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  1. That's hardly surprising. Diabetes itself isn't fatal. The complications that arise from it are, and kidney damage is one of the biggest. That's why I have to take a pill every day to protect my kidneys in addition to the four different diabetes medicines I also have to take.
  2. So did I, perhaps because he always seemed to be about ten years older than he really was. May he rest in peace.
  3. It's well known that Olivia fought hard for the role of Melanie. She had wanted to play Melanie from the moment she was introduced to the book, but she was under contract to Warner Bros. at the time, and in those days, an actor or actress had to have permission from the studio boss to work for another studio, and Jack Warner repeatedly refused to let Olivia even audition for the part of Melanie (although she had already read for the part behind his back because the producers of Gone with the Wind wanted her for the part), until she went over Jack's head and appealed to his wife for help. And yes, it's truly the end of an era. But 104 is a DAMN good run, and for her to retain her sharp wit, her keen sense of humor, and her no-nonsense personality right to the end? We should ALL be so lucky. RIP, Olivia!
  4. That was one of the things I liked best about Jonathan, aside from how patient and gentle he was with all of his celebrity partners. He knew how to choreograph to their strengths and always made a point of showcasing them in the routines rather than pulling the focus away from them. I wonder what he's up to today? I haven't seen or heard anything about him since he and Anna divorced several years ago.
  5. He'd never do it. He only did it once with Ashley Costa one week when Master P did his usual flake-out on her, mainly because he wanted to experience for himself what the celebrity contestants go through in training. They did a rather cute Quickstep routine for the Semi-Finals that season, and he said that after that, he had no desire to actually be a contestant on the show.
  6. Same here. Bex Mader made Zelena her own, that's for sure (and Zelena eventually became one of my favorite OUAT characters), but Margaret Hamilton REALLY knew how to sell the scarier aspects of the Wicked Witch's personality in the movie, despite being (from what I've read about her and can remember from her later years) one of the nicest people to work with in real life.
  7. From what I've heard, Bruno will be back, and he'll only be doing DWTS. Evidently, the weekly commute between Hollywood and London (for Strictly Come Dancing) finally got to be too much for him.
  8. I would think Marcia of all people would have had better fashion sense than that!
  9. I'm not crying. YOU'RE crying!
  10. Vulgar Latin was actually the common, everyday variety of Latin that was spoken by pretty much everyone, and yes, it took a much simpler, more flexible approach to syntax and was much more receptive of foreign elements (particularly from Greek) than the classical language was. And don't forget that educated Romans also spoke Greek because the study of that language was strongly encouraged as part of a proper education, just as we today might encourage the study of Spanish or French. So there was that element that also influenced Vulgar Latin. And Greek had its own counterpart to Vulgar Latin, incidentally. The Koine Greek of the New Testament was actually the common, everyday language in Greece and throughout the Roman Empire, not the Classical Attic Greek of Homer or Socrates.
  11. I maintain that it's a Germanic holdover from the time when English used separable verbs as freely as German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish still do. The only reason the practice is frowned upon today is that 18th-century grammarians insisted that English should be grammatically more like Latin (which was considered the language of God, apparently), and in Latin, prepositions cannot end a sentence because Latin prepositions must always govern an object.
  12. No, she didn't. She didn't know that Zelena had magic from birth (it was Zelena who instinctively created that magic cyclone to take her to Oz). Perhaps if she had, she wouldn't have been so quick to abandon Zelena because she would have seen Zelena's inherent magical abilities as something to exploit in order to get the power she wanted so badly.
  13. Rumple never taught Zelena magic. You're forgetting that like Emma, she had her powers from birth (she instinctively created the magic cyclone that took her to Oz when she was just a baby right after Cora abandoned her). She considered herself the rightful choice to cast the curse because she'd always had magic and didn't need to be trained in its use to the extent that Regina and Cora did.
  14. You beat me to it. This legend had a great run, and he was as sharp as a tack and caustically witty and wise right up to the end. Well done, Mr. Reiner. Rest in Power, and thanks for a lifetime of humor, wit, and wisdom!
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