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  1. Could they do Dear Evan Hansen next? I don't want to pay to see it.
  2. That would answer the question of where Amanda was in this episode. She and Adam have this weird chemistry, which reminds me of Fallon's talk about how creepy Adam was. I thought there was about a 30% chance of Dua Lipa actually showing up. But that probably won't happen if she has to go to Georgia for the scene.
  3. Then it would be stealing from a Revenge episode.
  4. I don't know about that, but my company made a member of the board of directors the new CEO, then forced out the daughter of one of the company's founders (for the second time). Real life business intrigue is better than the stuff on Dynasty.
  5. Legally, Roarke is the Chief Magistrate of the Island, at least in the original. I'm not big on a CGI Ricardo Montalban given what that was like in Spy Kids. Other people from certain families on the island also had powers. I assume nuclear testing was done nearby.
  6. Works for me. Legends of Tomorrow just ended their season last Sunday.
  7. Making Roarke a real person takes some of the supernatural out of it. Also, OG Fantasy Island would have two fantasies, one was more comedic that the ones on the new show, and one would be more dangerous, or have more of a Monkey's Paw element to it. Ruby is the new Julie. In Cuba, her grandfather was saying she was a great drummer, but needed a lot of work on the bongo drums, so she didn't work as much on the family musical style.
  8. Before I started the rewatch, I mostly remembered the episode where Tattoo got into an accident and there were a bunch of flashbacks while Roarke stayed by his side. Ironically, it was near the end of season 6 and while Tattoo ended up okay, Hervé Villechaize didn't make it to season 7.
  9. So, this almost never happened. Per Wikipedia
  10. I don't know about this mixing of the Fantasies thing, anyway. The Tattoo role was to ask Roarke who so-and-so is and why they're on the island. He also padded out the stories once in a while with some scheme or other. Later on, he would off guests more human advice than Roarke could. There's some stories about how the role of Tattoo was expanded and diminished based on the actor's issues with the show.
  11. I saw her on a short-lived UPN series called "South Beach."
  12. I think Elena is different from OG Roarke because while she seems to know what's going on, "the island" is making things happen. 80's Roarke would literally turn his wrist and supernatural things would happen. I remember her from General Hospital / Port Charles.
  13. In that version, there was a magical travel agency that popped up out of nowhere and people would find it and end up getting booked, so many of them didn't even know there was a "Fantasy Island." There's also a scene early on where McDowell's Roarke looks at a closet full of white suits with disgust. He wears a black suit during the series. The 90's series is available for free on Tubi for anyone interested.
  14. A show called Fantasy Island (which started as a joke pitch about a sexual paradise in the 70's) requires a certain suspension of disbelief. Fantasy Island on the surface is a hot tourist spot where people pay for a vacation. The island also hosts a number of events. In the old series, people wrote letters to Mr. Roarke about fantasies. There's a few people at any one time who are actually going through fantasies. Sometimes, they don't even happen on the island. I think "His and Hers" was interesting because the physiological responses were intact, just the memories were "downloaded" into
  15. In the original series, Mr. Roark was the Chief Magistrate of the island, which meant he was effectively the highest legal authority. Presumably Ms. Roark can sign off on any legal action in Fantasy Island.
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