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  1. Three super-powered Kryptonians on Earth if you count Kal-El. While it's quite likely that Zor-El will eventually head home to Argo City to reunite with his wife (and yes, Argo City still exists post-crisis), it would be a shame if he didn't try to meet his grown nephew at least once (or vice-versa) before he leaves Earth.
  2. Yeah, I doubt it would have lasted much longer anyway. Sherwood Schwartz had finally HAD it with Robert Reed's temperamental behavior and would have killed Mike off in the first episode of the next season, plus the kids were all growing up and aging out of their original roles, I mean, Greg would be starting college by then. Would he still have been living at home when he'd been itching to be on his own for at least two years?
  3. Yes, that's been the plan since the end of last season. It's why Sara was abducted by aliens in the first place.
  4. Especially since the show made a point of resurrecting Kenny via Crisis, having him know about Kara's dual identity and being cool with it (and I'd be interested in seeing how and when Kara told him about her powers and her origin), and having their breakup in high school be an amicable one that resulted from a mature, mutual decision. There's a strong possibility that Kenny/Kara may be endgame, not William/Kara or even Mon-El/Kara.
  5. And there is in-show canon precedent for that. It's how Mary's mother was able to convince Jacob to finally abandon his search for Beth, accept her death as an established fact, and move on.
  6. They didn't need to. This wasn't a full-blown trial on the merits of the charges. Frost waived that right when she decided to plead guilty to everything, so the judge was already fully aware of what crimes Frost had committed because Frost had already admitted to having committed them. This was merely a sentencing hearing, the sole objective of which was for the judge to decide, based upon the crimes committed and other factors, what the most appropriate punishment for those crimes would be.
  7. I'm not so sure that the Speed Force is evil. As she pointed out to Barry, she was attacked and almost killed by Fuerza and the other Forces. To her, survival is paramount, especially since SHE is the source of Barry's powers and those of all the other speedsters, too. If one or more of the other Forces succeeds in destroying her, what happens to the speedsters who depend on her? We already saw how well creating an artificial Speed Force worked out. So I can understand the Speed Force's point of view. Self-preservation is one of the most primal of all instincts. Obeying that instinct doe
  8. Good luck with that, since Ava just got engaged to Sara. Some people actually DO manage to remain faithful to their intendeds for more than five minutes even when separated by circumstances!
  9. Alex is already in a committed relationship with Kelly Olsen, Jimmy's sister. In fact, Alex just asked Kelly to move in with her, and Kelly agreed.
  10. It certainly didn't hurt that he was hot, even if he was also a little on the dumb side (or at least of a one-track mind)!
  11. Yes. Lex himself torched it during the battles with Leviathan. That's why the Superfriends have been operating out of their private tower. But even if the DEO still existed, Alex quit her job there when Lex took it over, and if the Legends had known that, they would never have bothered trying to contact her there.
  12. The Legends must be unaware that Alex quit the DEO (which no longer exists, by the way) after Lex Luthor took it over last year. She, J'Onn, Brainiac 5, Nia Nal (aka Dreamer), Supergirl, M'Gann, and Lena Luthor have been working together as an independent group ever since then. Of course, the REAL crossover that people want to see now is with Nia and Brainy, since they've now time-traveled (they're currently in 2009 Midvale) and have already managed to screw up the timeline in Legendary fashion (see what I did there?)
  13. Wow. There's "method acting," and then there's THAT!
  14. Yet on Dancing on Ice, the celebrity/pro couples who make it to the final traditionally have to do exactly that as part of the competition: recreate Torvill and Dean's iconic Bolero while putting their own unique take on it while still using the same basic famous choreography. And Torvill and Dean are two of the judges on the panel!
  15. Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis has passed away at 89. https://www.latimes.com/obituaries/story/2021-05-01/olympia-dukakis-dead
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