $111,898 (Fox, The Gifted) The Gifted, of course, was just cancelled. 2. The second article states that the CW was able to increase its ad volume after expanding to six nights of television. I'm not saying that the crossovers don't make good business sense for the CW and WB. If they didn't, we wouldn't be having Crisis. But I don't think this isn't about ad rates - the domestic ad revenue WB gets for Flash doesn't even cover production costs. (See, also, why the CW was able to negotiate a separate rate sheet for its actors, allowing them to pay regular cast members as little as $4000 an episode, and why CW actors keep leaving anonymous comments on Variety articles complaining about their pay rate.)
  13. I doubt that. The CW hasn't gotten high ratings or high ad revenues for years now, including the crossover episodes. CBS financial reports indicate that the shows earn 90% of their revenues elsewhere. What they might be hoping for - not banking on - is improving those international revenues. Right now, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow still aren't available in multiple international markets, and WB is just starting to offer Batwoman. But if WB tells those markets that Flash fans will only be able to find out Barry's fate and Arrow fans will only get to see Oliver's last moments on the crossover episodes, they might be able to license Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and new show Batwoman. Including a big superhero team-up just like Avengers: Endgame is another selling point.
  14. quarks

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    Ray ends up playing board games with one of the all time worst Arrowverse Big Bads, the little dragon ends up dancing instead of burning down the entire theme park, and Nate is brought back to life by a James Taylor group sing. And Kara, Oliver, and Barry all turn out to be petty, petty people who refuse to help out in a world crisis because Team Legends gave the crossover a hard pass. (I'm surprised at you, Kara. Oliver and Barry, not so much.) Turning Gary - Gary - into Oliver Queen. This show. #BringZariBack2019
  15. quarks

    Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    Oh, I think it's possible, even probable, that EBR will do more quirky/offbeat roles and indy films. But I also think that when she does, her involvement in these films will either be announced on one of her own official social media accounts, or through one of the reliable trades like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter - the way she confirmed that she would be starring in this upcoming off-Broadway play, for instance. Not the way this potential project has been announced.