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  1. I see what you did there. Or "He said this one's for the CW, in a week I'll be back." I didn't know they were doing a backdoor pilot. I was wondering what there was no "book" or why it was just Anissa and Grace. I chalked it up to finishing the Painkiller story until they ended the episodes with the loose ends and ominous reveals.
  2. ketose

    The Love Boat

    Paramount Plus (previously CBS All Access) has all the episodes of Love Boat, including the movies and the 90 minute episodes, available for streaming. I think Vicky was originally introduced in a 90 minute episode. Her mother had just died and she was looking for her father. That episode ended with her going back to her aunt and uncle. A season or so later, she snuck on to the ship and I guess Stubing came to an arrangement with the in-laws.
  3. The time jump mostly seems to do three things: Not make them all go to the same college / job for 4 years Ages them up so that the actors are within a few years of their real ages Skips the pandemic The key party was incredibly stupid. In a stereotypical 70's key party, (which is kind of an urban legend) the husbands all put their keys in a bowl and the wives picked. In this party, some people drove in themselves, others might have come in together. It would be pretty complicated to decide whose keys go in and who picks. It didn't even look like there were two groups. Eve
  4. To be fair, if Ash is one of the Klingon pariahs, Mudd selling the ship to an enemy group of Klingon's wouldn't be part of "the plan." This might make sense if you think of the Captain's chair as a bluetooth device. It has all these buttons and controls, but the captain's voice is the the only part with any authority. So, you reprogram what all the buttons on the chair do and the way commands go back and forth, the "chair" is non-critical but if you believe the chair is working correctly, you can get messed up. Other thoughts: Maybe all history of the Bee Gees i
  5. It depends on your interpretation. Deep Space Nine had Dax in a same-sex kiss with a former spouse. In that case, Dax was male when they were married.
  6. This is generally referred to as the "Roddenberry box" where writers had to tread lightly when humans expressed biases or bigotry in the future, because the human race had supposedly eliminated that by the 23rd century. Ronald D. Moore complained bitterly about it and eventually left Voyager to make the standard by which "dark" scifi is measured. It's hard to fanwank around him because he was in the Deep Space Nine tribble episode, too.
  7. There's been an entire Klingon dictionary for decades. I don't even know if they're using it. I'm not sure what the wormhole drive refers to in Atlantis. The big McGuffin on that show was the ZPM, which they couldn't make but contained massive energy. I think "Let that Be Your Last Battlefield" was the best "race" episode of Trek because the people in it were black and white. It was the half of the face that was the distinction. In most of Trek, Klingon is spoken ceremonially and the Klingons mostly speak English, or sound like they do, even on their own ship
  8. Kahless comes out about as much as the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition or the Bajoran Prophets (probably less) in 1990's Trek. On this show, it seems like they're re-hashing stuff from TOS in order to force it into canon.
  9. This episode didn't deny Star Trek history as much as the previous ones. I think the writing and direction were poor, which made it confusing as to Burnham being shunned for starting the war (not really) or for being the first Starfleet mutineer (true). I can buy technology that is superior but unstable. TNG had phased cloaks and types of transporters that were superior but were either deadly or high-risk. The spore drive would definitely fall into that category. Trek has a tradition of the "sensors" being able to tell if the environment is going to be dangerous. It's there to k
  10. Luckily, there's an Ice Cream Factory right next to their prehistoric lean-to on the beach.
  11. Season 1: Killed a lot of Grounders Season 2: Killed population of Mt. Weather. Season 3: Clarke mostly kills ALIE and the first season cast get thinned. Season 4: Everyone on Earth (not in the bunker) is killed. Season 5: Everyone left on Earth dies. Also, Earth is irradiated. Season 6: Sanctum falls into anarchy. Season 7: The human race is removed from the Universe.
  12. I think there are 2 possible outcomes: The group lives for another 60 years, resenting Clarke and each other for the majority of it. They get killed by bears or something else in the first 6 months.
  13. I thought about War Games when I heard Octavia's speech, but I forgot when I got around to posting. JR ripped off all kinds of things for this finale. There's a company called Transcend that makes SSD and USB flash drives. I'm thinking they should come out with a line of mind drives. Transcend death with Transcend!
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