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  1. It is really sweet and funny. I loved it. Living in Boston, that time loop is our pandemic life - oy!
  2. Because a writer wanted to do their own version of HBOs Chernobyl?
  3. I just started watching The 100 because Netflix kept recommending it. Is there a meet & greet topic in this forum? I’m trying to avoid spoilers as I catch up. Right now, I am finishing up season 3. Oof. This season was an assignment not really entertainment. With all the character deaths, I had to do careful digging to find out what happened behind the scenes. Also, is it a Sci Fi rule that hallucinated women have to wear red? With a couple episodes left, I really hope this Allie storyline wraps up soon.
  4. Grammaeryn

    S01.E04: Chase

    I like it too. The first couple of episodes got me hooked getting to know the leads and figuring out which was the bigger jerk. Now, it’s getting into the story and they are both jerks in endearing dumb human ways. I tend to regress a bit with my college friends so I get it. I can’t figure out if Fiona is crazy, after her cash cow, or used to be his therapist who he seduced?
  5. I had been joking with my roommate that Malcolm is the Luke to Martin’s Vader. Leia being unknown and underestimated. Malcolm getting the psychological help early on meanwhile the assumption that Ainsley was too young and protected could lead to this.
  6. I have watched it twice! I thought it was well-written and Hugh Jackman just disappears into the role. Extra bonus was the music. I can’t stop thinking about it. I loved school growing up and can still name my teachers but this is before the focus on rankings and test scores took over schools. The rationalization and sociopathy of the Frank Tassone character is disgusting. But his own love of mentoring/teaching did him in. I felt so bad for his partner! On my second watch, I realized that Pam’s box of resignation shame had the receipts! Her note to Frank was a shot over the bow. I wonder if we can make a drinking game for any time skywalk is mentioned? Ray Romano is really turning into a solid dramatic actor! Damnit, time for viewing #3...
  7. New episode title ‘Sympathy for the Rapist” This is 80’s Luke and Laura level of bullshit. I think I’m taking a break from this show. Oof.
  8. Holy chills Batman - I’m on season 2 Deacon grew up in New Rochelle! We need to find the Primary ASAP.
  9. I’m doing a grand rewatch as a kind of exposure therapy. When New Rochelle was quarantined, I thought of the West 7.
  10. Also, the singing was such a waste of oxygen. I know it was for poignancy but I would be shallowly breathing and silently praying. Eric Winter was on that Witches of Eastwick show with Julia Ormond and Jenna Dewan. I always hated his fish lips.
  11. I really disliked this movie. It ranks as second worst of the live action movies for me - above Solo. I do like the new trio and was happy they went on a mission together in the beginning. My brother pointed out to me part of the whole hero’s journey is pulling away from family and friends to get ready for the next step but If they tried to demonstrate Rey doing that in the movie, I didn’t see it. Everything felt really rushed and unplanned. New planet, new character I can barely get to know or care about, major plot or action, said plot/action getting reversed two scenes later. I did like that water planet with the broken Death Star. It was visually stunning. I knew Rey would be either related to Palpatine or Kenobi years ago so no big reveal there. I did get teary over Leia’s death. Adam Driver did a good job with what he was given. Movies with the Mads podcast will tackle this next week.
  12. You see, Ciri, when a Witcher releases a Djinn and falls for a mage things get complicated...
  13. The snake Hitler and all the time traveling assassins KILLED me! Typing that sentence is kicking off a giggle fit. Such a weird and good episode.
  14. This undercover assignment Cassie is on is beyond dumb. Of course she gets found out - there is no anticipation on that front. Does Rob have seizures or a weird dislocated neck/shoulder problem? If the show was another genre, I would expect him to be a werewolf with that jerking around! Sadly, this show started out so well but gets stupider and stupider. The leads have become total assholes. O’Neil and Phelan are angels IMHO. I do have a theory that Rosalind is really Sandra Sculley’s child.
  15. I was really disappointed that Rob and Cassie hooked up. It was sleazy and soapy. What are your theories about the murders? I have a theory about a Rob/Adam. Adam didn’t survive, his doppelgänger did. Katy’s murder is stumping me. Something is hinky with Rosalind.
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