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  1. For those with an antenna, CHARGE! is airing Magnum, P.I. A lot.
  2. I thought they were both in a car accident.
  3. Given how divorced this show is from reality, I think Dean's wife (Chloe's mom) will come back. We'll find out that Dean was actually trying to kill her and Chloe got in the way. Typical Dean, he screwed it up and she didn't die.
  4. It's hard to believe his union would let him leave like that anyway. The chief was probably trying to keep it quiet, since he tampered with evidence to keep Dean on the force. I also think he saw Dean as not having anything on Nia because the captain was (sorta) by the book. On the other hand, Dean just went full evil. The first time he worked for Nia, he was putting cops in danger, but mostly feeding intel to keep her drug operation protected. This time, he basically wrote Murphy's (and Max's) death sentence along with selling out Gene. It turns out he's the foil, so he probably won't be dying. I know what you mean, but it's still funny to think that Jess has to redeem herself. I mean, is she redeeming herself for not letting Nia die the first time or not wanting to be co-drug lord with Murphy? Darnell is Nia's brother. That's why she let him live. He might take over with her gone. So, with all the bodies and screwed up meetings, this has skipped over Breaking Bad and landed in Sopranos territory. They're probably going to the Pine Barrens next week.
  5. I despise this show for sprinkling in just enough sci-fi to keep me watching. There's this cool ass wormhole network and it's run by some megalomaniac masquerading as a god and his acolytes in full armor. Yep, it's SG-100. Except in The 100, the wormhole is just a timeline advancement device.
  6. Long term contracts are a way for studios to reduce salary increases if a show becomes a hit. Networks like WB and Syfy used to cancel shows after 5 seasons because renegotiating contracts would make the shows unprofitable. If you're a "nobody," the contract is favorable to the studio. You may get a payout if you're let go early. Other shows renegotiate before the contract is over as a good faith gesture to extend the future of a hit show. Do we even know the tweets weren't deleted? I'm sure they were screen capped the first time this came around. The CW had to scramble even more than other studios because they've spent the last few years committing to more diversity and it has not been smooth sailing.
  7. Time slot was terrible. If you don't like Mom, (which is a very different show) you had to just wait around for it. Plus, CBS doesn't put stuff online without the All Access subscription.
  8. Every actor should purge their social media and only retweet stuff from the marketing department. The downside is starting to outweigh the upside for this kind of communication.
  9. The cane thing (and the secured van dilemma) are making me think of this show as a low-rent "Breaking Bad" where the drug dealers are smart and lucky and cops are half corrupt and mostly incompetent. What happened the the blind hot mess who wanted to solve her friend's murder?
  10. Does this mean she can be the new Batwoman?
  11. So, is there a crossover with Roswell in the works? The white light thing is getting pretty heavy use over there. I knew all those conspiracy theories about tech companies taking over the world were true.
  12. William Ware Theiss designed most of the revealing costumes for ST:TOS. Whether you believe the GLW story or not, the idea behind the female uniforms were the women in comic books and their costumes. In essence, the skirt was actually kind of a flap. Costumes at the time were also colorful and often heavy on lamé. Color TV was a big factor in the show, with the primary colored sets and large flashing lights. If you watch the early episodes of ST:TNG, you will see crew members in skirts, both male and female. Of course, Troi stood out like a sore thumb because she had this strange position as a not quite commissioned member of the crew. I find it kind of funny that showing some leg is so much worse than the skin-tight pleather that's a staple of the Arrowverse.
  13. It's kind of SOP for a show to have a cheap filler episode before the finale, but this one dragged for me. It reminded me too much of the Spear of Destiny thing. Plus, I thought the Romans were all about orgies and overconsumption. Why have a world of mush and totalitarianism? They might as well have Vandal Savage run things.
  14. She had no other choice. Russell gave Clarke some of HER MOM's OLD CLOTHES. He must die!
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