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  1. I marathoned season 1 leading up to season 2 being available here in the States. I do like figuring out the rules and lore in supernatural shows. I really liked the world building in DoW. I loathe Teresa Palmer as Diana. She is a dishrag heroine with no agency. My roommate read the books and has told me the character is totally different. The actress who plays Satu would have been awesome as Diana in my opinion. The dialogue and story beats are odd as well which is probably due to condensing and adapting the book. Season 2 so far is not as enjoyable as 1. I do love the costumes. But between the mumble dialogue and poor lighting, I spend most of my time wondering who characters are and why I should care. I really hope things pick up later in the season!
  2. This movie is so bad, Hans Zimmer started using other movie’s music about 2/3 of the way through! I recognized John Murphy’s Adagio from Sunshine immediately. Fun fact, Handsome Man played Baze on “Life Unexpected”. I was all excited for him making the big screen but no character name and walking meat puppet - YIKES!
  3. I found a list of 12 episodes that cover Mandalore to get my roommate caught up. Easy peasy.
  4. Me too! Giggling along to the fish hole joke - blech. So poor Mark went from being bullied as a kid to laughing along with the bullies at other people’s pain. Also, how much money did he make off of the poor people he lured in? When they mentioned that NXIVM discouraged monogamy, was I the only one who suspected shenanigans with Mark, Sarah, Nippy, and Bonnie?
  5. A couple things. I have been Catherine Oxenberg - joking about something uncomfortable and traumatic too soon. She looked pretty apologetic and ashamed. The NXVM survivors might react like family members. If you were part of the family, yeah you can make fun of dad. The neighbors mom - shut your face. Keith has these views on women, takes millions of dollars from the successful ones as an extra fucked up punishment. Yeesh. I guess women in the military does not exist in Keith’s world. I also want to thank my lucky stars for the kind, emotionally whole men in my life. I was raised by a Keith-lite and NEVER AGAIN.
  6. Grammaeryn


    I am adoring Brokenwood right now! Fun fact, half of cast of The Almighty Johnson’s show up. I adored The Other Ones for a good laugh and warm fuzzies.
  7. I wonder if Funko could make a special survivor/warrior Tigh figure to help raise funds for the Hogan family? Also, his Warehouse 13 family are aware of the situation - Eddie McClintock tweeted about it.
  8. Grammaeryn


    Subscribing to this network has been a great decision! I’m a true crime/murder fan so I’m in hog heaven. I can not recommend enough Line of Duty. It is incredibly written, great characters, and fascinating. Plus, it rewards longtime viewers with callbacks. There are 5 seasons (5-6 episodes) on Acorn. I wasn’t as amazed by season 4 - Thandie Newton’s character wasn’t that well-written. There are only 2 seasons of London Kills. Which has an enjoyable cast and interesting plot lines. If you like David Tennant, Deadwater Fell is excellent and disturbing. Acorn just doesn’t only have British TV, it has Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand shows! I’m watching a mediocre mystery The Sounds just for the New Zealand scenery shots. Also, for fellow drama nerds, the Canadian comedy Slings and Arrows is great. Anyone else have recommendations? Or want to dish on shows?
  9. It is really sweet and funny. I loved it. Living in Boston, that time loop is our pandemic life - oy!
  10. Because a writer wanted to do their own version of HBOs Chernobyl?
  11. I just started watching The 100 because Netflix kept recommending it. Is there a meet & greet topic in this forum? I’m trying to avoid spoilers as I catch up. Right now, I am finishing up season 3. Oof. This season was an assignment not really entertainment. With all the character deaths, I had to do careful digging to find out what happened behind the scenes. Also, is it a Sci Fi rule that hallucinated women have to wear red? With a couple episodes left, I really hope this Allie storyline wraps up soon.
  12. Grammaeryn

    S01.E04: Chase

    I like it too. The first couple of episodes got me hooked getting to know the leads and figuring out which was the bigger jerk. Now, it’s getting into the story and they are both jerks in endearing dumb human ways. I tend to regress a bit with my college friends so I get it. I can’t figure out if Fiona is crazy, after her cash cow, or used to be his therapist who he seduced?
  13. I had been joking with my roommate that Malcolm is the Luke to Martin’s Vader. Leia being unknown and underestimated. Malcolm getting the psychological help early on meanwhile the assumption that Ainsley was too young and protected could lead to this.
  14. I have watched it twice! I thought it was well-written and Hugh Jackman just disappears into the role. Extra bonus was the music. I can’t stop thinking about it. I loved school growing up and can still name my teachers but this is before the focus on rankings and test scores took over schools. The rationalization and sociopathy of the Frank Tassone character is disgusting. But his own love of mentoring/teaching did him in. I felt so bad for his partner! On my second watch, I realized that Pam’s box of resignation shame had the receipts! Her note to Frank was a shot over the bow. I wonder if we can make a drinking game for any time skywalk is mentioned? Ray Romano is really turning into a solid dramatic actor! Damnit, time for viewing #3...
  15. New episode title ‘Sympathy for the Rapist” This is 80’s Luke and Laura level of bullshit. I think I’m taking a break from this show. Oof.
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