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  1. What I'm now hearing directly from WB sources and one person at Legends of Tomorrow is that the problem is that advertisers everywhere are (understandably!) pulling back massively from media buys, and the CW wants to be able to offer at least some original content once this trend reverses. This is separate from any potential post-production/ADR issues.
  2. What I'm now hearing directly from WB sources and one person at Legends of Tomorrow is that the problem is that advertisers everywhere are (understandably!) pulling back massively from media buys, and the CW wants to be able to offer at least some original content once this trend reverses.
  3. OMG. Hoping she manages a complete recovery.
  4. 1. Mary = the best. 2. Mary loftily announcing that she had to invoke doctor/vigilante privilege = really the best. 3. Ruby Rose = continually improving each episode. 4. The head in the fridge = ok, Alice. I'll stop judging you. This episode. 5. Mommie Dearest = I don't want to judge, exactly, but wearing the earrings you took off a head you're keeping in a freezer? Tacky.
  5. (blinks) They not only specifically mentioned Spectre but went out of their way to show a clip of Oliver Spectre from the crossover episode - something that they had to pay Stephen Amell at least a couple of thousand bucks for, during an episode that otherwise went well out of its way to stay on existing sets to save money. And that crossover episode made it absolutely clear that Spectre was/is Oliver Queen. So, yeah, they absolutely mentioned Oliver. The Arrow series finale then confirmed that Spectre absolutely was/is Oliver Queen. All that said, attempting to blame Barry or Oliver for this is absolutely ludicrous.
  6. (head in hands) I honestly don't know where to begin with this one. Good things: 1. Caitlin's bulky clothing this episode? Did a much better job of concealing DP's pregnancy (I am no longer worried that she's carrying quintuplets) and seemed much more suited to what Caitlin the character would be wearing in Star Labs. 2. Ok, so now we have two shows claiming that multiverse doppledangers will get neurologicial issues and die, so, some consistency here. Care to explain things, Supergirl? Literally everything else: 1. Let me get this straight: Wally notices something is off with Siri. Cisco's girlfriend notices something is off with Siri even before the photo deletion issue. Siri then makes an incredibly un-Irislike speech to Barry that is a complete reversal of everything Iris has been saying for the last three or four years to Barry. And yet somehow, I'm expected to believe that Barry hasn't noticed anything wrong with Iris? That Joe hasn't noticed anything wrong with Iris? That Cecile, whose powers specifically cover this, hasn't noticed anything wrong with Iris? Or even, for that matter, Caitlin - who, yes, is never in the same room alone with Iris if the two of them can help it, but who did notice that something was just mildly off with Cisco. Come on, show. 2. Speaking of that camera incident, though, up until now, Siri has been shown as equally intelligent and savvy as Iris. Which means that she would and should have found another way to deal with Cisco's girlfriend. 3. Uh, Flash writers? Did you not watch the crossover episodes? Much though I personally like to blame Barry Allen for everything, those episodes were pretty clear - Crisis was not Barry's fault, and increasing Barry's power and sending him into the Speed Force was Spectre Oliver's fault, not Barry's fault. That said - Hey, show, is it too much to ask that you stop blaming Oliver for things, especially now that his show is off the air? 4. Liked having Wally back and his whole embrace of Buddhism was delightful, but, it was combined with just a complete personality whiplash. One minute, he's then, and the next minute, when the plot demanded that he not be zen, he wasn't zen. Just clumsy writing all around. 5. So Reverse-Flash somehow didn't notice that he was running at normal speed instead of full speed when he first attacked Cisco? 6. Very dull villain of the week.
  7. Geesh, it's not just that Sophie's mother is homophobic, but she's also the sort of mother who arrives without any advance notice, at night, and just lets herself in? And then has the nerve to ask her highly experienced and qualified daughter how she's going to find another job? Like, several other security companies have been mentioned on this show, Sophie's mother. Not to mention that it sounds like the regular Gotham police could really use the help. Sophie will be fine, at least financially. Speaking of Sophie's mother, though, how can she be sure that Batman is straight? Bruce Wayne, sure, but since apparently no one in Gotham has made that connection, are there pictures of Batman and Catwoman floating around or something? Because without that, for all she knows Batman could have spent his nights hooking up with Joker. Or, ok, Superman. Still loving Vesper, even if I'm in the minority here. And Mary remains the best.
  8. Lena: Based on the behavior of a dog and an alien and advice from someone I know is evil, I shall now commence human trials, and continue them even when they are obviously not going well. Commercial break: Coming up at 10, experts explain why it may take months or even a year before human tests for a coranavirus vaccine can begin - and which stores still have hand sanitizer in stock! It's not that I expect scientific accuracy from these shows but the whiplash effect in this particular case was intense.
  9. Yeah. Granted, she isn't filming anything else right now that I'm aware of, but she doesn't need to and apparently doesn't want to. When she does film, however, her rates start in the six figures. Meanwhile, Marc Guggenheim noted as a casual aside that the Arrowverse is currently paying - or at least trying to pay - $5000 per guest appearance for 1 - 5 days of shooting. If it's over 5 days of shooting, that would inch up, but still be under $11,000. Presumably that's at least somewhat negotiable, but even "somewhat negotiable" is still well below her usual rates. Add in that she's on record as preferring Los Angeles to Vancouver, and I don't expect to see her until the series finale, if then.
  10. On the one hand, I have to admire the chutzpah of the writers pretty much saying flat out, see, if we'd listened to your complaints and let Kara tell Lena sooner, things would have been much, much, worse, and on the other hand, writers, as an excuse for some questionable past decisions, this just does not work. Amusing as Mr. Mx. was this time around.
  11. quarks

    S01.E13: Drink Me

    I appreciate all of the Fun New Things We Can Do With Digital Cameras, really, I do, but I rather wish fewer directors responded to this with How Dark Can We Make These Scenes? Which is to say, yeah, this episode was genuinely dark. Literally. I realize Batwoman is supposed to be the Arrow replacement, but even Arrow turned the lights on every so often. That said, Mary knows! And she figured it out on her own, without needing the typical huge reveal from the protagonist! Awesome! Really looking forward to seeing how Mary handles this.
  12. I wouldn't say Flash is trying to replace Iris/Candice Patton this season. Yeah, as usual, she was pretty much left out of the crossover episodes (speaking as someone who likes Caitlin/Danielle Panabaker, I'm still at a complete loss to understand why Caitlin and not Iris was in the Legends of Tomorrow episode, especially after all of that "Barry is the Paragon of Love!" stuff) and I still think she should have been at Oliver's funeral over on Arrow. So the situation isn't ideal. But that said, this season is finally giving Iris some independent plots, including letting her investigate crimes, a supporting cast mostly focused on her (with occasional scenes with Cisco and Caitlin), and a current storyline that's showcasing just how good Candice Patton really is. And in this episode, I think that even Siri was presented as more sympathetic and likeable than Sue, even with Siri running around trying to steal mirror guns and asking Nash to lie to Barry. Even leaving aside Sue double-crossing Ralph, she's been leaving her parents upset and frantic for months for....why, exactly? Until/unless Sue's parents are revealed as villains, this doesn't exactly seem to be the sort of thing designed to get the audience to cheer on Sue. Not to mention that Sue started out denigrating and insulting Ralph. Even Siri took a moment to listen to/reassure Ralph. Flash does not exactly have the best track record when it comes to Iris and Candice Patton, so I'm not expecting any of this to continue, but for right now I don't see any signs that Flash is trying to replace her.
  13. I'd disagree with that, although the better relationships have, admittedly, tended to be the secondary ones - for instance, Joe and Cecile on Flash.
  14. Another really great episode for Candice Patton, who is doing just beautiful work transitioning between Real Iris and Siri. And as much as I'm eyerolling over Barry not realizing that Siri isn't Iris, I did like the moment when Real Iris almost reached him through the mirror. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but other than the supposed friendship with Caitlin/Frost which apparently thrives despite the slight issue that the two never ever speak to each other on screen unless other characters are around and usually even then, this is the first real friend for Iris who isn't a) one of her employees or b) on another show that we've seen since, what, season 2, if then? (I'm not counting the various extras who showed up at the wedding only to get chased out by Earth-X Nazis.) More of this, please. Less of a fan of Sue Dearborn, and even less of a fan of Cecile's suddenly fangirling over the Ralph/Sue relationship. Like, ok, yes, I'm aware that but, a) these two just met, b) either Cecile made such a big deal about handing over her business card because she could tell that Sue would need a defense attorney, and soon, in which case, why not warn Ralph, or c) Cecile couldn't tell that Sue would need a defense attorney, and soon, in which case, if Cecile couldn't tell that, exactly how much credence can I be putting into Cecile's "Hey, you're both seriously into each other!" reading. Given that the Arrowverse's record on That said, the actors had decent chemistry together, so that's a plus, and I did like their scenes together in Jitters, so that's another plus. And it's not really their fault that I was hideously distracted by the hellish set failures in two of their scenes, though, again, Flash, I really need to remind you that some of us not only watch the other Arrowverse shows, we also watch your show, and, yes, we can tell when you reuse the same set for two different locations in the same episode. I just hope the connection between the Iris/Siri plot, the arson plot, and the Sue plot turns out to be based on more than just a need to get everyone on the same set to save money.
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