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  1. ketose

    S05.E11: Killer Queen

    Ravi actually did tests with a bunch of condoms and it turned out none prevented transmission of the virus. At the time, Liv was very interested because she was back with Major and he was human.
  2. ketose

    S05.E11: Killer Queen

    On the verge of the re-animation of "Veronica Mars," I can only hope that iZombie actually ends. It's cool that Liv can eat brains and get clues, but there was virtually no reason for her to do it this time. Remember when Liv needed to eat brains and then had to disguise her visions as psychic in front of Clive? I don't want this show to end with anything other than a zombie cure for everyone. There may be some benefits to the zombie virus, (revealing the thoughts of the dead, preventing death from illness) there is nothing to show that a large enough population won't end up with unintended human deaths.
  3. ketose

    S05.E11: Killer Queen

    The new leader of the zombie apocalypse is Enzo? That won't turn out well. At least he's an intellectual match for Derkins. With two episodes left, I hope this is the last time Liv's brain of the week is the A plot. Blaine is stone cold, man.
  4. ketose

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    That particular dialogue is in line with the show. After he "died," Murphy has been afraid of dying and being damned. Morality isn't religious in and of itself, it's just about choosing good over bad. The theme for this season has been "do better," although I can't think of anything anyone has done better compared to past seasons.
  5. ketose

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    There is a difference between species. I remember that Ravi was bitten by a zombie rat once. He discovered that the zombie rat could only infect other rats.
  6. ketose

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    Too bad Octavia couldn't have had that revelation before she started the war that ended Earth. So, Diyoza is coming back with an adult kid, right? This has Connor from Angel written all over it. Nice that Indra didn't get on the "do better" bandwagon. However, she did let Kane take the black goo into space.
  7. ketose

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    Ravi called it "tainted" Utopium because it was a different chemical than the Utopium that ended up on the street. He assumed that Scott E. cut it with some foreign substance before the boat party. Instead, it seems that Beanpole Bob tested it out and Blaine got his hands on that batch. It's not actually tainted. It's a variant of Utopium that Ravi could not replicate without a pure sample. I would think that the zombie vaccine might be as important as the cure, since re-infection is extremely easy and very problematic.
  8. ketose

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    Unfortunately, people on iZombie have always been as smart (or dumb) as the plot demands. Ravi and Liv didn't know about the zombie army, but they knew that Martin lied about becoming a zombie from the fake vaccine. I guess his plan is to turn zombies all over the country / world so they can't just bomb them out of existence. But he also seems to think that zombies are the next step in human evolution. The small flaw there is that a zombie needs about 12 humans worth of brains every year (going by Blaine's monthly extortion plan). Even if they could force humanity to donate every corpse brain to zombie kind, if they became more than 0.001% of the population, they'd run out of their food source. Candy got screwed (literally) into becoming a zombie. Then she had to be a zombie hooker. Plus, she's missing part of her hands, I think. Yeah, it was about time for her luck to turn around. It's kind of funny. Who took the zombie cure who didn't become a zombie again or die? I can think of Candy and the girlfriend of the prankster kid in "Death Moves Pretty Fast." Three episodes left. I'm guessing zombie cure gets created again next week.
  9. ketose

    The Love Boat

    They might be episodes they skipped in earlier rotations. I noticed that the video quality of the MeTV episodes is vastly improved from just a few months ago. It's too bad we can't get a digital version of the series from Amazon or something.
  10. ketose

    Babylon 5

    There's also the whole situation with Jerry Doyle.
  11. ketose

    In The Dark

    Chloe became blind as a result of the accident. Nia probably caused it, considering the way the story is going.
  12. ketose

    S05.E09: The Fresh Princess

    I was just thinking, it would have been funny if Liv ate the coma victim brain and then fell asleep for a week while everyone else did their thing.
  13. ketose

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    Ah, it won't be long now until the anomaly (probably after talking to Clarke) destroys the planet and they have to go to the next one at the end of the season.
  14. ketose

    S05.E09: The Fresh Princess

    I don't know if people born after 1980 know much about mood rings at all. It's been established that once a zombie has gone "Romero" that their mind is gone. Although, in this case it seemed to take less than a week. The song choice was good, but I'm used to CW committing more to a montage. They stopped and started the song in order to get more exposition in. Until the bitter end, they are going to continue with Rose McIver doing improv with brains. Also, Liv's mother and brother were even more douchey tonight. She was dead to them until they needed Renegade's help. Now all is forgiven. Plus, Evan, the guy who disowned Liv because she didn't want to turn him into a zombie, would rather face dubious treatment than being made a zombie at a time when zombies are at least not in hiding anymore. I might actually be more on Team Dad than Team Mom at this point.
  15. ketose

    In The Dark

    That episode was as messed up as, well, Murphy is. I'm not sure how a non-profit can actually launder money properly. Good thing things don't have to make sense. I have to assume they're going to dial back the "blind woman in danger" scenes a little. Nia's the kind of criminal mastermind who can only exist on TV. Blackmailing a cop is a bad way to do business. Putting a dirty cop on your payroll instead of making one dirty is a lot smarter. Presumably Dean is going to jail and Jules is dead, so cops may not be part of the show anymore. Then again, maybe Dean will wake up near the end of Season 2 and turn State's evidence against Nia.