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  1. Grr. I'm not a big Bellamy or Octavia fan, but, with that said, their relationship has always been a center part of the show right from the first episode, and a big churner of the plot, and it would have been nice to see that acknowledged with that bit of dialogue.
  2. Popping into this thread because this is more of a multiple episode vent about EvilHeda, and specifically, the issue of How the Hell Is He Still Alive? It bugs me. Because EvilHeda is only alive because: 1. Neither Lexa, Alie or any of the other Commanders were able to delete him from the Flame. We know that Alie had at least some access to the Flame in the Season 3 Finale - enough to make Clarke think that she was running through downtown Vancouver instead of the state parks around Vancouver. We also know, from Madi in season 5, that Lexa was present enough in the Flame to be able to send cheery messages to Clarke, and, from seasons 2 and 3, that Lexa was a pragmatic person who did not hesitate to kill anyone she deemed a potential threat to a lasting peace for the Grounders - a description that absolutely fits EvilHeda. 2. Somehow or other, Raven's Season Finale Computer Stunts managed to delete all of the Commanders/other info except for EvilHeda. 3. Somehow or other, Russell, who had managed to take over the minds/mental places of multiple people over his lifetimes, couldn't withstand EvilHeda. 4. Clarke and about half of Our Protagonists, including Echo, Diyoza and Octavia - any of whom could have taken out EvilHeda - happened to be on another planet during EvilHeda's return. 5. Indra - INDRA - has failed to kill him multiple times now - and even left him in rooms with weapons. Even now, in this latest episode, Indra paused to deliver some final speech or other before plunging a blade into his chest - giving him time to escape. 6. Somehow or other, Madi failed to kill EvilHeda despite stabbing him in the eye. 7. And even though Madi also failed to sanitize that knife before stabbing EvilHeda with it, bacteria ALSO failed to kill EvilHeda. 8. After agreeing not to follow Commanders anymore because the Flame was gone, and to accept Indra as their leader, the remaining Wonkru Grounders....decided to follow EvilHeda. Who, we need to point out, does not have the Flame, and thus, by their own definition, is not a Commander and not someone they need to follow. 9. The Eligius 4 group, who are all criminals with absolutely no reason to follow any of the Grounders and every reason to try to kill the Grounders and their leaders, especially after the earlier reactor incident, took one look at EvilHeda and said, sure, we'll follow this guy even though he's wearing an eyepatch and sitting on a chair made out of skulls. (Had any of them said, "You know, I'm following this guy because his first step was to get a chair made out of skulls and sit on that, and I respect that sort of dedication to evil," I would have accepted this, but no. Worse, the entire Eligius 4 group goes along with this, even though in canon the Eligius 4 group doesn't get along with each other. 10. Gabriel's group, who have been somewhat successfully working as saboteurs for years now, and who know the local area, are unable to take down EvilHeda. 11. The Sanctum group is easily tricked into believing that EvilHeda is a Prime. 12. When the Sanctum group finds out that EvilHeda is not a Prime, they pretty much go into hiding/give up instead of violently revolting, even though they have all been established as religious fanatics capable of violence. 13. After arriving on Sanctum, Cadogan decided to kill off EvilHeda's followers - who were pretty much just standing there - and not EvilHeda, the person actively challenging him. 14. The Bardo people decide to take EvilHeda - who was trying to kill them - back to Bardo and cure him, something they failed to do for their own Bardo people. 15. Cadogan then decides that instead of sending more of his trained invisible Bardo people after Madi, he will instead send EvilHeda after Madi. Even though, in script, Cadogan had a) just met EvilHeda, and knows only that b) EvilHeda likes to kill people, c) multiple people decided that hanging out in a nuclear reactor without sufficient food, water or toilet facilities was preferable to/safer than hanging out with EvilHeda, d) he had just killed EvilHeda's followers, giving EvilHeda every reason to want revenge. I know this show is based on shifting loyalties/alliances, but this one doesn't even make sense on "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" level. (Of course, the most ridiculous part of this is that Cadogan doesn't even need Madi - he has EvilHeda, who has the exact same information from the Flame that Madi does! EvilHeda even tells Cadagon that he shared Madi's mind! Why send anyone after Madi when EvilHeda and the sketchbook are RIGHT THERE? But that's not part of the WHY IS EVILHEDA STILL ALIVE list so I'll let it go for now. Cadogan would only need to send EvilHeda after Madi if EvilHeda was a) dead or b) untrustworthy. SEE THE PROBLEM) 16. Echo just happened to be sulking during the entire KILL MADI KILL KILL KILL scenes so unable to deliver one of her patented assassinations. 17. Even after EvilHeda lost his invisible helmet, Octavia, Gaia and Indra - all trained fighters/killers - were somehow unable to kill this guy. Again. And look, I can accept quite a lot of this. Especially the bacteria part - for a show featuring a lot of mass death, almost no one seems to die of infections, which, whatever. Maybe something in Sanctum's air kills off bacteria. I'll buy that. What I can't accept is all of this. Because, if you check, EvilHeda's continued existence only works if virtually every other character on the show except for the dog, but including several of the extras, is either out of character or grossly incompetent in his presence. It bugs me.
  3. First episode of the season that felt like it was a part of a final season. I'm not sure how well it worked as an episode, granted, mostly because of an unusually high number of Wait, What? moments, even by the standards of this show, but I guess it was nice to get some closure on some points. 1. Uh, Clarke. While I quite definitely get the need to know "Where am I?" maybe mentioning "I just shot Bellamy" would have been more useful. 2. The....closing bridge defaults to the origins of your DNA? I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS. 3. Oooh, look, Earth is just like the area just outside Vancouver again! And once again, I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Like, they've only been gone for a couple hundred years, right? And when they left, that area was a desolate wasteland filled with radiation? Exactly how quickly can trees GROW in desolate wastelands filled with radiation? I can't help but think that this would have worked better as a plot twist if they'd all stayed in cyro for much longer. 4. Echo looks as disbelieving/annoyed about last week's episode as I am. 5. "He needed all this chaos to make sense." Again, Echo speaks for me! With the slight exception that Echo thinks Cadogan made all of this make some sense for Bellamy, at least, and I still don't buy that. 6. On the one hand, I am so loving this friendship between Echo and Clarke. On the other hand, please do not get my hopes up for an Echo/Clarke endgame since we all know how poorly Clarke's relationships end on this show. 7. "Everyone we care about is here?" Uh. Gabriel JUST TOLD YOU he had people back on Sanctum! PLUS THERE'S THE DOG, CLARKE! HOW CAN YOU FORGET ABOUT THE DOG? 8. Ok, I still hate EvilHeda, but his "Good luck with that!" to Cadogan was pretty awesome. As was his pointing out none too gently that Cadogan is one arrogant condescending jerk who keeps underestimating people. 9. Thank you, Madi, for bringing up the dog! AT LEAST SOMEONE REMEMBERS THE DOG, CLARKE! 10. And thank you, Murphy, for mentioning that the people of Sanctum also deserve protection! Who would have thought that thought would come from Murphy, though! 11. Yay, an Indra and Octavia moment! 12. I gotta admit, I kinda like knowing that the piano and piano playing has survived all of this. Though, again, I have questions. Like, HOW IS THAT PIANO STILL IN TUNE AFTER ALL OF THIS TIME? 13. Jordan, even I think you can do better than Hope. 14. I can't believe I've only just started to ask this, but do these Bardo suits also make people inaudible as well as invisible? 15. Hey, Echo finally gets around to telling someone her real name. 16. I guess it's kinda cool to get some backstory for Niylah at long last, but....I'm not sure what we were supposed to get out of this reveal? 17. Oh, come on, EvilHeda. I know you're evil, but there's no reason to disrupt a piano lesson like that! 18. Also, can you imagine living a couple hundred years only to die while playing Beethoven? 19. Ok, WHY didn't EvilHeda grab his invisibility helmet on the way out of the piano room? I mean, the actor is great and having a lot of fun, but virtually none of the plot associated with him makes any sense. 20. INDRA, STOP TALKING TO AND THREATENING EVILHEDA AND JUST STAB HIM ALREADY AND THEN DO YOUR LITTLE GROUNDER THING. THIS HAS BEEN SEVERAL EPISODES NOW 21. Hey, everyone, rather than saying "I'm with you," maybe go run for the OTHER QUALIFIED DOCTOR IN THE AREA? 22. See, EvilHeda, this is exactly why you should have grabbed the helmet when you left! Also, how exactly is running around the bunker in an invisible helmet and then dropping and losing the invisible helmet and failing to capture or kill Madi something that only EvilHeda, as opposed to all of the other Bardo people trained to use invisible helmets, able to do? 23. I blame you, Hope. (Yes, technically most of what happened in this particular episode wasn't Hope's fault, but I just have a visceral reaction to the character at this point.) 24. We went through this entire episode without finding out what happened to the dog? Geesh, show. Geesh.
  4. Yeah, there's that too. I mean I realize that the characters have been kinda/mostly separated from each other, but there was that scene just a couple of episodes ago where Cadogan had them all lined up ready to be expelled to different worlds. Why on earth didn't Jordan - who has been established in canon as a character more than willing to speak up, and who has also been established as someone desperate to bring peace and mediate between different groups - speak up right then and at least say something about the alternative translation? Or even Niylah, for that matter? Established as a character who could give Cadogan information about his daughter - and thus someone Cadogan might listen to? # Incidentally, without getting into spoiler territory, the behind the scenes look for the next episode reveals that the script for this episode went through a number of major last minute changes, including, apparently, the last minute decision to kill off Bellamy. So last minute that in the original script for episode 14, "Homecoming," Bellamy was still alive. The behind the scenes video also notes that major script changes for both episodes happened during pre-production and production for episode 14. I should note that this isn't at all unusual for a number of reasons - about 75% of Arrow and Supergirl episodes are/were shot with a writer on set, largely to accommodate last minute production issues. Given just how much of The 100 is shot on location, outside, in questionable weather conditions and with the occasional bear, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that The 100 has always written on set. However, based on the comments from the writer and the director, and also some comments made earlier by Lindsey Morgan and Marie Avger this wasn't just the typical last minute script rewrites; these were major changes requiring significant changes to the script and disrupting both pre-production and production. I'm not 100% familiar with The 100's production schedule, but it presumably works something like this: a draft script is finished at least six/eight weeks prior to shooting; a network script is then drafted and reviewed (in this case by Alloy, the CW, WB and - at least in theory - some of the CW affiliate stations and CBS); network and legal changes are incorporated, and a shooting script is finalized about two weeks prior to shooting, with preproduction starting eight to 14 days prior to shooting - that is, during the shooting of the two previous episodes. From Jessica Harmon's comments, it sounds as if many of the changes for episode 14 happened during official preproduction - that is, during the filming for episode 13 - and from comments made by her and Sean Crouch, these were major changes. Based on all of this, I think we can probably assume that the show decided to kill off Bellamy while filming that episode. It is possible that this decision was made after someone decided, hey, you know what would make the finale really cool? An already dead Bellamy! I know, right! Like talk about upping the stakes! And if Bellamy's death does end up adding something useful or cool in the finale, then, YAY. But I think it's equally if not more possible that something came up BTS, and this was the solution. That also explains why the episode still has a long conversation between Cadogan and Bellamy that ended up not going anywhere. Just a guess on my part, of course, but I think it makes sense.
  5. Yeah. The 100 is a cult hit, but not on the scale of The Vampire Diaries or Arrow, suggesting less interest in a prequel/sequel to begin with. And the prequel won't have the benefit of that Netflix deal which helped infuse cash into the various CW shows - and although the prequel could certainly follow Batwoman's example and head to HBOMax, by all accounts HBOMax is having a pretty rough launch, and that's before asking if HBOMax viewers, with access to big budget HBO shows, will have any interest in a low budget prequel to The 100. Sure, maybe, but if I were a WB executive, I wouldn't count on it. Or if The 100 fans are interested enough in the prequel to be willing to shell out for HBOMax. Again, maybe, but I wouldn't count on it. Beyond that, I think the prequel was facing other, coronavirus/recession based issues - same stuff that's supposedly one thing holding up Green Arrow & the Canaries. Deadline just reported that WB may be facing a much worse cash crunch than previously believed - and that WB is trying to conceal the gravity of this to calm down Wall Street investors - which means that WB may honestly not have the money to back iffy projects. Simultaneously, coronavirus precautions have increased filming expenses - meaning that there's no way that the prequel can come in at the original pitched budget. So I think the prequel was iffy well before this episode aired - but I also don't think the fan reaction to this episode is helping.
  6. The key thing in your point here, though, is the word seemed. You might be right - the aliens did tell Bellamy that the war/test was coming, and he based all of his later decisions on that. But that wasn't clarified in the script. What we got in the script were some visions that could have been caused by aliens, could have been caused by Bellamy eating whatever those scorpion things were in the cave, could have been caused by stress, or could even - possibly - have been caused by Cadogan (he presumably could have figured out where Bellamy went, and, as an uninjured person who had been to the planet before, could have gotten to the Vision Cave ahead of Bellamy and Whoever That Other Guy was, and set up some sort of vision system. We know the people at Bardo have some very advanced technology, which could easily include the ability to create holograms/other 3D images/illusions). But as it was, even Bellamy didn't seem completely sure at first that he had seen messages from aliens, and the audience definitely didn't get a chance to hear the aliens tell him that the war/test was coming. If instead of seemed, this was, we saw the aliens warning Bellamy - the same way we saw the Mountain Men getting poisoned by radiation back in season two - then I think this entire plot might have worked better. But we didn't. Completely agreed with you on the insects, though.
  7. Yeah, this. The general idea - Bellamy gets indoctrinated into a cult and reaches a point where Clarke has to shoot him -- isn't a bad one. There's even at least some lead-up to this - Clarke killing Finn back in season 2, Bellamy following Pike in season 3, Clarke almost shooting Bellamy in season 4, and Clarke demonstrating that her chief priority is Madi back in season 5. But this season, we simply didn't see enough to make any of this credible - especially since we have seen six seasons of Bellamy growing into someone with a genuine reason to be skeptical of cult leaders. We also saw him see and to a certain extent explore what kinda remained of Cadogan's cult back on Earth - a bunker where everyone died from radiation, not exactly speaking well of Cadogan's wisdom or preparation skills, and another bunker which - admittedly sometime later - proved to be unable to keep about a thousand people going for just five years without having to resort to cannibalism. We know that Cadogan's daughter helped found the Grounder culture - another culture that Bellamy saw, interacted, and had no reason to trust. We also saw Bellamy wracked with guilt over what he did while he was following Pike. The end result of this? A Bellamy who risked his life to fight a cult group under the control of a computer. A Bellamy who helped take down his own sister after she became a cult leader and who refused to work with the Eligius guys, and a Bellamy who spent most of last season working against cult leaders - to the point of risking his life to help bring them down. And, sure, there was a brief moment last season where Bellamy did stop fighting against the cult leaders - but when he did, he took the time to discuss that situation with the rest of SpaceKru - and reversed it as soon as he thought he had the chance to bring down the Sanctum leaders. And in the end, we saw a Bellamy who had mostly accepted his past. As I said back in the Bellamy Gets Religion episode, it made no sense for that episode to end with Bellamy a believer, visions or no visions, jump off the cliff or no jump off the cliff. (Especially because Bellamy could reasonably figure out - without needing to believe in cult leaders - that Cadogan had managed to survive jumping off the cliff into the gate, and that even Cadogan never claimed to be the one who built the gates. If Bellamy emerged from that planet believing in anything, it should have been aliens.) Bellamy already dealt with cults/cult leaders/etc. And instead of showing us someone who would always follow a cult leader, The 100 showed us someone who, yeah, did that once - and then focused on not only never doing it again, but fighting the cults that he found. It made no sense. It didn't help that this came during a season where Clarke and Madi have barely interacted. And sure, the setup here was a bit better than the Bellamy cult leader thing, but, if Clarke really wanted to keep Madi safe from the cultists, she had an obvious, immediate alternative. Madi had already gone through the gate at this point. Cadogan, by his own admission, was the only person who knew the code to that gate (though again, I have no idea why the others in the room weren't paying attention to exactly what symbols he was pressing, given that this was all KINDA IMPORTANT). So, you know, just shoot Cadogan. Prevents anyone from following you and Madi through the Gate. Also, this. Tweaks would have been incredibly helpful here. Have Bellamy end the Bellamy Gets Religion episode not getting religion - and still working against Cadogan - and yet, somehow revealing that Clarke doesn't have the Flame anymore. Threaten Bellamy by pointing out - correctly - that Cadogan's group still has Octavia, Clarke and Echo as hostages. Have everyone return to Sanctum and the huge mess there - and then, just as things are going poorly, repeat what happened in this episode - eclipse, toxin, not enough antidotes. Forcing Clarke to shoot a hallucinating Bellamy in order to keep Madi safe - right after Bellamy has done everything to try to save his friends. That would have had a brutal emotional impact. What we got? Not so much.
  8. Also, I will just repeat a point I've made before: I'd have a lot more interest/belief in this whole Transcendence storyline if a single character on this show would go, HOLY WOW, ALIENS EXIST? NO WONDER BELLAMY HAS TURNED INTO A POD PERSON THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION but given that everyone has been, aliens, huh, meh, it's difficult to believe that anyone is taking the aliens seriously enough to think that transcendence could be a real thing. We got sorta there with Murphy tonight but even he was like, look at Bellamy's new clothes! Much more interesting than aliens!
  9. So. That was certainly an episode of television. First the minor stuff: 1. Ok., I admit that I haven't exactly been the biggest fan of Shepherd Dude, but any Evil Guy who is willing and able to attack EvilHeda gets at least some kudos for me. 2. And then, just as I'm starting to think nice thoughts about Shepherd Dude he makes mean statements about the sets. Shepherd Dude, I'm in complete agreement with you, but, in all fairness we both know this is a low budget CW show! It's actually doing a bit better than most of the CW shows, at least as far as looks go. Let's be kind. 3. Loving this banter between Murphy and Raven. 4. Also, loving the dog. Also, really worried about this dog, now that pretty much all of the main characters have bolted from Sanctum (not that I blame them; Sanctum sucks) 5. Decent resolution there to the Nikki/Raven subplot. With that said, I'm kinda fine if we never see Nikki again. 6. Though I'm also kinda fine if Nikki just ends up running Sanctum with Indra while the remaining characters head off to whatever planet and work out their issues. Look, at this point, someone has to run Sanctum, and it clearly isn't going to be EvilHeda or pretty much all of the other people in the bunker, it might as well be Nikki and Indra. 7. Seeing Josephine back was wildly entertaining - I've really enjoyed the actress, and she was having a blast this episode. 8.. And great episode for Emori. Also really liked the moment of Clarke, Murphy and Emori coming together for Raven. That was great. And now the major stuff: Here's the problem: for a death to have any meaning/emotional punch, I need to know how we got there. And in this case, I didn't. First, on a character level, as I've been saying for three episodes now, I'm just not buying Bellamy's conversion over to a Shepherd Pod Person. And the problem here, as I've also been saying, was the Bellamy Gets Religion Episode. I get what the show was going for. But they didn't get there. The problem is, the Bellamy we've been watching for six seasons before this knows how easily people can be manipulated, knows that people's emotions can be changed through computer chips, propaganda, red toxin thingies - something this episode just reminded him about - and so on. He's also a character who personally witnessed the results of Cadogan's obsession back on earth, and who has also personally witnessed, more than once, a number of leaders absolutely convinced that they were In The Right turn out to be just getting a lot of people killed. I am just not convinced that a couple of visions on a weird planet would be enough to convert him into a Cadogan Pod Person. Or, at least, that the visions that we saw would be enough to convert him into a Cadogan Pod Person. Or that his friends wouldn't have tried harder to argue with him. Especially since I'm not even sure why Cadogan believes in this transcendence stuff or what it's supposed to do. And then there's this specific episode, where, in order to get to this particular moment of Clarke shooting Bellamy, the plot needed: 1. Cadogan not immediately killing EvilHeda. 2. Indra once again deciding not to kill EvilHeda. 3. Cadogan deciding to try to restore the chip right then and there, instead of taking Gabriel, the chip and the computer off to a safer location - specifically one away from Clarke. 4. The suspiciously convenient presence of Madi's sketchbook 5. EvilHeda mentioning the book 6. Apparently nobody taking notes about which symbols, exactly, Cadogan pushed at the end there. Like, YOU HAVE A SKETCHBOOK RIGHT THERE. YOU CAN WRITE DOWN THE SYMBOLS IN ORDER, and then use them to open the gate again. Which is out of character for everyone involved except, I guess, the notebook, which doesn't have a character or much decision-making abilities. But otherwise, Indra knows what happened the last time(s) she failed to kill EvilHeda. It went poorly for everyone. Cadogan didn't hesitate to kill most of the goons; again, it makes no sense for him to decide to leave EvilHeda alive, unless he was aware that EvilHeda once had the Flame - and since that didn't come up, that wasn't why. No, the only reason EvilHeda was left alive was to point out HELLO THIS SKETCHBOOK IS KINDA INTERESTING, not because any of the remaining characters would have left him alive. For that matter, it's not at all clear to me why Clarke didn't kill EvilHeda in the opening scenes, or, hell, why anyone let EvilHeda live this long. And there's been no reason whatsoever for Madi's sketchbook not to be locked up someplace far away from EvilHeda, given that Gaia and Jackson knew that the sketches could be dangerous. So it's not that I have a problem with Clarke shooting Bellamy. It's the steps that were taken - or not taken - to get the plot to that point that I'm questioning.
  10. Gotta admit, this episode had me thinking Murphy would absolutely be dead by the end of it, and he wasn't, so, yay fakeout, show. And glad to see that the two divergent plots are finally more or less back together even if this only happened through yet another massacre and sending multiple characters to yet another planet. Otherwise: 1. On the one hand, thank you, EvilHeda, for getting rid of one of these crazy groups, making the entire plot easier to follow. I approve. On the other hand, if you keep killing everyone off, you won't have anyone left to rule over, EvilHeda! Did you think of that? 2. Also, and I don't exactly mean to be critical of EvilHeda's murderous ruling style, but, uh, didn't he just kill off pretty much all of the people who have left the very specific Sanctum area and can thus tell him something about the planet and the various weird things that can happen there? Seriously, EvilHeda, for someone who is supposed to be strategic you don't seem to be thinking all that far ahead. 3. Meanwhile, this is all leading up to EvilHeda having this code thing in his head, right, and everyone having to work with him in order to end wars, although that is not exactly his style, and then realizing that Madi can just, well, draw it. 4. "The man I love would not be ok with torturing Raven!" I dunno, Echo, the man you love - pre-brainwashed Bellamy - was ok with all kinds of things. I mean, that might be the line, but who knows? 4. GO ECHO GO PUSH THIS GUILT TRIP PUSH IT. 5. So, I've admittedly never been on the Becho train, but, brainwashed Bellamy, even I have got to agree with Echo that hot sex with Echo is much better than supporting a cult leader. Echo is hot, Bellamy, and she was careful enough to ensure that her new scars would not detract one bit from her classic beauty. FOCUS ON THE SEX, BELLAMY it will be better for you and for the CW's ratings! 6. Really, EvilHeda, you need to spend less time killing people and more time paying attention to the fact that the rest of the regular cast is no longer on the planet! 7. Oh, great, a potential romance between my two least favorite main characters on this show - Jordan and Hope. (head thunk). If I just agree to believe that they hooked up offscreen, can we leave it there and not revisit it again? 8. I do appreciate Bellamy pointing out all of the least probable plot points from the previous seasons and Clarke responding by criticizing this season's costumes. 9. I dunno, EvilHeda, speaking just for me, I really prefer a less bumpy chair with lots of cushions. Those skulls are eventually going to do one hell of a number on your back. 10. Clarke, feel free to slap Bill in the face. I would. 11. And awww, Murphy with saying that Emori would be on the right side of the door. Sniffle. And then Emori announcing that she was willing to use a nuclear reactor against EvilHeda. Also aww. Especially since she and Murphy know that nightblood will only protect him so far. 12. I guess the one plus of all of this planet hopping is that it does provide a convenient way to get a number of the secondary/minor characters out of the way for a bit. My one question is where did they go? I assumed not to Skyring/Penance, since that would require the show to spend considerable time and, more importantly, expense, on aging makeup for a number of characters. Clearly not to Sanctum or they would have been the first to interrupt EvilHeda's chess game. The planet where they left all the corpses didn't feel exactly safe to me but maybe there's a nicer part somewhere else on that planet. Or maybe they went to the Planet That Melted Bellamy's Brain knowing that Niylah, at least, would feel right at home there since it looks just like various parks just outside Vancouver er I mean the Grounder territory from seasons 1 through 4. Or maybe a new planet. Or maybe Earth. Enquiring minds want to know, show! Speaking of Niylah, though - I completely understand sending Miller and Hope off - they don't really have any useful info and I assume Bill finds Hope as irritating as I do. But Bill knows that Niylah has information - oral history information, but still, information - about the Flame and the Flamekeepers. They discussed it. Recently. He might not know about Jordan's Korean knowledge - but really, given that Bellamy just told us in this episode that the Bardo people were constantly spying on Clarke and Gang, Bill should know about that too. Given all of this THIS IS SO CRITICALLY IMPORTANT stuff, why send away two people with potentially useful info?
  11. quarks

    S07.E11: Etherea

    As far as a charger goes, this is why Amazon sells those portable solar charger things! Just make sure you're on a relatively sunny planet with your religious nutcase person and you're set! (Ok, ok, yes, I know what this sounds like, but really Amazon is not paying me to write these posts.) And yeah...I thought the reason Bellamy knew he had to go to the glowy thing on top of the mountain was that it was the same sort of always glowing glowy thing that he had seen in Sanctum, although frankly my memories of season 6 are a bit hazy so I might be entirely wrong about this. I thought the flame was destroyed at the end of the last season as part of a - sadly failed - effort to kill EvilHeda for once and for all, but again, see my comments about hazy memories of season 6. I think Clarke and Gaia buried what was left at it at the beginning of this season, along with Abby's ring?
  12. quarks

    S07.E11: Etherea

    I do think it's interesting that the reactions to Bellamy's betrayal have ranged from "Sorry, not enough buildup to buy this," to "some sort of alien neurotoxin, right?" to "simulation," to "Cadogan was manipulating him in the second cave," to "alien mind control," to "hey, another person pretending to go along with Cadogan, just like Echo!" to "Yeah, no." I feel there's even more skepticism about this than there was about his "death," which says something. So either we're all sensing something and a "HA HA YOU DIDN'T REALLY THINK THAT BELLAMY WOULD WILLINGLY BETRAY OCTAVIA, ECHO AND CLARKE, DID YOU" is popping up next episode, or we're all wrong. If the second....writers, you have a bit of a problem. Not with the plot twist so much, but with selling it. I had the same thought. I mean, sure, in a couple of cases - the lake, for instance - I guess you could argue that the surrounding geology had changed since the aliens put the sphere things there - but frankly this is at least three portals, arguably four, placed in the least convenient/most dangerous places possible.
  13. quarks

    S07.E11: Etherea

    That would have worked quite well - in fact, I would have bought this, completely, if Bellamy's new found semi-faith in Cadogan had led him to go along with the mind-probing, assuming that the mind-probing would only be about the recent trip and/or his new faith in Cadogan - with the mind-probing then revealing to Cadogan and everyone else that WHOOPS CLARKE DOESN'T HAVE THE FLAME AFTER ALL and in fact the Flame is no longer with us, and our best hope of finding out the next step is to gather the three remaining people who have had the Flame in their skulls at least once (EvilHeda, Madi and Clarke) and mind thingy all of them. Or if Cadogan had said to Bellamy, "And now that you trust me at least a little, and you've seen Cave Two With The Glowy Things for yourself and therefore know something is whacked, please tell me everything you know about the Flame. Everything. It's vital for the safety of all of your friends, including Clarke." Instead, it looks like they are going for some sort of reverse of last season - after Bellamy, the Heart, used his Head to save the heart of Clarke, the Head, now they will have Clarke, the Head, use her heart to save the head of Bellamy, the Heart. And, of course, this goes along with this season's False Religious Leaders and Their Followers theme. Which is all great....but I think needed more buildup to work.
  14. quarks

    S07.E11: Etherea

    I'm seeing some fan speculation that Cave Number Two might have had some neurotoxins or whatever, which might have contributed to Shepherd Bellamy. Which kinda works for me, but does bring up the huge plothole that Bill Cadogan was not all that stable before making his Cliff Climbing Experience. My own speculation is that this episode is mostly about why everyone should take along a nice Kindle or Nook or whatever on every outer space expedition so that if things go wrong and you are stuck in a cave, you will not be reduced to reading the words of a conman and get brainwashed into thinking he's Your Shepherd but will have lots of alternative reading to amuse you. (I swear, Amazon did not pay me to write this post.)
  15. quarks

    S07.E11: Etherea

    I can just picture the conversation now: Bob Morley: I need a long break. I'm physically exhausted. JR: Sure! Enjoy your break! [Break] JR: And now that you're back, how about filming a nearly complete episode with bonus rock climbing for most of it? Bob Morley: This is the last season, right? Please tell me this is the last season. Anyway: 1. Was anyone else shocked when Bellamy just happened to arrive in a place that looked suspiciously like Vancouver? Or when he tried to climb a relatively short cliff of sheer rock that looked remarkably like a location shot previously used on Once Upon a Time? And then entered a cave entrance that I'm pretty sure we've previously seen on both this show and Arrow? 2. All this said, I am kinda strangely comforted to learn that so many planets look just like Vancouver, especially since for awhile there I was worried that they would all look like California. 3. That was a really brutal leg setting, Bellamy. Did you learn that in Earth Skills? 4. ....and literally just as I think that, Bellamy answers that question with a decided Yes, Pike Was Not Entirely Useless After All. Though I gotta admit, I can't quite bring myself to believe that the sap from trees on a different planet would also have antiseptic properties. 5. "Sometimes, Bellamy Blake, irony is amusing. This is not one of those times." Glad to see you acknowledging your shortcomings, show. 6. Also, show, please stop teasing a potential Bellamy/Echo/Clarke threesome that we all know is not coming. 7. These aliens really didn't like putting their circle stone things in convenient locations, did they? 8. I know this show has always had a lot of in common with Game of Thrones and to a lesser extent Arrow (including sharing directors and the occasional cast member) but the whole climbing the cliff bit and the swinging former/potential enemy from the rope bit felt, how can I put this, not all that creative, though I guess it was nice to also throw in some borrowing from The Princess Bride there. I suppose we should all just be grateful that it didn't end with a) a duel, b) anyone taking off their shirts and announcing that the removal of shirts is traditional. Still. 9. I dunno. I realize we were supposed to believe that Bellamy went through a lot of trauma and then had some sort of hallucination in Cave Number 2 and then lived even after skydiving off a cliff, and I also know that people in real life have been brainwashed/broken in somewhat similar time periods. And yeah, we saw Bellamy fall under Pike's influence fairly quickly back in season 3. And yes, I get that this fits with the overall theme this season of following leaders with unquestioned conviction - it's the main thing tying the Sanctum and Bardo plots together. (Arguably the only thing tying the Sanctum and Bardo plots together at this point, but I digress.) But I can't help feeling that post-season 4 Bellamy would not and should not have snapped this quickly. Especially since that "leap of faith" really wasn't any such thing - he could logically infer that since Cadogan had been in that cave (thus the abandoned picture) and made it back to Bardo, Not to mention that Bellamy could and should have figured out that if anyone should be worshiped, it would be the glowy figure thingies. Or that Bellamy has always been good at noticing small things and noticing when people are getting manipulated. And especially since the other guy was the one who experienced actual physical trauma, and who should have had a lot more doubts - especially when Bellamy turned out to be right that the Shepherd was not going to be sending people out after them. And especially after Bellamy found the picture. I know this show likes to shock us, and this was definitely supposed to be one of those shocking twists, but - those sorts of twists work better when they are properly set up and feel right for the character - such as Diyoza sacrificing herself for Hope last episode. Absolutely believable, since the show set up that Diyoza felt the need to atone and also didn't want her daughter going down a dark path. We haven't had that setup here. What we have had is several episodes telling us that Bellamy will do pretty much anything to save Octavia, and although that took a couple of bumps during seasons 5 and 6, those seasons gave us several more episodes telling us that Bellamy will do pretty much anything to save his friends. Not to mention several episodes just this season showing Hope, Diyoza, Octavia and Echo all facing pretty much the identical brainwashing - just with less mountain climbing - and resisting it. So, yeah, I'm not buying this, show, and the problem is, unlike with Echo, I'm clearly supposed to be buying it. And that's a problem. On the bright side, no EvilHeda OR Hope this episode. So it wasn't all bad.
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