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  1. I really disliked this movie. It ranks as second worst of the live action movies for me - above Solo. I do like the new trio and was happy they went on a mission together in the beginning. My brother pointed out to me part of the whole hero’s journey is pulling away from family and friends to get ready for the next step but If they tried to demonstrate Rey doing that in the movie, I didn’t see it. Everything felt really rushed and unplanned. New planet, new character I can barely get to know or care about, major plot or action, said plot/action getting reversed two scenes later. I did like that water planet with the broken Death Star. It was visually stunning. I knew Rey would be either related to Palpatine or Kenobi years ago so no big reveal there. I did get teary over Leia’s death. Adam Driver did a good job with what he was given. Movies with the Mads podcast will tackle this next week.
  2. You see, Ciri, when a Witcher releases a Djinn and falls for a mage things get complicated...
  3. The snake Hitler and all the time traveling assassins KILLED me! Typing that sentence is kicking off a giggle fit. Such a weird and good episode.
  4. This undercover assignment Cassie is on is beyond dumb. Of course she gets found out - there is no anticipation on that front. Does Rob have seizures or a weird dislocated neck/shoulder problem? If the show was another genre, I would expect him to be a werewolf with that jerking around! Sadly, this show started out so well but gets stupider and stupider. The leads have become total assholes. O’Neil and Phelan are angels IMHO. I do have a theory that Rosalind is really Sandra Sculley’s child.
  5. I was really disappointed that Rob and Cassie hooked up. It was sleazy and soapy. What are your theories about the murders? I have a theory about a Rob/Adam. Adam didn’t survive, his doppelgänger did. Katy’s murder is stumping me. Something is hinky with Rosalind.
  6. A STARZ series based on the novels by Tana French. The story, consisting of eight episodes, is adapted from In the Woods and The Likeness. Starring Sarah Greene and Killian Scott. I haven’t read the books but I’m enjoying the series! There have been enough twists to keep it interesting. Plus, the scenery is amazing. There is a certain shade of moss and grassy green that is SO IRELAND. Mrs Fitzgerald is so totally my grandmother it’s eerie. Four episodes have been broadcast. I’m interested in your theories and reactions to the WTF moments.
  7. ”BD Wong is not a doctor, although he played one on TV -- forensic psychiatrist/criminal profiler Dr. George Huang on "Law and Order: SVU." So he's familiar with complicated cases and digging deep for proper diagnoses, both of which play into his role as host of "Something's Killing Me." The HLN original production is a six-part documentary series that examines puzzling diseases and symptoms that result in near-death struggles. Featuring re-enactments, each hourlong episode tells actual stories of how doctors, scientists and, in some cases, federal investigators race against time to discover what or who is killing a patient. Included are interviews with victims, their families and doctors.“ Anyone else watch this show? I like how it combines mystery with medical drama. I’m pleasantly surprised it doesn’t play into anxiety or hypochondria. My two favorite episodes are the first one - “Hope” and the fatal familial insomnia one.
  8. I’m going to give this show one more episode to keep me engaged or I’m bowing out. I was yelling at the TV “triad of psychopathy!” within seconds of seeing that kid. The weekly cases seem to be getting dumber and dumber. The family drama is a yawn fest. Not enough Michael Sheen screen time. You know what would be interesting is if The Surgeon had an accomplice that never got caught. No, not Malcolm or Mommy Dearest. A twist like that could be good!
  9. Did they explain who leaked the information to the reporter in the first place? I’m guessing hottie doctor and hoping it wasn’t the dad to set up a remorse defense.
  10. Grammaeryn

    S01.E04: Rose390

    Tub with lye, dismemberment, fire, pigs who knows? I watch way too much True Crime!
  11. I liked it too! It kept me engaged and theorizing. A couple complaints were Michael C Hall’s meandering accent and the plot twist that wasn’t too hard to figure out. Some days Thanos is a mood so TOTALLY AGREE! (Don’t Read IMDB user reviews on this). The topical controversial take is an interesting thought experiment.
  12. “A Philadelphia police officer struggles with a lifelong obsession to track down a mysterious serial killer whose crimes defy explanation.” Released Sept 27, 2019 on Netflix. With Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, Bokeem Woodbine, and Michael C Hall
  13. I’m a sucker for found family stories and this story had enough humor plus plot, I’m sticking with it. I’m assuming a nutty crunchy earth goddess sister will show up so every stereotype can be checked? I really hope Brittany’s hair fades to a strawberry blonde rather than sticking with uber RED /shallow
  14. So what is Laeticia’s deal? Medical leave for PTSD, bipolar, addiction, or brat-itis? I live in Boston and we had a couple prize specimens defraud the marathon bombing fund. Nice to know that flavor of humanity is universal! My first clue that Emilie was lying was she was standing still in a photo of people running in the opposite direction.
  15. I KNOW! All the subsequent victims should sue the shit out of those guys. I held my breath when baldy character actor Lost guy realized how badly he screwed up. It could go either way, accept responsibility or denial/cover up. His bad cop speech to Karen deserved damning silence in response.
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