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  1. And I'll take that as a compliment. I actually am quite proud of my legs and butt (do you know how many squats and lunges I have to do per day to get them to look this good?), and I'll gladly wear tight small shorts every day of the week and twice on Sundays to show them off. Ditto with the skin-tight tank tops to show off my chest, back, arms, and shoulders. 😜
  2. On second thought, I'm sorry I said anything. Carry on!
  3. On second thought, I'm sorry I said anything. Carry on!
  4. That would be utterly ridiculous. Most roles get recast all the time without even so much as a mention of the difference, much less an on-screen explanation. Viewers aren't that stupid. They will already know that Ruby Rose quit and was replaced by a different actress. There should be absolutely no need to comment on the difference or explain it as part of the show.
  5. Her reflexes aren't that fast. She's Batwoman, not Supergirl (nice use of Polish, by the way!).
  6. It's not due to come back before December anyway, and that was a deliberate decision on Seth's part once he decided to move the show from FOX to Hulu.
  7. Which wouldn't make sense, since the episode took place in the present. The sorority is still new, and still comprised of its charter members. But that does make me wonder how adults who are all 30-something (even Charlie looks about that age) were able to pass themselves off as college-age kids.
  8. It also helped that she was able to get a read on him by establishing physical contact with him when they shook hands. That's how she was able to defeat him. She had foreseen how the entire game would play out because she knew where he would send the ball every time he hit it to her. It's impossible to put one over on someone who can literally predict your next move even before you do.
  9. Well, Barry's kind of useless at the moment because he's losing his powers, and the Legends hate getting dragged into crossovers. That would just leave Batwoman and Black Lightning, and I think Leviathan might be just a little out of their league.
  10. It took her how long to understand that Kara Danvers and Supergirl are the same person, when Lex and even Lilian knew before she did -- and only because Lex spelled it out for her?
  11. It could be interesting. Remember that he has a score to settle with Gemma and Leviathan for screwing him over. So he's not exactly going to be her/their ally against Team Supergirl.
  12. Well, as Lena pointed out, the problem with narcissists is that they're too self-absorbed to recognize when they're the ones who are being played. Isn't that right, Lena?
  13. And the reason that happened is that although he won't admit it, Gary is still in love with John and never really got over John's dumping him so abruptly. Wishing for Nora to turn him into John's apprentice (much to John's chagrin) is Gary's way of keeping himself in John's orbit.
  14. No kidding. I took one look at those arms and thought, "Damn -- no wonder Kara thought the Luke of Earth-99 was hot!"
  15. There's a world of difference between a five-year-old and a 13-year-old. What's cute and endearing at five is annoying and exhausting (to say the least) at 13, since 13 is presumed to know better. So no, a 13-year-old who still acts like a five-year-old whenever she doesn't get her way or isn't the center of attention gets neither sympathy nor a pass from me merely because she's not yet a legal adult.
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