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  1. But in that case, everyone knew Elena and Jeremy just lost their only guardian. Now, there's just this random girl nobody knows who's already super close with Alaric.
  2. The general consensus is that Julie Plec creates male characters for her personal gratification. This is how the shows end up with a lot of Damon with some Stefan sprinkled in.
  3. So, after learning way too much about morgues yesterday, I found out that they can get full when funeral homes take a long time (months!) to pick up a body. Also, I don't think they can embalm until the autopsy is complete.
  4. Hulu just added this season and I watched the episode. Leah is definitely a special case because her mother wanted to get out and Leah moved up when she got acting roles in stuff like King of Queens. It was interesting how the one sister remained just enough of a Scientologist so she could still communicate with her family. But All of Leah's family seemed to make a break at the same time. Mike is probably more typical. He may have been a spokesman for Scientology, but he was abused more because he was in the Sea Org. When he left, his wife stayed, the kids stayed and his mother stayed. That emotional blackmail of disconnection seems to keep Scientology members in the fold more than anything.
  5. Did Nancy Drew not have a mother in the other books / movies / TV shows? Also, has anyone seen the Canadian version of Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys from the 1990's? Apparently, she was 20 and studying criminology, which would make more sense than being a townie with no prospects.
  6. Framing the dead guy would take the heat off Blake for disposing of Trixie's body. Of course, Adam is once again proven incompetent as his plan to get Mac cremated failed.
  7. Yep. The second one was the Fork Fest with no awards given, except for wrestling a pig. I also think they cleaned up the houseboat in the last episode.
  8. You nailed it. Fallon walking in with "Crystal!" so we know who that actress is. So, Liam forgot Fallon. Whatever. Also, more boos for not using the original Romantics' version of "Talking in Your Sleep."
  9. I really hope Kai is kept in reserve for at least another season. There's still like 5 years until the merge. The Josie and Landon thing makes sense in a world without Hope. It also opens up the potential for Hope and Raf to get together. Of course, this is similar to the kind of stuff they did on The OC when they ran out of ideas.
  10. How about a girl named George? As a non-reader, I always wondered if there backstory behind a girl with a "boy" name.
  11. It's also sad that Betty's story about Fred was how he was her "dad" for an afternoon, which is similar to Jughead's story. The show never really showed Hal being a good dad, although it's likely Betty would have favored him given her mom's overbearing attitude.
  12. Is the supernatural part of Nancy Drew? Either it is now or she's being gaslighted pretty hard. They're really pushing the "adult" Nancy with the first scene being her banging Nick.
  13. Pretty much. Patricia Heaton is the star and protagonist of the show. It's CBS' version of The Rookie, where older people have an oversized amount to contribute in careers which usually favor younger people.
  14. It's sort of an infamous sour grapes reaction where if you want to leave, the producers make it harder to come back. They killed of Col. Blake on his way home on MASH. They killed off Marissa on when she was leaving the OC.
  15. She wasn't exactly right. The test came back negative. Actually, she should have spent more time doing the medical history.
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