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  1. I assume this takes place in a universe where pumping blood actually decreases the amount of blood pouring out of an open wound. Also, in this universe, the FBI has its own ambulances and hospitals
  2. Whatever doesn't put Ray in the same category as Professor Stein. Also, since there are budget issues, can Gideon just be a person on the ship, like Rommie or Rimmer or the EMH? Amy Louise Pemberton is already getting a paycheck.
  3. Or just because it's physically awkward to jump and tuck to get through that window without bouncing off the frame.
  4. So I guess Jughead and Betty mostly took down Stonewall Prep and the preppies had varying levels of getting away with it. At least Jug got to beat up Brett. He should have given the brass knuckles to Betty for her confrontation. Last week, I figured Donna was Dupont's granddaughter and they were in it together. Oops. Chipping had already killed someone by then, so he was guilty. Dupont was guilty many times over. Grandpa Jones skipped out on his family to protect them. The other 4 idiots attempted a murder. So, did one of them commit a murder on Johnathan? I guess I'll have to watch Nancy Drew more carefully, as the writers of the show probably committed a murder to prove their mystery writing ability. That may also explain some of the weak writing on Riverdale. Those writers probably never murdered anyone.
  5. So Gotham is the DC version of Washington, DC? I thought that was Capitol City.
  6. Wow, it's been a long time. I had confused Elmo with Grover (the blue one).
  7. It would explain why Charles isn't in a sinister plot with Chick during this episode. The problem is that the Riverdale writers are mediocre. Trying to emulate Jughead's writing, which is supposed to be great, within the show itself is beyond their skill level. They still pulled their punches. All the underwear scenes were in dim lighting. What does "Elmo" refer to? One thing that Betty did mention within the group is that she would have tried to put Jughead's brains back inside his head if she were not drugged. If his brains were visible, there's not much chance he's making a recovery.
  8. I like Adam, but his backstory started out super dark. Fallon is becoming a caricature and boring because the stunts are always the same. Blake is just floundering and Anders is completely wasted now.
  9. Lockwood was working with the president and some people in the DEO who apparently knew Supergirl had a human identity but didn't know what it was.
  10. I saw enough Chris Wood with his appearances on Legacies this month.
  11. ketose

    S01.E13: Drink Me

    She "works in veterinary medicine." Maybe she answers the phones.
  12. The writers did a poor job of wrapping up Crisis, especially with the stupid "Lex is awesome" rewrite of the Book of Destiny. However, Lena remembers the original history, so her interactions with Kara from original Earth affect her choices now, instead of the patched together post-Crisis history. The Lena arc is similar to the Rosenbaum Lex Luthor arc on Smallville. They start out being honestly good people trying to make up for the bad name of Luthor, then suddenly become villains because they didn't get praised enough for their efforts. Coddling Lena wasn't working. Kara needed to tell her she was on the wrong path.
  13. On the plus side, I guess the Dynasty writers can identify an intentionally bad story. The Adam and Kirby stuff seems weird. And why does Adam want to remain a doctor? He can poison people without a license.
  14. Alice blames everyone for everything, She's a narcissist.
  15. I remember that show when it was called Brimstone.
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