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  1. Yeah, I immediately thought of his heart defect. I was born with one (patent foramen ovale) but it wasn't discovered until I had a stroke in my twenties. So, that is where my head went. Mild strokes aka TIAs can be like migraines so the visual blurring would make sense. I take this all back if Henry dies. No parallels to me. Nope!
  2. The octopus was voiced by Nathan Fillion. Woohoo Firefly reuinion!
  3. Grammaeryn

    S01.E01: Pilot

    It’s kind of funny reading these comments. It seems like a lot of us tend to watch the same shows over the years. So, whatever audience demographic the marketers were aiming for, they got this bunch of eclectic weirdos! Seriously, X-Files, to Manifest, to Fringe, to the 4400 - I have found my people. ❤️
  4. Grammaeryn

    S01.E01: Pilot

    The mystery of it has me interested. The characters? Meh. Jonathan Tucker’s head and neck distracts me - they are the same width! My comparison combo is Defiance and X-Files. Maybe because life has been about pandemic for a year but I am surprised the debris wasn’t cordoned off or put in containment when it is discovered. Touching a floaty bit with bare hands is Prometheus dumb.
  5. This was an ugly cry episode for me. I lost my dad in 2019. It is just shocking how gone he was. I touched his face and it wasn’t him anymore. Since I knew my mind would just push away what happened, I took a picture of his corpse in the hospital bed so I would have proof. I thought I was going crazy for the next several months, I felt so lost. 2020 was going to be my recovery back to normal time -ha! Remember how Jimmy lost track of a guy in Witness Protection in Westview? With all of this talk about magic, we are assuming Dr. Strange will show up next week. What if it is Mordo?
  6. This was kind of like the first Jon Hamm episode where we knew he was pretty but had NO IDEA his comedy chops! Rege was really great and took every sketch thrown at him.
  7. That song has taken up residence in my brain for the last day! It has to be an evil spell.
  8. I thought the big reveal would be that these web sleuths founded QANON. Morbid was doxxed before it was a thing. Poor guy! This was really a documentary about mental illness and it’s fallout in different parts of society.
  9. I am a daughter of a WWII survivor. I grew up hearing about starving, losing everything, bombs, and women with cyanide in their teeth. Quite frankly, I’d love to have had a traumatized into silence kind of family! My grandmother told the stories for the attention/drama. My dad told the stories to guilt us when we complained about dinner or clothes. He was a ruminator. He had entire bookshelves full of WWII books. He even figured out the exact squadron that bombed the city he had been living in as a child. I like to joke that my other sibling is WWII. I believe I read somewhere that Hitler
  10. Regarding why didn’t anyone confide in ASH, Joss is being accused of creating a toxic work environment and being abusive/demeaning. Abuser play #1 convincing victim that they deserve the abuse. Since victim believes they deserve it, there is shame admitting they brought the abuse upon themselves Abuser play #2 downplaying legitimate reactions. You are being “dramatic or “overreacting” Toxic workplaces breed distrust. Joss had his clique of chosen fuckable featherweights and then there was everyone else.
  11. It makes me sad that the Buffyverse was created by a complete dickhole. There were fairly vicious rumors being leaked from the set back in the day. Anyone remember the Fametracker site? Now, I wonder if most of those rumors were started by Joss. Also, the fact that he only did two MCU movies makes me really curious. Scarlett was pregnant during Ultron and she had the worst storyline. Joss gets his revenge on pregnant ladies one way or another.
  12. Ooh, remember the creepy mantra of “For the children”? Maybe the real Big Bad has the children while these adults get held hostage in Wanda’s story.
  13. I marathoned season 1 leading up to season 2 being available here in the States. I do like figuring out the rules and lore in supernatural shows. I really liked the world building in DoW. I loathe Teresa Palmer as Diana. She is a dishrag heroine with no agency. My roommate read the books and has told me the character is totally different. The actress who plays Satu would have been awesome as Diana in my opinion. The dialogue and story beats are odd as well which is probably due to condensing and adapting the book. Season 2 so far is not as enjoyable as 1. I do love the costumes. But
  14. This movie is so bad, Hans Zimmer started using other movie’s music about 2/3 of the way through! I recognized John Murphy’s Adagio from Sunshine immediately. Fun fact, Handsome Man played Baze on “Life Unexpected”. I was all excited for him making the big screen but no character name and walking meat puppet - YIKES!
  15. I found a list of 12 episodes that cover Mandalore to get my roommate caught up. Easy peasy.
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