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  1. I brought up The Vampire Diaries because this isn't just a love triangle - it's a love triangle involving two brothers. Which makes it a bit different than most of the other love triangles/quads in the Arrowverse. I mean, whatever else can be said about Iris and Eddie, Eddie wasn't Barry's brother. Sophie's husband isn't Kate's brother. And so on.
  2. To be fair, this was pretty much a complete reboot of the original Green Arrow Kids concept that was last season's backdoor pilot - shifting Mia from angry underground vigilante to socialite by day, vigilante by night; shifting from a single will they/won't they romance to a full on Love Triangle complete with two brothers (note to the CW; we really don't need this many attempts to bring back The Vampire Diaries, thanks); tinkering/resetting Dinah's character, and shifting the focus away from Team Arrow Kids to One Team Arrow Kid Plus Arrow Characters. Not to mention a complete shift in lighting/framing - I mean, yes, some of that was thanks to the budget, but there was also a distinct choice to move away from a gritty, dark aesthetic to, hey, modern Vancouver really does have some lovely bright buildings/homes, doesn't it?
  3. The CW doesn't care about ratings. Any pickup decision for Green Arrow and the Canaries is going to be based on what the CW and HBO Max think the streaming numbers might be and the WB thinks the international licensing fees might be and what Berlanti thinks the production budget will be and if this will all work out to what AT&T thinks the profit margins should be. Which, maybe? AT&T has been merrily slashing its way through a lot of WB shows, but even with the visibly increased budget for last night's episode, Green Arrow and the Canaries is still a pretty cheap show.
  4. I refuse to get my hopes up for next week.
  5. Definitely better than I expected it to be. See what happens when you spend more money on extras and sets, Berlanti?????
  6. I really do feel it would be faster to just have Cisco blast all of the major characters at once.
  7. "Living a double life is really hard." I dunno. Oliver managed it for several seasons.
  8. ....wait. She only shot off one arrow, right? How did that turn into four zip lines?
  9. "How are you still alive?" They're trying to launch a new TV show, bad guy! PAY ATTENTION!
  10. Uh. Post-production people? You didn't erase all the wires there.
  11. Mia, I have to assume that having hair in your eyes will not help your arrow aim. "Very 2020." OW MY HEAD TOO MANY ANVILS.
  12. "Being a hero kinda sucks!" Finally, the slogan the Arrowverse needs!
  13. "If there is evil back in Star City, the Green Arrow should be here too!" IF? Did everyone just miss the motorcycle chasing and the bomb and the kidnapping? NO IF.
  14. This is mostly just making me want the next season of Russian Doll.
  15. Not Laruel lecturing people on selfishness is also legit hilarious, not going to lie.
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