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  1. legaleagle53

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I know. I was just in the Strictly thread. I had forgotten that he's not returning for 2019, but I didn't know that he'd gotten married and is now preparing for the birth of his and Rachel's child.
  2. legaleagle53

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Because the Brits beat us to it. He's been on the parent show Strictly Come Dancing for years now.
  3. legaleagle53

    S28: Casting Rumors and Speculation

    And the award for this year's most controversial celebrity contestant goes to... Sean Spicer!
  4. legaleagle53

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    So evidently, Sean Spicer is going to be this year's most controversial celebrity contestant. God help whatever pro gets stuck with him!
  5. legaleagle53

    In The Media: DWTS

    Very true. As I've always said, who needs soap operas when all they have to do is watch all the backstage drama that happens every day in the world of figure skating (and especially ice dancing)?
  6. legaleagle53

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Not quite. Marriage in the temple (in any temple anywhere in the world, not just the one in Salt Lake City) isn't just "for life." It's for "time and all eternity," meaning that the marriage bond transcends death itself. Only marriages that are performed outside of the temple are considered "for life," meaning that we take the phrase "till death do you part" literally.
  7. legaleagle53

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Actually, he never deleted it. And Elizabeth has publicly stated that she supports him. Was it better for him to continue living a lie right down to his grave because of something that happened about 15 years ago and that Elizabeth herself has long since moved past? Her ordeal then has absolutely nothing to do with his ordeal now, and it's not about her this time but about HIM. I applaud him for having the courage to make a decision that I know from my own experience as a gay man who came out relatively late he did not make lightly.
  8. legaleagle53

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    And if you followed him on Twitter as I did, you saw that he was as much of an outspoken activist right up to the end as his sister was 50 years ago. It most definitely ran in the family! RIP, Peter!
  9. Oh, come on -- do you honestly mean to tell me that you both wouldn't LOVE to see her bite the dust in some awesomely gruesome manner during the Crisis?
  10. Do you think we'd get Lana Lang? I'm quite sure people would love to see her -- or at least see her meet her end in the Crisis!
  11. The Earth-1 heroes DO know that Supergirl is real. She's been to their Earth several times, and it was Barry who introduced her to them. And Alex was Sara's last one-night stand before Ava came along.
  12. legaleagle53

    S06.E11: Tougher Than the Rest

    There's also the fact that
  13. legaleagle53

    Super(girl) Media

    Actresses usually wait until the baby bump appears (around the end of the first trimester) to announce the pregnancy publicly, which means that she should be due sometime around mid-late January, i.e., about halfway through the season. So we will probably see a lot of close-up shots and shots of her wearing overcoats and dark clothes to hide the pregnancy as it progresses, and very limited physical-action scenes that actually involve her.
  14. legaleagle53

    In The Media: DWTS

    So apparently, Julianne Hough is bisexual. Who knew? https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/julianne-hough-sexuality-not-straight
  15. legaleagle53

    Super(girl) Media

    I'll just be curious as to how they handle Andrea's real-life pregnancy, especially now that she's got a visible baby bump. As logical as it would be to expect Eve to be pregnant with Lex's child, it's almost too predictable for the writers to actually go there.