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  1. She wasn't entirely wrong about that, either. "Stone Pillow" was very well received, from what I remember, but fans told Lucille personally that while they enjoyed her dramatic performance in that movie, they wanted her to stick to screwball physical comedy because that was what they had grown up with, so that was how they wanted to remember her -- as "Lucy."
  2. I need to watch this, if only because Grant Denyer is one of the celebrities competing this series. He's the ringeriest ringer who ever rang, since he won the 2006 series, and he presented the show itself from 2019-2020!
  3. That's not too far off the mark from the Silver Age Lena of the comics, though. THAT Lena was a full-blown telepath!
  4. Leave it to John to pull off an outfit like that! LOL But has he gone back to dyeing his hair dark? I was just getting used to his being a young silver fox!
  5. No more than if she were a male celebrity, since they are ALWAYS tasked with leading. And that's all I care to say on the matter. The bottom line is that I do not see gender when it comes to DanceSport, and neither do many other people.
  6. National City isn't necessarily going to care who or what runs the Daily Planet, since they were never affected by Morgan Edge's attempt to destroy humanity in order to resurrect Krypton. After all, they're used to living with aliens now, whereas Metropolis wasn't.
  7. That is NOT what I said. When she does the lead role, she will be judged on execution the same as any male celebrity would. When she does the follow role, she will be judged the same as any other female celebrity would. There are no "special rules" just for JoJo. Equal treatment does not equal "special treatment."
  8. I respectfully disagree. The Austrian, Israeli, Ukrainian, and Italian versions of the show, as well as to the British original, have all had same-sex pairings -- some of them even male -- and for the most part, these pairings proved extremely popular with viewers, especially the two male couples who were on the Austrian and Italian versions, respectively. The Italian couple even made history as the first same-sex couple to ever make the finals on ANY version of DWTS, in fact! And yes, JoJo will be judged the same as any other dancer whether she does the traditional lead or follow role (t
  9. Nia's lack of confidence comes from the fact that she's now the only one in her family who has her powers and her mother died before she had a chance to teach Nia how to use them. Nia's ability to see the future in her dreams is useless (and potentially dangerous) if she doesn't know how to interpret what she sees correctly. The only other experienced family member who could train her is her 31st Century descendant Dream Girl, whom she's never even met for obvious reasons.
  10. I'm just shocked at already seeing salt and pepper in his beard stubble. He's only what, 34?
  11. Just the NBC series. I haven't watched the cartoon version (yet). And she broke time as a result, which is how she ended up meeting Ava in the first place. Ava was the Time Bureau bureaucrat who was tasked with keeping the Legends in line as they both went around restoring order in the timeline after the Legends created all those time-displaced anomalies that they had to round up and restore to their proper places in history after time got broken. Speaking of which, I thought it fascinating that it was the Waverider itself that destroyed their ship, after decloaking just long enou
  12. And as I said, Matt himself felt and said that it was time for him to let the character go after playing him for seven years and taking him as far as he could without fundamentally altering who he is and what he's always been about. Frankly, I agree with Matt. I watched both seasons of Constantine on CW Seed after he started appearing on Legends, and he'd already come full circle by the time last week's episode had aired: He'd atoned for and undone the one thing he felt had been his greatest failure in life (as he put it) -- failing to keep Astra from being sent to Hell as a little girl -
  13. It's not a matter of letting Matt keep playing him. Matt himself said repeatedly in interviews that this was the end of the line for John Constantine. He loved playing him for seven years, but he felt it was time to "put John to bed" as he put it.
  14. So I'm watching the closing ceremony now, and I like the "We're the 15%" ad. Now I want to see them do one with the Paralympian medalists, with the line added, "And we can still kick your ass!" And we're done. The Closing Ceremony was amazing both in its simplicity compared to the Olympic Closing Ceremony and its emotional impact. I came to know and love these athletes as much as I love Caeleb Dressel, Simone Biles, and Devon Allen. I can't wait to see what Bejing brings us in 2022 and what Paris brings us in 2024! See y'all in Beijing in February!
  15. And the final medal count from the Tokyo Paralympics for the US is 37 gold, 36 silver, and 31 bronze. That has us finishing third in golds behind China and Great Britain and just ahead of the RPC, and fourth overall with a combined total of 104. Ah, well. On to Beijing in five months!
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