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  1. Cartwright never said that he killed Kate's mother. He only said that he had found the head and taken it and that his mother had kept it in the freezer because she wanted Cartwright to use it to make her look as young and beautiful as Kate's mother. And Cartwright DID take everything from Kate and Alice, either directly or indirectly. Kate didn't kill an innocent man. She executed a monster and did society a favor. And yes, Bruce would have done the same thing to his parents' murderer if he'd had the chance and had been pushed far enough.
  2. Darn it, Brandon -- why'd you have to gotta make me cry when I'm supposed to be getting ready for work?
  3. Brandon has said that he and Courtney like to bring little things from their own marriage into their scenes together as Ray and Nora. I think that's what makes it feel so authentic and organic -- they're not always acting when they're playing opposite each other.
  4. Well, Kara did interview Batwoman to give Batwoman the opportunity to come out as a lesbian, so there's that. Lex, don't get cocky. You may think you're playing Gemma, but don't forget that she's at least a few thousand years older than you are and has been playing the long con since long before you were born. And if she's from another race that is related to the Kryptonians and the Daxamites, you just may find yourself in WAY over your head once she finds out that you've been trying to play HER! Welcome to the powers that you didn't know you had because Leviathan never activated you, Andrea. Now maybe you can prove that you're not the total ice-cold bitch that you were when we first met you by learning how to use your powers for good. That would be refreshing. And Lena, there may be hope for you eventually now that you've started second-guessing yourself. But you still haven't learned that anytime you play God, there's always Hell to pay. That's what Kara tried to warn you about. Stop letting Lex live rent-free in your head and get over your Savior complex. It's only going to blow up in your face -- and you know who's going be the first to deny that he ever knew you when it does? LEX.
  5. Agreed. The real Marie Antoinette may have been a lot of things, but evil was never one of them. Vapid, shallow, clueless, and self-absorbed, yes, but not evil!
  6. I've been binge-watching Constantine on the CW Seed app, and it really gives me a lot of insight as to why Constantine is the way he is. And yes, the very first episode of that show dealt directly with Astra and what happened between her and John and why she hates him so much and why he's obsessed with undoing what he did to her. I'd recommend it to anyone who, like me, can't get enough of John Constantine (oh, and by the way? Matt Ryan really CAN act)!
  7. He really is. His mother passed away recently, and he posted a very polished and heartfelt tribute to her on Instagram that also talked about how her example had influenced him as a father to his own children. It's really something when an actor who has a history of playing tough guys shows us that he's really nothing like the characters he plays.
  8. I agree. I got the feeling that Brandon and Courtney didn't really have to do much acting, if any, during that wedding scene. I know Brandon has said that they often bring in little elements of their real-life marriage into their onscreen interactions, and it definitely shows. I really hope I get to see more of them together in future projects. And I loved that Sara officiated! You know, I'm actually kind of sad that we're apparently permanently done with Damien now. Neal has clearly always had a blast playing him, and I myself got a little teary when Damien finally had his epiphany and saw how wrong he'd been all along about everything. The fact that he actually started crying hit me right in the feels. In a way, I hope we HAVEN'T seen the last of him, especially now that he's reformed for good. I just wonder what Sara thought when she realized that Damien had deliberately used the Demon Sword to send himself back to Hell because he knew it was where he belonged for everything he'd ever done? Oh, and Sara? Not a good idea to hide something as big as a permanent job offer away from the Waverider from Ava. She should have been the first person you told, since you knew that it would have a serious, direct impact on your relationship. I'd have been just as pissed off as she was! Funniest moment? Big tough guy Mick fainting at the news that he had a daughter he never even knew existed. I agree with Zari that mindwiping her and her mother was a mistake that he's going to regret. It looks as though Zari managed to talk some sense into him, though, so we'll see how he adjusts to instant fatherhood. Great episode all around. As Charlie once said, I love the insanity that passes for normal around here!
  9. Team Flash is going to need a lot more coffee (and it had better be decaf)!
  10. Only if you get the cases right. "Thee" and "you" are both in the objective case. The nominative (subject) case for them is "thou" and "ye," respectively, with "thy, thine" and "your, yours" as the genitive (possessive).
  11. Ha! I can just see him interacting with Charlie, Nora, Sara, Ava, Ray, Gary, and ESPECIALLY Constantine, even if he's no longer a mischievous imp who generally gets off on being a pain in the ass. He and Constantine would be a particular hoot!
  12. That would be fascinating, since the comics actually DID do a Mxyzptlk/Batmite Superman/Batman crossover back in the early Silver Age. Batmite and Mxy hated each other and declared war on each other -- and guess who got caught in the crossfire. It was a hilarious story! I really like Thomas Lennon's Mxy. I agree that Mxy, in the right doses, could be a welcome addition to Team Supergirl, especially now that he's determined to no longer be the pain in the ass that he was when he first met her -- and not just as part of his court-ordered reparations, either. And Supergirl probably COULD use an occasional ally who knows a thing or two about magic, given that Leviathan is still out there! And finally, well done, Kara, for finally telling Lena to stick her martyr complex where the sun doesn't shine. It's about time you told her off and made it clear that whatever happens next between you and her is strictly on her from now on!
  13. I must admit to being a little confused as to exactly how Marie's victims "partied" themselves to death. Her demonic perfume only ramped up their desire to obey her every command by making them all fall in love with her, but it doesn't explain why they suddenly started dropping dead after gorging themselves on cake. Did they simply die from sheer physical exhaustion?
  14. I get the distinct impression that Gary is still in love with John, which is why he had Nora turn him into John's apprentice.
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